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Rooney Banned For Fulham And City Semi

The FA have confirmed that Wayne Rooney will be banned for two games after he swore at the camera in United’s 4-2 victory over West Ham at the weekend.

Rooney has until 6pm on Tuesday to respond to the charge. If Rooney accepts the ban it means he will miss this weekend’s home game against Fulham as well as our FA Cup semi-final against City.

Sadly, this is the latest of a long list of occasions when the FA have chosen to make an example out of a United player.

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  1. red_devil says:

    The FA’s other complication relates to an instance of similar behaviour on international duty. Following England’s disappointing draw with Algeria in Cape Town during the World Cup in last year, Rooney assailed a pitch-side camera to complain about fans booing the team. He also uttered a swear word as he marched towards the dressing room.


    -Martin Samuel, Daily Mail

    I am posting it again cause i dont see my previous comment with a different user name

  2. redpete says:


  3. WFW!!!? says:

    Nice one ghtt, any chance Em will be doing that one? jj

    I find all of the uppity blue-blood crap by the ABU’s a bit irritating. Like 99% of the fathers watching an EPL game don’t curse at the telly….right.

  4. fergie is the boss says:

    MG – well he fucked up I want united to regain a title they should never have lost last season. I said that time and time again last season and the table last year proved chelsea were lucky on a phew reasons I have posted to death all summer, and last season

  5. fergie is the boss says:

    Also Mg – its irony with cech saying united got lucky in moscow, what if ronaldo was sold summer 2010 not 9, would chelsea be champions in 2010 not a chance

  6. denton davey says:

    What ? Only two games ?

    why not eight months that they denied Rio ?

    why not five matches like Patrice Evra got for responding to a post-match racist taunt ?

    Or why not set a new “example” and make it eight months AND five matches ?

  7. xol says:

    Owen to score another late winner against you know who and in a way, the ABU will have brought it upon themselves.

  8. keano says:

    Hope we ll win the Fa cup and Rooney throws the medal away. FUCKING CUNTS

  9. shakshamboo says:

    over the top decision by FA. I dont know if the ban can be lessened to a fine by appealing or not, but we should appeal nonetheless.

    the best possible reaction to all this is to win the league and FA cup. that would be the sweetest revenge.

  10. MG says:


    I can answer that for you

    My son learnt his United through Rooney

    I didn’t push him – that’s who he associated with and that’s who he believes in.

    When I told him that he might leave United then his answer was simple for a then 5 year old.

    Someone else will just take over.

    It is not for children to understand the complexities of human nature. It is only for us to let them grow and become better than us – that ultimately is the holy grail of parenting.

    Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes and Van Der Sar they are my role models – but today players like Nani Rooney and the Twins will be tomorrows role models.

    Myself willierednut and FletchTHEMAN – we know of the pain Rooney caused – when his story broke out the three of us discussed it like nothing ever before – and willierednut said it quite correctly that to seek forgiveness is to find redemption.

    It has taken Wayne a long time to come back to us. One only wonders if that is the same with his family – but here is the thing. If he has done wrong he has to find his redemption and carry on with himself.

    It is his path that he needs to sort out – just like each and every one of us. We are all responsible for our actions – we are all captains of our souls.

    What Rooney did on Saturday was pure and honest raw emotion – tell me after being two goals down which United fan didn’t want to scream up and down and tell them fucking non believers to fuck off?

    Of course it was wrong and he apologised for it – likewise I had sworn in front of my child and I apologised.

    Let’s cut all the media bullshit. My son said to me and Rooney that we were naughty – shouldn’t have said that word.

    Children are not pathetic and neither are they the Angels that everyone wants them to be – but children understand when something has gone wrong.

    So if mine got it then why did the FA or other’s never got it? Because it’s disrespecting this club and that’s not on.

    Rooney is still my sons role model and I have not taken his shirt away. He proudly wore it the day his hero scored a hat trick. And he knew that his hero was a little naughty using a naughtier word.

    That’s respect when a child can see what is wrong and forgive.

    And ultimately all the rest is fucking atrocious much like the FA themselves and those that throw shit on this glorious club.

    We have nothing to answer to nobody. The clubs reputation is fine and wonderfully intact. But those that do not believe will tell you otherwise.

    I do not believe them. I believe Manchester United.

  11. Lovin' United says:

    What ever happened when StevieMe pointed two fingers at the ref?

