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Ronaldo the Slave… Remind me, what’s the point of contracts again?

“I am delighted,” Cristiano Ronaldo said last April, after signing a new five year contract. “I spoke with Sir Alex Ferguson about my future and everyone knew that I wanted to stay. I am very happy at the club”

A year later, Ronaldo’s future with the club seems less clear, with the player still not confirming whether it is United or Real Madrid where he wants to play next season. Instead, he has sent out a series of mixed messages, leaving everyone in the dark over what he wants.

Both his mum and sister have claimed that Ronaldo is planning on staying at the club, but the only factual news we are getting about him concerns his ankle operation.

UEFA president, Michel Platini, ignorantly waded in to the argument over Ronaldo, claiming Real Madrid were well within their rights to tap him up via the media.

The situation has been taken a step higher today, with another anti-English football representative giving his opinion on the situation. Sepp Blatter, FIFA president, has likened Ronaldo’s situation to ‘modern day slavery’ and believes he is fully entitled to walk away from the contract he signed 15 months ago.

Like with Platini, Blatter is frustrated to see English clubs dominating football on the World stage. Whilst Platini simply criticises us in front of the media, Blatter has gone as far as trying to change EU laws to see the end of English football superiority!

With so many talented foreign players making their way to the Premiership, improving the quality of our football, Blatter has put across a ridiculous idea with the aim of restricting how many non-British players we can have in our teams.

“You cannot compare a worker with a football player,” Blatter said, trying to justify his point of view. “You cannot consider a footballer like any normal worker because you need 11 to play a match – and they are more artists than workers.”

Actors, are they workers? Brain surgeons? Designers? Any person who earns an insane amount of money because of their profession? To suggest that footballers are somehow a rare breed of person, who deserve different laws to everyone else working in any other profession, is bordering on insanity.

In 1995, the European Court of Justice, Europe’s highest court, gave all sports professionals within the EU more freedom to change clubs in a decision known as the ‘Bosman ruling’, named after Belgian player Jean-Marc Bosman, who took the case which changed the face of the game.

One EU official described Blatter’s latest move as something which could be just as damaging to the sport. “Bosman was costly for the sport,” he said. “This could be even more costly for FIFA, UEFA, but especially any club which decides to go down this path.”

Just this week, further weight was added to Blatter’s opposition, when Europe’s richest and most powerful clubs formally announced their disagreement with his plan.

So, it appears as if Blatter enjoys the humiliation that comes with being wrong, and has decided to cast his opinion on the Ronaldo transfer saga. The very fact that the FIFA and UEFA presidents feel the need to even discuss it is evidence enough that Real Madrid have been far too blatent with their chase for our player.

“If the player wants to play somewhere else, then a solution should be found because if he stays in a club where he does not feel comfortable to play then it’s not good for the player and for the club,” Blatter said. “There’s too much modern slavery, in transferring players or buying players. We are trying now to intervene in such cases. The reaction to the Bosman law is to make long-lasting contracts to keep the players, and then if he wants to leave there is only one solution, he has to pay his contract. The important thing is, we should also protect the player. I’m always in favour of protecting the player, and if the player he wants to leave, let him leave.”

1. When Cristiano Ronaldo calls a press conference to declare he wants to leave Manchester United and wants to join Real Madrid, maybe then, and only then, could Blatter get away with making these comments. The fact that Ronaldo has so far only pissed off our fans with talk of ‘dreams’, whilst letting slip United fans will be happy with him again once he scores for us, means no such decision has been made. It quite frankly is embarrassing that the president of the World’s football organisation feels the need to stick his oar in, on the basis of what he’s seen printed in Marca.

2. Slavery? Hold on, only a few months ago Blatter was demanding that these fine specimens should be exempt from European law, based on the differences between them and the ordinary working man. They’re not ‘workers’ he said. Now, he says they are slaves. I’m no expert on the Slave Trade, but I imagine the African men who were taken away from their families and shoved on a boat to America, weren’t being paid £120,000 a week, having orgies with overpriced whores with their mates, and getting to kick a football about a pitch 7 days a week.

3. It makes you wonder, what is the point of having a player sign a contract if within a year’s time they are free to go and play for someone else. If this is the way things are heading, soon we’ll see players spending 6 months at one club, 6 months at another, moving regularly to whoever offers them the most money. The fact that the head of FIFA condones frequent player movement is extremely worrying.

