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Rooney hints that managerial change convinced him to stay

Towards the end of last season, Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that Wayne Rooney had asked to leave the club. Whilst Rooney’s representatives strenuously deny that a transfer request was handed in, there has never been any denials that a conversation matching Ferguson’s description took place. Ferguson later claimed that an official request wasn’t handed in as they would ensure he missed out on “loyalty payments” if sold.

Throughout the summer, Rooney stayed quiet. Every day there were stories linking him with a move to Chelsea and he refused to confirm or deny them. The only statement he made was to deny claims that he had removed any connection from United from his Twitter bio.

After replacing Ferguson, David Moyes repeatedly claimed that Rooney was staying put, and thanks to a lack of offers, the club were able to stay true to their word. Chelsea were the only team to put an offer on the table and there was no way United were going to sell to them, especially for £25m.

Having committed essentially the rest of his playing career to United, Rooney has hinted that the departure of Ferguson and arrival of Moyes helped change his mind.

“There was a lot of speculation in the summer but I was pleased when David Moyes came in to the club,” he said. “I’ve got a great relationship with him and he’s shown a lot of trust and faith in me. Talks have been ongoing for a long time. I’m delighted to be signed up now.”

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  1. Taufik Abidin says:

    England = Manchester united
    442 = 442

    Shunted to the wing and benched for the “best players” to be on the pitch
    Terrible result and performance.

    Wonder if the end will be the same like Scholes and Carrick story with England

  2. parkie1 says:

    He’ll be fuming when Moyes has been sacked before the end of March, after getting less than 5 points from the next 5 league games.

    Palace away, WBA away, Liverpool at home, West Ham away, and City at home. I think this disastrous era is rapidly coming to an abrupt end

    Important to get Rooney signed up to a new deal, if for no other reason, than to sell him for more money if he does eventually go.

  3. Redfrog says:

    I think Rooney is more supporting of Moyes here then digging Fergie honestly. Nobody knows what happened between him and Fergie at the end of last season. IMO he was saying Fergie he wants to leave because he wasn’t playing. I think He open his mouth before thinking. It was a negative reaction to his fair dropping off the team by Fergie. Instead of working he showed his discontentment which was upped by the RVP signing who was menacing his position.
    I think Fergie would have never said Rooney wanted to leave if he wasn’t retiring as if he was staying and wanted to sell him he would have get more from other teams if they didn’t know that Rooney was in difficult position because it is always easier to lure a player who is not wanted.
    IMO the Fergie statement was a way to protect Moyes, as he Rooney was sold you could not blame Moyes and if not you can say it is because of him.
    Honestly I am pleased that he signed a new contract considering our situation. I don’t think we would have been able to find a player of his caliber with our position this year.
    I would like him to play deeper with three in the midfield and behind Mata, RVP, Kagawa/Januzaj, but I’m very skeptical Moyes will change his tactics even in RVP Rooney and Mata as a winger do not work now.

  4. Blacksocks says:

    Bit of a sensationalist hedline Scott – you angling for a job at a tabloid????

  5. united till i die says:

    Fuck me can we let the Rooney v Fergie crap die once and for all. It’s over and done with yet people want to bring it up at every chance they can. Like it or not Wayne Rooney is more important to Utd right now than SAF.

  6. Mav says:

    This entire situation is a mess. He does not deserve a raise, absolutely positively does not deserve a fucking raise.

    Let’s see how this plays out for shinji, Mata and rvp. (Under the assumptions that Moyes

    As an aside, I would love to see shinji, Mata and adnan play together sometime. I mean, the other shit ain’t working but stubborn Moyed is probably gonna stick to the same shit.

    The game today might be dreadful to look at.

  7. wayne barker says:

    Rooney saying the right things that’s all this is.Don’t understand why this is a mess there’s lots of us who have issues with Rooney and wanted him gone in 2010 but no one can question his value on the pitch.Rooney can play up top.#10 or midfield he has a work rate that’s unequaled.It’s ok everyone saying want to see Kagawa,Mata and Januzaj together but none of them have any defensive qualities
    Kagawa so far simply hasn’t cut it and as much as I love RVP the next injury is just waiting to happen.Rooney can play several positions at a high level with a phenomenal workrate,very few players like him around

  8. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    Spot on son. I don’t really understand how rooney’s importance goes over so many ppl’s heads. The argument that he’s not worth 300k/week lacks perspective. He may not be messi or ronaldo but his importance to UNITED is massive. As it stands he is the ONLY senior player playing at a level required of the whole team. With so many senior players departing wayne is one of the few whose work ethic will set an example for those coming in. Relying on DM to instill a winning mentality is naïve considering he’s never won a thing. On the pitch there are few examples of footballers as complete and hardworking as rooney.

    In other news, I hope the team does something to appease us fans today. A loss or a draw I think will seal DMs departure at the end of the season. I feel his job security is exaggerated. If he were to lose or draw another 5 games this season the only way I see him still being our manager at the start of next season is if other capable managers show no interest in the job. I can’t imagine Jurgen Klopp showing interest and the board deciding to stick to moyes. No way, no how!

  9. Redfrog says:

    @Wayne…spot on

    Lets not forget that Rooney proved his loyalty toward the club this year by being one of the old guard players behind the manager when Ferdinand said some shit and Evra cannot bother to track back.

    I fully understand some people being chocked to consider Rooney as club captain after 2010 etc.
    But he seems the more logical choice to me. I don’t think Evans is a leader. And Fletcher seriously ? I love him so much (Flecherinho football genius) but he is seriously ill and won’t play for long : he is not even a regular in the team, and certainly not what he was anymore as he can’t rely on pace . On the other hand, Rooney is with us since 10 years, have been at the heart of all our success during this period and working his socks off during matches. He is a leader on the pitch. Logical choice.

  10. sir liam matt says:

    Koketso Brian Kupe says:
    Spot on son.

    @Koketso Brian Kupe
    Lol.. wayne will be 79 next month, still calling him your son??? Ahahaha..

  11. Tommy says:

    This is not really news, we all know SAF woud have probably sold Rooney and Moyes loves Rooney so a total non story!

  12. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    @sir Liam

    Hahahahahaha I guess it’d only apply if I were reincarnated! Apologies wayne no disrespect intended. Just how I speak/write.

  13. wayne barker says:

    Koketso don’t take notice of sir liam he’s the local troll/retard changes his name all the time anyone with the name matt in the user name take with a pinch of salt,the troll brigade,im in my middle 50′s mate

  14. MrC says:

    Couldn’t care less about Rooney. Bastard should have been sold in 2010. End of.

  15. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    Oh. Makes sense. Alarm bells started going off when I failed to picture a 79 year old on an internet blog. No worries mate

    @sir matt
    I’d rather not be embroiled in your personal vendettas man.

  16. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    I won’t pretend to have been watching palace games but iv heard they are tough to break down and I can see why. The passing in this game much better than iv seen in a while. I wouldn’t say Fellaini is having a stormer but the qualities he adds in place of cleverly are VERY noticeable. Just proves you don’t have to be assisting and scoring every second game to justify your contribution.

  17. Marko Maric says:

    I think that Rooney stayed because Moyes is not world class manager. He can t like SAF leave him on the bench and still win the game. He knows that Moyes depends on him, and show him that he need him. That is what Rooney needs.


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