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Ronaldo: I’ll End Up Like Eduardo

Ronaldo DistinCristiano Ronaldo is a hate figure to most away fans at Old Trafford, with cheers resounding from the away end whenever he is fouled. Sir Alex Ferguson has long called for better protection of our Portuguese winger, who is currently the best player in the World, with little response from the referees.

Following the poor refereeing display this afternoon as we faced Portsmouth, Ronaldo has gone as far as to say he is going to change his playing style, in hope he’ll be on the receiving end of fewer fouls if he does.

Ronaldo, who has already had stonewall penalties at Old Trafford turned away, against Michael Brown and Antti Niemi, was again a victim of a foul in the box, and again the referee waved play on.

Following the defeat, Ronaldo spoke of his frustration concerning referees in this country, following the foul by Distin. “He (Distin) didn’t try to take the ball. It’s a joke,” said Ronaldo. “It’s very frustrating, the referee was unbelievable. He didn’t want to give the penalty, he didn’t want to give yellow cards – I’m very disappointed. Refs don’t protect skilful players. I think about the Arsenal player (Eduardo) and I’m scared sometimes to do skills because some players do unbelievable fouls and the ref protects the defender, not the skilled player! It’s very disappointing and I’m thinking a lot about changing my game. When referees don’t give penalties, yellow cards or reds, it’s difficult to play.”

Does Ronaldo have to change his game to avoid these terrible challenges?

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  1. Neil says:

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of the game in England, when scrunching (and very dangerous) tackles are cheered, and a bit of outrageous skill is considered a lack of respect for opponents – what the hell are players supposed to do? Not show the defender up as inadequate?

    One just hopes the Eduardo incident causes the referees to wake up, and afford better protection to the players who make this the beautiful game. Would be a tragedy if they were forced to abandon their natural instincts to avoid injury.

  2. john belucci says:


  3. Frank says:

    Players that can’t tackle and go in studs showing are the scum of the earth just like the players who go out to intentionally play rough because they’re tactically inept.

    It would be a great loss not just to the Man Utd’s and Arsenal’s or the Premiership but the whole world if the skillful players such as the Ronaldo’s and Eduardo’s of the premiership are all killed off by dirty tackles and inept players.

    Frank (An Arsenal Fan)

  4. Ole Gunner says:

    The problem with Man U is that they are believing their own hype. A bit more humility would mean that the team and its fans would realise that United have been struggling a bit with Ronaldo carrying the team. Ronaldo is a brilliant player on an extraordinary scoring run. But if your midfield has only scored 8 or 9 goals in the league all season something is wrong.

  5. Hassan says:

    MIght actually be a basis for a transfer. A foul is a foul, regardless of reputation for diving

  6. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    This season, Ronaldo has cut down on his stepovers and tricks. I never thought it would be because he’s scared. What a shame. The most skilfull player in the league scared of running with the ball because thugs like Diarra and Distin can foul him as much as they want with the referees thinking “I have to show that I’m no weak.”
    Diarra barged into Ronaldo within the first minute of the match and didn’t get booked. Okay, that was just the first of 20 fouls he committed throughout the game. But Distin on Ronaldo in the penalty box when Ronaldo had made a spectacular run into the area was just outrageous. He got none of the ball and slammed right into Ronaldo.
    Ronaldo against Fulham wasn’t even up for discussion but when he was denied a penalty against Newcastle after I think Taylor kicked him said it all about referees. You don’t have to look carefull at that incident to see that Taylor was at least a meter away from the ball and as soon as Ronaldo ran past him, Taylor fell over after tripping a running Ronaldo. And the referees infuriatingly wave their hands as if they’re sure it wasn’t a penalty. I don’t think they’re as blind as just plain stupid. Some refs seem to think that they are playing mind games with the players when they should just fuck off and do their job

  7. LB says:

    Am I missing something? Reading all this is like listening to a certain Frenchman complaining about protection for skilled players. But my experience is that he has always been shouted down by all in England, including Man U fans. So what’s changed? Is it the fact that the great Ferguson is now doing the complaining? When Eduardo was maimed by an English player, all the sympathy was with the butcher. They all said how he may find it difficult to live “with it”. So what are we saying now??????

