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Ronaldo: Fergie and Mourinho Best In The World

Cristiano Ronaldo has sung the praises of former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, whilst bigging himself up for the success he helped Manchester United achieve.

“When I was in England United won many titles, trophies and cups,” Ronaldo said. “Last year they didn’t win anything special and this time they don’t play so good, but this is just a moment. We have to give United time to find themselves again. Although their style is similar, they have bought some different players and they have not always been at 100 per cent. But I am sure that they will be good again very soon. For five years I enjoyed working with Sir Alex Ferguson. I always had a good relationship with him and now I think of him as my friend as well as a great manager. For me Ferguson and Mourinho are the best managers in the world. One is young and one is older. But they have both won everything in football.”

2004 – FA Cup
2005 – Nothing
2006 – League Cup
2007 – Premiership
2008 – Premiership, European Cup
2009 – Premiership, League Cup

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  1. Rooney > England says:

    true. They are the 2 best in the world. No argument there. May people thought Mourinho and Ronaldo couldnt work together but Ron is on fire. Jose is building the Real Madrid attack around Ronnie. Wont be surprised if he gets 50 goals this season

  2. sayyid says:

    Scott, didnt we win the league up in 2008 as well?

  3. sayyid says:

    sorry, mistaken it was 2009 and 2010

  4. Rooney > England says:

    Er Scott. What about the CWC in 2009

  5. sayyid says:

    throw in some charity sheilds too

    shame we lost to zenit in 08

  6. joe_ro says:

    What a player.

    Quick stat attack. Since the start of the 07/08 season, all competitions.

    Played – 149
    Goals – 111
    Goals per game (0.74)





  7. Thabsheer says:

    he still shows respect !!!

  8. Fred says:

    Good old Ronnie. Phenomenal player, has every right to big himself up. He’s been scoring goals for fun for Real Madrid while Wayne Rooney, a player many “top reds” often claimed to rate more highly, has been shagging prostitutes, smoking fags, pissing in the street and is currently sitting on his pasty arse in Dubai, counting the money he held our club to ransom for in the most dispicable way.

  9. willierednut says:

    Condescending prick.

  10. Fred says:

    Same to you, pal. ;-)

  11. willierednut says:

    Fan boy. I haven’t got a smiley face lol.

  12. Fred says:

    Cheer up, mate. It’s Friday!

  13. Fze123 says:

    He is still the only player to have scored the most free kicks for us in Europe, more than any other player for any other club. We need a set piece specialist.

  14. GallasOfChelsea says:

    I miss this guy, he did a great job for us though could have stayed a little longer. I think he’ll always be a red devil – Ronaldo. For me, he’s the best player in the world at the moment and has been for the last couple of years. Hopefully, we’ll play Madrid in the CL pretty soon, a weird wish that if realised could go a long way to reminding Cristiano that United will always be a force to recon with coz of their tradition. We have Nani now after all. Glory glory Man Utd…..

  15. Whyrooneywhy says:

    Is more lyk findin a distinction btwn messi n ronaldo.fergie>mourinho..n ronaldo>messi

  16. parryheid says:


    A free kick specialist.Wev’e got one his name’s Eikram.

  17. Costas says:

    Fergie, Mourinho AND Benithez, the best in the world. :D

  18. Briggsy says:

    Still miss the crazy self loving fella. He was and still is top class. Wouldn’t begrudge him winning a few league titles over at Spain. But we’ll come strong again like when he was here without his help. United will never die!

  19. Kings says:

    Scott – you forgot to mention the FIFA World Club Cup we won in 2008/09.

  20. Mikael says:

    I miss him too… we need a game-changer. Nani is great but he’s not Ronaldo-class and never will be b’cause Ronnie was a one-off. I would always welcome him back as long he was loving the game and givin’ his all. Roo is in the same bracket but not as high as Ronnie… and Ronnie never pissed on the club the way Roo did… publicly that is.

    But we’re a better squad without hum ’cause we ha ve more players taking more responsibility but damn to have him taking a freekick for us again or bombarding down the wing, turning inside and take a frekking nightmare shot into the far-hand-corner.

    Ronnie, you pissing out all the right stuff to keep being welcome home…

  21. Mikael says:

    And sure… Ronnie said he wanted to leave but that was b’cause of his dream of playing for the virus… even I can understand that, but he NEVER questioned Uniteds ambition… NEVER!

  22. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Ronaldo you are the greatest Footballer in the world but it seems to be that you are not the greatest judge of people in the world. If you think Mourinho is even on the same plain as Fergusson then you are a fucking retard. With you forrest gump neck and the inability to impregnate a woman the normal way it best if you concentrate on footballing matters and leave the talking to someone else, because quite frankly you sound silly. Your a bit Paris Hilton, nice to look at but when it opens its fucking mouth it would make anyone cringe.

  23. Walter Mitty says:

    Whatever one might think of Mourinho as a person, he certainly is one of the most successful managers around, having won league titles in 3 different leagues as well as the European Championship with 2 different teams. Since he won the Portuguese league title in 2002, he’s won something every year, so he’s certainly no one-hit wonder. I don’t know if he’s the right fit for United – and we may never know – but he’s definitely a great manager.

    Of course, he can’t be compared with Ferguson, but in a sense it’s a bit like trying to compare Konrad Adenauer with David Cameron or Pete Sampras with Roger Federer – they played in different leagues, in different times, with very little overlap, so it’s hard to make a straight-up comparison. Perhaps in 20 years when Mourinho’s about to retire, we can have a better comparison – but by then there’ll be other managers and other things to talk about.


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