United have of course not responded to these comments kindly, fighting back against Blatter’s insanity.

“All our players, like at other clubs, enter into their contracts after an open and free negotiation,” said a United representative. “Most of whom do after taking advice from a FIFA-registered agent. Many do so on a number of occasions and enjoy long and successful stays at Old Trafford.”

Thankfully, more often than not, United manage to instil a sense of loyalty and deisre to stay in to our players. The only player who stands out as someone I can remember desperately seeking a move away from the club, when maybe otherwise we’d have liked them to stay, is Gabriel Heinze. The players we want to keep tend to want to stay put. However, if Real Madrid can lean on their government to offer a player wages that double, triple, or quadruple what he is currently earning, how will clubs be able to fight them off?

These are desperate times indeed, and it now appears we’re not just fighting Real Madrid to keep Ronaldo, but UEFA and FIFA too. If we football was heading in a bad direction already, who knows where we’ll end up with clowns like Platini and Blatter in charge.

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  1. austin reynolds says:

    the guy is really past being a joke. a disgrace doesnt come close to describing the fool either.
    what a state world footballs in with tools like him an pratini having power.
    im amazed!

  2. steve says:

    didnt anyone know that sepp bladder is a real madrid member I have seen him being presented has a member with calderon why is anyone suprised, to put slavery and a modern day footballer in the same sentence is the biggest pile of crap ever, go look at the 1800’s back then there was slavery. slaves dont get payed 120k a week.

  3. Craig Mc says:

    I am one of those who couldn’t have cared less anymore over whether Ronaldo stayed or went. Now though, this whole saga seems to have become a war, with Blatter and Platini, forcefully coming out against our club, as they do persistently against anything involving English clubs. Now I hope Fergie and the Glaziers kick Real Madrid’s arses until they bleed. They have sought to thug us up in every conceivable way, and like most bully’s, expect the authorities to support them. Fergie don’t you feckin concede an inch in this whole sorry saga, because now, IT REALLY HAS BECOME PERSONAL, AND A MATTER OF PRINCIPAL.

  4. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    A certain honorary member of Real Madrid ( is beyond a joke. United have shown too much respect to this clown in their response.
    God, I would love to see Sir Alex come out and attack this knucklehead

  5. Kevin says:

    FOOTBALL IS A BUSINESS! End of conversation, Blatter should remind himself of this fact. Why does Platini and Blatter have any thoughts anyways? You don’t here Presidents and Chairmens of other Sporting Leagues commenting on transfers. I am an avid NFL fan and if we ever head Roger Goddel, the NFL’s commissionar, say Terrill Owens should be allowed to play where he wants, the fans, owners, and other players would crucify him. I think thats the most surprising fact in all of this.

    The clubs goal is not only to win trophies but make a profitable business that can keep winning trophies and make money. Blatter would do well to remember the fact, that football employees thousands of people and gives them a shoot at money they would not have received if not for these clubs. If Ronaldo wants to leave, than United have the choice to make him stay until his contract is run out, or sell him now, but its the CLUBS choice and no one elses. Bottom line, if Ronaldo’s dream was to play for Madrid then he should not have signed a contract till 2012, sorry bad, its no ones fault but Ronaldo’s.

    On another note, he does deserve a new contract and if this is ploy to get more money it is sick, but he does deserve it.

  6. CHRISPUS says:


  7. Luke says:

    the club’s response was perfectly worded…blatter should be ashamed of himself and hopefully this will cause enough controversy to force that lawyer in charge of football to resign and then maybe we can see someone elected who tackles the real issues in football not issueing a law which forces referees to yellow card players for taking off their shirts after a goal celebration…OUT WITH BLATTER

  8. Aziz says:

    Blatter is just another foolish man holding the fifa presidency withouting knowing anythng about it,he is another arsehole just like his mate Plattini,they are the modern day football dictator,he is no different to Mugabe,is he pregnant or what?let hm stick his nose where it belongs,n let Man U problems b ours not his,BLATTER DIE IN hell n Dont come back!

  9. spindle says:

    He is some idiot. It is a worry for football with these two guys at the helm. Do these guys serve a term as presedint or is it a job for life post?

  10. Tom F says:

    The thing with Sir Alex Ferguson, unlike many modern managers who carry ‘attitude’ like it’s a fashion statement, is that he is a man who always puts faith in people, he guides them, offers trust and gives the chances to so many players that they could only dream of before. All he ask’s in return, other than ability, is the same back.

