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Rooney Goes Eight Games Without A Goal Then…

Wayne Rooney has played in eight matches for United since he last scored, with that coming at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea.

In the 2006/2007 season, Rooney went eight matches without scoring for United, then scored a hat-trick against Bolton.


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  1. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    It’s been such a while since we’ve since him so clinical

  2. PeeJay says:

    What a pass from Carrick!

  3. sugar says:


  4. Deering Tornados says:

    See that goal where he’s on the edge of the area? If he were in that position today he’d look for someone to pass it to. He’s lost the fire all forwards need to claim a goal for themselves. He’s become TOO much of a team player.

    I’m not complaining, even if he only wanted to play keeper I’d have him in net.

  5. Makavelli, dubai says:

    i really miss his goal scoring days
    and its becoming really hard to argue for him, as non man u fans dont see how good a team player he is.
    i really pray he returns to his goal scoring ways

  6. Tom F says:

    Yep, funny enough Scott I actually have been touting Wayne to grab a brace if not a hat-trick against Bolton.

    He loves scoring against them and I really hope he does, once he starts he doesn’t stop!

    I saw my mate the other day…

  7. TinManUnited says:

    Ok, you guys just made me add Rooney to my fantasy team.

  8. Sully [South Africa] says:

    Whose “your mate” Tom if you dont mind me asking???

  9. BE$HER says:

    and i remember if i wasn’t wrong that we renewd his contract to a much more improved one before that game

  10. james f says:

    I absolutely love this lad. I wish he scored a hat-trick each time he played!

  11. Tom F says:

    Sully – he goes by the name of Wayne Rooney ;)

  12. FailsworthDevil says:

    Listen…. Wazza is awesome… one of the best all round players and team players there is in the game today…

    The problem is that he has been played out of position most of last season, and all of this season.. and it is affecting his confidence…

    The thing is with Wazza is that it is more easier to see his frustrations… some players when there confidence is knocked… you just do not see them in the game… where in Wazza you can actually see the frustratation building as each minute passes… see him swearing at himself… and his stubble raised on his face…almost reminds me a of a scouse desperate dan.

    Fergie has definately gotta take some blame for this goal drought… coz one thing wazza aint and that is a winger or wide player… yes of course he can play there… he will play where SAF asks… thats the unselfish player he is… but i think sometimes even though he is a warrior on the pitch.. he needs to turn to SAF and say c’mon boss, let me show what i can do, by playing just off the forward.

    He will get dropped for no fault of his own…

    But i reckon if he plays today… Rooney has a good record against Bolton… he will get 2 goals and that will kick start his season… berba and CR7 to score.. in a 4-1 win… VDS to do a clanger as well … hope not but highly probable

  13. nagraj says:

    Rooney will not start…Berba and Tevez will score 2 goals each..

    Evra will ‘inadvertently’ stamp on Kevin davies’s bollocks..thus robbing him of his manhood…

  14. A MAN UNITED FAN says:

    not 3 this time

    but 1 fantastic fantastic strick


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