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Ronaldo: We Haven’t Been Great… But Now We Will Be

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the decisive goal in our Champions League quarter-final tonight and it also happened to be a bloody screamer.

Ronaldo is hoping this result will start us off on a run of good form and can’t wait to face Arsenal in the semis.

“This will give us confidence,” said Ronaldo. “The last five games we didn’t play great and I hope this will change that. When Anderson gave me the ball I think straight away to turn and shoot in the goal and I score a fantastic goal. It is the best I have scored. It was a fantastic strike and I can’t wait to see it again on DVD. I am very happy with it.”

Ronaldo is already looking forward to facing Arsenal in the semi-final, who beat Villarreal at home today.

“It’s a fantastic thing,” he added. “Arsenal play fantastic football. It will be a tight game. We know each other and I hope to win the tie and go to the final.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Marq says:

    Hope so, its about time to turn it on.

    btw, this might be his best strike from open play, but to me the best goal he scored was the freekick against James

  2. Scoops says:

    wat a fucking screamer unreal. good to c rio a vidic back made a big diff

  3. Adam says:

    Viva Ronaldo.

    They say he’s not had a good season but he’s been a vital player for us yet again.

    20 goals, 9 assists in 38 starts and 5 subs appearances.

    That was the goal of the season, goal of any season.

    We’ve got a lot of improving to do but I hope this victory pushes us on now.

  4. Drew Vader says:

    No way— IF we can hold on and eek out the league, Macheda’s goal at Villa will go down as the goal of the season…

  5. costas says:

    Macheda’s will be goal of the season.This is simply the greatest goal Cristiano has scored.

  6. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    It was a ridiculous goal. No keeper in the world would have got near that – unstoppable.

    Ronnie was brilliant tonight upfront on his own really, offers the pace to stretch defenses, and clearly listened to Fergie by keeping hold of possession as well as anybody else in red tonight.

    Job well done and roll on the Gooner’s!!!

  7. clangers says:

    For me his best goal was the header against chelsea in last years final without it we wouldn’t be champions :) ….C’mon United make a clean sweep again!!

  8. Carrick's Fucking Magic says:

    he’s a bloody fantastic player !!!
    Roll on May !!!

  9. Ivo says:

    I am the only one that is dissapointed in Evra’s performance. Gave the ball away too often, every time Porto came down the left I was very concerned. We are far from our best.

  10. ILamb22 says:

    I for one, was actually relieved to see Ronaldo making some important tackles and interceptions in our own half. I don’t know if Fergie said something to him, but he’s starting to look and sound like the team leader that we need him to be as we roll into this very difficult stage of the season. Quietly, he’s been our leading scorer and the leading scorer in the premier league despite the fact that pretty much nobody has had a nice thing to say about him all season. I think what we were all missing was that killer instinct that changed games in a heartbeat. If he slides into that form again, I think we may well have a pretty good shot at these trophies.

    Of concern of course, is Evra. He seems to be a man without a country right now. He gets stuck in the middle of the pitch and seems unsure of himself. I don’t know what needs to happen to give him the confidence to make forward runs whole-heartedly when needed, and concentration to stay back and defend when needed. I think that over the course of the last two seasons, he has been one of our strongest players, and I can only hope that he can buckle down and be the player that we all know he is capable of being.

    Nail-biter through and through, but a solid performance from the team. Let’s keep this train rolling on Sunday.

  11. jamiesred1974 says:

    ronnie was awesome tonight! not just the goal(which was immense) but his overall contribution was his best of the season by a country mile! looks like fergie’s words did him some good! well done ronnie lad! more of the same please!

  12. redmojo says:

    Ivo I was screaming at Evra the entire game! Don’t know what’s going on there. Hasn’t really seemed to have recovered well from that red card/injury phase. He needs to get his head in the game and fast.

  13. ellioman says:

    Crazy goal!! Just amazing!
    I’m so glad we are through and are going into the next round… whooopie ;)

    On another note….
    I must say, although it benefits the team, I absolutely HATE, i repeat, HATE IT, I repeat again, ABSOLUTELY HATE IT when Rooney is used as wingman instead of being the striker that he is! It just irritates the hell out of me!

