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Ronaldo The Great Pretender? Are you having a laugh?

Even a blue-blooded fan who traipsed down the division supporting City would have been embarrassed with this bitter criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently, scoring 23 league goals in as many starts, and 34 goals in as many games in total, is apparently an “illusion of grandeur.”

Ronaldo has easily proved himself the best player in the World, with Barcelona’s Messi the only man capable of threatening this title. Kaka was lauded as the greatest player last season after impressive Champions League form, despite not being able to turn up week in week out in the domestic league with Meelan. Is a great player one who scores goals in a handful of games against top opposition? Or is a great player someone who you can depend upon week in week out to get you goals? Given a choice between a player who performed wonderfully in Europe, but failed to do so in the Premiership, and a player who scored some goals in Europe, but was a consistent scorer in the Premiership, I’d choose the latter every time. Regardless, the fact Ronaldo is the highest scorer in the Champions League so far this season proves he is now able to compete on both fronts.

So, what is The Daily Mail trying to prove? Their incompetence? Jealousy? ABU?

“Last night, Hatchet Man watched the champions – but not THE champion. Manchester United may have cruised to a 2-0 victory over woeful Bolton with two goals from that lad Cristiano Ronaldo, but I couldn’t help but wondering if the Portugal star is being lauded a little too much…It’s all well and good showing up the plodders of the Premier League, as Ronny did against Bolton, but – if we’re honest, Old Mother Hatchet could do that to them.”

Sorry, how many players could score the freekick Ronaldo did last night?

“Ronaldo has scored only once against “Big Four” opposition this term – against Arsenal, and United have put six past the Gunners this season.”

Ronaldo has played in one game against Arsenal this season and scored one goal and assisted the other. What has the fact that United have scored six goals against Arsenal this season got to do with Ronaldo, considering he wasn’t even on the bench for the 4-0 FA Cup game? Tevez has scored against both Chelsea and Liverpool this season. Does this mean that categorically he is a better player than Ronaldo?

“Hatchet Man remains to be convinced that Ronaldo can do it against the best.”

So the goal Ronaldo scored against last season’s European Champions, AC Milan, in the semi-final of the Champions League has been wiped from memory I suppose?

To think somebody actually gets paid to write that crap. Wow.

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  1. jsos says:

    par for the course for Daily Mail. Was an embarrassingly jealous commentary all around. It doesn’t take a Red to see Ronaldo’s class.. only an envious twit to try to prove otherwise.

    Roll on DM – we’ve got titles to win :D

  2. Ryan says:

    When I read this article this morning I was completely shocked. I know the mail is generally atrocious, but I had never seen anything approaching this bad. The best part is that the first comment in the article says “Ronaldo is a horrible winger, he only has 4 assists this season”. Right, but he has THIRTY THREE GOALS.

    Later in the article this same “hatchet man”(maybe he hatcheted his brain out?) says that Juande Ramos proved he is a horrible coach by giving up 4 goals to chelsea. Of course, the author fails to add that he SCORED 4 goals against chelsea and Tottenham got a point from a side that many have said have a legitimate title opportunity. His article was easily the worst soccer article I have ever read.

  3. Red Ranter says:

    Well, if that was by an ABU, what do you make of the Guardian’s own resident Manchester United journalist, Daniel Taylor? He seems to be on pot when he writes his articles: Part fact, mostly imagination. Recently he thought EVDS was going to leave united in the summer and Kuszczak is also going to leave. Why? Because he reckons. Not because there was some official quote. Check it out for your dose of journalistic garbage

    He was the same person who thought Anderson was a waste of money!

  4. Axy999 says:

    Exactly,mate! I simply couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote.

  5. Tom F says:

    Well it is the Daily (Racist, Homophobic, Conservative) Mail.

    Ronaldo Could score 10 goals in each game against the other top 3 teams in the league and would that win us a premier league title?

  6. Big Red says:

    well who ever wrote this, should not be a sports writer. if it was so easy to score the way he is scoreing , alot more players should be doing it. wat does he have 2 do to get the repect he deserves. he scored and made the other goal against arsenal in the league. how many goals did gerrard score aganist the big 3 . sounds 2 me ,someone hates ronaldo for the winking incident. ronaldo has done it international as well.

  7. Sid P says:

    What an utter load of garbage. Does anybody on the planet who watches and understand football not agree that at the moment, CR7 is simply the BEST player on the planet. Nobody even comes close to him in terms of stats or the devastating effect he has on games.

    To suggest he doesn’t perform against the top sides is ridiculous. How many players perform when they have double marking on them throughout the game and oftne times are spcifically targeted to get the lumps kicked outta them?

    Sounds like bitterness is clouding this ABU’s perception. To even suggest that boy Ronaldo is a pretender completely invalidates everything else written by that hack.

    PS. I’m not mad, I know that boy will win player of the year, european player of the year and world player of the year for the things he has done on the pitch. Even after all that I’m still willing to bet people will think he isn’t all that.

    No matter, there are people who don’t think Maradona, Best or Keane were anything special as well…

  8. walton_reddevil says:

    ronaldo has taken this season by storm prove all his critics wrong but still this ‘hatchet man’ has a dig at cristiano so i guess is where the scouse get all this torres is better ronaldo lark from, he will prove in moscow and at the climax of the season that he is the greatest playerr on the planet. from that young lad with the stupid haircut to the top scorer in europe and now being comparerd to the likes of the great george best and king denis.

    ‘Hatchet Man remains to be convinced that Ronaldo can do it against the best’
    i think his perfomance at O.T put that comment to shame.



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