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Ronaldo Tells Family: “I Don’t Want To Leave United”

The Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga is likely to rumble on for some time yet, with talks delayed because of the player’s need for surgery.

Sky Sports reported that Portugal’s team doctor had claimed he would be set for surgery this weekend, whilst the club have released two statements saying no decision has been made.

Whilst the Portuguese team doctor is offering a scoop on the latest Ronaldo news, it appears that his sister, Elma Aveiro, is prepared to do the same.

It was only a month ago that Ronaldo’s mum claimed “it was certain” Ronaldo was staying in Manchester, and today, his sister has confirmed the same.

“Cristiano wants to keep playing at Manchester United,” Elma Aveiro said. “Real Madrid keep making very strong advances for him. There is a lot of speculation in the newspapers all the time about where he will go and what he is doing but we know who he really is and what he is really up to. He wants to stay at United.”

There have been several “sources close to Ronaldo” who suggest that Ronaldo is looking for a move to Real Madrid this summer, but surely no source could be considered closer than his mum and sister.

With Ronaldo still refusing to openly speak about what he wants, we are still left in the dark over the future. However, it appears as though Sir Alex Ferguson’s strong line in this whole situation has seen the ball in our court once more.

Will Ronaldo be at United next season?

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  1. David Quinn says:

    I think it’s becomming fairly evident that he will be at United next season. All these “close sources” is just the spanish press trying to sell papers, until you actually see him on tv stating he wants away then there’s little that can be done. However nothing like that has ever happened, hopefully now he can get fit, fergie can get the cheque book out and we can hammer newcastle on the opening day of the season.

  2. RedAddict says:

    He’s not going, simple as that. His mum says he’s staying. His sister’s saying he’s staying. Fergie’s saying he’s staying. Ronaldo hasn’t repeated his desire to leave since the Euros finished, where he undoubtedly had his head turned. Even his agent thinks he should stay, apparently.

  3. UnitedOnFire says:

    I think he will now stay, but he has got a funny way of showing that he wants to stay.

    Is it really just a way of getting an improved contract ? Even Rio didn’t stoop so low.

    All he had to do was say during a press conference “I want to stay at United” and there would be no problem. Instead we get all this “all will become clear in a day or two” nonsense.

    Ronaldo has gone down quite a bit in my estimation. I watched that Ryan Giggs tribute programme on Sky a few weeks ago, and Ryan kept telling everyone “no, I’m staying at United”, agents, clubs, Fergie, Inter. I’m sure he didn’t get paid quite as much as he should, but United was what was important to him.

    Giggs is a United “Living” Legend, and all this transfer speculation shows why Ronaldo will never become a legend for United.

  4. Tom F says:

    I think it may have hit him a bit hard that United will say where he goes and not himself. In his head he may have had a vision that he’ll ask to leave and follow his dream, and as he was very helpful in our success last year, Fergie would pat him on the back and say “you deserve it son, good luck”.

    I agree with UnitedOnFire about Legend status. I watched Ryan Giggs Testimonial from 2001 on mutv the other day, and he thanked the fans at the end saying:

    “I hope to continue to give my best for the fans and the club until the end of my career.”

    How amazing is it to hear a top, top player talking like that. Foreign players, who are in the limelight will never be the same in my opinion. However it’s nice that the likes of Silvestre have remained loyal, although injured a lot, to our club for years.

    I’m bored of Ronaldo. I like his goals but don’t like his words.

  5. Tom F says:

    Oops, and a certain Ole Gunnar Solskjaer… he wasn’t too bad when it came to loyalty either. Do the players still get press training at United? Watching Rooney ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ through his interviews shows he still does the job even though he is extremely uncomfortable with the cameras on him (in his face). Glad he doesn’t talk nonesense though.

  6. Redrose says:

    He DID say, on live TV, that he was staying.
    After the final in Moscow, those were his exact words. He should not need to repeat himself just because of lazy journalism in the UK and joint conniving in Spain.

  7. Robin says:

    I think he’ll stay at least for another year. He’s important to us next season to retain our titles and hope to get more.

    However, personally i will forgive him on this mess he’s given to the fans. The only thing in my mind is how we can win games as much as we can next season, and he can help us achieve that.

    I think it’s enough for short term and finish the job one at a time, in the future you’ll never know :D

  8. Tom F says:

    Good point Red Rose, I understand where you are coming from.

    However, there are these 2 articles which say something about him not as a player but as a person. The former is more reasonable and he has now grown older, but we know if he was given the chance he’d leave tomorrow.,19528,11095_3713536,00.html

    If he just keeps his mouth SHUT, his future would be far less irritating and understandable than it is. Where ever he goes he’ll be quality, but his attitude stinks.

  9. jim says:

    why in the blue jesus would he want to leave

  10. Tony Montana says:

    He wants to leave because its his dream and he will take any oppertunity to suceed in that dream from a place where he was brought up especially when people said he would never become a footballer since a young age. To him, hes had a point to prove since then and as a young kid, had a dream of saying “one day i will play for real madrid and im going to prove it!”..Yes Man utd are the club whos really developed him, but before moving clubs from sporting, did he ever consider he would move to england, manchester to join united? No! all that was in the boys mind was to play for spain and make sure he moves to real madrid and it still is…he has never said bad about the club, he has given his all at the club. Yes sometimes he does say dodgy things about his future because he has a time to reflect every summer on his dreams and futures..Who doesnt reflect on dreams and think, “damn, i wish i doing my dream right now!” Yes he might be at the best club in the world, but to him..he doesn’t feel he has completed his goal from a young age and moving now is his best option because he feels hes at his peak, and will prove the world that his dream was completed by being the best player at the world. I guess thats just my opinion on his saga, i mean i wouldnt say let the boy rot on the stands if he doesnt want to play for the club, its nonsense..but people have to understand in his perspective of the possibility of a dream actually coming which he feels for united, he is just doing a job for them..there is a difference between dreams and jobs.

