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Ronaldo: I’m Sad United Are Out

Cristiano Ronaldo scored Real Madrid’s winner against our ten men last night but despite putting his team in to the quarter-finals he refused to celebrate.

“It was an emotional moment,” said Ronaldo. “I can say only one word: unbelievable. The supporters made me feel shy, so I think in the two games I didn’t play like I play all the time, at the same level. I feel happy because Madrid are through but a bit sad because United are out.”

Jose Mourinho conceded that it was a struggle for Ronaldo to play at Old Trafford.

“Mentally it was not easy for Ronaldo,” he said. “I played at Stamford Bridge after I left. Not easy. I played Porto. Not easy. One day I will go back to the San Siro. Not easy. One day I will go back to the Bernabeu. Not easy. So Cristiano, not easy. It is not easy.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. g-man says:


  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Cristiano played like crap over both legs. Must have been sobering to have realizes that Ryan Giggs had him in his pocket for 70 minutes.

    Would have been a glorious night if either team had one on from. But that’s football.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Scott, Please do us all a favor. Make up a user….. erm you could call him “admin” if you like.
    and put in a response from him before you make each blog public.

    Maybe it’s me, but its frankly embarrassing to the blog that we spend time on this most every day.

  4. LucasUTD says:

    i’m still fucking fuming

  5. Andromeda says:

    Still gutted, I was sad going to work, add to that keane’s horrendous analysis of Nani’s incident. I was simply shocked and I am sure all the Oldtrafford was open mouthed in a state of derealization.what a spirited brave performance by the lads!!nothing will justify my mood right now unless seeing the virus eliminated by the likes of Dortmund or Bayern or perhaps Milan.

  6. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @FletchTHEMAN totally agree this first shit is pathetic.

    As for Cristiano – we did a good job on him and he only looked threatening towards the end of the game when we were pushing forward and leaving huge holes at the back.
    Very proud of the performace but a shocking decision. Still can’t get my head around it.

  7. Trydent says:

    Fletch….. You were spot on with the comment about the ref last night.He was a blatter plant in my view.That vermin slug running fifa has no time for us.How could you chose a ref with more incentive to ruin a game that United were playing.Nani is not blameless in this but he deserved no worse than a yellow.We never gave up and I am proud of our team.

  8. Andromeda says:

    We outplayed, outspirited and outmuscled the virus until The Nani incident and that Turkish freak referee making the rest of it.

  9. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sorry for all the typos in my first post. I was fuming and thinking of the second post.

    Cheers to all those who figured it out any road.

  10. MUFC M41 says:

    Having supported United home, away and all over Europe for 35 years now I thought I had seen it all, but I am still in disbelief at what I saw last night. That referee, in my opinion, was one of the worst I’ve seen.

    Usually Old Trafford start to empty out 10 minutes before the end, but not last night. Everyone stayed and got right behind the lads. The place was rocking.

    At the final whistle people were still not leaving, just standing there in shock. It was a terrible decision and I really believe if we got past Real, what with Barca struggling against Milan, then we could have had a good chance of getting a 4th Champions League.

  11. MUFC M41 says:

    Oh and by the way, stop with all this “first” shite, its embarrassing.

  12. onosmatt says:

    manunited could had won but the ref from turkey gave red card to the best player in the field (nani) so that his aim be fulfiled, woe to u ref that break hearts of fans, united is a great team to always watch and two more truphies to concel united fans in 2o12/2013 season. Victory victory….. Await manutd

  13. Costas says:

    Well that makes two of us.

  14. OSCARGAWA says:

    still in shock. speechless and my heart is crying.

  15. 0161-Jon says:

    Scott, just black list all users who ever post a playground ‘first’ on the blog. I bet they also ‘bagsy’ seats and other things.

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo, emotions and Jones with Giggsy got the best of you. He slaughtered City, Dortmund and Ajax ands Also Barcelona, but couldn’t do much against us, just score 2 goals that meant all for Madrid and got them through. Big player.

    A legend. He was humbel before and after the game, before and after scoring. And maybe could turn to ManUtd. And still you consider him a villain. His attitude has changed, he’s no more young and arrogant, only speaks well after leaving and did everything for us, and still you consider him a villain?

    Mayeb we should do some RoyKeane threads instead? The guy has barely spoken well about United or SAF and he gets the praise, he’s bitter towards SAF=United, and still you consider him a legend. A dirty player all he was, yes I supported him, but NEVER in my life considered him a legend, dirty player. Thanks for the memories. I better read about Ronaldo than RoyKeane, and last night proved us that, he’s still got grudges against us.

    Love him, hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo.

  17. 207egend says:

    And to think bank was living up to his potential and looked like the bank of old, wonder how he’s taken it and hope he starts sunday so we can get beheld him and the Sunday. Its in our make up to bounce back twice as hungry, united and proud!

  18. 207egend says:

    Nani sorry not bank

  19. 207egend says:

    Him and the team

  20. 207egend says:

    Excuse my mistakes

  21. NBI Red Onion says:

    I like the way Maureen switches every comment to focus on himself and makes himself look a fool in the process.

    Ronnie played against former Club Sporting Lisbon for United and he played well, it did not affect him “emotionally”. Never heard him talking about Lisbon when he was here, for all accounts he didn’t have that great a time there.

    Maureen is a Club whore, he is basically saying when you play any past club you are affected, nothing special about Ronnies feelings for United. Whatever, Ronnie is not important anymore, but Maureen should learn to occasionally shut the fck up and stop the incessant talking about himself and pitching for United job.

    You are not wanted at OT Maureen, Sir Bobby does not want you, others in OT hierarchy have said the same so strop play acting for Real and bugger off to City or PSG.

  22. evered7 says:

    Anyone else tired of all this United love from Ronaldo? I mean, he was desperate to join Real even when he had a contract with United and now he is playing for them, he still has love for us?

    Also tired of Mourinho’s comments. We don’t want any sympathy from you. We outplayed you at your own game and could have won it if not for the freak Red-Card.

    I just hope United humiliate Chelsea and the ‘Interim’ Manager. Still on for the Domestic double. Anything less and I will say this season is a disappointment.

    RVP better find his scoring boots. Chicha should start against Chelsea. Just the sight of him will give them nightmares.

  23. greenhoff77 says:

    Ronaldo ………the fact is he’s a c@@t

    and no matter how much bleating and moaning he does about how unhappy he is about how he knocked us out wont change the fact that hes a c@@t.

    he was a c@@t while he played for us… the difference being …………he was our c@@t

  24. belfast red. says:

    Tbh he didn’t Look too sad in the interview on mutv. Well the Ronaldo show goes on and i hope they get knocked out next round. Fuck Ronnie and fuck jose. 2 big headed fuckers. They suit each other and suit to be in the virus! Vain cunts.

  25. Albanian Red says:

    Fuck off Ronaldo..after this game im really Proud to ba United FAN

  26. tony says:

    fuck off rony u cunt


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