    It seems the political era which we are dealing with is obviously letting Real Madrid be favoured rather than us English Clubs.

    So many players would fall into the catagory ‘Slaves’ if you believed the way Blatter and Platini are talking. Adebayor is a slave because he is demanding more than 3million a year. Little Gareth Barry is a slave because, after giving him so much time and paying his wages for 10 years, Aston Villa want to get the money they believe they deserve, where Liverpool believe they should be able to buy him for whatever they see suitable. Ronaldo, another Slave is Manchester Uniteds highest payed player… ever!

    Slavery and all forms of slavery dating back hundreds of years had one thing in common: Slaves worked for NOTHING in return.

    When you hear the top people in the game talking like this, you can only be worried. If contracts are really becoming as redundent as the daily news paper, what is the point? Why raise players in academy’s if you can’t offer them meaningful contracts. Why make a player better in every way shape and form only to be told you have to sell him for the value the buyer sets, not the ‘owning’ club.

    Luke is VERY RIGHT about being penalised for removing your shirt after scoring a goal. Passion is being ripped from this game and it is the people at the top who are doing it.

    This rates right up there with Christmas being banned in shopping centres because it may offend ‘other religious believers’, kids not being able to play conkers as they don’t have safety goggles and every other form of political correctness that has gone crazy to turn this country into the way it is now.

  11. Jimmy The Weed says:

    I totally agree with Craig Mc. A couple of weeks ago I was starting to wonder if we should just offload CR7 and get the megabucks (but only for a nanosecond). because nobody wants a player who doesn’t want to be here. Now I think that we should never sell him to Madrid in ANY circumstances. Their lack of class and persistant daily mithering has p****d me off beyond words, almost. Now, after English-hater Platini butting in where he is not needed, onMadid’s behalf, we have this corrupt old fool sticking his beak into our affairs. I agree with the writer of this article in all of his comments and share the disbelief of all the other contributors here. Who on earth gave this senile, fat leach his job at FIFA anyway???

  12. steve says:

    does real madrid calderon blatter platini even ronaldo make the glazers the nicest people on earth, and that is a feet in itelf I did not thought could be topped, its quiet obvious fifa uefa are desperate to see their beloved real madrid return to the top again.

    look how platini did not even want to give united the european cup. but like I said bladder is a real madrid fan he is a member of that spanish goverments funded and corupted club, and he wants to see his club sign ronaldo because its quiet obvious that english clubs like man utd should not be allowed to have the worlds best player. its amazing whats our prize for man utd winning the double, man utd being beaten to death like jesus by uefa fifa bladder real madrid and ronaldo.

  13. Superdorz says:

    Tom F, couldn’t have worded it better myself mate.

    Brilliant article Scott.

    This is quite possibly the most offensive thing that Blatter has ever said. To call Ronaldo a slave is disgraceful and ignores the real history of slavery. It is also designed to give Manchester United a bad name, slavedrivers, something which Blatter and Platini obviously think is ok.

    Is there no one that can investigate the obvious corruption at work here? Real Madrid have broken tap-up laws for months now and the governing body of football not only agrees with it, they’re BACKING it too!!!

    Agreeing with Craig Mc too, now it really IS personal.

  14. Primachenko says:

    i am becoming more and more convinced that some form of a salary cap is needed in club football. maybe then we will see where the true allegiances of players lie.

  15. AlexOfMancunia says:

    That statement is not only ludacris, but racist and disrespectful to all of those Africans who were shipped away from their country by their corrupt king to work as slaves on cotton plantations and such.

    The guy has taken it one step too far with this, and now I hope that we don’t seel Ronaldo, purely as a matter of prinicple.

    We are fighting against ridiculous Player Power, Real Madrid, UEFA and now FIFA with this issue. We must stay strong.

  16. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    I like Ludacris too

  17. Spencer says:

    I hope Blatter resigns after this. This is turned in to more than just Ronaldo (who btw I believe will stay and would have demanded a move if he was going to by now). Ronnie may not force a move but thanks to Blatter’s stupid words, other players might use his words to try and force a move. Blatter should do the decent thing and resign.

  18. scotty says:

    blatter is a fucking idiot, and that platini is not far behind…..ronaldo should be sued to the hilt if he breaks his contract, as that would happen in any other ”normal” job… will be very interesting how he will be recieved at OT if he stays.

  19. Superdorz says:

    Unfortunately, according to Sky Sports News, Ronaldo agrees with Blatter’s comments. What a cock-end!!

