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PICTURES: Ronaldo In Training… Set For Villarreal?

Cristiano Ronaldo was in training this morning, suggesting that he will be travelling to Spain for tomorrow’s Champions League game against Villarreal.

He limped off before the end of United’s 0-0 draw with Aston Villa draw, going straight down the tunnel for treatment.

“His leg is in a mess,” said Ferguson. “He is doubtful for Tuesday.”

He has been seen at Carrington this morning though and reports suggest he will play a part tomorrow. Gary Neville, Dimitar Berbatov and Danny Welbeck were all absent though, so will not be making the trip.

Do you want him to start?

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  1. jsos says:

    i’d like to have him as an option… and these pics are great :)

  2. Billy Meredith says:

    of course we bloody do! he’s like the best 3 players in the world!

    play him, let him score (twice), pull him off after 70mins so he can get ready to bash the pity!


  3. DanS says:

    Heard on Sky or somewhere Villarreal haven’t lost a champions league game at home for some time now – possibly ever (don’t quote me).

    Play him. Get a result and come home.

    I’m going for 1-1 (of course a win is better), but 9points and through isn’t it?

    Come on U ni ted!

  4. Martin says:

    Villarreal have participated in Champions league for less than five or six years if not less. So the defeat at home is really biased because of few games.

  5. Patrik says:

    Villarreal lost 3-0 at home to Valladolid this weekend, a team that had 0 points away from home before the game this season. Looks like they have some problems with their form.

  6. PossePossebon says:

    Start Ronaldo. With Berbatov out a Tevez an unfortunate mess, he could play a striker’s role alongside Rooney. I’m actually hoping Sir Alex gives the youngsters a chance since a draw is all we need.

  7. Eujen says:

    give tevez a run, he needs to build confidence and find form, but he cantt play as lone striker. see manchester derbies from last season.

  8. RedMist says:

    Not sure why everyone is assuming that we’ll get a result simply by playing Ronaldo.
    He has been a shadow of the player he was last year and simply isn’t playing with the same gusto. Painfully obvious he doesn’t want to be here.
    Rather we “rest” him. Let him get used to the idea that he isn’t untouchable.
    Could do without another ninety minutes of Ronaldo arm flapping and his bordering on tears whenever anyone tries to tackle him.
    Play Nani, at least he’s got some fight in him.

  9. pet says:

    Ronaldo can come on as a sub, no mmater where he jions from he will win the game for us, and give the young lads a chance ellbeck will be good for the last 15 min

  10. spencer says:

    shut up red mist you muppet. He is on more goals than this time last season despite being injured and having no pre season Not bad eh

  11. denton davey says:

    Ronaldo’s the best attacking player on this team; up until last week his form had been rapidly improving. Plus, the kid wants to play all the time – and I say that’s only a good thing.

    Ask yourself this – Ronaldo or Giggs ? Ronaldo or ThreeLungPark ? or Ronaldo or Nani ? These are no-brainers. He’ll play because SAF wants to get into the next round as a first-seed.

  12. TinManUnited says:

    Nice to see they were having such a good time in training after they FUCKING blew it on Saturday.

  13. denton davey says:

    “It ain’t my life, it ain’t my wife” – so said Willie Davis of the LA Dodgers when he screwed up in the 1965 World Series. Most professional athletes are incredibly competitive BUT they are also conditioned to know that they cannot win all the time so they are mostly pretty laid-back about results which, they figure, usually end up favouring the best team of players. Otherwise, they just get on with their professional lives. So, it’s hardly surprising to see TheLads having a yuk – it doesn’t mean that they don’t care but Carrington isn’t El Madrigal or Old Trafford or any other forum where they do battle – for real. As Alan Iverson said, “It’s only training.”

  14. DarkDevil says:

    TinManUnited – So true yet…so funny.

    I think, maybe rest him against Villareal. Keep him on the bench in-case we end up needing him to inject some life into us or something. I’m actually more concerned with the derby match. Losing to City is not something we should be making a habit of. Losing at all is not something we should be making a habit of. Damnit…we should’ve capitalized on the weekend!

  15. jamos9 says:

    For me the City match is the most important of the two we really need to keep pace with the top 2 and i couldn’t bear the thought of another Bitter win.

    Ronaldo has been a little off form the last 2 matches(BrazilVsPortugal& Villa). I know he’ll want to play tomorrow due to his massive ego wanting to take centre stage in Europe but i think SAF should bench him and bring him on if needed if he’s not, then save his legs to twist that clown Dunne and his comrades at the wastelands up!!

  16. King Eric says:

    And the media keep still saying Ron aint happy!

    Looks ok to me!

    Has Scholesy travelled?

  17. kateregga RONALDSON says:

    hai funs RONALD is champions league materia.i think fagi will play him up front as the way he did during the champions league final with chealsea.its also important to focus on the next fixture of the manchester derby.bse those fuckin guys fucked us last season home and away.And if we take every thing for granted they can fucks more next week.For sure we tittle contenders this season both in the premier ship$& champions league.respectively.this time we need to see the out cames of Manucho as a united player.bse we have not yet examined his capabilities as agoal poacher.ths time let FAg give possebourn achance to comand the mid field bse his agood box to box player than Gigs.we must be more vigilant with the mid field i think every one knows very well the credantials of MAKO SENNA IN the centre of the park.CARRICK should watch out in that area.

  18. RedMist says:

    Spencer, how old are you?
    Injured? He’s been playing for weeks.
    There was nowt wrong with him at Villa, clearly. Other than the fact he was getting tackled, easily. Yes he copped a few fouls but nothing to warrant the reaction we saw from him. He’s in his twenties y’know, not a teenager. And yet he still can’t get his head around the fact that people are allowed to tackle him. Or at least try.
    He would be almost unstoppable if he grew a pair.
    But the fact is he spends more time trying to win dodgy free kicks than he does doing anything else.
    Look beyond the razzle dazzle of a few goals and try and see the whole picture. If you can.

    I read an article a few weeks ago, might have been on here actually, about how the dippers will blindly accept any kind of behaviour of the like of Stevie Me – immediately, conveniently forgetting the shirt burning antics outside Anfailed when he had one foot in Stamford Bridge. The article went on to say that United fans were smarter, more clued up to this type of thing, and wouldn’t be so quick to forgive and forget. Good article. Other than a few goals, Ronaldo has SHOWN nothing to make me think he is fully committed. Yes, he has said a few carefully selected words, a few sound bites for the masses, but his histrionics on the pitch say a whole lot more, imo.

    You obviously disagree, i respect that. But as a life long United fan, i am not loving the way he is applying himself at the moment.

  19. Haakon says:

    RedMist: He was talking bout the start of the season. And dont forget he was in Brazil mid-week. He was obviously tired. RedMist you are officially a muppet.

  20. suhayl says:

    Haakon + spencer spot on guys

  21. RedMist says:



    I love it when the best someone can say is “spot on guys”…shows a real lack of…intelligence. Or perhaps a real lack of understanding, to such an extent that you can’t actually forge a coherent argument, or opinion of your own.

    If Ronaldo proves me wrong over the course of the season i’ll hold my hands up. I’m not questioning his ability, just his commitment to United. ‘Cos it’s United that count for me, not one player, however good he is.

    I’m not the only person who feels like that either. Judging by the tepid support he received when his picked up his FIFPRO player of the year award the other week at Old Trafford. Rio got a bigger cheer for standing next him holding a menu, or something.

    It’s a shame, but he’s brought it on himself. It will take more than a handful of goals to convince me that he still wants it.


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