  8. craig mc says:

    Ole Gunner, what has our midfield not scoring enough, or Ronaldo ‘carrying us’ as you say, GOT TO DO WITH DEFENDERS FOULING HIM and other flair/skilful players multiple times?. We will lose Ronaldo and all other artists in the game, to the hatchet men of the premier league. We want the best players to come to this country, but many fans want to see them hacked down and cheer about it. So fucking sad mate. I don’t think we deserve the best players over here, and our ref’s are totally inept and cowardly.

  9. craig mc says:

    Did anyone see Carvalhos tackle on the Barnsley player when that player was thru on goal before that ugly foul by Carvalho. No attempt to play the ball, and tackle that should have seen RED. What did the ref do – Fuck all – it’s beyond a joke. When are we going to get referee’s THAT SEE AND TAKE ACTION. Compare that with the idiocy of the ref at Old Trafford that sent off our goalkeeper who did not intend to hurt Baros, but GOT KICKED IN THE HEAD BY BAROS. It’s sickening!.

  10. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    LB. It’s not Arsene Wenger’s point that everybody disagreed with. What got people mocking him was how it was he who was pathetically moaning after his respectable captain was seen kicking Nani

  11. Mr Blackett says:

    The refereeing in England is the worst in Europe. I don’t support Man U or hate them. I respect what they’ve done and continue to do but, as a Darlingtonian, don’t really care whether they win their games or not.

    In order to keep the best players in our league (Ronaldo, Torres, Fabregas) we must change OUR game. They will leave if the aggressive nature of the English game isn’t tempered.

    There was a minute’s silence to commemorate the passing of Derek Dooley today. He lost his leg when it was broken during a game. Is that totally unacceptable or just “part of the game”?

    I would argue the former. I presume most people agree with me but the reaction to what happened to Eduardo – an injury that 20-30 years ago could have resulted in amputation – tells me that people are happy to let stuff like this slide as long as the masculinity of the game isn’t questioned.

    I don’t blame the ref and I don’t blame Hackett. I blame football culture in general. The rest of Europe looks at us in disgust. I agree with them

  12. Palli Bjöss says:

    The ref in todays game at Old Trafford was a total disgrace. The football in England is the best in the world today but the referees are terrilble and fuck up game after game.

  13. Sue says:

    Yeah Michael Brown will try it tomorrow on Cesc – just wait and see

  14. Goofle says:

    I do agree with Ronaldo but how come it is only after he says this himself that Man U fans agree? Us Arsenal fans have been banging on about this for yonks.

  15. 1979gooner says:

    I think the ravings of Manu and their fans after the loss today don’t add up.

    Pompey didn’t commit any dangerous tackles, in fact Rooney’s lunge was the worst tackle of the game.

    The Distin incident may have been a penalty, but it could easily have been an indirect free kick.

    Either way you only have yourselves to blame for missing countless sitters.

  16. skalkur says:

    If we look for the past 2 yerars, we have seen ronaldo got penalty for nothing, so I understand that the referee just thinking he was cheeting.

  17. pablo says:

    I’m a gooner, and I have always thought the mindless stupidities of so many supporters, so called, and among those I include my own, who get on Ronaldo’s case. He’s abused psychologically and physically in ways that few are in the premier league. Even though I do not think his case was helped by some of his earlier theatrics, the fact remains that he has to endure a lot of very crude violence. Sooner or later he will indeed be injured. Few will be like Eduardo, but that’s not the measure we should use. Referees have to start protecting players like Ronaldo, otherwise, among other things, they will leave or not come to not come to England, despite the monetary incentives, with the teams and the game much poorer for the thugs who will have won, and for the absence of great players like Ronaldo.

  18. Matthew Wade says:

    Non goloating gooner comments: Ronaldo one was propably a penalty, but one that refs often don’t of those ‘a foul anywhere else on the pitch’ scenarios. Baros one was a pen, though unluckily conceded, and I’m sure if FIFA and the FA gave refs a choice the keeper would have stayed on – Mind you Muntari’s such a good penalty taker it prob wouldn’t hav made a difference. Sir Alex was wrong as was carlos, but then all top managers are bad losers. Wneger blames other teams lack of artistic inclinations, fergie always blames the officials…much of a muchness. Basically he’s just pissed off cos utd should have killed portsmouth of and flah harry’s lot got lucky.

