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Ronaldo: Why Move? I’m At The Ideal Club Already

Cristiano Ronaldo is loved by many, but hated by more. He has been criticised ever since his arrival to Manchester United back in 2003, and since hitting excellent form in the 2006/2007 season, has seen that hatred grow all the more.

Under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson, Ronaldo has transformed from a player with bags of potential but not much end product, to one of the finest players in the World, and he is still only 22!

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that Real Madrid were ready to bid a massive £50 million for Ronaldo. It is not the first time they have been linked with our winger, with the lad almost signing with them following the World Cup. However, he snubbed their offer and put pen to paper on a five year contract with us.

Ronaldo has made it clear on a number of occasions that he would like to play in Spain some day, and he reaffirmed this wish at the World Player of the Year award ceremony. “Only God knows what will happen in the future,” he said. “I’d like to find out the difference between playing in England and Spain.”

United fans would be right to fear that Ronaldo would leave us before he reached his peak. His life would be so much easier in Spain, without the constant berating he receives from rival fans and rash challenges he’s expected to endure week in week out.

However, today Ronaldo has confirmed his future is at United, for the time being at least, recognising this is the club he should stay with if he is to fulfil his potential. “I am at the ideal club to grow and to reach the summit,” he explained. “When I came to England I was only 18. In four years, everything has changed. I am no longer the same player. Thanks to mixing with some of the best players in the world, I have made progress on every front. I feel great. I get the feeling I am improving with every game.”

How long do you think it will be before Ronaldo gives in to the temptation of Real Madrid?

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  1. Tom F says:

    I think the time to see if he stays or goes to Madrid will be when Sir Alex steps down and if Carlos Quiroz goes. They have such a good relationship and you know what it can be like when the leader you all look up to gets replaced. The age of 25/26 is the time he’d be tempted, he’ll be gearing up for the next few years which will see him at his prime. I can understand why he’d want to experience being at another top club abroad but do not like the thought of it. He has been the player who we’ve defended against other supports, sung for everywhere and to us he is a true RED. He’s our prized asset and it fills us with pride to know he was brought to our club as a skinny 18yr old with a potential for something big nd has been turnd into a big strong superstar. Thank god England were knocked out of the World Cup last year!

  2. Taehr says:

    I think it really depends on the success the club has.If we are winning trophies every year he could stay for 3 to 4 years more.Although I do have a feeling its going to be pretty soon.I just dont like the way he celebrates his goals and the teams goals.His ego also grows each day.The penalty miss would have helped that though.I have to say in spain he would find it so easy.

  3. john says:


  4. Tone says:

    To me he is not a true red, and he never will be. He thinks too much of his own glory and too little about the team for that… He’s a good player, but he will leave one day. Don’t think he’ll ever fit in perfectly in England. See it more every match, he’s going back to where he used to be, with lots of trickery, very little else!

  5. Cantona_Legend_7 says:

    Fans seem never appreciated what ever he does for good of the club. We were crying for somebody that can make club looks special again after Beckham left. Then in 2003, the uncut diamond arrived. The potential very huge and when the legend number 7 was handed to him, its surprised by many as he wasn’t near to establish household name.

    In 4 years time, he has become somewhat top 3 players in the world. That make us damn proud as players in EPL hardly can reach that summit. Its privilege being the fan of the club.

    How to determine completely a player is true red or blue or white? I don’t think even Zinedine Zidane is the true white of Madrid for the success he brought there. The mattered most is the progress Ronny has make as a player and for the club ambition.

    For now he wanted to stay, so appreciate the moment while its last.

    Remember the good over the bad.

  6. Donners says:

    Tone, you are clearly a moron. 18 goals by Christmas and you say “lots of trickery, very little else!” Fact is this is classic Real Madrid tactics to unsettle a player through the media. You saw it with Becks. You saw it in the summer with Fabregas. Ronaldo certainly won’t go in Jan, and not even the summer. Granted, he may eventually leave, but not until he’s got a champs league with utd, and the challenge is to sell them at the right time. We did with Becks. Arsenal waited 1 season too long with Henry and Vieira. It’ll be sad to see him go, but these things happen. And we’ve got a long time to enjoy his tricks AND end product before that happens.

  7. badger says:

    perhaps we can have ruud back in exchange? i really dont want to see ronaldo go but its going to happen some day.

  8. Anekin says:

    . If he doesn’t want to be part of MAn utd, then let it be. You have to remember, we are not so good with handling ultra- superstars. But think about it, we made him what he is today; he owes a lot to SAF.
    I don’t think selling him is a bad prospect.
    Man United is the Universe and Ronaldo is a Star who will soon fade.
    The Guy has got an ego ( which is both attractive and irritating attimes).
    Loads of times, he gives me a bilous feeling that he is playing for himself. The money we would get will help us in restructuring our youth system .
    MAN United forever!!!

    P.S. – I hate dippers.

  9. Elliot says:

    Don’t think he’ll ever fit in perfectly in England. See it more every match, he’s going back to where he used to be, with lots of trickery, very little else!

    Tone what on earth are you going on about, how is scoring 18 goals and making 11 assists ,very little else,
    and if ronaldo dosnt fit in then the same would have to be said for torres,or van persie or fabregas which is obviosly not true!!! you must still be living in 2003 mate.

  10. Kevin Phillips says:

    Most of you seriously have no idea what your talking about, the time Ronaldo will leave is when SAF steps down and leaves the club, Ronaldo owes a huge debt to the manager for making him the player he is today, Tone you clearly have no idea about football so go back to watching bowls or something mate. He is the all time leading top scorer in the Premier league for a midfielder, this of course being held previously by Frank Lampard who is an attacking midfielder, Ronaldo of course can play in this position but 99% of the time he plays either on the right or on occasions he will swap to the left, so for a winger with 18 goals already this season and bag fulls of assists, can take the ball around defenders, can cross the ball, can head the ball, can score free kicks, penalties and currently the premier league’s leading scorer I think you can say this boy has more than just trickery Tone.


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