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Ronaldo: I love Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has given a heart felt interview he talks of his love of Manchester United.

“I love Manchester,” he said. “Everyone knows that — I have said it many times. Manchester is in my heart. I left many good friends there, the supporters are amazing and I wish I can come back one day. I am happy here in Real Madrid and have four more years, but in the future you never know because they treated me unbelievably there. I really did love being at Manchester United. It is a great club.”

Ronaldo is happy to see United bring in the talents of Angel di Maria and Radamel Falcao.

“I do think they did well to buy Di Maria and Falcao,” he continued. “I think the team will be much better. I want to see them better because it is such a fantastic club and they deserve to be better. Falcao is a very good signing. He is a very good player. I don’t think Falcao is the wrong type of player for them. He is a top player, so I don’t think it is a wrong buy. He will be a fantastic buy. Manchester have not started well, two points in three games, so they need quality players and Falcao is a quality player. And Di Maria, too.”

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  1. WilliamAR says:

    My guessvis that Ronnie will suddenly become unhappy at Madrid and will start pushing through the media that he wants to leave to join back with united. (Wishful thinking lol)

  2. Marco Soares says:

    Ronaldo does have the same agent as Falcao and Di Maria so we can never know his intention but if we do finish top 4 I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to bring him back to United next season

  3. Gav Brooker says:

    Angling for a new contract again?

  4. lecho says:

    Yeah, yeah Ronnie, we love you too. But mumbling about this love year after year after signing new contract with Madrid is both boring and pointless.

  5. BashyMUFC says:

    I know how it feels Ronnie, i am married but i am still in love with my ex

  6. Tommy says:


    Perez might seem barmy but hes not that barmy lol, “That boy Ronaldo makes England look shite” Would love to see Ronaldo back at United, sadly I dont see it happening

  7. Tommy says:

    Anyone read the full article, he says Sir Alex is the only manager he can call a friend and clearly should his dislike for mourinho

  8. Dan Young says:

    i never thought this would happen without him running his contract down. and the moment he signed his extension i thought it would never happen. until this summer. this summer showed for me what exactly we can do when we want to spend some cash. financially we can spend double what most clubs on the planet can spend with no worry what so ever as long as the wage bill stays at 50% of what the revenue is.

    also in my opinion i would say real madrids brain was di maria, in the sense that he was their most intelligent part and all good play goes through him .. and i would then say their heart was ronaldo in the sense that he is their most important part of the team. with the type of guy lvg is, i would not be surprised atall if he said he wants the two from real as they link up perfectly there. and taking the 2 most important players from the crowned champions of europe is the biggest statement of intent possible!

    this is genuinely possible. taking into account im finding it highly likely for falcao to be signed next summer i can only see this happening if rooney is dropped into midfield, rvp is shipped on (to free up wages) and potentially mata gets sold too but thats not so important as his wages are extremely low considering his ability. on the other hand rvp is one of the top 3 earners at the club and his abilities will start to decrease

    over the next year we will be getting rid of some big earners at the club opening up alot of the wage bill aswell as transfer funds. the likes of valencia, young, fellaini, lindegaard, anderson, cleverley, hernandez will all be shipped out permanently.

    rafael – jones – evans – shaw
    ———— strootman
    ——-rooney —- herrera
    - di maria ———— ronaldo
    ————– Falcao

    bench: amos, rojo, blackett, blind, januzaj, wilson, mata

    its kind of mental i can even type that formation out and not feel like i look a complete idiot cause of being too much in dreamland.

  9. Caleb Kay says:


    I’d say you were mental too, if not for what just happened in this recent transfer window, although a part of me still has that nagging feeling he’s just trying to angle for a better contract.

  10. FBr David Lee says:

    @Dan Young,

    It’s ok to have some reasonable amount of “dream”, makes our lives much interesting.

    that being said, if Ronaldo really love MU, he should come back and help us in our rebuilding.
    wouldn’t blame him if he do not want to come. Will be pissed if he uses MU to get a bigger contract from real madrid.

  11. trevor knightsmith says:


    I wasn’t being serious, but nearly being a pensioner, im’ allowed to mumble on incomprehensibly

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Never going to happen yet people fall for it every single time. How long has he left now? United need to construct a strong team that isn’t completely reliant on one individual. He used united as a stepping stone to bigger and better things in his eyes. As soon as things aren’t going his way, he comes out with this to scare the likes of perez. He will only want to return to united when he starts to decline, what a great piece of business that would be!