    On other thoughts, M Brown at WIgan is a thug who once had some talent, but has invested all his energy in kciking people..No doub alex hleb will have more bruises on his nimble ankles.

    Carvalho was very lucky not to get a red, but then he’s prone to the odd really dirty challenge. If he played for a mid table team he’d have a far worse disciplinary record.

    Ronaldo is the best player in England this season, but he’s still got a bit of a diving rep after a few previous incidents. A bit like pires cheating against portsmouth and then not winning a penalty for about 2 years!

    At least we can rejoice together at barnsley and their humbling of the chavs and the scousers!

  19. Tom F says:

    I think had we gone on to win the game the whole emphesis of this argument would’ve come across by Fergie in a less angry way. He has always been against these players who do not go for the ball but rather try to prove a point by cutting down a player just because he is too good. It’s small man syndrome, a disease.

    The decisions made against us today were not what cost us the game. We defended badly when they broke to get the penalty, we didn’t take our chances. Though their is still the fact that Wayne Rooneys “lunge” which was nowhere near the player warrented a yellow card, yet Ronaldo was fouled 3 times, with physical contact without the Pompey player getting a warning. Then there was the blocking a player who has a chance at goal, WITHOUT EVEN GOING FOR THE BALL. That would’ve been a free kick 99 out of 100 times!

    Anyway, It was a bad day for me as a manchester United fan. A bad day for the match officials but a great day for english football and the ‘magic’ of the FA Cup..

  20. pablo says:

    Strange though it may seem, I have never disliked United; I just don’t like them beating us or winning things we should win. I do not like Ferguson, however, while acknowledging his being a great manager. I actually rooted for you guys last year to hold off the execrable chavs for the Premiership and if you, not us– unlikley, but never mind–ever play them in the CL quarters/semis/final, I’d still root for you. Indeed: a great day for the underdog, especially at the chavs expense. That’s why you gotta love the FA Cup, 4-0 notwithstanding! Barnsley all the way.

    Well taken point on the managers who only see what others do to them, not what they to others. That said, he’s still right, and Arsene still knows best. I love him, as I know all of you Man U fanatics cannot see past Sirfergie. I’ll exit now, lest people think I’m a Man U renegade who lives in Moss Side or Trafford Park.

  21. kixzon says:

    Though I would love to agree with all the notion of `Protecting the SKILLED PLAYERS’, I think Manchester United have NO RIGHT to complain at all!

    Not after they kicked Antonio Reyes all over the park when he was at Arsenal. And he was also offered no protection at all by the ref, Mike Riley. At that time I was seriously wondering if he was bribed!

    Not after they branded Wenger as a whinger when he tried to address the issue.

    Not after Fergie encouraged Sam Allerdyce to employ the same rough house tactic on Arsenal.

    It has been years that Wenger has been trying to cultivate skilled footballers, yet he was ridiculed & that Arsenal doesn’t have the stomach for a fight when he complained about the same issues as Fergie right now.

    Taylor’s brutal tackle should be dealt with severely. Fergie & all football fans should support this notion verhemently BEFORE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE NOISE THEY DO NOW!

    Cos defenders need to reminded that if they are not 100% sure of getting the ball when they put in a tackle, THEN THEY SHOULD NOT DO IT AT ALL! Cos the consequences would be dire.

  22. Cesc Jnr says:

    Being an Arsenal fan and watching my team play week in week out the ‘beautfiul game’ it is just disappointing and annoying to see our players hacked down and the referee wave play on.

    I think Cristiano Ronaldo is one of, if not THE, greatest english premier league player in the world (probably along with Gerrard and Cesc and Torres) and i find it terribly frustrating seeing him getting hacked down whilst showing his NATURAL TALENT. Something which English players seem to be losing in exchange for malicious and brutal tackling games to stop such tactically and gifted players such as C.R.

    An example…Arsenal v AC Milan. Hleb yellow carded for being hacked down just outside the box. Just because a player goes down doesnt mean it has to be a yellow or a red or a penalty. IT IS possible that they lost their balance?????? Hleb didnt roll around or even protest yet he was carded off a clear foul. Why has it not even been mentioned? Arsenal won. This is the one thing that pisses me, and im sure you too, off the most. Arsenal and MANUTD are constantly hacked down yet because we win the game nobody says a thing.

