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Ronaldo Deal: Calderon In Doubt, Now Confident Again

The fuss surrounding Ronaldo has quietened down over the past few days, with the media becoming as bored as we are about the rumours constantly linking him with a move away from the club.

Comments from Ramon Calderon circulated in the Spanish press, presumably taken from an interview the day before, considering he was at the men’s single final at Wimbledon on Sunday.

“Ronaldo has said he would like to play here, that it is a dream, that he would be excited to come to Real Madrid, but it is a desire of the player which can not be carried out without Manchester’s agreement,” Calderon said. “Manchester has to want it. Once they decide to sell him and communicate this, we can say we are talking about a possible transfer. But as of today that is not happening. Theoretically we still have time, there are still two months left until the end of August if Manchester gets in touch with Real Madrid and makes an offer.”

Obviously Calderon has been told he comes across too negative, so just a day after explaining the deal was doubtful, he is now confident of getting Ronaldo’s signature.

“It is up to the player,” he said. “If he wants to come, then he can join Real Madrid. Manchester United are saying they do not want him to leave and they are not a club who normally sell their best players. But if a player wants to leave it is difficult to keep him. It is the same for me. If I have a player who wants to go somewhere else, we let them go.”

On one day Calderon claims that all the cards are in United’s hand, that we are the ones in control. The next, he claims if Ronaldo wants the move, then it will happen.

I’ve heard from this guy more than I have my own father in the past month or two. Are we really going to have to endure this through to September?

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  1. jsos says:

    ugh.. just make it be done already.. stay or go, whatever. i’m just tired of the up and down. the one thing to be sure of is it needs to be sorted now so we can start planning for the season and work on getting our lads sorted.. either with ronnie or with the hordes of new players we can buy with the money if he goes

  2. Chris says:

    Is Calderon a full shilling flipping one way and then the other. The ball is in United’s court and they do not want to sell. Then all Ronaldo has to do is say he wants to come and put in a transfer request and it can be done. He’s making himself look stupid with these comments. He wants to be friends with United and doesn’t want to upset them. When you see a dog chasing it’s own tail this is exactly the same. The press are also guilty of this contradicting each other it’s not even selling papers because people are tired of this story its going nowhere. United don’t want to sell its not in their best interest on or off the pitch.

  3. Red Steve says:

    Calderon is a JOKE!

  4. denton davey says:

    BLAH ! Blah ! blah !

  5. Tom F says:

    Well David Gill is apparently going to be meeting with Calderon today. Hopefully they share a dairylea sandwich and Gill politely tells him to: FUCK OFF.

    Well, in all seriousness this should be the end of Real’s attempts. In public at least.

  6. DanS says:

    This is beyond a joke, a fcuking joke.

    If the french twat aint going to do nothing with Real who will. It’ll never end!

  7. Craig Mc says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Blatter, Platini and FIFA were behind it all to be honest. They have made it blatently bloody obvious, that they hate all things English. They do not want the world’s BEST player, playing for an English club. They do not want the English clubs to get to the final stages of the champions league. They want to strip us of our wealth. They do not like it, that the world’s peoples want to watch the premier league, than the spanish, italian and french league football. All they ever seem to talk about is that our top clubs are cheats. Like most football clubs, especially the top ones in world leagues are not in debt. They want to call us cheats, but back Real’s breaking the rules, and the Italians bribery scandals etc, which really is cheating. Well F*** em all, I hope Fergie does maintain his stance. Yet who wants a pouting Ronaldo mooching depressingly around Old Trafford?. I still haven’t heard it come from CR7′s mouth that he wants to leave Manchester. But then he hasn’t MAINTAINED that he wants to stay either. Please don’t tell me Ronaldo couldn’t have put this whole thing to bed before it had even begun. We all know he bloody well could have. I think he should have, but hey I know there are those who don’t agree.

  8. CHRISPUS says:

    Calderon thinks Manchester United is as small a club like ‘Real Bernabeau’ so he thinks he can toy with us anyhow. Personally i’ve been pissed by his latest comment about United being proud to be involved in the transfer of the year. HE IS A PIG HEAD!

  9. Craig Mc says:

    If that Calderon has got anything between the ears, he has yet to show it. Ronaldo’s arse must be sore as well, with all that sitting on the fence. Wonder if he had the splinters removed from his arse when he had his ankle surgery today?.

  10. jim says:

    Calderon is writing his own 2 sided story so its always in the papers

    i really dont think hes leaving and i think Calderon knows it so hes trying a last chance fuck around wit peoples heads,the biggest tap up ive ever ever ever seen but the more they get away with it……………………………

  11. KingOfZamunda says:

    Same old Real Horse Shite.

    Cris Ron could’ve come out of it better had he not had his head stuck up his arse. Now he’ll have to work extra hard to please the Manc Faithful, and boy has he a lot of making up to do.

    Having said that, if Real did call our bluff and pay obscene money (75mill plus) then good riddance, honest pros only at United please, none of this pre-madonna dog piss with “I might be staying/I have dreams to fulfil elsewhere”- WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND BLEATS ON ABOUT IT BEING A DREAM TO ACHIEVE GREATER THINGS AWAY FROM AND AFTER UNITED??

    Real’s heritage is something of the past, United’s is rich and although not as (European) trophy laden, has been far more consistent and far more relevant- we are the world’s greatest team right here right now and have been in the past.

    Real are a rich man’s version of Liverpool I say. Hmmmm- I’m quite impressed with that, even if I say so myself!

  12. Anant says:

    @ CHRISPUS – exactly my sentiments . whatever happened to respecting other clubs ?!!

  13. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    That cunt claims he’s “not obsessed” with Ronaldo’s transfer while he comes out every single day with the same dull “it’s between him and his club” and “we won’t pay 100 million euros” crap that aren’t even worth paying attention to at this point

  14. David Quinn says:

    This is becomming so mundane I’m starting to get bored. Sell him, keep him I think everyone is fed up of this shambles.


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