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Rooney: I Want To Be England’s Cantona

On the opening day of the 1995-1996 season, Alan Hansen famously wrote off our title chances, claiming that you couldn’t win anything with kids.

A couple of months later, Eric Cantona returned from his suspension and went on to help lead our team of kids to winning the Double.

Wayne Rooney has today claimed that he wants to have the same effect on England’s younger players and help inspire them to success.

“I hope it is time for me to show I am a senior player and that I can lead the team,” he said. “I understand the scrutiny I’m under and I have no problems with that. Hopefully in the near future we will be coming out of a tournament and you will all be praising me because we have won a trophy. That would be great for everyone. It’s especially important now, when we have a lot of young players in the squad. I always try to speak to them and offer advice. I always remember what Sir Alex Ferguson says about how Eric Cantona was such a big help to the younger players at United. It is something I can look at and try do for England, to try to help them. Hopefully I can bring the best out of them and they can bring the best out of me as well.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Bit embarrassing seeing Rooney kissing up to the english media in support of the FA’s latest “project”.
    If he had been saying same about United youngsters it would be a bit different. But this was all staged for the opening of SGP. Did like the fact that the Prince took Ashley C aside for a stern word. Shows a bit of spine from “The President” of the FA.

    God I hate international breaks! :roll:

  2. Gorse Hill Red says:

    All respect to Rooney but there will only ever be one Cantona. Just be Rooney Rooney.

  3. kk says:

    You could have started by being fit for the season and led by example

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Off topic: The first to fall?

    Reports from Denmark claim Anders Lindegaard is unable to train with national squad because of damaged ankle ligaments. via Peter Bolton ‏

    I hate Internationals!!

  5. utd_fc says:

    Wasn’t that why DeGea was selected for the newcastle match? Think it was a problem before he got to his national side. I might be wrong though, have no confirmed information on the matter.

    I just enjoyed seeing the lovely Kate Middleton there. Fine specimen she is ;)

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    On a happier note Antonio Valencia has been nominated for Northwest Player of the year award. Get yourself over to the site and vote. Early and often lads, early and ofter ;)

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    PS. Nick Powell and former Red Kieran Lee are also up for some of the other awards.

    Vote early and often lads!

  8. mara says:

    I, I, I want to be Lionel Messi… :)

  9. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @utd_fc Surprised if that was the case mate. Find that hard to believe that Anders would have made the bench if he had a 3 week injury. Also find it unlikely that Denmark would have not called up a sub or that United wouldn’t have withdrawn him from traveling.

    feel Amos would have been on the bench if there was anything seriously amis with Anders. You don’t make the United bench if you are crocked.

  10. parryheid says:

    Hargreaves anybody.

  11. Fergie's gum says:

    Rooney,it’s time you put your words into action

  12. g-man says:

    I’ give anything to shag old Kate Middleton

  13. wayne says:

    Read an article few days ago saying Linegaard was injured and that’s the reason DDG started the Newcastle game,it was thought it wasn’t serious because he was one of the subs

  14. Zibbie says:

    Rooney is the man, leader of men. Lad look to him and he does not turn away!!

    He does not say he is Eric, just strives to be like like him in the sense he helps the young ones.

  15. United Till I Die says:

    Its a fair comment – Rooney is basically 27 so he does have a responsibility to the younger lads playing for England. The Ingurlund sound bites are always a bit cringing tho.

    First thing they need to do is sack the manager and bring in somebody with a pulse. Carroll ahead of Sturridge? Yeah, cos Carroll is a goal machine / playmaker in comparison init?

    Rooney can only help England if England helps itself and the first step is picking the strongest team, never mind this stereotypical bollocks about bulldog spirit and on-me-ed-son.

    Sod all that, just pick the best “English” players and face reality haha.

  16. Proverb says:


    “When I came back in pre-season I wasn’t out of shape. I was probably not as fit as I could have been, whether that’s because I didn’t have the time to get the training in I don’t know.”

    “I got injured since but I have worked hard. To be honest it probably helped me to get fit getting injured. I feel good, I feel fit, I feel ready to go and play.”

    “It is physically demanding. You are involved in the game and it is obviously demanding, getting up and down. I enjoy it, if the manager wants me to play there on Friday [for England] I will be happy to do so.”

    “Obviously playing up front you get more opportunities to score goals but as a footballer you want to play football. You are involved and you’re on the ball, so I enjoy it.”

  17. Proverb says:

    Great pic :-P

  18. wayne says:

    Proverb? why the picture of that cunt and it’s relevance and what’s so great about,just a ugly cunt screwing his face up

  19. belfast red. says:

    @proverb. That cunt luks like a rat and tevezs love child in that pic. Lol


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