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Ronaldo Doesn’t Dive Because Of Ferguson… Unlike Chelsea Players

Jose Mourinho, who once ripped Cristiano Ronaldo to shreds in the media when he was a young lad, insulting his supposed lower class background and poor education, has today jumped to his defence.

Now, as manager of Real Madrid, he has noticed what United fans witnessed for years, that Ronaldo gets kicked from pillar to post every game with little punishment imposed on the wrong do-ers.

“Cristiano is a player who does not have the culture of the swimming pool, he has no culture of simulation, he is a British-trained player, Ferguson trained,” said Mourinho. “In some cases, the simulators are given more protection, and those who are honest are often the losers. I’m not a hypocrite if I say that they hit Cristiano very hard, and that the yellow cards do not arrive or are slow in coming.”

His praise for the way Ferguson makes our players behave comes in direct contrast with the job he did whilst Chelsea manager.

After leaving the club in 2008, he acknowledge what a cheat Didier Drogba is.

“I am no longer Chelsea coach, and I do not have to defend them any more, but I think it is correct if I say Drogba is a diver.”

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  1. Drew Vader says:

    Finding a successor to SAF I fear is going to about as pointless as finding a successor to Keano/Giggsy/Scholes. ie they dont exist. This person would need to be manufactured in a lab somewhere by Dr. Brown to come in and carry the mantle. Its going to suck. Hard.

  2. denton davey says:

    Willierednut @ 19:19: “So he’s a cunt, is that a good reason for him not being the next United manager.”

    I completely agree – those who “hate” Jose now will change their tune when he ascends the throne.

  3. denton davey says:

    Moscow @ 20:14 “He is a top draw manager, and I would like Manchester United to deliver winning football, in which case Mourinho wins hands down. A manager who also isn’t afraid of taking over the biggest club in the world, which Mourinho has no problem with, he thinks he is the best, and boy does he give a strong case on the pitch of the claim.”

    I agree with the whole of your message but have highlighted this segment because you’ve hit the nail on the head – most managers would be afraid to succeed SAF since it would be like a dwarf trying on a giant’s jacket. Jose is many things but is not fearful and the very fact that he would be an interim, short-term manager would be another factor in his favour. The man who follows Mourinho would have a much easier time of it than the man who follows THE LEGEND.

  4. United says:

    Whoever follows Ferguson needs stones made of steel, to operate without fear, and I think that Mourinho is one of the few people who fit that bill

  5. RedScot says:

    @Lanya Best post of the day mate and spot on with all but one of your points.
    I took a pasting on here a while back when I said David Moyes for the next United manager. now its finnally arrived to be correct! odd eh.Its as clear as Night and Day he is the hot favourite.
    No way Maureen.
    The point I disagree with he is a wanker!
    Wrong 99% MEN are Wankers sometimes in there lifes the other 1% just lie.

  6. doubletrouble says:

    Ronaldo did dive alot while at United and that shit annoyed me because he was in very good positions and it was better f he just stayed on his feet and smash the ball home.

  7. willierednut says:

    I don’t buy the argument he’d be only here for 2 years, nobody can know that, not unless you’re fucking clairvoyant. Moyes is a very good manager, not disputing that, but is he a big enough character to take over from SAF? I have my doubts.

  8. RedScot says:

    I have Crystal balls beat that!

  9. willierednut says:

    MysticScot lol.

  10. smithy99 says:

    I have no doubt whatsoever that if we had Mourinho as our manager we would win the lot.

    I have major doubts about the style of football we would play in winning it though.

    Lets face it folks, when SAF calls it a day we are in the mire as i really can’t think of another manager that can deliver trophy winning football in the entertaining way that we have witnessed during his tenure.

    Mourinho’s team play trophy winning football, but its negative 1-0 trophy winning football.

  11. ူlucas says:

    hahah.. love him or hate him! Pure black or white towards him!!

    I used to hate him a lot .. not any more.. get in .. Jose’

  12. arijc says:

    Read a recent Mourinho interview (link below). Gets interesting when he mentions that “one of the best clubs in the world” is waiting for him.

    Regarding his teams playing negative football, I dare say that the Inter vs Barca game last season was a good example to suggest the contrary. He has also come out and said that he has to play an attacking system at Real.
    Regarding buying success, did he spend big at Porto and wasn’t he responsible for the Sneijder and the Eto/Ibra deals, two of the best deals of the recent past?
    His style of management may be controversial at times, but I’ve yet to read an interview in which he has been criticized by any of his former players. Different coaches use different ways to motivate or bring out the best in their players or teams.

  13. cantona7 says:

    i am feeling proud here.

    because while it seems like all the players’ dream are “real madrid”, a manager’s dream is Manchester United.

