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Ronaldo: I’m Always Happy When United Win

Cristiano Ronaldo has today claimed that he watches Manchester United play on the telly whenever he can and is always chuffed to see us do well.

“Every time I can I try to watch United’s games on television,” said Ronaldo. “I still like to know what’s happening at Old Trafford. And despite being at Real I’m always happy when I know when United have won.”

He has also spoken in praise of International team mate Nani, who has been given more opportunities in the first team since Ronaldo left.

“I’ve also seen Nani is playing much more than he was last season when I was there,” he added. “That’s good for him and he will benefit from that. Now he has more opportunities he will be able to show the fans just how great a player he is. We still speak regularly on the phone and it’s good to see United’s fans are starting to appreciate him more. Nani is an excellent player. There’s a lot more to come from him and I’m sure that in a few years he will be amongst the best players in the world.”

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  1. Yorick says:

    I am happy for Ronaldo
    he so much better then Messi and after this season every messi fan and Ronaldo hater will shut up because he is proving that he hes no problem to play in spain and score

    by the way top La liga scorers were forlan,ruud and now will be Ron and owen scored 12 from the bench so it is obvious how for PL lads it is easy to score in spain

  2. the scottish wonder says:

    i think people are passing out the term man utd legend much to easily.. Ronaldo was a great player for us and goes into the history books for being one of the most talented players to ever wear the Man utd shirt.

    But a legend he is not!

    A player that left Man Utd at the age of 24 truly cannot be a legend

    Charlton, Best, Robson, Cantona, Solskjær, Giggs, Keano, Scholes and few others are the true legends

  3. portugueseprincess says:

    In my humble opinion I don’t consider Cristiano a legend but what an amazing player he is. He has scored three crackers for Madrid already. I only wish he could be this good for the National team as well, but I don’t blame him because the main problem in the National team is Queiroz. I wish Sir Alex would take him back but I don’t think he will be third time lucky.
    Anyways, good luck CR9 but I truly hope we play and rape Real Madrid in the CL :)

  4. RedDeviled Egg says:

    I’m disgusted with all of the people saying how Spain is now Europe’s best league. How so?? There are only 2 teams competing for the title and the rest compete for mid table/spots in europe..
    People claim the Premier League is too predictable, but this year we have 5-6 teams that will be jostling for top honours throughout the team.
    The Spanish team is turning into something like what’s happened in Scotland and Belgium. Two teams. If one doesn’t win the other will.
    This year I hope Ronny wins. Just because I like him. However, if we come across those slimeball Madridistas in the champs league I hope we steam roll the whole lot of em’!!

  5. King Eric says:

    the scottish wonder & Red Deviled Egg – Spot on apart from RDE I do not want the fascists to win la liga as that would mean their obscenely priced globetrotting “experiment” had worked. Hope for all the fucking money they have spent the cunt’s fail miserably.

  6. supey says:

    Cronaldo, Man utd legend, by pure talent, by 6 years of service at the club, by a 42 goal wonder season, by CL, EPL, FA and league cups…

  7. dl says:

    does anyone know who the original interviewer was for this as there is a theory going round some areas of the net that this interview is fake like the notw one done earlier in the year?

    To be honest, on people now concluding that he’s now a nice guy (not saying he isn’t) bcos of all his post utd (pro utd) quotes, like someone has mentioned on this site before he is trying to be one of the top commercal players in the world, and therefore he (and madrid) are most likely to get those top dollar jobs if he portrays a good guy/whiter than white image of himself to the media and as we know from tevez’s example slagging off the club does not boad itself well in creating that image. It’s good common sense (and i’m glad that ronaldo has common sense at least even if tevez does not that they will always come out bottom when challedging saf or the club) for ronaldo to praise the club as it enhances his image – would anyone truly be the wiser if these are true or empty words? i he’s still saying these things in 4 to 5 years time then i’d feel more resured that these are words of truth but for now going on the truthablity (i know that’s not a word!) of his quotes over the last few yrs i think the main reason he is saying good things now is so we all think of him in a positive light!

