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Ronaldo: Team Comes First

Cristiano Ronaldo played a very different game for Manchester United last night, in the match that saw us book a place in the European Cup final. He was certainly dedicated to the cause but when about the match in an extremely mature way. He produced the quality skill when required, but spent the majority of the game legging it up and down the field. He was always our furthest man forward and put every ounce of energy in to ensuring United were going to Moscow.

Today, Ronaldo has said that how he plays means little in comparison to how well the club does. He is certainly favourite to claim World and European Player of the Year, but has spoken as every red would hope he would today, saying trophies with United are what he really cares about.

“My performance is not important, winning is and we’re in the final. It was a great result,” he said. “Of course I feel good. It has been a great season and I’m in a great moment. I’ve scored many goals. I have played well but so have the team – they have been fantastic.”

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  1. Eddie says:

    Hey Scott- Just came up for a song for Wes Brown! I dont know if he has one already, but he deserves one. Just heard the Dolly Parton “Jolene” song on the radio, I thought it would fit well for a Wes song. Here it goes:

    Wes Brown
    Wes Brown
    Wes Brown, Wes Brooown
    Tackling like a mad man, Wes Brown.
    His heart is red, his kit is too
    His desire will get us through
    To the final, to win it with Wes Brown.

    The usual song goes like:

    Jolene, Joleeene
    Im begging of you, please dont take my man.
    Your beauty is beyond compare
    With flaming locks of golden hair.
    With ivory skin and eyes will be road green.

    Eh? What do you guys think? good idea or what? Here is the Jolene version:

  2. raisnhell says:

    Eddie : Great chant mate! Send it to SEF. They are always looking for good chants!

    But lets stick to Ronaldo’s topic eh?! ;)

  3. Eddie says:

    Right! I thought Ronaldo was great yesterday. He was unselfish and played for the team. Hope we beat Chelski in Moscow!

  4. Anant says:

    He has certainly matured from the defeat against milan last year when he let the media into letting him believe it was a battle between him and kaka . thankfully all the hype did not get to his head this year .
    also , glad to see him being less cocky with the press this time . thats probably the reason why most neutrals love to hate him .

  5. UnitedBlogger says:

    Top lad Ronaldo. He’s showed such amazing dedication to the cause and he had telling impact on all crucial plays over two legs – the penalty chance, the best shot on goal in away goal, the run that lead to the scholes’ goal.

    Unless someone like Torres or Messi have a miraculous out of the world Euro 2008 in comparison with Ronaldo, all awards at the end of the year should be his. However, knowing how biased these guys are to english league I won’t be surprise if it goes elsewhere.

  6. Red77 says:

    Umm, Mesi won’t be at the Euro’s mate, only Torres will….and our boy Ronaldo will still win the title of best player in the world !

  7. Ciddu says:

    Some times it makes me wonder how dumb some football fans are. Messi is an Argentinian. And Argentina is not in Europe.

    I think the only player who can realistically challenge Ronaldo is Torres if he can outplay Ronaldo by a mile. But with Spain Torres wont be getting the ball everytime to his feet like he gets at Pool, as there are more able men who can shoot (Villa, Cesc).

  8. walton_reddevil says:

    ronaldo played a very different game tueasday but still stepped up to the mark he will undoubtly all the end of season awards will be ours! bring on chelski!


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