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Rooney: I Didn’t Want World Cup Mess With Ron To Ruin United’s Chances

With the World Cup only months away, Wayne Rooney has been asked about his feelings on Fabio Capello and the last World Cup.

Today he revealed that after his red card in 2006 he was focussed on making sure that it didn’t have a negative effect on Manchester United’s title challenge.

“Cristiano is rightly the World Player of the Year and, in my eyes, is still the best in the world,” said Rooney. “I’d do anything I could to try to get him off that pitch, and I understand why he did it to me. I spoke to him after the game. I knew what was coming and what was going to happen in the press. I said: ‘Just make sure you get your head right.’ It was an important year for United and I didn’t want that to ruin our chances of challenging that year and it didn’t. From that night onwards we had no problems and we’re still pals. We still speak regularly on the phone and he was a brilliant player for United.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Walter Mitty says:

    This post seems a little anachronistic.

  2. bchilds says:

    Why is Rooney talking about this? I don’t understand the timing!

  3. King Eric says:

    bchilds – Read the top line of Scott’s post mate.

    Walter Mitty – Excuse my ignorance but what the fuck does that mean?

  4. aig alex is god says:

    They really got along well.What a deadly combination those were together especially on the break.

    Rooney must be missing someone like him in the team whom he can develop a good understanding with.

  5. bruce thomas says:

    @ King Eric

    “anachronistic” = literally means “back in time”. assign something to an era to which it does not belong.

    from the Greek “ana” meaning backwards and “chronos” meaning time.
    ie. it would be anachronistic to have aeroplanes in a gladiator film.

    “out of time” in the muscial sense would be “unrhythmic”
    from the Greek “not flowing”.

  6. King Eric says:

    bruce – Cheers mate!

  7. bruce thomas says:

    Thanks Eric — hope I didn’t sound like too much of a pompous asshole :)

  8. King Eric says:

    aig – What about Nani or Valencia? Or even Park on the break? Your negativity is getting worse by the day mate.

    bruce thomas – Not at all mate.

  9. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    Not yet as good as Ronaldo all of them and they cant get enough goals adn hesitate to get in the central positions.Rooney needs someone to play on the same level as him. Unfortunately no one is on the same level as him at the moment in the team

  10. james f says:

    It’s all about grammar, really. Ronaldo WAS, Rooney IS and WILL BE. That’s all. We don’t care about Ronaldo any more. We’re United fans, not Ronaldo fans. Enough.

  11. The Redmod says:

    Ever get the feeling that those behind the scenes know something that we don’t..?..The Gaffers comments Rooney’s…?

  12. The Redmod says:

    Ever get the feeling that those behind the scenes know something that we don’t..?..The Gaffers comments Rooney’s…? would make sense on why we haven’t spent that £80 million..

  13. Carlow Redz says:

    Wasant it Fulham at home first league game after that world cup? Rooney and Ronnie ran riot in a 5-1 win and there endeth the red card reaction – champions at the end of it all – perfect response from two class players.

  14. LunG420 says:

    i doubt ronaldo would be back after one season…it would take me at least 3 years to realize i left the best club in the world

  15. james21 says:

    @ The Redmod.
    He’s not worth 80 million :)
    At least offer them 40 million makes good buisness sense to me.

  16. King Eric says:

    aig – Not many people are at Rooney’s level in World football.

  17. King Eric says:

    Carlow Redz – It was indeed mate. You could see from that opening day that United would be champions. Pretty much like the season after Becks got sent off and vilified. Responded with the treble.

  18. redscot says:

    Wayne, guess what? yer no longer a Toffee. It happens. FUCKIN IDOL. Lets do this, CC FINAL, erm ok u score twice. fuck the ammers, they are mincemeat. NOW go for the Kill. let’s get @ the tally bastards.

  19. dumi says:

    @ King Eric. & Carlow Redz -
    so, becks gets sent off and United Win the treble that season,
    then Rooney gets sent off, and we win the title (that was champs league season, no..?(i forget, lol).
    so, by this same logic, the best thing that could happen for Man United this world cup is Rooney and Rio get sent off in the semi final, with England losing out to France, (hand of Henry 2 ?). i reckon we’d do a clean sweep next season. Lol. (id ofcourse be gutted @ the WC loss, but hey…)

    Actually,(and this is aimed at fellow English Man Utd Fans), if i offered u the guarantee of a clean sweep for united (Absolutely every trophy on offer), but it meant England drop out of World cup in the early rounds.? would u take it..? lol

  20. The Redmod says:

    Good Morning all…Completely agree with you…somewhere between 40-50 maybe..and got the feeling it’s not end of this season but the end of next season..

  21. King Eric says:

    dumi – I would take Ingerlund dropping out at the group stages to see United just win the LEAGUE. United > Ingerlund.

  22. mara says:

    My opinion is that we are not going to win PL because we can t stay on the field and wait that Rooney beat everobody. We need more players like Rooney. He is class, but we need better wings (Ribery) or someone like Modric…For now, we are takeing the best from this squad, and i dont blame them

  23. welbz19 says:

    dumi & king Eric
    i would take england dropping out of group stage to see United winning the carling cup this weekend!
    dont get me wrong want to see rio lift the trophy but just fail to get excited over any team containing Tiny Tears, fat Frank, Stevie Me, Cashley and the rest of them twats

  24. Emily Jane 3 weeks till she hits old trafford says:

    I can really understand what your saying
    if fuck john terry wins the world cup it’ll be a vile site
    but that been said my hopes of seen Manchester Uniteds Rio lifting up the world cup with World Class Wayne Rooney there with him over rules that vile feeling , carrick foster(?) wes all have to go owen is another (?) but ive my tent pitched in camp Ingerland for the world cup cause i believe with rooney im backing a winner
    we all know why he’s the white pele
    because if anyone can pull a team single handed to that gold trophy (that i got to kiss and then asked to leave the shopping centre because those big white gloved men didnt let people touch it) then its Wazza

  25. Carlow Redz says:

    @dumi and King Eric – Carlow is a small town in southern Ireland and we are not even on the plane to South Africa thanks to ‘hand of Henry’ (sick). So if Rooney and Rio see red in semi means United win the lot next season then its a ‘win win’ situation! Will be looking out for all United players in the world cup and maybe some possible new signings post tournament?

  26. Giles Oakley says:

    Some of you are missing the crucial element in what Rooney’s saying. He had the maturity, even then, amidst all the media hype, to see the priority of not allowing the WC incident with Ronaldo to de-stabilise United’s hunt for trophies. That’s pretty amazing at a time when all sorts of players in the England camp were trying to stir it up between him and Ronnie, notably Lampard (for all-too obvious reasons). I’m glad they sorted the problem out quickly and delighted they are still friends. Friendship in a team is a wonderful glue, and at some point in the future it might even lead to Ronaldo wanting to return to the Theatre of In My Dreams.I’d welcome him back with open arms, and I think Roo would too.


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