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Rooney and Vida In FIFA World XI

Iker Casillas
Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Nemanja Vidic, Dani Alves
Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Xabi Alonso
Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi.

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  1. mattos says:

    rooney? how did he make it there. he certainly didnt have a good first half of the season

  2. mattos says:

    oh and congratulations vida you lord.

  3. TheRedBardon says:

    To think about it, half of them have been blooded at United. Pique, Ronaldo, Vida, Rooney.

    That’s quality!

  4. gora says:

    Would put rvp ahead of rooney for 2011

  5. bayoRed says:

    Spanish two club leugue is getting too much respect.

  6. smartalex says:

    Congratulations Nemanja Vidic !

    Well done Wayne Rooney!

    Wow! To be ranked as World Class by the top men in football, wow! Wow! WOW!

    Credit also goes to Manchester United, Sir Alex, the staff and all the players.
    Well done, and thank you!

  7. gaz says:

    @gora no way man Rooney was better then RVP from Jan-Dec 2011 and he scored important goals that led us to the CL final and 19th title. The ones i have a problem with here are Ramos (crap defender) Alves is a fucking bird brain never rated him and fucking Alonso PLEASE! Giggsy was way better for us in the second half of the season then that over rated prick. As for the keeper VDS and Neur were better then Casillas last year.

  8. 16Legend says:

    so… 5 from uefalona… 4 from madrid and 2 of ours… interesting…

  9. 19 and counting... says:

    just looks like a future barca/real squad…

  10. Mes says:

    Mattos, Gora, shocking behaviour.

    One of our own gets chosen by FIFA and all you two can do is claim that he isn’t good enough and that an (admittedly very good) Arsenal player should have been chosen over him.

    You both really should have a rethink what the word “support” means to you. Jokers.

    And don’t come back at me with some bollocks about opinion. Support your team, ALL of them for fucks sake.

    Gaz, good post mate.

  11. keano86 says:

    Mes. Get a fucking grip. Knob.

  12. smartalex says:

    Are these Fucking-Grip-Knobs easy to get? Is it painful to install?

    How does it work? Is there a handle you grab, so that your arm (well used to the motion, no doubt) can do the work while saving your back? Does it come with a release valve, for those with a quick-exit strategy? Multicoloured with lumo-deco matt-finish for extra chafe would be a popular penis feature. Do you have one keano86?

  13. Mes says:

    Keano, is that really you? It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong since you left huh? Good sensible comment from you as always.


    Smart Alex, LOL. Maybe he uses one to help him stop peeing on his shoes and his mum’s bathroom carpet?

  14. smartalex says:

    Mes, latest research shows that a cross-haired scope is the most wanted optional extra!

  15. Mes says:


  16. Costas says:

    Nice one lads.

    We miss you Nemanja!

  17. Tim says:

    Despite all that cash.. I do see a city player in the list, or are my eyes playing tricks on me

  18. Tim says:

    I meant don’t see any

  19. DEGSY1986 says:

    What a front line that would be! I just cant believe Rooney didnt win goal of the year, Neymar’s goal is a worthy winner but how many times do you see a over head kick like Rooneys?

  20. utd_fc says:

    Really sad to see people hating on Roo so much that they’re rating him above RVP even though FIFA ranked otherwise.

    Congrats to both Vida n him. And I agree with whoever posted above. Pique Rooney Vida and Ronnie all associated with us

  21. Zibbie says:

    Fine job Vida and Rooney in the 11 best in the world!!!
    Dick Heads! Rooney by his peers is the 3rd best striker and 4th best player. Fuck off if you call yourselves Man Utd fans.

  22. smartalex says:

    Hello Zibbie! Good points raised at 20:08.

  23. nesh says:

    No matter how you look at it, the best 3 attackers in the world are messi, ronaldo and rooney in that order. And too all those who are hating on rooney’s selection, just think how many fowards in football could play central midfield as rooney has done for us when he has been asked too. Rooney deserves this the boy got talent oh ..n spirit

  24. T. says:

    Dani Alves and Iniesta??? Iniesta would be ok if he didn´t was such a moviestar and got injured all the time. Alves…well I can say that there is very few people I dispise as much as him. Probably only Bousquets and Pedro plays in the same cuntly, cheating, diving, referee-surrounding, whining disgracful leauge. I am amazed that a club of Barelonas magnitude want to touch those cunts.

  25. jh. says:

    People still moaning about Wayne. last season his performance at west ham won us the title he took the game by the scruff of the neck and proved he is world class. He knew he had to do something special for the team at 2-0 down. If we hadnt of won that game we would have not won the title. That shook the prem and our rivals dropped points.

    Not to mention all the other massive moments wazza has delivered in the last 12 months.

    Bore off for still critcising him his outburts are 15 months ago when yes he was playing like a goat but hes cracked on again and hes soon to be record goalscorer for united!

    Move on. Wayne will bang at least 35 goals this season as we march on to the double!

    we’ll never die!

  26. UTD-STHLM says:


  27. smartalex says:


    Your caps locked on so tight that you’re talking through your hat.

    Darren Gibson plays for Manchester United. He’s a Red.

    Where is Gibson? He’s at the greatest Club in the World. The Club that we all support.


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