  13. united till i die says:

    Once again Ronaldo starts with this crap as soon as the worlds football media starts focusing on our new stars. He’s worse than a 16 year old school girl with his attention seeking. Great player in his day but he made his choice to leave now he has to live with it.

  14. wayne barker says:

    Ronnie will be 30 next year,Real Madrid have no loyalty to anyone,Ronnie is the same,Madrid might see it as a last chance to cash him on him.Not saying Utd would buy him but don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility he could become available

  15. wayne barker says:

    united till i die in all fairness to Ronnie he gets asked about Utd all the time,so he’s just responding to questions.DI Maria and him are friends,Madrid was in for Falcao but couldn’t make it happen and ended up with Herenandez,so there has been a Madrid/Utd connection through this transfer window

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    He’s not joining united, burst that fantasy bubble

  17. united till i die says:

    @ Wayne

    I have no problem with him talking about his time at united as He played a important part in our club success during those 6 years but if he really wanted to return to us he never would have signed that new deal with Madrid. World class player but I can’t stand his constant attention whoring ways. Mind you I can’t stand attention whores in any walk of life.

  18. wayne barker says:

    Don’t see it as fantasy,if Madrid decide to cash in before Ronnie get’s to old very few teams that could actually bid for him,personally could never see Ronnie going to France so that only leaves Barca,Rent Boys,City and Utd.No one said he was coming but it’s certainly not a fantasy far from it, i’d say if Madrid decide to sell would be a 50/50 chance of him coming back.Utd are 5/4 favs with the bookies which is really low odds considering Utd didn’t even show any signs of wanting him this summer

  19. wayne barker says:

    united till i die,he got a series of questions mate,about Madrids transfer window,Utds transfer window and if he’d ever come back,he was just giving answers,not really saying anything new so in this case wasn’t him looking for attention

  20. united till i die says:

    Well to be honest I haven’t seen the interview and if he was asked outright if he would like to return to united at some point then I can’t fault him for attention whoring. Personally I don’t see him playing for us again and if we where to bring him back I’d hope it was for footballing reasons and not sentimental or commercial reasons. I guess we never know what can happen in the future. He’s such a good athlete and looks after himself off the pitch I expect him to be one of these players that plays well into his mid 30s.

  21. Redfrog says:

    A 30+ year’s old Ronnie coming back (as I assume he won’t came back in his prime ! ) is possible but I would not want it. He rejected us to go to the virus. He accused the club to treat him as a slave the year he became ballon d’or and won the champion’s league with us. He broke the heart of every single United supporter around the world. Lets focus on the future instead on the past. I would rather love Januzaj to become an effective part of the team for the next fifteen years.

  22. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Rooney is not a midfielder he will never be a midfielder, hes not got the energy or fitness levels for that role and thats before even menttioning his god awful touch, also Rojo has not been signed to be back up to Jonny Evans.

    @united till i die

    He was interviewed when he was doing a promotional rip with Jenson Button, its got fuck all to do with attention seeking so unless youve read thwe artile then dont comment.


    A bit like Mata wouldnt? And Glazer wouldnt buy a Di Maria all words that you said so people should take your oppinions with a pinh of salt, because you know jack shit on who will and wonmt be moving

    @Red frog

    A 30 + Ronaldo will still be one of the best players in the world, the way he looks after hiself he could easily play until hes 37 or 38

  23. Gazzer says:

    To be honest, I don’t care if he is bullshitting us or angling for a new contract.
    I think his love is genuine, he knows how we feel about him, and he was utterly classy in scoring that goal against us a couple of years back.
    When you see all the self-serving whining and complaining and bitterness from the likes of Cleverly, Moyes, Pogba, Tevez and countless others, let’s just enjoy our little love fest with Cristiano!!

  24. iamMatty says:

    Ronaldo is never coming, and I hate united fans get all delusional when the media keeps linkig us with him. Again the guy mentioning cleverly in relation to bitterness ought to be ashamed in himself for acting idiotic. What has the lad ever done to deserve all the abuse he gets? Shameful really. Tom cleverly is better man than most of you, but I guess its easier to sit in front of your computer and slag him off.

  25. Tommy says:


    Whether you like Cleverley or not is irrelevant, the guy never covered himself in glory on deadline day, pricing himself out of a permanent deal so he can move on a free and the club who nurtured him and give him a career get nothing, and the city he claims to love Bradford get nothing (Bradford city have a 10% sell on), it was disgusting and pure greed, simple as that


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