    And i feel good too, because if i am a Real fan, i should be angry. It’s clear that Mourinho is using Real just as a stepping stone to come here. Before this, the job seems to be going to one of our ex-players, but with going to Real and publicly admitting it from there about coming here, Mourinho has catapulted himself as the favourite. Mourinho sure is a very objective manager.

    but i still dont like to have him here. While he is a good manager, he is too objective. Fergie has never done anything like this – talk bad about the opponents’ player just for the sake of bringing him down a bit.

  14. willierednut says:

    Yeah, SAF has never picked on opposing players, just the managers lol. The excuses are getting thin, like Kate Moss.

  15. Fze123 says:

    @willierednut, the longest he has stayed at a club (Chelsea) is 3 years. At the other clubs he spent 2 years or less despite being successful, see Porto and Inter. He loves challenges, if he won the treble with us in his first season I’d assume he would be satisfied and would then want to seek his next challenge, perhaps aim to end City’s 34 trophyless years and with their millions he would be attracted. I don’t have a crystal ball, nor do I imply that this will certainly happen, but it’s extremely likely. Don’t want us to be looking for a new manager every odd season like fucking Chelsea and Shitty, someone like Moyes, who if does become a success story here, is bound to be loyal and could well stick around for a good 10 years if not more.

  16. willierednut says:

    Fze123 – I’m not buying that argument mate. Moyes could be here for 10 years? Or maybe he gets sacked, because he’s not up to it, if it’s choice between Moyes and Mourinho, then that’s a no brainer imo, it’s mourinho all day long. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this, but it’s imperative, i’m sure you’ll agree, that we don’t mess it up.

  17. Fze123 says:

    I am aware that he may get sacked, hence why I said IF he becomes a success story here, he’s more likely to remain at the club and bring more glory than Mourinho would. We’ll leave it at that, obviously we both want to see the right man brought in to fill the void. If only Fergie would not retire until his death, we wouldn’t be talking about his replacement just yet.

  18. Nnamdo says:

    Guys talk less and say more SAF have had a success career at old T. He can as well try other clubs, i think that will tell more,if he is a successfull manager like jose

  19. cantona7 says:

    “I’m not a hypocrite if I say that they hit…”

    He IS a hypocrite

  20. mahadev says:

    He is the best man to take the club forward. Its a win/win situation for me if he comes :
    1. he stays for 3 seasons and wins a truck load of trophies and then leaves. we get the trophies and his replacement wouldn’t have the tag of replacing the best manager in the history of the game.
    2. he stays with us for a long period of time (which i personally feel is likely because looking at his history he has never once publicly hinted towards another job … well at least not before he has even started his current job :D ). we win a loooooot of trophies.
    i feel his signings will reflect whether he plans to stay for a long period of time or just try and win as much as possible in as little time as possible i.e. signing stars and not giving youth a chance. it makes no sense (from his point of view) to try and bring youth through a team if he only plans on staying for 2-3 seasons !!
    much love.

  21. smustu says:

    Guys, what’s with the love for Moyes ? That guy has won nothing ! Redknapp, as much as I think of him, as a fool has done better than the Moyesiah. Just coz a manager is scottish, doesn’t meant he’ll be like SAF.

    We need a manager who will not be intimidated by the job and has enough patience to learn things the United way.

    Personally, I think Mourinho has proven himself better than SAF. He has equalled his achievements in lesser time. If he is successful at Madrid, he will be the worlds most successful football manager !

  22. Mr.Button says:

    Laurent Blanc as the next Man Utd manager.. :)

  23. AON: Americans Out Now says:

    When the Gaffer finally retires in 10yrs time…and if Mourinho is still in Football we may shortlist him for the Job..!!

    On a serious note…Yu cannot underestimate what the guy has achieved. More so..wat he has done with Porto and Inter !! Not great teams..but he won trophies none the less.
    There is no one better than Mourinho to replace the Gaffer as of now..but yu dont know wat happens in football in few yrs !! It may all change..Look wat happened to Sparky, Keano.. etc.
    Wud I want Mourinho at Old Trafford? No..Cos I want to make watching United get me off my seat..attacking score 3; we score 4 !!and I dont woant a journey man!!

    But from a monetary point..Mourinho will bring us sustained success on the pitch which we badly need as our debts wont let us have 2 bad seasons!!

  24. Maka4chelsea says:

    Ah Classic…. When the idle boys are already playing catchup…. what have they got to do but attack our players. The point of this article i ask you? Aside from having a go at Chelsea’s Finest……

  25. Jamaican Mancunian says:

    @ Wazza totally agree, wouldn’t want him to come near to United, rate him as a good tactical coach, but he lacks a lot of managerial attributes IMO. Well sir Bobby did say he’s not the type of coach United will be looking at once SAF make the position vacant….

