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Rooney: If There’s One Team I Want To Beat It’s Sunderland

When the whistle blew at the Stadium of Light after our final game of the season, Manchester United were top of the league. Moments later, Manchester City scored a late winner against 10 man QPR, who capitulated once they learnt they were safe, to win the league.

As news of the goal started to spread around the ground, Sunderland fans starting celebrating and copied City’s lame Poznan celebration.

“When the final whistle went, we didn’t really know what the score at City was. But then we heard the Sunderland fans cheering,” Rooney said after the game. “It was sad to see that because they should be supporting their own team really. They didn’t have the best of seasons so for them to be cheering like that was sad. It was something myself and a lot of the players won’t forget.”

Rooney brought out his latest autobiography this summer and it was clear that his feelings on the matter were still strong.

“I don’t know where I will play the previous games before it, I just want to play against Sunderland. When the fixtures come out I look for three games – City, Liverpool and Everton. This time I checked the Sunderland game. If there is one team that I want to beat this season it will be Sunderland.”

I have a feeling that if he plays, we will have more discussion about players provoking fans, because there’s no way Rooney won’t be giving the travelling supporters stick when we score.

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  1. andromeda says:

    I really like Sunderland as a club, but this time I have got no sympathy, and when I said let us batter them I meant that Sunderland fans in general, those suckers who were chanting against us and making the theatrics bonanza act like clowns…..may be with time, I will forgive those immature bunch of buffoons but obviously I will never forget them, just ask Rooney….now less for words and compassion, its time to do some action;)

  2. 3d Actor says:

    No mercy, this is the time to show them they lack manners, I want wayne, persie and other players to disgrace them with at least 5 goals

  3. Redbilly says:

    Hope we beat Sunderland , it’s a good match and I wish them well for the rest of the season , apart from playing us.

    King Eric – how are you?.

  4. Costas says:

    What wayne said. Lets not disguise bitterness as humor. Sunderland fans knew how much the United players and the fans were hurting at that moment. They didn’t want to be considerate? Fine. But expecting us to just ignore it? Fuck no.

  5. andromeda says:

    @Costas, spot on mate:))…..

  6. RelegateYou says:

    The FIRST game I looked for, on the fixture list.
    We need to absolutely batter Sunderland.
    To me, it was being kicked when your down, seeing them taunt us.
    Hope your ready for sat..because we are.
    No mercy..

  7. RedAlert260599 says:

    And I second Redbilly.

  8. Caleb says:

    To them Sunderland fans…

    Would you be thinking nice thoughts about someone who celebrated your downfall?

    I don’t think so. Personally, I would be entertaining thoughts involving chainsaws, Tabasco sauce and a potato peeler. Anger and disappointment and exacting revenge are unfortunately quite often entwined, which shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re being honest with yourselves.

    I’ve always thought of Sunderland as one of the more decent teams in the League. But the sight of hundreds of Sunderland supporters doing the Poznan grated. As a result, I wouldn’t shed a tear if you lot got relegated.

  9. Goldy says:

    Think it’s obvious which are the regular Man Utd fans and which are the Sky Sports lot. Pathetic. I like Man Utd and the hardcore fans so good luck to them. The rest don’t see the irony in responding to – what was minor childish behaviour – by being ridiculously childish themselves.

    Here’s what I wrote on the Proznan subject for our site:

  10. WeAreUnited says:


    I think you are just afraid from us and by calling us skysport lots, it’s bad cause I don’t have skysport.

    Anyway. You are afraid and my comment summons all.

    “IF you can’t see the funny side in my and others statements that we will bash you and humiliaite you at OT, then we will not see the funny side of your POZNAN.”

    if you understand this, you will get everything.

    BRING YOUR KIDS with you.

  11. Costas says:


    Fear is how I’d sum it up too. “Don’t hurt us, we were childish”. Dear me.

  12. wayne says:

    i guess Sir Alex and Rooney are childish and the Sky Sports lot too because they want to batter and make you pay for being cunts.Will someone please explain to me were childish keeps coming up by these cunts.Sunderland disrespected Utd and kicked us when we were down choose to cleberate City’s win
    I’m not being childish Sunderland fans showed their true colours City are a fucking horrible club from top to bottom and you lot are fucking cunts for taking their side so just fuck off i hope you cunts get relegated and then Utd draw you in the cup and keep drawing you in the cup you fuckers

  13. wayne says:

    Quote from Sir Alex you ungrateful cunts,good luck getting anymore Utd players to help you out.Just curious how many players have City shipped your way to warrant you fuckers enjoying their win

    Ferguson still cannot understand the reaction, but all he is interested in now is preserving his side’s six-point lead at the top of the table
    ‘It was a disappointing reaction when you think of the number of players we’ve given Sunderland over the years. Jonny Evans and Danny Simpson got them promoted a few years back,’ he said

  14. Goldy says:

    Rooney is childish, even you can’t argue with that, surely. Hey, I love the guy.

    My daughter is only eight months old, I won’t be bringing her.

    You continue to generalise it as the Sunderland fans as a unit – it was a few in one section of the ground.

    Yes, I read those quotes from Sir Alex. You conviniently missed off the next sentence, however: “I don’t think it was malicious from the fans, just foolishness; they were just enjoying the moment”. Puts your ridiculous threats into perspective – listen to your master, he speaks sense. And grow up!

    And suggesting I’m scared. Of what? Getting beat? No, that’s expected. Or was it a threat of some sort of violence? Again, grow up!

  15. safcglen says:

    Thank you Wayne for recognising my post at least. Whilst I did write Man U a fair bit in my last post I believe it was in context to the discussion.

    I personally have a lot of respect for your football club which I had hoped would show through in my last post. Clearly it didn’t.

    Further more it’s quite clear that Sunderland aren’t the only football club to be blighted a minority of “cunt” fans.

    As for the majority, I wish your club the very best for the season, I am sure you will right the wrongs of last season and be premier league champions for many years to come. Man U winning this weekend is pretty much a certainty.

    As for Man City, as I said in my last post, personally I don’t like them. they have a wealthy owner and bought the title, just as Chelsea did a few years ago. But clearly for the poorly educated Man U fans, my opinion doesn’t count, just the fact I support my home town team.

  16. wayne says:

    mate just using the words Man U is a insult comes from the Munich chants so everytime time you use it it’s a insult.If you can’t see how much pain the club and fans went through that day and for a lot of you lads to join City’s side to rub it in,you insulted us to the limit.Daft thing is i had Sunderland as a team to follow the amount of ex Reds that had gone there and the fact Sir Alex did you favours just like he does for Everton really wanted you fuckers to do well,then you turn around and support the most disgusting football club ever.
    Don’t even understand the shit you fuckers keep churning out about our fans being childish and uneducated that just doesn’t make any sense or connection.We didn’t do fuck all,you lot pissed on the gift horse,i fucking hate you for what you did and i hope Sir Alex never does you anymore favours


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