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Ronaldo: United Will Always Be In My Heart

Having spent six years at Manchester United, winning three league titles, the FA Cup and the European Cup, as well as the Ballon d’Or and World Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo has fond memories of his time in Manchester.

Ahead of the round of 16 games between Real Madrid and United, Ronaldo has reflected on his feelings for his former club.

“On the day of the draw I was out training and I had this strong feeling that we were going to get Manchester United,” Ronaldo said. “And when the draw was made I was very happy. It’s a tough match of course – Madrid and United are the two biggest clubs in the world and it’s a real 50-50. It could go either way. Manchester was my home and still is in my heart. I love it. Because when people treat you very well you never forget that. And I will never forget United, the people who work there and the supporters. So I am so happy to be going back to Manchester.”

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    those away games looks good and nothing we can’t handle, but will be tough. QPR fighting for their life, WestHam were good last time there, Sunderland we can handle easily, stoke is always hard but nothing to worry and then there’s arsenal, which will be the hardest which follows chelski at home.

    Anyway I hope this time against Everton we keep the lead at home :)

    I think the lads have something to prove to us against Everton february the 10th.

  2. Dela says:

    @FletchTHEMAN –> Stoke have conceded very few at home so we have to include them as a somewhat dodgy fixture. Whats ironic is QPR could also prove to be a task to break down for us, they managed a point out of City afterall. But hey, one game at a time, that’s the key. Focus on Everton right now… then Real Madrid….

  3. opara ugochinyere says:

    So happy to welcome u back home my great world best player, CR7

  4. zigoo says:

    tbh the only tough away game prior to shitty is QPR who look good under harry n look hard to beat…they could knick a draw,,,but we could n should win

  5. Dela says:

    Ye, we have a blistering attack this season, there are goals galore in the squad so I’m not too worried about the “park the bus” teams we will encounter. We don’t have a problem scoring, we just have a problem scoring “again” ;-)

  6. georgejoseph says:

    yes one game at a time……….ther are no easy games… dont forget Wigan last year. but i think we are stronger with RVP and all the defenders fit

  7. In David We Trust says:

    FletchTHEMAN – its a mysterious fixture list, as I feel it looks like 3 pts, 3 pts, 3 pts. But we have seen anything can happen though, we can never take anything for granted, 9 pts is delicious though, but anything can happen with this united team

  8. brett1985 says:

    Target hasn’t changed. 7 of the most presentable fixtures coming up. Everton difficult but at home (yes I remember last season). We’ve already went away to most of the top teams and won so in a sense that was the hard bit. Now its time to be professional and do our level best to win presentable fixtures. If we win our next 7 we can go into the city game with a considerable cushion and win the league there and then with no need to be nervous.

    But let’s focus on next week first. I would prefer Everton at home to City’s prospect of a resurgent Southampton away. On paper it is a chance to extend our lead.

  9. Singh7 says:

    Something that might bite us in the ass could be the state of the pitch , I remember it screwed us over back in 1992 (well that and fixture congestion) when Leeds caught us up..

  10. denton davey says:

    MansionOfTheReds @ 16:55: “He [LittleRedRafa] and evra will always have to be on guard when they make attacking runs.”

    I reckon that the best way for the two fullbacks to cope with CR7 and DivingDiMaria is to force them outside, always outside. Both of them can be incredibly dangerous when they cut inside and get a shooting chance. On the other hand, I reckon that if CR7 and DivingDiMaria have to play as “orthodox wingers” then UTD’s central defenders should be able to nullify the aerial presence of Benzema or Higuain.

  11. denton davey says:

    zigoo @ 19:03: “liverpool have a decent side n they play decent football..
    they really do look better than where their position suggests..”

    Much as it pains me, I have to agree. They were the better, more aggressive team today even though they were the visitors.

    However, twice this season, LiverPoo have gifted ManShitty a point; both times, leading 2-1, the scouse vermin made a “mental error”. In September Carlitos whisked home Skrtel’s errant back pass while today Pepe Reina got himself caught waaaaaaay out of position and Aguero got a free shot on goal – admittedly a difficult shot – which resulted in an open-net goal.

    So, for all the bitching and moaning about FergyTime and refereeing decisions “always” favouring UTD, how about looking at LiverPoo’s attempts to undermine said Fergy. Not for the first time, not for the second but – for those of us with long memories, going back to StevieGBH’s “back pass” to Drogba in 2010 – for the third time blatant incompetence by LiverPoo has been in evidence.

    Do we see a trend here ? There should be some sort of official FA inquiry and LiverPoo should be docked points and/or sent down to the second division, where they belong.