  12. MG says:


    I totally concur

    Though without Ronaldo we did pretty well to change yet again – would have beaten Chelsea easily if the officials have done their jobs

    This is the one FITB – this premiership is the one.

    Chelsea and Mr. Cech are and always will be full of fucking shit – and they know it – Mourinho is gone and so with it is their destiny. What they do now is through desperation because the noisy neighbours have more money than sense.

    Though talking about Mourinho – we beat him to the premiership in his last full season.

    We are where we are. We have our gaffer we’ll work it out.

  13. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @MG, Amazing post mate. I have no idea how time and again you come up with these goosebump creating post. Now if you can just put that as a mail and send it out to the F.A., it might make them fucking see the point of parenting kids in this world. Wait a minute! Scrap that idea, the F.A. don’t deserve nothing from us.

    I think what you have mentioned is pretty much similar to what Mark Ogden wrote in the Telegraph. Ultimately, you can show anything on T.V., but it is up to the parents to make their children see what is right and what is wrong and today’s kids have enough exposure to differentiate certain aspects themselves leaving only the rest for us to deal with.

    Again, very well put post and if I offended you by saying that Rooney is not good enough to be a role-model, I sincerely apologize mate.

  14. james21 says:

    Why am I totally Not supprised.
    Its up to Our Top scorers Berba and Chicharito to win us the Two games He may be banned from.

  15. fergie is the boss says:

    MG – exactly, ronaldo leaves in the summer of 09, the officails gift rapped them the game at stamford bridge, and got a help in hand with gerrard giving chelsea victory along with torres decided to take workers leave for a year, in hope chelsea would win the leaguem and still chelsea bearly won the league by 1 pethetic point.

  16. MG says:


    Thanks for the wonderful reply

    No apologies accepted because no apologies are warranted – Rooney in all honesty is not my role model because he does not fit my time and my expectations of United

    He does though to my son and likewise his friends that support United
    It is just the way time unravels things.

    Let’s hope Rooney stays to his word being a United player – let’s hope that we see that burning passion within his eyes play out for United for years to come.

    As for England well they can go fuck themselves and so can that fucking FA

  17. and Solskjaer has won it says:

    outrageous decision from the fa once again when it comes to Manchester United. Since they first attempted to block Busby bringing us to Europe in 1957 to the present day, the fa have had it in for us

  18. MG says:


    And they are more favoured by everyone to beat us in the CL

    Okay let’s see then.

  19. lawman10 says:

    The FA are a bunch of arseholes who have shown there total dislike for anything manchester united,
    I say take the ban and say nowt ,fuck em!!!
    lets go on and win league
    I hope rooney & ferdinand go and tell the FA to stick there ingurland shirts up there ABU backsides.
    I for one will never,never watch ingurland again!! bunch of cunts the lot of them.

  20. POBORSKI says:

    We have more than enough in those 2 games to get through:

    v fulham this should do fine


    rafael rio vidic fabio

    valencia anderson fletcher nani

    chica b da berb

    v man city

    van der

    rafael rio vida evans

    nani ando fletch park



    i just think that evra needs a good rest because he keeps getting exposed.

  21. Welsh_United says:

    I say we all complain about Sky Sports to Ofcom and get them done for broadcasting swearing before the watershed. They could easily have stopped any of this from happening due to the 3 second delay that they have supposedly to stop any naughty words getting out.

  22. wayne says:

    rooney and rio should tell england to fuck off,utd won’t miss him for the 2 games that really isn’t the point the whole thing is a fucking witch hunt

  23. RedSea says:

    Only 2 games???? Cmon FA, you could do better than that…..

  24. TK says:

    This coudn’t come in a worse time .Fuck the FA and fuck the cunt Bernstein.

  25. Chelseaboy says:

    Take off all your red tinted specs and see it fo what it is !

    He swore at the camera on live tv watched by millions

    What sort of role model is that to youngsters for our national game ??

    Drogba did the same to the cameras, albeit talking about the referee, but nevertheless swearing at the cameras and rightly got banned

    if it was a chelsea or arsenal player that did what Rooney did, you would be up in arms wouldnt you ? …yes you would !!

  26. RedSea says:

    Excellent post there Chelseaboy…….

  27. fulhamnewt says:

    Well said Chelseaboy….bets of luck for tonight


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