  26. Cockney red says:

    Ronniie did dive sometimes don’t they all but he was a great player for us and perhaps one day he’ll come back let’s hope so and as for the special one omg how much does he want fergies job , well when sir Alex does retire there’s only one man I think is cabable for the job and that’s the special one as long as he stays at the club for more than 3 mins

  27. Cockney red says:

    The double this year

  28. MU_watson says:

    however much i used to hate jose at chelsea i’ve gotta say i like the guy alot now. Whats so good about him is hes not afraid to piss people off and hes quick to defend english football from snobbery and the anglophobia of people on the continent,

  29. Troy says:

    I reckon we should wait & see what brand of football Real Madrid play under Mourinho & also how he brings on a player like Canales before we can state emphatically that he isn’t right for United.

    He may be a bit mouthy, but it’s not like Fergie isn’t averse to stirring the pot. Okay he is more mouthy than Fergie, but he is a very young, very successful manager, and maybe been successful & young has got to his head a bit. Age & maturity should take care of that.

    Gotta say sometimes last season Inter played some good football, they sure as hell suprised Chelsea.

    Mourinho has proved that he is a winner time & time again. If he can convince that he is willing to hang around for a long haul then we would be crazy not to give him a chance. I wouldn’t like him to come back to the premiership just to coach one of our main rivals. That would be ghastly to contemplate.

  30. Paddy Crerand for president says:


    You’ve got far too much time on your hands….

  31. King Eric says:

    Staggered that alot on here have the attitude of “oh let him come, win loads of TROPHIES then leave”. No fucking thanks.

  32. King Eric says:

    Was watching the Newcastle hammering from 07/08 last night. Anyone remember that frankly embarrasing dive from Ronnie on the edge of the box, holding his ankle after been fouled by Smith only to find he was 3 feet away. I loved Ronnie but I do not miss those antics and that ridiculous face he used to pull when things weren’t going his way. Like he was gonna burst into tears.

  33. Schmucks says:

    LARRY WHITE for president. He’ll come back to OT after Euro2012

  34. pbul2004 says:

    Who would want Mourinho as next united manager????

  35. willierednut says:

    King Eric – It’s my opinion mate, and a lot of other peoples opinion that Mourinhos the best man for the job. I’m surprised that you wouldn’t want the best guy for next United manager, and imo, that’s not Moyes, but if he gets it, I’ll support him 100%, will the anti Mourinho brigade do the same, if Mourinho gets it?

  36. willierednut says:

    I do agree with you about Ronaldo King Eric, i don’t miss the histrionics one little bit. ps Great player though

  37. King Eric says:

    willierednut – Oh absolutely mate. A joy to watch.

  38. King Eric says:

    Willierednut – Sorry didn’t read the Mourinho bit mate. Oh don’t get me wrong of course I would support him. I think it is impossible to say who may get the job. 18 months ago it was O’Neill. Look how thats turned out. It all depends when the great man calls it a day.

    Anyone see Paddy interview Scholes and Giggs last night? Quality.

  39. jellybean says:

    hahahahaha! this is hilarious! TNSSO is one of the most quotable people in footy, after King Eric and Fergie of course :)

  40. jellybean says:

    oh and by King Eric, i meant Cantona, although you’re pretty quotable too King Eric :P

  41. King Eric says:

    Thanks Jellybean, just not as quotable as the real King!!

  42. tears_4fears says:

    Seems odd that Mourinho just tried to sign Drogba on Tuesday…

  43. chels paul says:

    as a chelsea fan let’s talk about Jose and what he did!

    He got the team winning
    He always took the heat away from his players when he needed to
    All his players seem to love him

    not a great fan of his style of play but winning is more important that style in the first instance. it breeds a certain mentality throughout the club. This is something all man u fans are aware of!

    We all hate divers at other clubs more than we hate divers at our own club: end!

  44. Jock Strap says:

    What miserable piece of work Morinho is, maybe a great coach, bit scrapes the barrel of tar for the depth of his character. He should shut his mouth and let the players get on with it.
    In fact he is a very poor quality wanker and should stick to the hot bloods and loonies of Real.
    Tired of reading his crap, day after day, sad state of affairs that the media has to print his boloney

  45. gitan_reel says:

    Waiting on Benitez comment on Stevie Gerrard……..LOL

  46. DW says:

    I think his comments are pure Jose. The most disingenuous hypocrite in football. We had him for 3 years and you may get him one day.

    He is of course a football slut. Everyone any good will have him at least once. He’s well worth the money though.


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