  12. In David We Trust says:

    Dela – we are the only side in Europe, that has 2 world class strikers in form, sorry scratch that 3 world class strikers in form, I still say others are getting fit and finding form, Rooney was the big one, his return to form has won us 7 pts, and got us to the next stage of the FA cup. Without the return of players, we would would look petty thin. I do feel it is crucial we get young back and fit, as his movement and ability keeps the side balanced, it would help our case if Nani could find his form, so either one of them could balance out Kagwa, who I feel could be fantastic used has someone played on the inside left position

  13. denton davey says:

    FletchTheMan @ 19:13: “EPL final 13 games:
    Feb 10 Everton (HOME)
    Feb 23 QPR ( (AWAY)
    Mar 2 Norwich City (HOME)
    Mar 9 West Ham (AWAY)
    Mar 16 Reading (HOME)
    Mar 30 Sunderland (AWAY)
    Apr 6 Manchester City (HOME)
    Apr 13 Stoke City (AWAY)
    Apr 20 Aston Villa (HOME)
    Apr 27 Arsenal (AWAY)
    May 4 Chelsea (HOME)
    May 12 Swansea (HOME)
    May 19 West Brom (AWAY)”

    Assuming that UTD win all of those matches then the final tally would be 102 points. Not bad for the worst UTD team of the last twenty years. The only explanation for such a state of affairs would be that the opposing managers are ALL in SAF’s back pocket, along with the referees and lines-persons.

  14. Costas says:

    FA have announced that Carrick has pulled out of the England game due to an injury. Hope to fuck it’s just a precaution.

  15. In David We Trust says:

    denton davey – I said this to KE, any side that has rooney and RVP upfront, is a damn good side

  16. wayne says:

    Parry I like what you’ve got going on mate,even if you’re wrong you can put it down to fucking with people,good angle

  17. denton davey says:

    Watching the match, I was rather surprised at the overall lack of quality in ManShitty’s side – James Milner was their best player which is rather like saying AshleyYoung is UTD’s best player. Silva was very dangerous while he was playing but otherwise they were very, very, very ordinary. I guess that they’ll be spending another half-billion this summer – and still be the second team in M/C.

  18. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas, Any word on Jones? Strange he didn’t make the bench yesterday. There are always rumors about United players injuries. Most don’t have a sliver of truth. But when the lad then fails to appear on the team sheet lads will be forgiven for talking.

  19. Costas says:


    Not sure mate. There have been rumors about some type of injury, but it hasn’t been confirmed. We will know more once we see the England U21 squad but his exclusion from yesterday’s squad is not a good sign.

  20. one two says:

    Rooney and RvP should be the best strike force on planet earth on par with messi & iniesta!!!!
    If we defend well against madrid and the EPL away 20 will be coming..and i really want to see the energy og TC and anderson against RM..hold the fort and am sure R+R will take us home…

  21. In David We Trust says:

    Costas – it does give anderson and cleverly the chance to show what they can do

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas, There is always the mysterious niggle. Seems all the top 4 teams have a bad case of nigglitis when international friendlies come about.

    Sir Alex wasn’t best pleased when Jones was excluded from the senior england team, so I’m guessing a serious case of nigglitis. Should clear up in 5-6 days. ;)

  23. In David We Trust says:

    Just for PPL to know, I changed my username, fergie is the boss to this, especially after the way the press have got this agenda against DDG, and never once do they give credit to his performance yesterday

    Costas – also, doesn’t it make the bashing united got from fans redundant now, united should beat Liverpool 4 1, when some fans who still say shitty are more talented could not get the job done today

  24. James7t7 says:

    Lets not get carried away… Seasoned Utd fans know they never do things the easy way. Yes 9 pts ahead is good.. Yes our fixtures look Ok… But dont forget we were 8 pts clear with a lot less games remaining.

    Lets enjoy our lead.. Keep whittling down the games and maintain this safe distance.

    In SAF we trust!!! GGMU!!!

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    In David We Trust…. Well done on the name change. De Gea needs all out support.

    Would it shock you to know that De Gea has only lost 1 game all season in the EPL? Everton. The other 2 losses were with Linde in goal. Points will always be lost. David needs our support at this point, just like all our players.

  26. Andromeda says:

    Goodness!!Carrick pulled out of England squad due to injury!now this is really a very bad news for us, hope nothing is serious.

  27. WeAreUnited says:

    fergie the boss, great gesture mate!

    haha it only unites us! this season has been marvellous so far, and I hope we end it bangin! and winning everything!

    we have in every competition an agenda and a case of vendetta

    FA-cup: last season we wentn out from the cup when pool beat us.
    CL: we know what happened there and in the Europa League
    League: do I have to say more, goal difference and it was our to take!

    Let’s hope, this season ends like it should!


  28. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson says:

    @In David We Trust (a.k.a. Fergie is the Boss)

    To echo Fletch above, classy move with the moniker change. I think the banner might’ve really done the young lad some good yesterday. He had a solid, solid game for us.