    on the whole legend thing:
    i think it’s fair to say that their are three main types of legend in football and players can be neither, or all or just one or two of the following. There is the general football legend where a player needs to show fantastic(and unique?) talent in terms of skills, fitness, workmanship, individual achievements on the pitch and generally winning a lot of things and achieving a lot of unique acheivements (ie..things that not many other players would of done before). then there is an national (team) legend where the requirements are similar to those of a ‘general football’ legend just relevent to the country to which they play (e.g… you’d probably need to win the wc at least once to be a brazilian legend as they seem to win it on a pretty regular basis whilst for the welsh to reach the wc that be pretty huge for them i’m guessing). lastly there is a club legend where you still need to be talented and play well to an extent but especially in today’s football climate it is harder to find a player who is ‘loyal’ to just the 1 club (ie…undying love, only eyes for the club they are playing at, not (only) in it for the money, etc) than to find a very talented player these days. And to be any of these types of legends at least 90% of the relevant supporters need to agree so (adding the 10% room for error).

    so for ronaldo
    (a) a general football legend – doesn’t require the ‘loyality’ factor and he’s already achieved so much at a young age. well on his way imo
    (b) national team legend – probably already one of the top 5 players of all time for portugal so thats most likely already a yes
    (c) club legend (rm) – too early to say
    (d) club legend (utd) – this is more difficult as he is undoubtable one of the most talented individuals we have ever seen grace old trafford and his achievements on the pitch whilst playing for us will be legendary for yrs to come however I cannot bring myself to call him a utd legend for 4 reasons – (1) surely it’s in a players best interest to put in 100% effect know matter how talented they are because anything less in theory could lose them titles no matter how the rest of the team is playing (plus they are getting paid amounts on how good they are) we can all probably conclude that he was a great professional when playing for us but legends aren’t just defined on being professional as all players are expected to be professional in the first place (2) longevity – once again in this climate it is rare for a player to spend over 7-8yrs at one club and even rarer because they want to (3) 3 out of 6 summers he had tries to leave – 1st time bcos of the wc06 issue which was an understandable reaction (until he started to talk to the spanish press about leaving for spain) and the 3rd time was at least done correctly and behind the scenes but the 2nd time the fact that he left all fans clueless and panicing for 5 wks then told spanish press that he wanted out and didn’t care what saf or the club thought and then left it about another 5 odd wks before comfirming that he’d stay at the club at one more season (not bcos he wanted to as many people are saying on here but bcos it was advantage utd on his contact that yr but advantage ronaldo the next yr) and basically the whole saga not really allowing any fan (or any that i’ve spoken too at least) to really properly celebrate the cl win over that summer shows a total lack of respect to the club and imo if someone does not respect something then they certainly cannot love that same thing and that summer made it pretty clear to my eyes that ronaldo was only at the club this long to win each of the important team tropies once then skip ship once the club had served its purpose not bcos he ‘loved’ the club and (4) the fact that there is even a debate on whether he can be considered a legend with about a 50:50 split between utd fans clearly says that he isn’t as we would not be having the same debate with club legend like best and giggs would we?!

    aLL THE above may sound bitter (and i apologize for the length – can’t sleep) but it’s only one’s opnion and it could be right or wrong depending on who’s reading this. But my opnion is the following:
    If you look at ronaldo’s time at utd just to the business point of view he was a true professional (though you’d be worried if players weren’t with the money they are earning and title they could win) and the concept of ‘loyality’ in the business world does not exist as it is natural for some peoples perception of quesionable behaviour to happen and for it to be normal practise and a good way to climb up the ladder as such – it is only romantics that believe that loyality exist in football now that it’s become such a business (querioz has said something similar) and to a business point of view bought for 12mil, entertained for 6yrs, many titles won in that time and sold for 8omil (profit of around 68mil) is fantastic business and we should feel delighted with him about that.
    However as fans of a club we often look at things to a emotional point of view and many fans are angry that he strung us along, and fibbed on many occasions (though some of the lies may of been the best thing business wise to do, it’s not great for a football fans health to be lied to) but I think that the fact that many are still angry and feel betrayed actually demonstrates that they do care for the lad still.
    And understanding all this to ronaldo’s point of view I think he has always had that ambition to play in spain (not fussed where) at some point because of where he grew up but I think it became real madrid more after his father died and more urgent for him to forfill this ambition his mother recovered from cancer (and told the press that she would die happy after seeing her son play for rm) bcos at the time of the wc06 he said he would like to move to either barce or madrid and it’s a well known fact that he was a benfica fan growing up but his mother wanted him to go to lisbon for his younger years. How many of us would be able to deny our parents wishes for us if one/both had died and/or had a major health scare? unless it was something we were really against doing (which ronaldo was not)? I couldn’t, could any of you and i totally respect him for that

