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Ronaldo: Maybe I’ll Go Back To United

For years we heard Cristiano Ronaldo claimed that only God knew where he future lay when asked about rumours linking him with Real Madrid.

Now the tables have turned, with Ronaldo playing for the Spanish club, and claiming that one day he may return to United.

“I don’t close the door, so maybe in the future I hope so, because I know the league, I know the players, I know the atmosphere,” said Ronaldo. “Why not? I hope so one day, but you never know. The team that I like most in England is Manchester but I cannot say that I am going to play there one day because I am very, very happy in Madrid. I’ve said a few times that, if Madrid want, I can sign for ten years more until the finish of my career but nobody knows the future. I cannot lie to you and say I will stay here ten years, that I am not going to come back to Manchester. It is not fair on my part. Let’s see what future God has prepared for me.”

Ronaldo has also reflected on the importance of Sir Alex Ferguson on his career, claiming he is like a second father.

“I said a few times that to play for Real Madrid was my dream – as it was for Manchester too,” he continued. “For me they are the best clubs in the world, apart from maybe Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, Milan. I’m really happy with what I did in Manchester because I don’t forget the six years that I played there. I have a lot of friends there. Sir Alex Ferguson is my second dad – he helped me a lot to improve and now Mr Mourinho too because they are experienced managers who win many things, so for me they are the best coaches. I have good memories from Manchester and when I watch sometimes the games I miss it a lot because it’s part of me I left in England. Just because I play in Madrid I’m not going to miss speaking with the old guys so, when I have an opportunity, I speak with Sir Alex Ferguson. It was important for me when I played there, when my life was there, so it is good to speak with him because I’ll never forget who really helped me.”

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  1. Lebenglese says:

    Morning fellow reds of ROM!

    Not a regular poster here, but always reading the comments, sometimes get a real good laugh!
    To mention some of the posters I’ve enjoyed in the past, MG, Cedars, smartypants, Zibbie, Balaji, King, Notorious, etc.. Thank you for your fine tuned, and polished posts!

    Thoughts on Ronaldo – Was a fantastic player blessed with an abundance of talent. Took the Premiership by storm and formed a lethal partnership with Wazza.
    I rate him amongst the top of my all time favourites,(Alongside Giggs/Zidane/Cantona/Ronaldinho/Best/Eusebio/Batistuta…List goes on) and I will always love him for reassuring us that magic is real.
    He is yet to reach his prime and will stop at nothing until he claims his prize of ‘Best player in the history of mankind’.
    That being said, this type of player can never function into a team philosophy, and I wouldn’t trade him for what we’ve got going on now. Thank you for your works of art, best wishes on your masterpiece.

    Thoughts on the England/Wales game – Piss poor performance from the lads, Fat Frank was lost and had nothing special to offer whatsoever.
    Young kept at it and was eventually rewarded. Happy for him.
    Rooney had to come deep because the service was shite but didn’t quite emulate his breathtaking form for United in recent games. Shocked Jones/Cleverly weren’t even on the bench.
    Midfield was so average I couldn’t bear to watch at times, it almost seemed like all the players were relying on our boys to do all the creating. Have to say Downing was hacking away at the tree, but misplaced his axe with a rubber duck.

    Thoughts on Becoming a United Legend – What does it really take to be classed as a Legend? Footballing Greats are ones that easily come to mind as hero’s or saviors, (even God’s in some cultures) but a legend earns his status by overcoming greatness, being a role model, not only setting the bar, but taking it a notch higher, and in my eyes showing complete and utter devotion to the club, unwavering commitment and dedication that in the darkest of times you can trust to carry the torch.

    Along those terms, Ronaldo is a United Great, a hero, a savior, a God, but not a Legend… But looking back now, it is seemingly possible to switch ranks at will. For example, Rooney from Legend to Great (after how he treated the club).
    What if he goes on to break Sir Bobby’s record, and many more after that?
    Getting way ahead of myself here, but takes England to World Cup Glory and gets knighted? Does he gain legendary status again?

    What about the kazoozle with Giggs and his brother? Certainly not good for all the kids watching football, but then again how can you take away what he has accomplished?

    These words get used too often without any real clarity, for god’s sake I called Fletch a legend when he scored twice against Chelski in the same game! :D

    True Legends make their mark, and the world will know it.