  20. scotty says:

    Superdorz, i’ve just heard that, Sky are finding more about it…..i’m UTD for live, but this prick Ronaldo can fuck off and burn in hell, i hope his ankle is fucked.

  21. Patrik says:

    Wouldn’t it be so sweet if we sold Ronaldo, but to Barcelona so he can help them crush Real Madrid, wouldn’t that be a nice present for mr Calderon? As long as his not going to Madrid I’m happy. And imagine that I used to like that club because of the way they played(always been a United fan but used to like Madrid most of the spanish teams). Now they are on my most hated list.

  22. AlexOfMancunia says:

    I’ve just read that Sky Sports article and again there are no quotes.

    How many quotes from Ronaldo have we actually seen on the matter during this whole summer?

    PS. Just read through my last comment and I cannot believe I put ludacris instead of ludicrous! Haha. Looks like I’ve been listening to too much rap eh?

  23. Kevin says:

    I saw that Skysports article and what scares me the most is his statement that he agrees with Blatter. It seems he does want to leave and is trying to clue United in without asking for it so he doesn’t hurt his relationships at the club. By staying somewhat neutral he can always go back and claim, I wanted to stay without being an out and out liar. I think it would be better for United to just let him go, in the long run. If he doesn’t leave now then he will leave next summer, or the following. He is not a United player for life and I think we can get amazing value for him now.

  24. suhayl says:

    This Fat BASTARD IS THE BIGGEST CORRUPT LEACH WALKING THE EARTH. That panorama exose some months ago, exposed his dodgy dealing, how he bribes smaller continents to get votes, how he pays of jack warner to get the votes of conacaf. How the fat bastard does dodgy dealings with major companies…giving exclusive advertising rights to companies which he gets kick backs from…for world cup euro cup adverttising.

    This fat bastard along with that pratini hate england, dont want england to get a national tournament even though we have the best structure…they hate it we make the last 4 of the champions lge..even though they love the italinas and spanish do it. They hate our power and wealth..they hate tope foreigners play in our country..hence his 6+5 rule.

    they hate our big 4..hence pratinin stating he wants only 3 eng clubs in clge.

    they fucking hate us..the dodgy corrupt bastards.

    And the word slavery????? that word meant racism..that word meant black men flooged, beaten, rapen , pillaged, families abused for work 20 hours a day for their lives over 200 years FOR NOTHING. Footballers slaves??????????

    This son of a fat rich bastard needs a hammer round the head…footballers like scott said…on 150 k a week…ferraris, mansions, whores a plenty… SLAVES????????????????

    He is a clever bastard..he did it for effect and maximum publicity.

    to tell you the truth ive had enuf of prta..not giving trophy away properly….always hogging limelight..hate both bastards views and anti english comments..hate em

    and i hate that judas ronaldo who agrees with the fat pig…

    fuck em all….fuck you ronaldo..just go you twat..

    utd will rule whatever..fifa uefa you can burn in hell

  25. Phallus Nimrod says:

    Another great article, keep up the good work. I know many United fans who all feel this has taken the piss beyond words. Madrid’s approach, attitude and tactics are reprehensible and we MUST make a stand for the sake of principle if nothing else. Platini, Calderon and now Blatter can fuck right off and I would love to see not only United but other top European clubs steadfastly refusing to trade with them again.

  26. Craig Mc says:

    With regards to Ronaldo’s comments on Portuguese tv, he just said that sometimes footballers could be treated like slaves. He categorically denied in the interview, that he had signed anything with Real Madrid, and that no deals had been made.

    I know emotions are running high with PRATini and Bladder and their septic bias towards all things English, but NO WAY do I think that United should concede anything to Real Madrid, whether they have the FIFA and EUFA Mafia on board or not. Calderon and his cohorts are getting more and more desperate, they are not used to clubs taking any kind of a stance against them, hence they are squealing like pigs being continually poked with red hot pokers. Keep it up Fergie, keep it up!.

  27. Primachenko says:


    that rant was awesome man!

  28. Jak says:

    I agree that we need to make a stand against Real Madrid and not give them Ronaldo. I would go further, and say we should never do business with them again. Ever.