  14. Ivo says:

    My thoughts exactly Redmojo. Evra is not the same player since comng back from injury. I just hope it’s only a confidence thing with him and he gets back to his usual self

  15. redmojo says:

    I was disappointed with Rooney on the wing as well, he disappears in that position. There’s got to be a better way to have them both (he and Ronnie) up front and working together…

  16. marky boi says:

    @ Adam
    ron’s got 21 gls now :)

  17. King Eric says:

    22 goals if you include the one in the World Club cup thing. Superb. Rio and Vida were immense.

  18. mufcdc says:

    What a goal!

    But to chime in with the Evra concern, what can we say? I hope that Rafael or Brown are fit and Patrice can have a rest. O’Shea was so much more composed with Rio and Vidic in the middle, didn’t need to tuck in as much and was rarely exposed… at least not like Evra was. Switch him over! He’s better on the left anyway.

  19. wazza says:

    Rooney was our RWB was a total team effort & nice to see the work rate of them all.hopefully this will start another run of clean sheets

  20. costas says:

    King Eric actually it’s 21 with that goal. Half from last season but equally as good for me.42 goals was crazy but at least this season he might get more assist than last season which is equally as important.Fair play to Roonie for getting his head back in the game.Saw his interview too.Nice to see him in good spirits.Shame on Sky’s part trying to make something out of nothing by asking him why he didn’t celebrate and if he was sending a message to the bench.Dear god this country’s journalists need a life badly.

  21. the Count says:

    good performance from the lads last night, Rio def gives the back line more stability, still a bit unhappy with our control in midfield. My biggest concern though is that Rooney is still riding 2 yellow cards with a possible final approaching…

  22. Adopted Scouser 10 says:

    You did not notice something in the match.There former player gave a pass to there former rival to kill them off.Thats a FACT

  23. Jake says:

    Anderson played well, evra did well, berbatov looking ok, ronaldo played better, rio is awesome, best centre back in the world, has been for last 3/4 years but I have to say that despite my belief that Carrick is world class, his lack of balance was alarming last night, he hardly got close to a Porto player all game, they just kept ghosting around him and running at our defence, forunately rio in there cleared up most of their attacks but I certainly wouldn’t say Carrick looked ‘more assured’…with the ball he wasn’t bad but defensively atrocious

  24. Kings says:

    To win this again will be a fantastic birthday present for Sir Matt who would of been 100 years old this year.

  25. King Eric says:

    Jake – I agree entirely about Carrick, not sure what is wrong with him at the minute apart from the obvious “fatigue” or “tiredness”. He did get injured in the first half from which he seemed to be limping for a while. Maybe he is not hundred per cent fit. At least Anderson is back and looked superb last night. Also without a shadow of doubt Rio is the best centre back in the world. Compare him to Tiny Tears and it is laughable.

  26. stretford972 says:

    i thought everyone did their bit last night. Not sure what the criticism of evra is about,thought he had it all under control and got some very good challenges in to be honest. The only thing which really disappointed me was how utterly shit nani was when he came on, he didn’t look remotely arsed and barely broke out of a jog. I’ve been one of these people who’ve been askin other fans to be patient with him, but after last night, he looked like a player who knew he’s gone

  27. davetian says:

    Anyone else think that Ronaldo could possibly be more effective up front permanently. Kind of in the way Henry was for Arsenal? Maybe the Rooney / Ronaldo position swap of last night could be a permanent change in future. Rooneys game suits him playing deep, Ronaldo’s game suits him being a front runner…… just a thought anyway. I wouldnt mind seeing a midfield of (R-L) Rooney, Hargreaves, Carrick, and Anderson from next season, with Berbatov supporting Ronaldo up front. Kinda like it myself. Looks solid, balanced to me. Maybe in a 4-2-3-1 way.

  28. Don Pablo says:

    Bring in Fabio for the cup game and let Evra rest/ponder about his game. Carrick needs a rest as well. Glad with Berbatov’s shift last night. Fuck, even O’shea played well. I’ve been crying about it to anyone who would listen, we need Anderson’s tenacity in the middle. There’s one time he dispossed Lisandro and make him look like a fool. His energy and all round play is immense. Nice game lads.

  29. denton davey says:

    “Anyone else think that Ronaldo could possibly be more effective up front permanently”

    He’d do fine there – he’s big, strong, fast and direct BUT he’s better floating in from the wing.

