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Rooney: I Want United Fans To Respect Me Like Beckham

After Manchester United’s 4-0 win over AC Milan last night and witnessing the great reception David Beckham received, Wayne Rooney claimed he hopes the fans will one day view him in the same light.

“David has been a great servant to this club and all the United players were delighted he got a great reception,” said Rooney. “I hope I can become as well respected and thought of at this club as David Beckham. I have plenty of years ahead of me and if I get half of the plaudits he has been getting then I will be delighted.”

David Beckham spent eight seasons in United’s first team, winning six league titles, the European Cup and two FA Cups, before choosing to sign for Real Madrid just after he turned 28-years-old.

Wayne Rooney is now playing in his sixth season at Manchester United, having won three league titles, the European Cup, two League Cups and the FIFA World Club Cup.

Legendary status can’t be measured by success and the trophy haul alone, obviously, but it does help. Attitude, commitment and longevity of a career also play a part.

Rooney’s not facing the end of the career like Beckham is, so it’s much harder to reflect, but I’d argue Rooney is up there in terms of the players United fans have the most love for.

Last night the crowd had been whipped up in to frenzy about Beckham’s visit but it was fitting that he was received well. Beckham chose to leave us, for what he regarded to be a step up, whilst Rooney is still here. Whether Rooney is regarded by all fans as a bigger legend than Beckham will depend on whether he chooses to leave us too, or whether he stays true to his ambitions now and doesn’t leave United.

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  1. Fred says:

    From Kaka’s Twitter, on Pellegrini: “He’s a coward manager who changed a player to hide his own incompetence.”

    What a classless act from a supposed “nice guy” of football, what a farce of a club he plays for. Nice move, Ronnie!

  2. RED SAM says:


    They will never get rooney. If he wins the ballon d’or here, it will have tied him with the club and the only thing he will be after will be the records for united and england and that will be just good news for us.
    As we look to create a post – fergi team , we shall need players who would have stayed longer and understood the meaning of putting the red jersey.

    Rooney, fletch, rafael, anderson, evans, evra, nani, valencia, morrison, keane, welbeck………
    Will have a great responsibility during that transition :(

  3. Bealsy says:

    Big difference to Real going for Ronnie and Real going for Wazza. Can’t see it happening at all. Hope Wayne spends the rest of his career here.

  4. Costas says:

    @RED SAM

    Don’t forget Macheda too. That period is probably 15 months away now. I am sure Fergie will have a say in what happens after he steps down.


    I heard that he said something along those lines. I was one of those who considered him a class act. It’s real easy for Real to mess their heads isn’t it? He took forever to get taken off and he acted surprised. But a stat card below told the whole story. 59% succesful passes! Gibson has a better rate on a bad day! :D

  5. kaihnsn says:


    regarding to beckam moves to madrid i still believe he has no choices. my speculation is SAF gives him ultimatum united or your wife(in sense of lifestyle). at that time which club can gives the best offer and really want him? it’s obvious really. so his dream move to madrid just because there is the only destination for him. dont forget he is through and through united fan.

  6. Tony Starks says:

    @Fred… Is that real Kaka or a fake one? I find that disgusting for a player to say that about his manager

  7. RED SAM says:


    imo when fergi steps down,he should compeletely do so and leave everything to his succesor.Mentoring him may bring conflicts with the new staff, officials and player’s if anything goes wrong, but doing it behind the scenes won’t be that bad.

  8. willierednut says:
    The whinger wasn’t impressed with our win over Milan.

  9. Dave Mack says:

    Real just proves what we all know in a hearts. Money can’t put heart and character into a team. The United sides that Fergie has built have always had the right mix of “mature” purchases and homegrown talent. that’s how you build a “team”.

    Still respect Ronaldo for all he did for us and for how he’s handled himself since he’s left. I’m only sorry RM are out as I’d like to have sung VIVA RONALDO again while we stuffed them 4-0!

    Still can’t believe we killed AC Milan. My first European game at OT was in 1969 when we won 1-0 but went out. The Italians cheated unebelivably and the ref was on their payroll.

    Justice a last!!!!

    LU -IFIT

  10. Ashish says:

    Scott The Red said “Beckham chose to leave us,”

    I’m sorry but wasn’t he booted out of the team because of Fergie?Numerous times Becks has constantly said how he loves the club blah blah blah.

    Surely a player who wants to leave(and I mean REALLY wants to) won’t say afterwords that they had loved the club would they?It would be highly hypocritical.

    And Becks is not a hypocrite.

  11. Fred says:

    I don’t believe Beckham wanted to leave United either. Why would he?

  12. alpha_rs says:

    To increase the profile of the Beckam brand?
    More money?
    His mrs can get a sun tan?!

  13. United4eva says:


    I agree. As I said its pretty much not humanly possible to conceive of Wayne leaving the North West nevermind England but my point was, even if he did want to, it wouldn’t solve their problems for all the reasons you mentioned. Perez never learns.

  14. Scott the Red says:

    Fred – why would Beckham want to leave United?

