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Rooney and Rio Booed By Ingerlernders At Aston Villa

With just minutes played, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand found themselves on the receiving end of loud boos whenever they went near the ball. Like Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Joe Cole were on the receiving end of hassle from travelling Newcastle fans earlier today, the Villa fans were letting it be known they are none too impressed about our lads pulling out of the England friendly against what appeared to be Germany’s ‘B’ team midweek.

If the Villa fans had anything about them, they’d realise their boos were totally unwarranted though…

Whilst I’d be more than happy to see our players stick their fingers up at England and tell them to do one, unfortunately, Rooney and Ferdinand are never going to be those kind of players. They love representing their country.

Both Ferdinand and Rooney missed United’s last match in the league, so it shouldn’t have come as any surprise that they were unable to play a few days after the weekend. Why should a player who isn’t fit enough to play for their club at the weekend be expected to play for their country midweek?

If the belief is that Sir Alex Ferguson was wanting to keep his players fresh and therefore put pressure on them not to play, then why is it that eleven other of our players were out on duty, travelling much further than bloody Germany! Anderson, Ronaldo and Nani all flew to Brazil for their Wednesday game, whilst Berbatov and Vidic were in Serbia and Park Ji-Sung was in Saudi Arabia!

Yet the small-time Villa fans boo every time Rio touches the ball and cheer every time Rooney gets tackled. Get a grip!

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  1. Red-Manc says:


    couldnt give a shit what others think about them not playing, where are these booers when lumpard,terry,gerrard dont play for ingurland? there just ABU noobs.

    UNITED > ingurland

    Republik Of Mancunia***

  2. Nino says:

    too right mate…fickle bastards!

  3. aron says:

    lordy more deluded than arsenal. no one can break into the top 4 if manu etc etc keep protecting their players from these pointless friendlies. if you can’t see it from our point of view then you must be one of those daft stereotype manu fans.

    however we are taking it as a compliment you had to stoop so low, and as a bonus you appear to be bitter about it aswell. happy days

  4. Scott the Red says:

    Aron – read the article then leave a comment in future eh. Anyone who read it would realise how retarded they would sound saying Rio and Rooney were protected from the friendlies. If United were in the business of denying players from representing their country, we wouldn’t have had our lads in Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Serbia in the week, you moron.

  5. aron says:

    so having 2 of your best players staying home instead of traveling with the team hasen’t benefited you at all! whilst we had one player playing for 90 mins and another who didn’t get a sniff but still had to go.

    scott try considering other perspectives you brave keyboard warrior you

  6. Kings says:

    Fuck off Aron you twat.

  7. aron says:

    well thought out kings, nice one you little critter. bored of this now. decent game for 0 -0 happy with a point against our bogey team. onwards and upwards

  8. OTRed says:

    @aron, lol and you guys want to break into the top 4..being happy with a point in your own ground with a complete squad whilst Man Utd are missing a key midfielder and a striker while Villa park the bus in their own home and still coming out with a point. Small club mentality indeed. If you guys couldn’t even have the guts to attack in your own ground, then i can’t wait to see what you guys do at OT. You should go talk to Hull for pointers. Smaller team but aren’t afraid to have a go AWAY.

  9. Kings says:

    Aron – fuck off please you mug, this is a United site for United fans, bore off and post crap on your own site celebrating a draw at home. At least Hull have a go regardless of where they play. Small time club with small time fans. ‘well though out kings, nice one you little critter’ – shit comeback!

  10. matty says:

    At the end of the day, fuck nobodys like aron, the fact he uses words like ‘lordy’ sums it up for me to be honest.
    Granted we missed an opportunity to catch up with chelski n the dippers, but at the end of the day they gotta come o.t and point wise it’s no different from yesterday….game in hand….
    i think at times we miss c.q, and his input to s.a.f. Phelan has been a servant but not sure he can cut it. I know it’s the second time he’s (c.q) fucked us off but he was instrumental last year, and the years before that when we bemoaned the lack of attacking football. I would welcome him back till s.a.f retires.
    In regards to a replacement, o’neill has long been and is probaly still a decent enough candidate, note fergie’s praise this week. As much as i would love legends like ole, eric or even keano to take over (fuck hughes) you gota question how much the two former could command a dressing room.
    when HE finally abdicates his red kingdom i feel it might be some time before we rule again.

  11. Tom F says:

    Aron, Ronaldo played for 80 minutes in Brazil and is one of the best in the world. United don’t deny anybody. don’t people like yourselves think of looking in to the facts before spouting your mouth off.

    Nobody seems to take notice of the fact that Rio and Wayne BOTH missed the UNITED game prior to the England match. I guess they were faking that too.

    Fans such as yourself are a funny bunch, always trying to find something to hate United for.


  12. Malino Ubah says:

    Aaron,it is not eleven players but fifteen that went for international friendlies. Which team in the world world can do it. Fuck all of them.
    And all you Man Utd haters,this site is for Man Utd fans and not for you.

  13. SteRDLK says:

    Aron you are a first class plonker

    Rio and Wayne didn’t play last weekend as they were injured, which is why they missed the midweek game.

    And as has already been pointed out, Ronaldo, Anderson and Nani were all in Brazil, and Ronaldo still managed to play yesterday.

    Don’t let facts come into the argument, just might make you look like a complete tit.

  14. bruce thomas says:

    Rooney must be spending most of his free time shagging grannies again — because his miss against Villa cost us 3 points.

    Bring Gallas in to sort him out (only joking) :)

  15. Red-Manc says:


    people are to quick to slate Rooney, yes he missed a shot but no other fucker created any chances so why just slate Rooney he should be praised for even making an effort and having a shot. We win as a team so if we draw its because we werent good enough AS A TEAM. why people choose to use Rooney as a scapegoat is beyond me. If were gonna piss and moan about anything it should be the fact giggsy was in CM and that O’shea started ahead of super Rafeal.

    Wayne Rooney The White Pele, Converted Mancunian :)


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