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Ronaldo: I’m A Winger, But Thanks Anyway

Cristiano Ronaldo scooped the award for the UEFA Club Forward of the Year award, as well as overall best Player, during the draw for the Champions League groups this evening.

He said the key to his success was hard work and also found time to thank his team mates.

However, Ronaldo made sure it was known that he is actually a winger, not a forward in his acceptance speech. “I’m a winger,” he said, “so to win the award for a forward is an honour.”

Standing alongside Petr Cech, John Terry and and Frank Lampard, Ronaldo was then given the overall Club Player of the Year award, and managed to get our recent Champions League win over Chelsea in his second speech.

“I feel very proud, I feel very good, especially after the Champions League,” he said. “To be the best is great. Thank you team mates, I feel very happy, thank you.”

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  1. tootp says:

    well he actually is a forward because he got 40 goals and 7 assits last year. if he was a winger he should be getting more assits

  2. Harun says:

    I still think he was a bit disrespectful when he didn’t thank Fergie.

  3. PeeJay says:

    tootp, shut your mouth.

    He is a winger and he said it himself, he may stray out of position sometimes but I’ve seen Rooney in defence, does that mean he’s a right-back?

    Don’t argue, just apologize.

  4. Rodney says:

    am sorry but not 7 assits. just 3. he just plays way up front to be considered a midfielder. rooney is the one that always plays in the wing. cristiano is just a forward and never bothers to come back defend. just stays aloof on the look out for just goals, nothing else

  5. 7Bestie7 says:

    A winger is supposed to be involved in goals. Are you telling me that people are complaining that our WINGER isn’t “setting up” enough goals, even with the amount he scored?

    I know, let’s just say Ronaldo scored 3 times last season and set up 42. Does that make everyone happy?

  6. Steve Hark says:

    tootp…. Steve Bruce scored 19 goals in 1990-1991 season, but I don’t think anyone was calling him a striker. Stats are just stats and don’t make a striker out of a defender or midfielder. However, if you’re a winger and score 42 goals in a season, I guess your’e excelling in your profession.

  7. denton davey says:

    WInger ? Forward ? Who cares what his position is called because he’s a superstar. And, better yet, he’s our superstar. Well, he’s our superstar until next May when the siliness will no doubt begin again – unless, of course, the Nike/UTD contract keeps him in bondage at OldTrafford for the best years of his career.


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