    The big attacking issue is elsewhere – how does SAF set up the team to accommodate Rooney/Berbatov ? Perhaps, some version of a Xmas tree (4-3-2-1) would work.

    In that case, then YES, Ronaldo would be the guy in front and Berbatov and Rooney could work behind him where both of them are more comfortable.

  30. costas says:

    I always prefer to see Rooney in the centre of the attack.So i do believe that Romaldo should be on the wing.But one system that could work is both of them in attack.The problem with taking Ronaldo of the wing is that we don’t have another player like him to play there.Nani is having an off season,Park is undustrious but not as much creative as Ronaldo and Giggs doesn’t play there often.

  31. King Eric says:

    Ronnie said after the game last night that he doesn’t particularly like playing in that position but if it benefits the team it can only be a good thing.

    davetian – What a midfield that would be, Rooney, Carrick, Hargreaves and Ando! With obviously Fletch doing his bit as well. Personally though I love to see Rooney up top.

  32. costas says:

    King Eric,it’s weird but our midfield at Anfield was like the one you mentioned,onlu with Scholes in Hargreaves’ place.It didn’t work out that well.Anderson was good that day but as it showed last night,he is great in a central role.Same goes for Wayne.Changing positions is good in order to get you the odd result here or there,but in the end,everyone has to be utilised to their full strength.Ronaldo as a winger,Rooney as a striker and Ando like last night.King Eric,i think the boy is back.And at the best time too.

  33. King Eric says:

    Costas I agree entirely. Having said that Hargreaves is a totally different player to Scholes but I know what you mean. Off topic slightly but Tosic is playing at the moment for the reserves. Ripping Everton to shreds . 2-0 after 20 minutes. There is some excellent promising talent in Ole’s team. The future is red.

  34. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    Scott I think now would be a suitable time to remind us of your reasoning why we are “better off without Ronaldo,” and why you “can’t wait for him to leave in the Summer….”

    After a performance like that, I think most fans, like I did after you slated him after a few poor performances a few weeks ago, would suggest when talking about Ronnie, you talk absolute ring piece.

    Apart from your articles on Ronaldo your site and views tend to be quite reasonable.

  35. Scott the Red says:

    Do you have a fucking hardon for Ronaldo or what?

    Like I’ve said several times, when he works hard, I’m more than happy to praise him. When he doesn’t bother to try, I will criticise him. It’s nothing to do with form, he’s the bloody top scorer in the league, it’s to do with work ethic.

    When Ronaldo is working hard for the team and showing the commitment his comments directly following the European Cup win echoed, then he is an incredibly important part of our team. But I couldn’t care how many goals he scores if he’s not prepared to work. How he’s been this season is like how Ruud was in his last few months. Scored a shit load but couldn’t be arsed (remember that penalty against Sunderland??). Ronaldo looks like he’s turned a corner after Ferguson had a word and I’m more than happy to support Ronaldo when he plays like that.

    The manager came out and said it all anyway. I agree with SIR Alex on this one, not you.

  36. davetian says:

    Dont get me wrong, i prefer to see Rooney central. But i dont prefer seeing him as a front runner, it’s just not his game. If Berbatov played right up against the last man, i’d love to see Rooney buzzing around him, similair to the way Keane did at Spurs. But for some reason SAF seems to want to play Berbatov very deep, meaning Rooney is the one pushed further ahead. None of us are deluded enough to say that partnership has been a great success, and at times Berba has looked half the player he was last season. If SAF wants Berba deep, it would make more sense to play Ronaldo up top and allowing Rooney to come from deep. When we need a goal Ronny is pushed on as he’s such a threat, and when we need stability he’s pushed up to not allow the right side to be exposed. Why dont we benefit from these things permanently?

    The other point i made was mainly to do with Anderson playing on the left. We all love him, and we all know he’s brilliant so we need to find a place for him in this team. I believe Carrick and Hargreaves will be the first choice central pairing next season, so lets try Ando on the wing. He’s got pace, a great work ethic, can dribble, and has a trick or two. Might just turn out to be the making of him. I’d hate to see him being a bit part player forever, as, aside from Vidic, he’s probably my favourite player. To be honest, i prefer him over Carrick. I aint seen much of Tosic unfortunately but if he looks like he can breakthrough then get Ando in the middle and Carrick outta there.


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