    1. Far higher wages
    2. Far higher image rights
    3. Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn’t flatter his ego
    4. His wife wanted to leave Manchester
    5. It was “a dream come true” (direct quote from Beckham)

    Ashish – Becks is not a hypocrite? Sorry, what are you basing that on? You his mate? You know the guy? You don’t know what he is.

    June 10th 2003: “I’ve never said that I’d never move away from Manchester, and I’ve never said that I’d end my career there.” The Telegraph.

    Now he claims he ALWAYS said he wanted to stay at United forever.

    I like the guy. I just can’t stand this blind love for him. He chose to leave and he’s had a great career, good on him, but I can’t abide by this attitude that he was FORCED to leave United. It’s bollocks. Like Becks said at the time, he never said he was going to stay forever.

  15. alpha_rs says:

    Stop stealing my thunder…!

  16. Gee says:

    Beckham had a choice when he left and the months leading up to him leaving but he decided to play for what he thought was a ‘bigger club’ and that was his downfall. For example:

    1) he could have told his missis to shut the fuck up!!
    2) he could have got his head down and grafted and improved his performances to show SAF he wanted to stay.
    3) he could have publicly come out and said I DONT WANT TO GO (he was happy to go out in public with his little paper stich over his cut eye when SAF volleyed that boot at him)
    4) he could have turned his back on the celebrity bullshit just like Scholes did and to an extent Giggs did.

    Fact is he believed he was bigger than UTD, until he left, and then he realised what he had lost, just as Ronnie will start to very soon.

  17. Gee says:

    Following on from that tho, I will always consider Becks to be a great player for us, just as I will with Ronnie because you cant overlook the parts they both played in our history and they gave us some great moments to remember!!

  18. Fred says:

    Alpha, Victoria certainly did not want to leave England and didn’t move to Spain with him at first if memory serves, hence the Rebeca Loose [sic] situation.
    She’s many things but let’s not paint her as a Mrs Vidic character! :-D

    Moving to Spain would not really help the Beckham brand at all and in fact would be bad for their popularity in their main market, the UK.

    Anyway, back to football…

  19. Gee says:

    @ Fred

    Victoria wanted him to sign for Milan mate, she even said it in some interview, that she wouldnt mind living in Milan as it would be good for both their careers.

  20. Evra's biggest fan says:

    Gee –

    For me it clearly wasnt anything to do with telling his wife to shut the fuck up.

    David Beckam became a brand far beyond football, he wasnt just david beckam united football played he was a celebrity with a celebrity wife that had to earn a living gaining attention and living a celebrity lifstyle… its this media circus that fergie detests.

    I honestly think that fergie never had a problem with beckham the footballer he desire to play or ability but the media circus that he was bringing with him towards that end was detracting from united as a football club and brand in itself! a brand of no one is bigger than the club!

    And for beckham real was the ready made solution because they crave that image there brand is all about celebrities footballers that wont to look good while playing. beckham could do both be a globe troting celebrity promoting himself and real.

    PS what else is he going to say when he joins a new club, ‘its nice but i prefer united but good one for paying 25million for me! “

  21. Shimo says:

    To me Rooney has already achieved the same respect and will probably surpass Becks because I think he’ll finish his career here with a lot lot more trophies and very possibly winning the World Player of the Year award.

  22. Sanj says:

    That was Kaka’s “advisor’s” twitter account, not his own.

  23. alpha_rs says:

    Just watched the highlights of the Real Madrid v Lyon game.
    Ronnie throws a lovely strop first half when he is wide open for a pass to score. Those memories bring a tear to my eye….
    Then at full time he walks off the pitch shaking his head in disbelief.
    I don’t know why but I get some sort of satisfaction from that.
    Did God know your dreams would be like this?! Hehehe.

  24. United4eva says:

    I think Beckham’s interview with ITV last night shows he recognises how silly he was. They asked him what advice he had for Rooney and one of the answers was “stay at Man Utd”.

    Becks, like Ronaldo, began to think of himself as a brand separate from (even superior to Man Utd). Who was it that called the paparazzi after he got hit with the flying boot to tell them he’d be coming out of his house cut showing for pictures?

    Becks was a brilliant player dont get me wrong but he has nobody but himself to blame for his exit from United, which I think he would acknowledge now if you ask him. Had he listened to Fergie and not Fuller he’d be at United right now with Scholesy, Giggsy and Neville but he wanted more £££ and more “freedom” just like Ronaldo.

  25. Gee says:

    @ Evra’s biggest fan

    Fair points mate, and I agree with most of them, but the reality is that Becks was performing shite for Utd in his last season and was letting the celebrity lifestyle interfer with his game, as was his wife. She was saying allsorts when being questioned by the press when he should have told her to say nothing and thats what ended his time with us, and that was his lifestyle choice.

  26. Gee says:

    @ United4eva

    Fully agree with you mate!! exactly how I see it!!

  27. Corea says:

    I think he was just answering the question. He was just polite.

  28. Evra's biggest fan says:

    @ Gee … true!

    As i say celebrity lifestyle! as fergie refers to it.. the beckham media circus.