    Thoughts on the latter ‘misunderstanding’ between two excellent posters (unnamed) – Unnecessarily evolving into a spiral of brain-fucking madness. (Excuse my french) I was disappointed to see such a harsh choice of words (From both of you in that case) towards each other over a bad seed that was planted into a pot of shit and did not even succeed in growing roots. It is piss in the wind, just gotta wipe it off and keep on marching… to the 20th tite. COME ON UNITED!

    Ive rambled on quite a bit, and I apologize for that, I hope it was not mind numbing, but since I don’t come here often, it is quite the load when I do.. (That’s what she said)

    At the end of the day…
    We are all Red’s here, and are all United. United we stand, United we fall.


  2. Lebenglese says:


    I think some ‘Wara 3inab’ would be better suited since they have similar styles ;)

  3. Lloyd™ says:

    MG, you called me a cunt and
    bastard,and i didn’t like it.when i
    said the saint thing,you could’ve
    saved the whole drama by acting
    the bigger man you are
    claiming to be now, and apologise
    (or not),but acknowledge what you
    did wasn’t right,and that would’ve
    been it,but instead you called me a
    bastard and a cunt again,and things
    went the way it did.

    I’ve honestly forgotten about that
    little quabble,i didn’t even go back
    to that thread after my last
    comment,i thought you’ve put it
    behind you too,until your
    forgiveness statement today which
    i thought was hypocritical.

    And your ”I’m already in a
    place where not many people get
    to” sounded kind of proud to me.i
    dont know where you are in life
    right now or what you do,that isn’t
    my business, or you think because i
    come here,comment with a
    trademarked username,i’m a
    pauper,kid or something, hence
    that statement?,you don’t know
    my job,my age,what i’m worth,how
    much i earn,where i’m at or have
    been in life,what the trademarked
    name stands for,how/why i use the
    trademark,nothing at all about me.
    To make a statements like that
    was kind of unnecessary,you don’t
    know the personalities behind all
    these usernames you see around
    here and what they have achieved

    with all that said,i do not keep any
    grudges against you,if you want,we
    can bury the hatchet and move

  4. CedarsDevil says:


    HI there, great post and really nice seeing you here…. The more REDS the better…

    Wara2 3inab you say eh? I believe you mean to go along with the sushi? I agree, they have similar styles, both being wrapped… Might as well add a joint too! lol

    Keep posting away and thanks for the mention..

  5. smartalex says:


    Welcome back! Excellent contribution, and good advice, thank you! I recall speaking to you previously. I’m re-posting a genius comment of yours from 2 months ago, hope you don’t mind!
    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –
    JUNE 15, 2011 AT 10:11
    Lebenglese says:
    He (de Gea) is just letting us know that he is still keen on the deal, and for us not to misinterpret his request for some time and space, as confusion about his future. This kid is United bound, and he is the real deal after watching that last minute save in the first half vs the under 21′s. Understandable he doesn’t want all the press and ex fans swamping him, that is the last thing you need during a tournament.

    @ Red. – If we can snap up Young for around 15-16 mil, then I don’t see why we shouldn’t, he has already adapted to the premier league, is coming into his prime, is pacy, has a couple of tricks up his sleep, and can knock in a deadly cross, and willing to come off the bench to fight for his place.. in my eyes that is a bargain. Undoubtedly, Sanchez would be ideal, but unless the glazers are willing to fork up at least 30 mil, I can’t see it happening
    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –

    Lebenglese, Please contribute regularly!

  6. miss united says:

    if Ronaldo later joins man U,……… further comments.we still love C Ronaldoif Ronaldo later joins man U,……… further comments.we still love C Ronaldo

  7. MG says:


    Again you read too much into an innocent statement

    Maybe I may have been hot headed myself – maybe I should not have said what I said but I said what I said and that’s the way it went down

    I am not hypocritical and as mentioned you may be the better man than me – I am certainly not the best or no do I intend to be – my comment stands where it is about being somewhere else – this still doesn’t give me any right to be better than the next person next to me let alone to you. If you consider otherwise as you put it that’s fine – I claim to have no higher ground

    Again you came on the ROM – you were hot headed you said something I didn’t like I commented on your behaviour – you didn’t comment back at the time – I’ve been here for two years – it hurts when fans even those that are pretending to have fun say things which hurt – this does not mean that the club means more to me than you – nevertheless this is for you to contemplate.