    However on the C.R. issue i think that you manutd fans have to get real a bit and stop being so ignorant about football. Just because SAF says something aint mean its true. C.R. can be compared to a batsmen. If you stand your ground when you know your out and are not given…congrats you have tactically beaten the system. However dont fuss and kick about when you are wrongly given out next time. C.R. has been awarded COUNTLESS penalties for ‘diving’ i guess you could say so when he is denied clear cut ones i think you mancs are very very very much so out of your depth to criticse referees. You have to take the good with the bad unfortunately. I think the only Arsenal player who ‘dives’ is Eboue and i think that he is also very bad at it. I do have a problem with divers because i think it is cheating however i do not have a problem with simulators who just carry on a bit UNLESS THEY CALL FOR THE STRETCHER OR SOMETHING….that is plain stupid and is cheating. I think simulators do deservedly get their free kick however the only way to get simulation out of the game is by referees actualy….here we go…THINKING!!!! For goodness sake, just because a player writhes around on the ground means nothing, Look at the challenge. Make your decision. Forget what the player is doing after the contact.

    Anyway hopefully Brown doesnt try anything on Cesc today because i promise you that if he does Cesc will let the as.sho.le know about it!

    Peace Out

  23. kixzon says:

    England’s recent miserable performance was critically due to dysfunctional coaching abilities of managers & coaches of the Premier League besides the Top 4.

    Annoying instructions to rough them up do no justice to the beautiful game & it hurts the core of young talents. Such instructions even exist for U12, U16, U18! These youngsters should be allowed to enjoy their football & not afraid being maimed! They should be allowed the freedom of exhibiting their techincal skills & abilities. `Rough em up’ tactics shouldn’t even be allowed to exist at all for these youngsters, at least till they are 18 when their bodies can take those punishments.

    Those blaming Arsenal for England’s demise is totally out of context & plain nonsensical.

    Mc Leish even dare to exhibit his stupidity by challenging Blatter that he can show Blatter videos of tackle nastier than those on Eduardo. Is this what managers & coaches in England are really about? Do they really care about the quality & standard of football in England? By challenging Blatter, Mc Leish is openly admitting the dire state of football in the Home of Football. He foolishly pointed out that there’s nothing wrong in such beligerent tackles which totally has nothing to do with techincal abilities or skills except getting the timing right. Even so, when accidents happened, it was timing & not malicious to be blamed. How can such stupidity & selfishness be allowed to exist at all?

    Obviously Blatter & Platini doesn’t really have a liking for England. I believe they do whatever it takes to get Wenger out of England & stop the revolution of English football altogether. To do this they will incite fans & supporters of the Premier League to make life miserable for Wenger, to make it so unbearable that he’ll quit at his own accord & probably manage somewhere outside UK.

    When this is done, England will go back to where it was 30years & counting, counting for a Euro or World Cup.

    If fans were to love the game, if the fans wanna bring the World Cup back home, techinical excellence has to be nurtured from the very young. Managers & coaches like Mc Leish & sam allardyce shouldn’t be allowed coaching & managing again until they get a grasp on nurturing talents & not brutes.

    Lastly, the bigger picture has never been so clear if we look outside the box. To sum it up, I am not even in the box! I’m an Asian Chinese living in singapore & loving the game.

  24. Harry says:

    Ironic that the worst tackle of the day was by Rooney, isn’t it?

  25. Gunner4Ever says:

    I’m really glad Man U fans are realizing now how we feel when we have our best players brutally kicked off the field.

    I may not support Man U or like Ronaldo or Rooney, but I definitely don’t want to see either of them have a broken leg.

    Fans have a big responsibility not to condone such behavior from stupid giants with tiny brains like Taylor and the like.


  26. Tom F says:

    I’ve been bigging up today’s (Arsenal) game against the Wigan as a banana skin for the Premier League leaders. So I hope Arsenal don’t go battering them 4-0 :O)

    Anyway, had to get that in..

    I’m not here to share comments with any Arsenal fans as Ireally cannot be arsed. Out of all of our tital rivals and general rivals, their fans are on here more than any.

    Yesterday: We played Hargo and Scholes, one defensive midfileder and one creative but doesn’t get forward much midfielder against a Pompey side who were always going to play with one up front. Hargeaves had a bad game and I’m a fan of the guy but Old Trafford is not a place to be defensive against a defensive team.