  11. Tony Montana says:

    Well if most people here had the oppertunity to suceed there dream, they would really have a consideration about it and would take risks to do anything to suceed that dream, i guess thats what makes you sucessful in life and i guess thats just the same with Ronaldo.

  12. Patrik says:

    I haven’t been to happy with all this talk about Ronaldo either, but if he now decides to stay and performes really well I think most fans will forgive him, just look at where Rio is today, possibly our next captain despite what’s happened in the past.

  13. Tony Montana says:

    He is the best player in the world at the moment, not just because his football ability but also his mental and personal abilities he has shown. When the lad moved from sporting, United thought he had the potential to be a really good player..but never realised he had the potential to be one of the biggest footballers on earth. Now thats all credit to the hard work he has put in and at the same time gone through a few things in life which he has shown to have a really tough persona. Along with Adriano, his dad passed away and broke up with hiis wife in which he found difficult handling. However, Ronaldo had a similar case with his dad passing away at a young age and also what happened after the world cup. Death threats, constently being booed by thousands of people in the stadium and number one hated person in this country at that time. So thorughtout everything, he has allways had in his mind, that he has a point to prove to the world that he has the potential to be the best player to ever walk on this earth..Yes he does look a bit big headed lately compared to Kaka and messi who just accept they are brilliant and do not talk about their talent. But Ronaldo just believes hes proved his point to everyone that hes magnificant and wants to show hes proud of himself for everythings he done in his career to get to where he is right now…Its just a hard working mentality he has for his football along with his love where as Kaka just as the utmost and all love for football which is the difference.

  14. Patrik says:

    Tony: His dream was to prove he was good enough for Real Madrid, now it’s obvious he is, isn’t that good enough? If they beg him to come and he says “no, YOU are not good enough for ME, I’m staying with the best club in europe, wouldn’t that be even sweeter for him?

  15. Tony Montana says:

    Patrik: i understand that of course, but you have to take a step into his shoes, the logical thing would be to stay at United because they have helped him, but its not a club he has loved from a young age, Real Madrid has been written in his heart from a young age and he would never turn that oppertunity. His heart has been set at that club before he joined United. He has even stated that before he joined the club that i love real madrid. Said it at sporting as well and says it every summer that he loves Real Madrid. Everyone has dreams, even he said that his dream might not come true. How many people sit in a office room and reflect that they could have been in a better job if i just took that oppertunity?

  16. Tony Montana says:

    No patrik, his dream was to prove that he could be a LEGEND for Real the rest of the best players in the world along with Figo, Zizu, Ronaldo…hes never said Barca..its always Real Madrid because most of the best players on this earth played for that club and he wanted to be in that list aswell.

  17. PeeJay says:

    I think he wants to stay and knows it’s the right move but feels flattered by Real Madrid and doesn’t want to turn them down.

  18. mohamad says:

    why all the speculations about Ronaldo he will definatly not make the same mistake as David Becham! I dont know why Real Madrid always chase after our players they should keep there clubs name ‘Real’ and there team. Even with star playeres they cant evens win!!!!!!!!!!!! from United Fan Down In South Africa

  19. Jacko says:

    Tony you’re a fantasist! You’ve said a lot in a manner that suggests you know more than ayone else here? Or maybe you’re just the type that believes all he reads? Its well known he was a childhood Benfica fan so why would he dream of Real? Surely he would have supported them if he where so enamoured of them? If you’re going to proclaim sage like you should enlighten us a little on how you are such an authority? Or maybe your just full of it?

  20. denton davey says:

    So, I guess we should expect that the discussions for a new, improved contract must be at an advanced stage.

    To my mind, the key issue will be the length of the contract and the “exit fee” because there can be no question that it will contain “escalator clauses” which will keep his salary rising as his performance improves. What is not subject to question will be the size of his weekly remuneration – the mind just boggles at an income of, say, 200,000 quid a week but this is entertainment and the kid puts bums-in-the-seats and also sells merchandise all over the world. SO,the issue of “image rights” will be the pot-sweetener and I can just hear the gasps when that is added on top of the massive weekly wage.

    One more thing, he was NEVER going to make the huge/gigantic/enormous wage from Madrid because it is an “article of faith” at the Bernabeau that NO ONE gets more money than RAUL – and Raul is next to God, and above the King of Spain in the eyes of the Real Madrid executive. And Ronaldo was never going to get the same income from “image rights” at Madrid, either.

    Like they used to say in the detective stories, “follow the money”.

  21. John says:

    may i say tho….his sister is well fit!

  22. Michael says:

    well, in my opinion, Ronaldo will stay with us next season. he should and he must. as you see, manchester united are the ones who ‘made’ him into the world player of the year. and ronaldo should be thankful of that. he shouldnt just go to real madrid just like that. its as if he’s not appreaciating what manchester united had done to him.

    in fact, going to real madrid woudnt change a thing. all u get is money and fame. that is not what football is about.

    lastly, i think ronaldo should think of what ive said earlier. and i agree with what UnitedOnFire has said. i think ronaldo is not going to be a united legend if his attitude is like this.

  23. Mr H says:

    I think Tony needs to take Ronaldo’s cock out of his mouth.

    Ronaldo is not a loyal player… even if he wants to stay he will not get anywhere near the support he recieved the previous two seasons.


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