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Ronaldo: I Didn’t Celebrate Because United Are My Family

After Danny Welbeck put United 1-0 up against Real Madrid, it wasn’t long before Cristiano Ronaldo equalised, seeming to levitate before his header left David de Gea with no chance.

As expected, Ronaldo didn’t celebrate his goal out of respect for his former club and fans.

“I didn’t see the replay of my goal but I will. They told me it was a beautiful goal,” he said. “I didn’t celebrate the goal because Old Trafford is a home where I played for six years, and I arrived there almost as a kid. It’s not about not celebrating. I want to win but I respect the people of Manchester. It was beautiful and emotional to play against my family.”

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  1. domunited says:

    Or…or… “because I would like to return to Manchester United soon.”

  2. Little Red Ant says:

    I don’t get this not celebrating thing against a former club. There can be respect, go crazy and celebrate with your new team mates and your fans that is fine. Do not go to the away fans.

    To be disrespectful is to do what that clown Adebayor did to the Arse fans at the council house – that is disrespectful and incitement

    I would have had no problem with CR7 celebrating – Madrid pay him a kings ransom

  3. George says:

    I agree Little Red Ant. Ronaldo is a Madrid player, he should celebrate a Madrid goal. As long as he’s respectful to the United fans (which he clearly is, it’s obvious he still loves the club), then I wouldn’t care about his celebrations.

    I thought the same with RVP when he scored against Arsenal earlier this season.

  4. wayne says:

    Lads think you’re missing the point Ronnie not celebrating and then hanging out with the lads in the Utd dressing room is all part of Ronnie feeling ‘sad’ at Madrid and not getting on with his teammates.Also teams like Real and City just individuals collecting a pay check with Utd it’s different so when a young player has grown up in an atmosphere of comradeship i’m guessing Ronnie probably misses that,Utd are like a band of brothers unlike any other top team.That’s the reason nearly every player who’s left says once you leave Utd it’s downhill

  5. einsi01 says:

    Not celebrating when you score as important goal as Ronnie did, shows how big you are. Inside he clearly would have been going mental over the goal, but on the outside he showed calmness, composure and most of all: respect. Let’s put it this way: had he gone all-out in celebrations, would it have emphasized any more greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo? Real-fans, United-fans, and most of all he himself, knows how good he is. Celebrating that goal would have shown that maybe Ronaldo is human after all. By not doing it, he truly underlines his powers.

  6. JIXIE says:

    I read a comment from a Madrid fan in the Daily Mail rag saying that he respects Ronaldo even more for his non celebration. He felt it was the classy way to behave and hopes that if he ever scores against Madrid he will show the same love and respect for them.
    The above was in response to some ABU with the usual rubbish about what Ronaldo should have done.

  7. giggs11 says:

    just a note: agree with the ´critisism´ of not celebrating as above said – considering how many trasnfers there have been in recent years, we might easily finish with NO1 celebrating goals beacause (almost …) EVERY1 has ever played somewhere … it will be a TRULY QUITE GAME then! Agree with you, guys – celebrate a goal, you PLAY FOOTBALL TO SCORE, so no problem at all with that – other things are those made by Adebayor or that unalphabeted argie I do not even want to name …!!!

  8. Little Red Ant says:

    blimey JIXIE do people still read the Daily Fail :o )

  9. WeAreUnited says:


    your are bigger than some of our supporters that slag you off, if you talk good about us, or not celebrate because of RESPECT

    And still people bashing you, WELCOME BACK RONALDO, I didn’t feel good when you scored, cause United is where I stand, but you are a legend in the eyes of them who know how big of a worth you were here.

    For those slagging him, watch yourself in the mirror and think twice.
    People seem to lost appreciation towards everything.


  10. NBI Red Onion says:

    He did not celebrate because he did not want to.

  11. belfast red. says:

    I couldn’t explain how i felt when he scored. Usually id be cursing the life out of a player and pissed off. But i just got this feeling of sadness mixed with respect for Ronnie. In saying that the stop that jones got in on him right near the end of the match was immense and if he had of scored that or he puts us out ill be gutted.. hope the emotion really overwhelms him at O.T. and he doesn’t do fuckall..

  12. Red4ever says:

    Come back ronnie to your home this is where you belong mate ,, I guess he really really wants to come back here he knows how much people love him here so if he moves it will be here ,, I think 2.5 yrs of contract remaining he can make the switch next year coz final year on his contract he will not be around 100 millions I think we could get him for 50 – 60 millions god I wish that to happen really .GGMU !!!!!

  13. King Eric says:

    Ronnie is thye most exciting player I have witnessed live at OT but a legend he is NOT.

  14. kingf says:

    King Eric, how can you not say Ronaldo was not a legend, did he not win a Ballon’dor award at united? Yes he did and the fact he has done what so many players didn’t, he is a legend, wether you like it or not. Ronaldo will always be a legend at united


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