    He’s been unfairly slated by the ABU media and needs all the positive vibes he can get from us!

  29. AlwaysWin says:

    I’m hoping for this:

    Feb 10 Everton (HOME) – 3 Points(Revenge on the 1st game defeat of the season)
    Feb 23 QPR ( (AWAY) – 3 Points(Fernandes has to step down after the season)
    Mar 2 Norwich City (HOME) – 3 Points(Another revenge)
    Mar 9 West Ham (AWAY) – 1 Point(Sam has respect from Fergie)
    Mar 16 Reading (HOME) – 3 Points(Should be a thrashing game)
    Mar 30 Sunderland (AWAY) – 3 Points(Rooney will want to score winner again at the Light)
    Apr 6 Manchester City (HOME) – 3 Points(A must win game to kill of Shitty’s hopes)
    Apr 13 Stoke City (AWAY) – 1 Point(Should be a low scoring game)
    Apr 20 Aston Villa (HOME) – 3 Points(Another thrashing game)
    Apr 27 Arsenal (AWAY) – 1 Point(Can’t see Man United lose to Gunner and RVP will prove vital in this game)
    May 4 Chelsea (HOME) – 3 Points(If the defense can keep hold of Ba and Mata, we should seal a vital victory here at home)
    May 12 Swansea (HOME) – 3 Points(Hope Giggs can be among the scorers)
    May 19 West Brom (AWAY) – 1 Point(20 is finally justified !!!)

  30. ahjs says:

    “Carrick pulled out of England squad due to injury!now this is really a very bad news for us”

    Depends if he’s actually injured or not ;)

  31. In David We Trust says:

    FletchTHEMAN Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson WeAreUnited – The press’s names to replace DDG really made me ever more furious, like the stoke keeper LOL. Some of our title winning seasons, there have been the stand out player that really drives us on, the one that has taken all the pressure, cantona 95/96 season, becham 98/99 season, ronaldo 06/07 season. 12/13 season it is DDG’s turn.

    One DailyFail user wrote in the reaction article result between shitty vs liverpool
    Will The DM and the other related media outlets be running a campaign to highlight Joe Harts inept punching and dealing with crosses?? and yet another howler from Pepe Reina ?? No didn’t think so.
    - Willie, Manchester Is Red, 3/2/2013 18:33

    Best comment of the night, no one highlights joe harts appalling form, which ranks up there with DDG’s start to his united keeper. Then I clicked, the media are trying to ruin DDG, so hey can say, that England have a better no1, than Spain’s future no1. Everyone in Spain are raving about DDG, the only ones so stupid not to see this are the British media and pundits, ESPN pundits maybe the thickest pundits on the planet

  32. WeAreUnited says:

    In David we trust aka FITB :P amen to that mate!

    I have nothing else to add, nothing else.

    In Spain they seem to realise raw and pure talent, I’m not english but it seems that in England the pundits and media don’t recognise talent.
    It’s the same in my country, pundits write about premier league what the British media writes and start believeving on that, and it pisses me off.
    but I handle it, cause I make my own opinions and listen to those who knows something about football and in this case for example Peter Schmeichel.

    It has been a while when we have backed a player like this! #UNITED WE STAND


  33. Costas says:

    @FITB (it will take a while to get used to the other one, lol)

    I said it at another thread, but I think it’s time we gave the Anderson/Cleverley duo another chance. And Everton at home may be the game to do it at. We have to make sure Carrick is well rested for the Bernabeu and I’d like to believe that we can cope in a one league game without him. As for Liverpool, it really was no small feat that we beat them, Sturridge has made them more dangerous. At the same time, City are not the same without Kompany and the evidence was there again today.


    One can only hope that there’s an ulterior motive to Carrick and Jones missing England duty. ;) But we better say no more, lol.

  34. wayne says:

    lol is that in David we trust not to fuck off to Real Madrid or Barcelona in 3 years hope your right but wouldn’t put money on it

  35. ahjs says:

    “ESPN pundits maybe the thickest pundits on the planet”

    Tempted to agree but I don’t like letting Shearer and Hansen off so easily. Still doesn’t look like Hansen was right about Chelsea nicking second ahead of United.

    “lol is that in David we trust not to fuck off to Real Madrid or Barcelona in 3 years hope your right but wouldn’t put money on it”

    Same could be said of almost any player. For many a year Barcelona and Real Madrid have been the top two destinations for players and they usually get who they want. On the plus side, they’re the only two clubs that MIGHT prize him away if he does become the best. And Casillas and Valdes are only 31, anyway.

