Wayne Rooney scored only his second ever goal at Anfield this afternoon, bagging the winner in Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over hated rivals Liverpool. His first goal came 11 years ago.

As an Evertonian and United’s captain, Rooney hates Liverpool, and has revealed that at half-time he gave the players a talking to in an attempt to inspire his team to victory.

It was a tough game. Liverpool came on to us a lot and David De Gea made some great saves. Thankfully I got a chance and took it. The performance wasn’t that important today; all that matters today was the victory. I think we knew how important it was and there were a few reminders [at half-time] from myself and the manager that ‘this is Liverpool we are playing, we need to tackle more and get to the ball quicker’. I think we did that in the second half. Liverpool made it tough for us in the first half but we got the chance and we are happy with the win.