    And a man who I have backed on countless occassions has now used up my last few bits of patience. The man is the very talented Louis Saha.

    GET RID.

    On top of this, the top quality NEWS OF THE WORLD today doesn’t have any mention of Barnseys heroics on the back at all, only a big picture of Ronaldo… That say’s everything we need to know about todays game.

  27. vic tor nshuti says:

    am a gooner but i hav to agree wit ron,its very sad that players r not protected by refs,ron has to be careful or else he will end up like dudu.its surprising that these teams with less skillful players r the ones commitin such fouls.its really a bad time for english football,its time it stles up or else people will switch to la liga and so will the the likes of birmingham and portsmouth will be watched only by the english

  28. Whiteside10 says:

    Don’t want to repeat what most people have said about yesterday’s game. Although I would like to add that I felt the heavy irony in Ronaldo not getting a pen for his reputation for diving (I can only presume), while Baros was awarded a pen from the slightest of contact before, er, diving.
    My main point is regarding Fergie’s comments. As people have written earlier on here, the lack of protection given to the better players of the Prem by referees is shocking, quite frankly, and something has to be done about it. Foreign refs? Why not? Fergie’s comments about Keith Hackett were spot on – he’s an incompetent waste of space,
    One other thing – what’s happened to the art of tackling? The lunges that have appeared in our game can’t be tolerated, it’s as simple as that. I heard the commentators yesterday saying (quite rightly) that Rooney’s lunge would have warranted a red card “…if he had made contact..” What does that mean? Do we have to see someone’s leg broken? One lower-league example of this was the recent QPR-Stoke game, where some fella called Griffin came charging in, two-footed and off the ground… ref sent him off, while everyone was saying it was a diabolical decision “because he got the ball..”… Sure, he got the ball, bacause the other fella jumped out of the way in order to save his legs being snapped in two… doesn’t make the ‘tackle’ any less of a red card offence… Anyway, the red card was rescinded… why? I really don’t know… I guess whilst we still have muppets like Hackett at the head of the Professional Game Match Officials Board, hatchet men will still have a career….
    Right, rant over. Finally, I hope Pompey go on and win the Cup… a fantastic defensive display yesterday…

  29. Matthew says:

    Dangerous challenges with studs showing should be an automatic red card – the damage inflicted on the Arsenal player proves there needs to be a clampdown.

    I find it amazing that Diarra is classed as a “Taylor” by doing a shoulder barge whilst at the same time Rooney is lunging around like a nutter and both Fergie and Carlos sweep that most dangerous tackle under the carpet.

    In their defence perhaps they gave their shameless interviews after the traditional post match glass of red wine?

    Paul Scholes… what kind of tackle is he famous? What is the reaction of Fergie to Scholes… oh yes he laughs and just says Scholes is a terrible tackler. I find Ferguson is often hypocritical… thank goodness the BBC do not give airtime to his pathetic post match rants!

  30. jim says:

    Maybe he should stop diving, then refs will know when he is actually being fouled…

  31. Scott the Red says:

    Gunner4ever – what do you mean we’re NOW realising? Ronaldo was the most fouled player in the Premiership last season. Despite the lies Wenger has tried to pass off as “facts”, it’s us, not Arsenal, that endure more fouls than any other team in this league, as the press correctly identified after Wenger’s lying rant. We know better than any what it’s like to see your players fouled week in week out.

  32. gazzap says:

    so what if you are fouled more than us or we are more than you. point is, less skilled players simply have to foul better players to stop them playing. they do it every game and usually there is at least 1 dangerous tackle in every game. Its disgraceful. but the supporters of the 16 prem teams that are not in the big 4 do not see it that way. they love any sort of heavy tackle and its always greeted with a huge cheer.
    also the underdog winning or having things go their way is greeted by the media with glee, while the big 4 are told to just get on with it and stop moaning.
    this is what ronaldo was saying when he says the refs over here dont protect the good players. I think he is seriously thinking about going to Spain in the summer.
    when you watch top v bottom in La liga its just one very good team playing football playing against a slightly less good team who play the same style. there is no kicking and pushing from the bottom teams just to get a result like there is over here.

    what I hate is when wenger has an important point to make about this stuff and then all I read afterwards is how wenger loves to have a moan. well then so does Fergie. they like to stick up for their players, but I dont see it as having a moan. what do you want them to do, just ignore whats happened and the interviewers questions??