  36. wayne says:

    ahjs you following me around you daft cunt,no it can’t be said for any player, the better DDG gets the more likely he’s going to bale.The only Spaniards that stay in England are ones Barca and Real don’t want.He’s just over a year into his contract and his Girlfriend has already come out and said he’d love a move back.You know why hot women are the downfall of a lot of powerful men,because their HOT WOMEN.Not sure if DDG wanted her to say that,one things for sure it’s the truth.So stick your lol up your ass ok

  37. ahjs says:

    “ahjs you following me around you daft cunt,”

    ? Don’t flatter yourself, son. I come on here once every few weeks and like today, make comments on the top three or four threads.

    “it can’t be said for any player, the better DDG gets the more likely he’s going to bale.The only Spaniards that stay in England are ones Barca and Real don’t want.”

    Well, that’s my point. The better any player gets, the more likely he’s going to go to one of those clubs (altho English players stay in England, Italians in Italy, Germans in Germany etc). Like it or not, those two clubs even attract players away from the biggest clubs. Your message is – better not support this player, or develop him, because he MIGHT leave in a few years. Fuck me. Like I said, that COULD be true of almost any player.

    “He’s just over a year into his contract and his Girlfriend has already come out and said he’d love a move back.You know why hot women are the downfall of a lot of powerful men,because their HOT WOMEN.Not sure if DDG wanted her to say that,one things for sure it’s the truth.”

    Well, I hadn’t heard about that. It might be interesting to see if Valdes signs a new contract because if he does, can’t see a space in goal there for 5 years.

    “So stick your lol up your ass ok”

    I didn’t lol.

  38. wayne says:

    you dumb fuck that’s my point maybe you should stay up with Utd news before passing comments,name me one Spaniard that Real or Barca wanted that didn’t go.You’re missing my whole point,i think signing DDG was a mistake he’s not good enough present day to be Utd’s number 1,last year absolutely not that probably cost us 20,when he becomes good enough he’s going to fuck off.Utd are patsy’s for the 2 cunts in Spain.Now i’ve stated time and time again i hope i’m wrong but when his girlfriend comes out and makes that statement,who do you share your secrets with?

  39. ahjs says:

    I get your point. That’s why I mentioned it in the first place. I didn’t like it then and I still don’t. Please don’t explain it again.

    He cost us 20? And certain players cost us a Champions League in 2010 because Bayern and Inter in the final were there for the taking, but now those players are key men. If one of our strikers had scored ONE extra goal last season, we would have won 20. But strikers can get away with having a crap game with one good moment, keepers can’t have a great game with one bad moment.

    Who did you want when they signed DDG? Stekelenburg? He’s failed in Italy. Or were you one of the ones who wanted Given?

    “you dumb fuck that’s my point maybe you should stay up with Utd news before passing comments”

    Why, so I can hear a bad translation of what some United player’s girlfriend said in an interview with some foreign rag when she was probably just being polite? I’ll pass.

  40. In David We Trust says:

    He is not good enough for united, yet ppl who say he aint good enough do not want him to become good , just incase he becomes good enough and pisses off 2 barcelona or madrid, the boy can’t win either way

  41. Pete says:

    I hope he returns for good and brings Contraeo with him. Ferguson will make that kid a star too.

  42. Mr C says:

    A few weeks back, in the heat of the moment after a stunning save, I opined that DDG was currently the best goalkeeper in the EPL. OK, I guess that might have been a bit of exaggeration on my part, but it’s not far off the case. Think about it, how many EPL keepers would you rate as better than DDG at the moment? The only one I would possible consider is Cech, and even he’s had his ‘moments’. I’m tired of the desperate ABU media beating up on DDG at every opportunity, even when others are equally or more at fault for the our odd defensive lapse, while they ignore the excellent saves DDG regularly pulls off.

    Yes DDG could to bulk up a bit and impose himself a bit more at crosses, but he’s not exactly crap at those anyway. DDG is certainly better than Hart, who gets a free pass for every blunder.

    DDG has made several, world class, points-saving saves this season and his distribution is excellent. There are good reasons why we are nine points clear at the moment and DDG is one of them.

  43. onlydale says:


    “Feb 10 Everton (HOME)
    Feb 23 QPR ( (AWAY)
    Mar 2 Norwich City (HOME)
    Mar 9 West Ham (AWAY)”

    Taking the first 4 teams off your list… these aren’t straightforward fixtures.
    Everton: beat us this season. Can’t just assume we will win easily.
    QPR: City dropped points vs them last week. Yeah you’d think we’d win but can’t take for granted.
    Norwich: Guess what? They also beat us earlier this season.
    West Ham: made hard work of these last time and only just pipped them after a replay really, won’t be easy to win away at WHU.

  44. King Eric says:

    “polite applause if he scores”? What? I sincerely fucking hope not.

  45. belfast red. says:

    Lets see how “Happy” he is if we manage to shut him out and R.vp and Rooney steal the show. No matter what he says still doesnt change the fact hes coming to try and beat us. Im going to be at the home leg and i will show him respect b4 the match starts. After that hes just another rival player. Viva United!


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