    So many months later I wrote something serious and upon that piece you ridiculed me for not being a saint and everything else followed

    Just like I do not know you you neither me – this does not mean that I have ridiculed you in any way – again in your life you are very important to the people you are surrounded by and in my life I exist within the same comfort.

    I do not deny what I said to you – however if I had written something inflammatory before you had suggested I wasn’t a saint then I could have understood your comment towards to me – the fact is I didn’t – not so on that blog anyway – and if you had been more detailed in the way that you addressed me bringing up what I said to you months earlier maybe we could have sorted it out

    Hypocrisy does not work one way – misunderstanding works both ways. You should have made your point rather than how it all played out. I remember exactly how I addressed you so many months ago – the truth is you were on that blog after I made my comment and you never brought anything else up – so before you call me a hypocrite heed that at any time you never made your position clear. And when you said I wasn’t a saint you didn’t explain – I didn’t like your comment I felt free to say what I felt was right at the time – hindsight is a wonderful thing when you have the opportunity to think afterwards.

    Whatever you do in your life is your priority but as a fellow Red I would never stand as a hypocrite at least and wish you anything less than success – I’m sure like us all you’ve worked hard for you have done – it’s sad that you write above that you think I am this character that brings disrepute to someones life – I am not and in writing so you never took the time either to find out who I am – remember everything works both ways.

    I am what I am – I am no saint and I know that but what I can do what I am blessed with – that’s something – the truth is you ridiculed me for my writing and that hurt – ridicule me for what you see fit if I have done you wrong – but when you ridicule me for what I write then it is what it is.

    Others write and move on – everything I write is the equivalent of winning a lottery or scoring the winning goal – it’s very personnel to me – and I wish no one ill if they do not agree with me just be clear that I won’t stand still if you throw a harsh word this way.

    Sorry it played out the way it did – I am sure you’re an upstanding person to those that know you and are a part of your life and vice versa, and their is no hypocritical or piss take or read between the lines comment made within that statement. That is a genuine and honest expression of what I feel.


  8. maaaj says:

    yea? You Miss Trophies?

  9. Lloyd™ says:


    I can see you are a man with pride and so am I,we can never find a middle ground in this matter if we keep trying to justify our actions.the best thing to do is forget about the whole episode and move on.i don’t want to keep going back and forth with you over this issue.i’m too busy for that.

    in regard to the comment about your accomplishments-maybe i miss understood that,i’ll take your word for it.

    And for the record(not that i’m trying to justify anything or whatsoever)-i wasn’t being hot headed that day,that was a sarcastic comment,hence the “nuff said” at the end of all my comments,you and others probably didn’t get it,but that’s all it was,a joke.

    and like i said before,I no longer bare any grudges,i’ve put that whole episode behind me,lets move on,coexist and make this site enjoyable for everyone…

  10. james says:

    BOLLOX -I missed another EPIC fight involving SmartAlex.

    The word CUNT has been used 31 times in this post now and I missed it.

    I haven’t read all the posts but I did notice Bartons name being mentioned, that’ll explain the high usage of the cunt word then!


  11. james says:

    Having just read through all the posts re: Smart Alex argument, here is what I think:


    Sounds like an argument me and my mates have after a very heavy night of drinking. Im printing the juicey bits out showing my Dad what kind of banter I have on this manly non homsex website.

    I will say that WRD obviously hit a nerve with SA.

    It also comes across that people do tend to tread on egg shells with SA too. I don’t want to start a fight but I think you’re both cunts for making me feel uncomfortable and cry while Im contemplating suicide due to me being homosex.

    On a serious note, Barton is a vile piece of work but at the same time a goodfootballer that 3 years ago I would have signed despite his record, he was a mean fucker in midfield, a little bit Roy Keane without the professional respect Keane so thoroughly deserved, earned and justified.

    Finally I would like to add that Man Utd are currently experiencing good times and this should be reflected on all our attititudes in this forum.

    Forgive and forget guys (don’t always swallow)

  12. Zibbie says:

    Lebenglese, nice welcome, post again. And thank you.

  13. MG says:


    Fair enough


  14. Zibbie says:


  15. TonyBee says:

    Sigh ….I am worthless…..

    sigh…… I come out with racist remarks…… but don’t understand them….

    durrr ……could it mean ……

    …..WHO GIVES A FUCK …..


