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Ronaldo: I WILL Win Fans Over

Earlier in the week I commented on how proud I was of our fans for their stance on Cristiano Ronaldo. We haven’t booed him, yet we’ve shown remarkable indifference for a player who was on fire last season. Following his behaviour over the summer, we have let it be known that no one player is bigger than this club, regardless of how many goals they score or individual prizes they win.

Ahead of United’s game against Hull, Ronaldo has admitted he has yet to win the crowd over, but hopes to do so through showing his total commitment to the club.

“A part of the supporters show themselves to be more unhappy than others,” said Ronaldo. “But I hope to change their minds. When I put on the United shirt I give my maximum. Nobody can condemn me on this. I hope it will be similar to when I came back to England after the 2006 World Cup and I can win the fans back.”

The problem is that most United fans couldn’t give a shit less about what happened in the World Cup. In fact, most were rather happy to see Ronaldo score the penalty that knocked England out. The tussle that happened with Wayne Rooney can be seen for what it was, with Ronaldo being one of five Portuguese players complaining to the referee.

Ronald is insistant that staying at United was entirely his decision, following claims that Sir Alex Ferguson forced him in to staying. The fact that Ronaldo did not hand in a transfer request, like players who are serious about leaving their current club do, suggests he is truthful in this matter.

“Nobody can convince me about anything,” he added. “Since I was young I’ve had to make decisions, I make them alone. I want to win more at this club. If the boss thinks I have to stay on the bench I respect that, even if it’s difficult.”

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  1. dave says:

    hopefully the last few weeks have shown Ronaldo that the fans value loyalty and commitment to the club perhaps more than individual talent or greatness. Its up to him now show that he really wants to be at United. If he doesn’t, the fans will tell him where to go.

  2. Red Rupert says:

    exactly Scotty – although most of us weren’t exactly proud of Ronaldo’s behaviour vs England, we didn’t really care that much either. He didn’t need to win us over, just the ABU nation. This is a bit different. If you wanna leave United to go and play elsewhere, you can fookin go as far as we’re concerned. If you wanna stay, great….but don’t expect us to fall at your feet with gratitude. In fact, it’s up to you to win our trust back. We’ve seen players come and go – you are no different.

  3. Mic says:

    What’s brought this modesty out of him? Surely there has to be an ounce of truth in it as we all thought he’d be leaving at the end of the season and therefore he wouldn’t have to give a toss. I still think he’s a prat, he really did ruin the summer of celebration all United fans should’ve had.

  4. Failsworth Devil says:

    I think it is fair comment… between CR7 and Manchester City Council… we wasnt given any opportunity to celebrate the double in the summer… oh apart from a shambles of a trophy showing in a pre season game at OT… what a load of bollox… i remember 99 and town was buzzin… remember on Deasngate when open top bus was coming down…it was awesome.. looked like an invasion of helicopters in the sky… everyone crammed like sardines, was amazing… same again in 91 when we would ECWC … that was awesome…

    I know im going off the subject a bit.. but if CR7 hadnt piss arsed about and shown his loyalty to us… and if the council would have done the right thing and let us have the parade… after all what dya think the players thought about that ?? never mind us fans… its sommat the players wanna be involved in… Council Twats…

    I dont care if CR7 stays or goes… but like we say, we aint gonna beg him to stay… yes… he is saying the right things… and as long as he keeps his head down… tries to produce what he did last year… then the faithful will love him… trust him??? i dont know.. but only time will tell on that one..

    Truth is…. he is an exceptional player… rather have him in my team than against… but i only want him in my team if he is 110% committed…

    The only thing that concerns me, is that he says that he is gonna stay next year as well… which will then give him 1-2 years on his contract remaining…

    I just hope he aint gonna do a cunts tricks and buy himself out of his contract, hence him getting his move to madrid, with about a 30 mill sign on fee…

    Think thats sommat Gill and SAF need to address… if he is staying get him tied to a long term contract…. but if he wont commit then we need to say adios conjo and get the best price for him..

  5. spencer says:


    I read the L’Equipe interview

    and he said

    ‘Most fans have been very nice but I know some are disappointed, which is understandbale. I hope to change their minds’

    then he was asked if it was similiar to WC06 to which he replied’

    ‘I guess so but they were both different situations’

    the sun have twisted it per usual

  6. spencer says:

    and I am not suprised the sun twisted it. after the tevez quotes, when will people learn what kind of newspaper they are

  7. jj says:

    lets just all love him again…

  8. suhayl says:

    true jj


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