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Ronaldo *wink* Yehhh We’re The Best… Rock On

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    ronaldo can pull any goofy/stupid face in the world yet girls still fucking love him, gotta say fair play to him with that one.

    the girlfriend walks past ‘ooohh ronaldo’ , if i pulled a face like that id get a slap and be called a retard haha

  2. spencer says:

    well we are the best

    ron just pointing out the obvious

  3. Fred the Red 10 says:

    heh no wonder people hate him and are jealous of him, he just knows it pisses off other fans lol :D Man United kings of the world

  4. orlandodevils says:

    Awesome Ronny. Call him what you will, but he’s smart enough to know who the best club in the world really is…and it’s not Real :D

  5. Minhaj87 says:

    The king of England, king of Europe, king of World, Glory, Glory,, Glory,,, it make me laugh every time i hear the stupid thing called the BIG FOUR club in the Premier League, because in my opinion those club who won trophies should be recognised as the BIG ONE, TWO OR THREE OR FOUR… IN THIS SENSE MANCHESTER UNITED, PORTSMOUTH AND TOTTENHAM ARE THE BIG THREE CLUB IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE THIS SEASON…WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS? Does the clubs such as Chelblacksea, Livblackpool and Arseblacknal deserves to be called as one of the big four club in the league (even after winning nothing)? or is it fair for clubs such as Portsmouth and Spurs? Common peoples i wana know your views in this¤¤¤

  6. johnpanda says:

    world champions! …and rightly so. awesome.

    …ronaldo is an embarrassment though. i wish he’d take a leaf out of scholesy’s book. now there’s a true great. what a guy!

  7. SRAB says:

    Watching Ronaldo in the celebrations yesterday was quite funny. He hogged the trophy for ages, and I saw both Anderson and Rafael try and fail to get it off him at different points!

  8. gautam says:

    i wld hav prefered a photo of rooney winking.all of us know who the real gem is

  9. corea says:

    i think he’s directing this to his mum
    as simple as that

  10. denton davey says:

    OhMyGawd – he looks so unhappy !

  11. Giles Oakley says:

    No better sight in the world than United players holding trophies and looking happy.Did I mention the world? We all know what that means now.

  12. cherry says:

    I tell u the boy is happy here. Fuck all these press men who just fabricate stories abt ron going to Madrid.

    Where else can he win this? Only wth the Red of Manchester

  13. unitedgirl15 says:

    haha i watched this. What a twonk lol. I was dissapointed that anderson didnt do his samba dance, i was looking forward to it!
    Well done lads!

  14. denton davey says:

    Right, what about Tevez’ Argentina flag waving ?

  15. spencer says:

    too many dippers on here posing as united fans

    lol I agree Unitedgirl. was looking forward to the samba dancing by Ando

  16. spencer says:

    Yes I agree johnpanda. Embarissing having the Ballon d’or winner playing for the best team in the world

    that way to RAWK—————->

  17. EastStandManc says:

    The ‘rock on’ sign he did with his hand isn’t actually the ‘rock on’ double-viking you think it was Scott ;) .

    It’s the Portuguese hand signal, I *think*, for ‘Falou’ (someone please correct me if that’s the wrong word/spelling). No idea what it means, though I’d venture a guess it’s something along the lines of “It’s all good!”

    It’s done with the thumb and the pinky. Here’s the other Ronaldo halfway through the move;

  18. rubanraj says:

    biggest idiot in the world!

  19. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Thats the thing, the more we enjoy ourselves, the more the rest hate us, and I fucking love it!!!
    I was texting my non United mates straight after the game “another fucking trophy? this is getting boring…”. Only one Scouser replied, he said “fair play, it used to be us”, I just said I couldnt remember back that far and Id have to ask my Grandad about it. Happy xmas YSB!!!

  20. EastStandManc says:

    What are you on about Minhaj87? What’s with all the ‘black’ references?

    And rubanraj – ‘biggest idiot in the world’, eh? I’d love to compare and contrast your trophy cabinet with his … you know, every trophy available to him in the English, European and World club game and pretty much every personal award (worth its salt) under the sun, compared with, err, fuck all.

    Sorry, who’s the idiot again?

  21. suhayl says:

    Rubanraj gautam and john panda..2 words for you FUCK OFF.

    I DONT know if you are dippers or calling yourselves utd fans. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.




    so f off

    YESTERDAY ALSO OUR PLAYERS WERE AWESOME…INFACT THE HOLY TRINITY OF ROO RON AND CARLITOS WERE BRILLIANT THE TIME THEY PLAYED TOGETHER. Reminiscent of last year. And before you start your spurious jealous psychological cynical ronaldo bashing AS FUCKING USUAL. The lad played brilliant, very unslefish yesterday and yes people he celebrated probs more than anyone. Think he’s realised and knows where his food should be served.

    So dont fuckin come on here slating our club and our player…muppets

  22. King Eric says:

    Well said East Stand and Suhayl!
    fuck off minhaj 87 you racist cunt!!

  23. Ben says:

    Did anyoen else notice when Ronaldo realised a camera was following him, go up to Carrick, steal the trophy and insist everyone take photos of him, all with a huge grin on his face.

    These antics prove that he’s happy at United.

  24. TonyBee says:

    Heard that Giggsy tapped CR7 on the shoulder and said ” You wouldn’t have got this with Real Madrid”

  25. themarkedman72 says:

    NIce work SUhayl and King eric. NO racist rubbish here..I like asian and all kinds of girls as much as any. My mates are all kinds. No skin disease here.

    ronaldo rooney and Tevez F’ing LETHAL MATE!!!!
    Sorry berbie but the three together…TOPS!!!

  26. ot070506 says:

    Like many of us, I wasn’t that bothered with this competition before it started. Now I feel happy and genuinely proud though.

    We played (more or less) our stongest team in both games, although we could rest some of the big guns and most likely win the tournament with a usual Carling Cup combo. Our approach and display showed we really wanted to win it. All that, and the way Fergie and the players celebrated in the end, told me it wasn’t a totally meaningless trophy to win.

    Watching Roo and Ron celebrating Wayne’s goal sent shivers down my spine.

    Finally, it was great to see Ron’s genuine smile AND wink after such a long time again.

  27. EastStandManc says:

    @ TonyBee; It’s hard to know if it’s possible for Giggseh to rise any higher in my estimations, but if what you said’s true, fuck me, ‘Legend’ just doesn’t describe him well enough.

  28. scoop says:


    Heard that Giggsy tapped CR7 on the shoulder and said ” You wouldn’t have got this with Real Madrid”

    Fantastic you can just see Giggs the old head utd Legend in his quiet manner coming up to Ronaldo tapping his shoulder and coming out with a statement like that.

    Giggs you are a fucking star!

  29. redsarg99 says:

    Who ever made that Gif well done, I am going to pinch it and use it as my avatar :)

  30. kaikorey says:

    liverpool is the same shit like real madrid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,man utf the king of the world…hey man we are world champion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hehe!


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