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Rooney: I Tried To Get Ronaldo In Trouble Too

Cristiano Ronaldo was one of four players who complained to the referee when Wayne Rooney was sent off for supposedly stamping on Ricardo Carlvaho’s balls.

Rather than blame the three England players who then went on to miss their penalty, with the game finishing 0-0 after extra time, this country decided it was Ronaldo’s fault that England got knocked out of the World Cup.

Of course, if Ronaldo had stamped on Steven Gerrard’s balls and Rooney was stood right there but didn’t say anything to the referee, this country would have applauded him for standing by his club team mate, rather than his countryman, whilst wearing the shirt of his country. Er, right.

Rooney has stood up for Ronaldo today though by insisting that during that game he tries to get our former winger booked for diving.

“I went up to the referee and said he had dived and he should be booked,” he said. “No one saw that. Everyone saw mine because it was a red card.”

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  1. Anon Payn says:

    That’s pretty big of the Scouser. Always impressed me how the two put that behind them and brought us all the success after that incident. Shows class. And of course respect for the club, the manager and the teammates and fans.
    Let’s hope the younger lot can incorporate that sort of attitude. Especially the likes of Macheda and Morrison.

  2. DKB07 says:

    Thought you couldn’t believe a word he said.

  3. Jim says:

    Nothing wrong with a United supporter supporting England is there? Good, Ronaldo did get Rooney sent off, and when he did, he was a Portuguese player, not a United player, so why would an England supporter not have issues with that? Rooney’s admission makes no difference at all.Rooney loves England and plays his heart out for them as much as he does for United. His loss in that match in all likelihood allowed the game to remain scoreless, and surely contributed to England being tired. Maybe the match would never have gone to penalties if Rooney had not been sent off?????

  4. willierednut says:

    Did someone inject Rooney, with a truth serum?

  5. Tom Addison says:

    Great find, United>England. Always.

  6. Doghouse says:

    Remembering that game always makes me sad, because that was probably Owen Hargreaves’ best ever match. He absolutely bossed the midfield that night. Snuffed the passing game right out, worked his arse off. If England had had Gareth Barry as they do now they’d never have contained Portugal.

  7. jrpz2 says:

    Forget England, bring Ronaldo home!

  8. Trevor says:


    To be honest, Ronaldo didnt get rooney sent off in the slightest!

    It was Rooney who Stomped on Carvalihos balls. Nor Ronaldo!… Yes it was a foul before that which the ref did not give in Rooneys favour.

    I think everyone was just looking for someone to blame!

  9. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    two thoughts:
    1. who cares? it didnt really matter to our beloved club isnt it? becos they put that incident behind them immediately. only the stupid media were trying to make a meal out of it.

    2. like DKB07 said, i dont know whether i cant trust his words or not. After all that happened, I only care if he plays well for our club or not.

  10. redrider says:

    Willie’s truth serum! Lol… Methinks a bump on the bed did the trick…

  11. Ebere says:

    Any big deal for what roo boy said?. He’s right . Wonder why some fans doubt him,he only made the management sit up which I love so much. United 4 life.

  12. hopez says:

    dont blame ronaldo,he is a poturgal playa..if it was rooney he wil do d same.

  13. dennis says:

    Ronaldo and Rooney are good friends and great players.If they have no problem then fans should not have any problem.

  14. kimbo70 says:

    I never believed that Ronnie was to blame for Englands exit. As all the england fans needed a escape goat for there poor performance as usual. And to be honest im glad Ronaldo responded the way he did to all the booing as he played outstanding all through out. England fans are so up themselves and so cock sure they were going to win all their games and it just goes to show they come up against a world class team in portugal and look so second conference (oh then again most of their fans are to) ha ha


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