  16. TonyBee says:

    Thanks MG HOLMES for saying we is buddies …. means a lot…..cos the bullies all pick on lickle me…….

    haven’t got any real friends…..

    gotta go ….sniff …filling up here….. :mrgreen:

  17. Lebenglese says:


    Thanks for the repost! I was actually looking for that post myself because I remember posting about De gea, but didn’t know where to start looking! Please teach me your wise ways.


    Yes I meant the wrapping style to go along with sushi. And joints are always getting thrown in, they are mandatory! :)

    P.s can anyone see that tiny little smiley face in the bottom left corner of this page, or have I had one too many to smoke?

  18. CedarsDevil says:


    No smiley faces on my page, must be the hash…If its Afgani, I suggest you switch to Lebanese as it will totally knock you out and even if the smiley was as big as your room you still would not see it! hahaha


    Why so sad? Looks like you need a hug, just keep your hands to yourself you perv! :mrgreen:

  19. MG says:

    I think me and Watson need a new mission.


  20. smartalex says:

    Lebenglese – That’s a pleasure buddy!

    CedarsDevil – did you see Lebenglese predicting the future with incredible accuracy 2 months ago? His ‘Nostradamus’ impersonation was re posted at 10:39 on this thread. Well worth a read!

    TonyBee – Of course you don’t give a fuck. You have an amazing ability to find humour in racism. You’re always good for a laugh.

  21. CedarsDevil says:


    I did notice indeed, you see I believe Lebenglese has Lebanese blood and as such he is gifted… We cannot help it really we are just born with it! lol

  22. smartalex says:

    There is a soothing opiate made from the root of the bay leaf, served to celebrities at super-private ‘rich-and-anonymous’ resort maternity wards across Lebanon.

    The Celeb-anon bayroot cocktail purifies your blood and bestows heaven-sent gifts.

  23. smartalex says:

    ‘Only two of the 92 English league teams have black managers, Chris Powell at Charlton and Birmingham’s Chris Hughton. Gordon Taylor, the PFA chief executive, feels it is an avenue that has to be explored.
    “In football terms, we are the most cosmopolitan country in the world,” said Taylor. “There is no distinction between colour, creed, nationality or background. However, the PFA spends a lot of money training players for the future and understandably, one of the most obvious areas of interest is coaching and management. For some reason the number of black people who actually get a chance in this area is very small.”

  24. Lebenglese says:

    “There is a soothing opiate made from the root of the bay leaf, served to celebrities at super-private ‘rich-and-anonymous’ resort maternity wards across Lebanon.

    The Celeb-anon bayroot cocktail purifies your blood and bestows heaven-sent gifts.”

    @Smartalex – Haha!! Love it!! Where do you get your information?!

    @Cedars – Of course its Lebanese hash :D Blonde at the moment, but when Im lucky and find some RedLeb, words cannot describe what goes on upstairs :)

    Indeed you are right, I am blessed with Lebanese blood gifting me insight and charm, as well as English blood, teaching me how to Riot and be a hooligan..(and love fish and chips of course) :D Hence the name ‘Leb-Englese’ :D

  25. Ironbrand says:

    Whaddahell! Smartalex and NRD…you lads took the spotlight off the Ronnie post. “Cunt”…31 times. Thought that was reserved specifically for that real cunt, Terry? Well maybe the word’s a compliment now. So sayin, I’m choosing to call myself a cunt.
    Difficult as it may seem, the chances of seeing Ronnie in our colours again, on all I hold dear, I would give my right arm to see him back. Fantastic squad we have at the moment, yes but a Ronnie in it…even Barca would be more respectful and shitty would simply stuff it. I would hate to see him in Shitty. Really. Add 50goals to what we going to have this season and we are going to be phenomenal. Ronnie’s a winner and a die-hard winner at that. I can’t never forget him tryin to rally the lads after we had gone a goal down to Barca at the finals. Nani just doesn’t wanna wake up. His decision making still leaves Mr ambitious and the silky bulgarian, fuming most times. Whatever the case, I wish him luck. He’s the best at the moment to me and I’m choosing him biasedly as it may seem to some of you instead of the little argentine that’s got demi-gods in his team helping out. Enough of the rambling. Viva Ronaldo!…Glory Glory Man United!!!

  26. King Eric says:

    IronBrand – Ronnie was a fucking greedy cunt that night mate and tried to turn the match into the Ronaldo show and outdo Messi.


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