  29. Anon says:

    If Beckham WANTED to leave, he would have been playing for Barcelona, and not Madrid, as a bid from Barcelona was accepted first but Beckham declined that move, but was shocked that the club wanted to sell him. It was after that that Madrid came in for him, and he accepted.
    Beckham has said that numerous times and Fergie has never denied it. Let’s face it, he got booted out, and he never wanted to leave, just like Ruud, but Fergie did what he thought was best, and as a replacement we got CR7. Worked out well, for the club at least. With Becks, that’s another story. Fair dinkum.

  30. Corea says:

    Anon – i am just wondering why some players like Brown, Park, Fletch, Oshea are still in the club. And they are less of the Stars, i suppose.
    Fergie did what he thought was best. I believe you are not trying to emphasise that players are like robots and are replaced with the new more advanced models just for the sake of trying to do what some thinks is best.

  31. Gee says:

    @ Evra’s biggest fan

    it is a shame mate.

  32. mara says:

    When we talk about Beckham…i agree that he became a circus, and we know were you go, when you became like circus – RM. He was very good at our club, but one thing that bothers me is that he choose glory in front of club. It became more important…
    But on the other side when we played with RM, i think it was next year after we won the CL and beat Bayern, SAF put him in the game in the second half. We won RM 4:3, but didn t get into semi-final or final, becuase he went into the game to late. He was the best player that match. I think that he played from the start, that we would get 5 goals and get in another stage. That happend when SAF and Becks started to fight. That year i can bet in everything i have got, that we would won the CL again. My ponit is, that he played marvellous…

  33. james21 says:

    David Beckham deserved the reception he got he was a Utd Player who still loves the club. The man is a legend and deserves to be talked about in the same breath as the Busby Babes Law Best Charlton Hughes Giggs Cantona Rooney. I think S.A.F managed him very well and Sold him at the right time, the celebrity status was effecting his Utd and England form. Good luck to him always.

  34. California Devil says:

    Don’t worry Rooney, I respect a hell of a lot more than Beckham.

  35. Gandalf says:

    Beckham clearly wanted to move when his working relationship with Fergie became untenable… he needed to change to go back to his working ethos rather than drifting into center and all that BS [that idiot Sven] according to Fergie… but Beckham wanted Fergie to be accomodating, which never happens.
    Guess who won – I must say selling him was the correct decision, even though Ruud didn’t think so and the rest is history. Fergie was brave enough for the transition, believed it was right for united and he was right in the end.

    Also – remember stories of how Becks chose schools and villa at Madrid during summer when he was a United player… he made his mind up alright.
    I think for a few months he lost the plot and was too much full of HIMSELF – it happens sometimes… and now he is humble.
    Well, its alright becks, we didn’t forget what you did during the treble season. Its a pity your couldn’t stay true to your colors like Giggsy, Scholesy and Neville.

  36. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Rooney – I want United fans to respect me like Beckham.

    What have you done to deserve that? Rooney I think youre passing in tight areas could be better at times but I wouldn’t trade you for Ronaldo (at his best) and Beckham (at his best). Youre on a completely different level, just don’t let it go to your head like Beckham.

  37. mara says:

    he lost the plot and was too much full of HIMSELF…AMEN!
    He is a good player, did lot for a club…but i think that deep inside himself, he knows that going to RM because of money, glory and in one hand trying to be bigger than club, was stupid mistake. I dont think, i m SURE that he was happy only in Manchester United. I hope that Rooney will be smart enough that he never do same mistake.
    When you read what Cichino talks about Real, than you realize that Real is only package, but there is not substance inside.

  38. mara says:

    One calls the shots, the other calls time
    For a man who used to dominate the spotlight at Old Trafford, David Beckham’s entrance and exit was very much from the wings. Surplus to requirements at Manchester United seven years ago, no longer deemed good enough to contest a match of this magnitude against them. And what will Beckham have been thinking as he sat on the bench last night staring out at Paul Scholes – still plying his trade at the top level for the club he loved. Something the central midfielder is set to do again next season. The pair won a youth cup together back in 1992 as their United dream began. Beckham bagged six titles, two FA Cups and a Champions League in his professional career here. Scholes’ sideboard continues to require reinforcing. And while just six months separates Becks, 34, and Scholes, 35, one still influences games at the very highest level, one stopped doing that a long time ago. Beckham’s millions, earning power and celebrity status will forever dwarf his old team-mate. But what he could not achieve is the dream of playing for United all his life and retiring a United legend. His career just lost its way in a blaze of flashbulbs, headlines and trivia. Had it not, he could have been there alongside Scholes last night. As he disappeared down the Old Trafford tunnel for the final time he must have known that too.
    Neil Custis, The Sun


  39. mags the red says:

    I think poor old Beck’s head was turned by that silly wife; if he had met a Mrs Scholes etc…he would have still been a United player today. Its a shame for him; all the money in the world and he plies his trade in an American pub team playing for fans who are not as passionate as United fans.

    I wonder if that has crossed his mind?


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