  29. paddy says:

    why is this fat swiss fucker even involved,he should be banned for having alleigances with a the fuck can this cabbage stick his oar in even though a contract is a contract.ronnie could have bought his contract out if he would have given notice up to 2 weeks after our last league game,but he didnt so tough shit.i bet we will see a massive pr apology within the next few days with the terms ‘taken out of context’ or ‘what i meant to say was’.just back off fatty and get back to operating your puppet platini.

    rant over.

  30. Gary says:

    I agree with Jak. I just hope we draw Real Madrid next season in the European cup. We owe that club, and if a match against them doesnt make the blood boil of every United fan,then nothing will.

  31. SINGH says:

    EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE LOUDEST NOISE. Us at the greatest club in the world dont need to take any notice to what is going on around us.We all know how much of a Whore Real Shatrid is and how ethically and morally corrupt they are(I wish our government could pay all our debts off and buy all the best players in the world for us)As for Shit Fatter, Fifa should get someone who knows what they are talking about, and that glory hunting Michelle Prickini hes a fuckin disgrace.(Watch when he hands the UCL trophy to RYAN & RIO in the final).Its just the way he ushers them back!! P.S UTD & BARCA 4EVA

  32. SINGH says:

    That FAT SWISS CUNT SHOULD CARRY ON WHAT HES GOOD FOR AND THAT IS DODGING WORLD WARS (No disrespect to any swiss folks intended)

  33. Kevin says:

    We can keep on hating Madrid and I do. I want to draw them and beat them on the field. I have to say however that I have been thinking about this for awhile as I am sure you all have and I keep thinking United needs to have players who want to be there. If he wanted to stay then logically it makes sense to make it known. If he wants to go but not make himself look bad in the face of United fans then it makes sense to keep everyone in the loop. This will make Real try harder, put more and more pressure on United, and put us in a bad situation. I think United can get good money for him at this moment, which we might not every be able to receive again. He wants to leave, it is his dream to play for Real, if he doesn’t want to leave now, he will want to leave next, and he won’t be worth as much. We should replace him now and not wait any longer.

  34. Kevin says:


    Great to hear some Barca and United love. My old roommate was a Barca fan and he helped build the hatred for Real previous to any of this Ronaldo bull shit. I wish Ronaldo could see all the evil thigns Real does, but then again he might be fully aware and just not give a shit.

  35. Gary says:

    I do watch La Liag in my spare time and this season more so then ever I will be willing Barcelona to hammer them cunts Madrid when they meet the first time this season. Real Madrid claim to be the biggest club in the world when really there not even the biggest club in Spain. Not here in England there not anyway. I see far more people with Barcelona shirts then Madrid shirts. Obviously Barcelona dont want to be associated with Spain anyway and have no love the national side, simmilar to United fans in many ways.

  36. Craig Mc says:

    Ronaldo to Portuguese radio station in an interview. “You heard me, you know what I want, and what I said. I agree with FIFA president Sepp Blatter about footballers and slavery. I don’t know where I will play next season.” Now with all the good will in the world, do any of you truly know what the feck CR7 means “you know what I want, you know what I have said.” I haven’t got a feckin clue, and neither has anybody else to be honest. He is so feckin vague. I think he lacks the balls to come out on either side and say who he wants to play for. What a feckin wimp!.

    I know some of you back Ronnie to the hilt, and fair do’s if that is your opinion on things. Some have given Tom F, and Scott the Red a hard time for coming down on Ronaldo’s lack of making his intentions clear. Truth is though, he has allowed this to run and run. Nobody would have cared if he had made it plain he wanted out, but he continues to bat eyelids at both sides, the prostitute!. I mean some of you back him to the hilt, and I can’t see the sense in it. The other players must be sick of the ole sorry saga. CR7 has taken the shine off what should have been a great summer of bragging rights and good times for United. He has given the other teams weapon after weapon to do us down. I don’t think Fergie should sell, I think he should keep him til he learns what it is like to play before a stadium where he isn’t adored anymore.

  37. JoeRed says:

    He may have trouble seeing it, but manchester united, not real madrid are champions of europe. We make more money and have more fans worldwide. What right does Blatter or Platini have to question whether we deserve to hold a talent like Ronaldo when Real want him? FIFA and UEFA can both fuck off, this is blantent discrimination and someone should step in – problem is no-one can!

  38. UnitedRay says:

    Remember when all of you were cursing platini and i reminded you guys of this fatter cunt? Ha ha.