  33. Prasac says:

    Am I reading wrong site?Almost every post beginning by ‘I’m a gooner’!!WTF @_@

  34. Whiteside10 says:

    Yes, Presac… welcome to Republik of Manc-Goonia!
    Looking on the bright side regarding that ref, I’d rather we had poor refereeing decisions in an FA Cup game than in the league… it would be far worse if we lost three points because of a poor referee… although seeing that the Gooners dropped another two points today, it may not be so costly…

  35. Taehr says:

    Scott,would like to know your views on Rooney,like whats happened to him?

  36. PG says:

    Hmmm.. hacking down talented players because ” they dont like it up them” . The only wrong thing about Alex F and Carlos complaining is their timing. They had an opportunity to speak about the issue when Eduardo was hacked down, instead they chose it as an opportune moment to praise “Taylor”. Sometimes mindgames are not so important. I sincerely hope no one hacks down CR during one of his mazy runs, coz it is a joy to watch even if it hurts like hell. But by not condemning Taylor at the opportune moment, SAF has lost all credibility. Dont tell me Martin Taylor is a gentle giant – you wouldnt let someone without skills to drive a car, so why is his tackle being deemed as “unfortunate accident” ? Wake up real footie fans and get these dirty teams like Bolton, Birmingham and Sunderland to be relegated

  37. Matt says:

    May be he should have a word with Rooney as his “tackle” was the worst of the entire game, he was lucky it didnt connect!

    And Distan and Diarra shoulder barged -this has always been an acceptable part of football!

  38. Ken says:

    In my view, it wasn’t a penalty on Sunday. Shoulder-to-shoulder is ok, and within the rules.

    Where Fergie & Ronaldo are right, and the FA has got it badly wrong, though, is that Jeremie Aliadiere gets a 4 game bad for slapping Javier Mascherano, while Martin Taylor gets 3 games for breaking Eduardo’s leg.

    Michael Brown stood on Flamini yesterday, clearly deliberately, and nothing was done. There are lots of similar examples. Lampard kicked out, was sent off, yet had his ban over-turned. Next time he feels the urge to kick someone, what’s he going to do? Gallas did kick out at Nani but Nani was no more likely to be hurt than the west ham player kicked by Lampard, so is it wrong that lampard and Gallas received the same punishment? Red cards for violent conduct should be for violent conduct, not for slaps and pushes.

    John Fashanu breaking Gary Mabbut’s cheek.
    Martin Taylor breaking Eduardo’s leg.

    For goodness sake, though, make the punishment consistent with the crime. How long was Cantona banned for his assault on that gobby fan? Why doesn’t Martin Taylor get the same length of ban?

    What’s the name of hte West Brom player who went to jail for causing death by reckless driving? He didn’t mean to kill someone, but he was reckless, and gets punished for his recklessness. So should Martin Taylor and everyone who commits similar assaults.

    Ronaldo wouldn’t need to worry any more, dangerous, reckless play would be gone from the game.

  39. jimmybob says:

    Though I would love to agree with all the notion of `Protecting the SKILLED PLAYERS’, I think Manchester United have NO RIGHT to complain at all!


    you didnt see eboube thigh on evra?
    flamini trying to cut nani in half?

    arsenal dont have 70 plus red cards for nothing, frankly i dont want to see us moaning to the refs if they wont look after us on the pitch then we shall have to look after ourselves,

  40. Ken says:

    shut up about Arsenal’s red cards. Those cards are over the course of 12 years. 6 per year. Check how many Blackburn have had this year alone. How many have united had in the last 12 years? The press make a big thing about Arsenal’s red card crimes, but it’s a load of old nonsense, just press hype. The point is that good players are not protected. And good players who retaliate (and Ronaldo is a fair example of this) are double-whammied. They’re kicked all over the pitch, and then get red-carded for any payback.

  41. jimmy Bob says:

    the press make a big thing because you keep getting them simple as that

  42. kixzon says:

    Mind you, most of Arsenal’s red card over the 12years were due to retaliating / reacting towards aggresions.


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