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Ronaldo: I Didn’t Want A Penalty

Sir Alex Ferguson has been quick insist over the past year that Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the type to dive for penalties, although his pathetic dive at Chelsea may suggest Fergie isn’t totally right with his assertion.

However, even from the stands on Saturday, as clear as it was not a penalty, it was equally obvious that Ronaldo hadn’t dived. Of course, morons on football forums were quick to point the finger, blinded by their hatred of Ronaldo, but the general opinion in the press was Ronaldo hadn’t done anything untoward.

Bolton captain, Kevin Nolan, has today spoken out about the penalty incident, confirming what we already knew.

“Ronaldo was on the floor saying, “I didn’t want a penalty!” said Nolan. “I don’t think one of them put their hands up asking for a penalty. Fletcher’s going, “It’s not a penalty”, Tevez is going, “It’s not a penalty”. Twenty players who were in the box at the time knew it wasn’t a penalty. But the man who was in black had the final say. They couldn’t believe their luck.”

Any explanations as to why it happened?

“It does strike fear into you when you look at this magnificent stadium,” he added. “Maybe that’s what’s happened to the referee. He said he thought JLloyd took Ronaldo before the ball. It didn’t make sense to me at all. But I can’t say too much or I’m going to get done by the FA.”

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  1. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Rob Styles is the same c*** that denied Ronaldo his hat-trick against Fulham, ignored Taylor’s blatant tripping of Ronaldo when Ronaldo was running full speed (where even Taylor fell contact??) against Newcastle last season and ignored Smith’s leg wrap around Giggs in that same match. Three penalties on the top of my head.
    So once again Styles shows his incompetence but in United’s favour, people say “same old Ronaldo” and “United always get penalties at home” and so on.

  2. Par says:

    If he didn’t want a penalty, he could have maybe NOT GONE AND SCORED IT. It’s been done before. When players accept what they know to be illegitimate penalties (and this goes for every team, not just United) they’re not all that different from Stephen Hunt celebrating that non-goal against Watford.

  3. suhayl says:

    Par….dont be stupid.

    He admitted to his fellow players he thought it wasnt a pen and that he didnt dive. Clear and concise on both points. As for not taking pen and refusing it??????? dont be so stupid. He isnt there to govern the game and become the bastion and become all high and mighty….Oh sorry ref i disagree because im a puritan.

    What next????? players claiming they werent fouled..players walking off themselves because they feel they deserve to be sent off. Players accpeting things and not accpeting other things. Players not trying to touch their fellow man..because they feel its not right and proper.


    The man in black aka the REF…is there to marshall and govern the game…NOT the players to become ambassdors. Its the man in blacks decision…whether right or fuckin wrong.

    And lastly…how many times will refs deem against us…happened so many time at the end of last season..carrick handball wiley…glen turner 2 dodgy line calls v boro…atkinson pen decision v pompey. These are injustices… so when your lucks in YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT. Cos it will after 38 games even itself out. Unlike a cup comp…lge always does.

    And dont tell me…if ronaldo had been high and mighty and not taken pen. And WE hadnt won the game. Wot if those 2 dropped points cost us the title?????

    Your comment im sure is the only 1 in millions who says such a thing. Seriously silly

  4. Tom F says:

    That’s one thing that gets me about players getting booked for diving is when they don’t even dive in the first place and when they are on the floor don’t ask for a free-kick, and have only lost their balance… yet straight away the cards if not the critics come out.

    English players like Gerrard never make the back pages for diving!

  5. OTRed says:

    I don’t know exactly why i should believe a word of what Nolan has said.

  6. sittingbison says:

    God I get sick of the moaning, also from cricketers. Its professional sport, you win some refs decisions, you lose some – get a penalty, score the goal. If the penalty is dodgy, it makes up for the myriad that are NOT given. Same as LBW’s and snicks behind. So next week when we are denied, don’t go so berk.

  7. denton davey says:

    Sittingbison: it may be “professional sport” but it’s adjudicated by amateurs, denied technological assistance by the head-in-their-arse administrators who want to keep the game in the 19th century.

    For all the talk that video replay would slow the game, what about goal celebrations, argy-bargy surrounding yellow/red cards, and the countless other un-noticed time-wasting activities that are accepted as part-and-parcel of the game ? Given the number of cameras at most (all !) matches, it doesn’t seem difficult to take a one-minute “technology break” and if the situation can’t be resolved then allow the ref-on-the-field’s immediate respnse to stand.

    The real thorn in this rose has to do with when such “technology breaks” will be called for. To me, the answer is simple – on a penalty award or a disputed goal; not on offsides, which are almost-always called incorrectly. Offsides should be governed by new, more lenient rules – but that’s another story.


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