  39. Shreyas says:

    Angry Sepp Blatter raps Andy Webster ruling as ‘very damaging’ for game:
    Sepp Blatter urges Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid:

    Some select Blatter’s quotes about the webster rule on Feb 10 and Ronaldo on Jul 10 :

    Feb 10: “The decision which CAS took is very damaging for football and is a pyrrhic victory for those players and their agents, who toy with the idea of rescinding contracts before they have been fulfilled”

    Jul 10: “The important thing is we should also protect the player. And if the player wants to play somewhere else, then a solution should be found. If he stays in a club where he does not feel comfortable to play, then it’s not good for the player and for the club. I’m always in favour to protect the player and if the player wants to leave, let him leave.”

    Feb 10: “Because of this unfortunate decision, the principle of contractual stability, as agreed in 2001 with the European Commission as part of the new transfer regulations and which restored order to the transfer system, has been deemed less important than the short-term interests of the player.”

    Jul 10: “In football, there’s too much modern slavery, in transferring players or buying players here and there and putting them somewhere. We are trying now to intervene in such cases. The reaction to the Bosman law was to make long-lasting contracts in order to keep the players. Then, if he wants to leave, there is only one solution: he has to pay his contract.”

    Feb 10: Under Blatter, a lawyer himself, moves will now be afoot inside Fifa to rectify Article 17 and to attempt to safeguard the sanctity of players’ contracts. Fifa insist that breaking a contract without just cause remains “unjustified” and is concerned that, in future, any player in the same situation as Webster will know the cost of buying themselves out of a deal.

    Jul 10: Blatter, the Real madrid member and calderon minion has taken yet another bribe and maybe promises of votes in the next election, to stab another knife into the heart of football.

  40. UnitedRay says:

    If this is slavery. I will rather be a slave than be doing what i an doing at my job now. Damn you blatter!

  41. Kman says:

    First of all, let me just say as annoyed as i am at Ronnie, i still love him and would love for him to stay till the end of his career, not just his contract.

    Having said that, I think we need to stick to our guns on this one. fight off Madrid, FIFA, UEFA, Ronaldo himself and whoever else wants to stick their nose in our business.

    as it stands now even if Ronaldo publicly says he wants to go we still should not sell. I’m willing to let close to $100M go down the drain and sit him in the stands for the rest of his contract for that, just to make an example out of him. We need to demonstrate that a contract is still legally binding, and that no one person is bigger than the club! We made him into the superstar that he is, and we can just as easily destroy that! we supported him when the whole of England wanted his head on a plate and if he’s going to do this to us then fuck him! We built you, and we’ll take you down!

    To me its a matter of principle now, not money and not even what Ronnie wants anymore.

    I think we all want the same thing, we want to hear what Ronaldo wants – from Ronaldo himself, not some newspaper. Its not hard Ronnie, its called a press conference where you say “i want to stay at united”…simple as that!

  42. Jimmy The Weed says:

    Ronaldo is not saying outright that he wants to leave because there must be some contractual penalty in doing so – loss of ‘loyalty payments’ etc, but surely he has now said so.

  43. DuudeLove says:

    I was watching that documentary “What a Wonderful Run by Giggs” with my Giggsy shirt on and it filled me with so much joy, pride and passion.

    When you look up the word legend, Ryan Giggs will be the definition. He is the definition of definittion. I pity Ronaldo for not having the same morals, and ethics of Ryan.

    What will Ronaldo achieve at Madrid? He will get bullied by Ruud, Raul will keep his number 7 shirt and Sergio Ramos will bang his chick. Oh and for being Portugese the Spanish fans will pull out their white hankies giving him hell if he so much as misplaces a pass and he does often fuck up.

    What he won’t get at Madrid are TEVEZ and ROONEY, who work till their balls bleed for the team and sacrifice themselves so Ronnny Boy can claim all the plaudits with his tap ins. I can’t see the likes of Robben or Robinho or Ruud tracking back and putting in the hard graft while Cristiano stands around and waits for someone to feed him the ball.

    THE ONLY PLACE FOR RONALDO IS UNITED yet he has disgraced himself and humiliated our club so much that hes not fit to wear our glorious shirt and line up next to the likes of Giggsy, Scholesy and the Neviller.

  44. Shrikant says:

    I am just wondering what is the EU law regarding job contracts (not just in soccer). If the employee refuses to honor it, can the employer force him to honor it? What is the maximum compensation the employer can get in that case? To me, the maximum an employer can reasonably do is ask for monetary compensation. I don’t think an employer should have the power to ruin the employee’s future career because of it.


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