    Ronaldo was always going to do well in spain as compared to the defenses in this country the defenses in spain seem to be pretty dire this yr at least (rm apparantly have concided the least goals so far – nuff said) and just as long as real madrid as a club don’t win the champions league for the next few years at least (as i can see massive repercussions for the rest of club football, especially if they win this season and many cl’s in a row) then i’ll feel happy about all his future achievements in spain (just hope we get to keep the 42 goal season as his top season in football)
    I don’t think he’ll be back here (not 1st choice in his mind at least!) but to me it still feels like his story at utd is still uncomplete (even though if he was made to stay on this season and if looks could kill, old trafford would of been a site at some point of a full scale blood bath! – i think we all needed a break and the utd team needed to be a team again and not a one man band) however I think that there could be some irony in this story as when he was as at utd I think that the other members at utd (esp saf) and the fans held him in their hearts whilst utd was just a job abit a good one for him and now the tables have turned on him with ronaldo holding madrid in his heart but the staff of rm at least looking at him as good business, a product for them to sell. Even if did/does not leave up to the hype in the next 2-3yrs madrid will still make a huge profit from him in shirt sales and updating club commercal deals ( because he is at least for the next few yrs like a shiny new toy (eg, mp3 player, mobile) to them right now no matter his performance to an extent. IT is in the later yrs of his contract that he will need to perform at world best level most as the impact effect would of died down and new, younger, talented and cheaper individuals would be coming through the game and attracting rm – ever thought why none of the orignal bought in galacticos lasted more than 5yrs at madrid – the inital financal income period had ended and they were no longer in fashion (the inital surge there is for any long awaited product – which will slow down over time and/or be replaced by a newer model). so to answer the question I don’t see ronaldo leaving any eariler than in 4 seasons time bcos I still think he’ll be performing well and madrid will be making a profit but I do see madrid selling him in 5-7yrs time and if many of the same people are at utd at that time it’s not unforseeable that we could see another chapter being played at – “a name of a club is just it’s title, the people within and supporting a club is what truly makes it” (something i think ronaldo may just learn in the next few yrs going by rm treatment of players in the past compared to utd unwavering support of him even in the bad time, something not many clubs would of given him!)

  8. manutd4eve says:

    guys ronaldo left us with great memories like our past legends but wouldnt call him a legend unless if he returns to OT and finish his career with some more trophies. we r manutd so please appriciate wot he did for us as a team player. i would say he left the club with some respects and still SAF saying he is a great lad. please cheer him, forget the media. he was in manutd still has respect for our beloved club and the fans so we should respect him simple. he didnt betray us but he left some grfeat players behind him to achieve wot he was achieving.

  9. red rossa says:

    ronaldo’s a legend in united he’s not like the argie cunt tryin to deceive us he was honest about it, even after he moved he still went for dinner with fergie, i think he’ll be back in a few years when he realise where the best club in the world is ;)

  10. Gee says:

    I hope he does still watch and take an interest in us, that would be class!!
    When he left us I hoped like others he would fuck up and somehow end up back at OT. Unfortunatly it isnt going to happen, he was and still is the best player in the world and it was a pleasure to have him wear our shirt and become the best!! he is now ripping the spanish league apart and I believe this is down to his time with us, we developed him and have now let him lose and we should have nothing but pride when we see him play and only be bitter that he isnt ours anymore!! in my opinion he will go on to be remembered as one of the best to ever grace a football pitch, he is a LEGEND!! I didnt always like his sulking or sometimes his arrogance (although at other times his arrogance was great lol) but to watch him when he was on top form destroying teams as a United player is something I will remember forever!! Just as others remember Duncan Edwards and Georgie Best etc…

  11. mo says:

    he isn’t a legend like giggs, but you have to admit it was heaven watching him play for united! you have to amit he has balld with all the stick he received playing for us and to still put in perofrmances

  12. Fletcher says:

    I don’t really fucking care with he still likes us or not…he’s sure better than Tevez but i woult love to see his face after a CL exit at OLD TRAFFORD


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