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Rooney: I’m absolutely devastated

Wayne Rooney scored his first ever World Cup goal this week but it wasn’t enough to save England from their earliest ever exit from the competition.

As you would imagine, Rooney is gutted to be coming home so early, so wrote on Facebook: “Absolutely devastated to be out of the World Cup. Going into each game we had great belief in ourselves but unfortunately it hasn’t worked out. Sorry to all the fans that travelled and at home that we haven’t done better… gutted!”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. wayne barker says:

    In the end it doesn’t really matter i’ve been Utd since I can remember and have been in so many fights it’s not important.Im getting old so that’s my hook,now I just carry a weapon and act like a old man its very effective i’m still a nutter,visiting Calgary look me up

  2. wayne barker says:

    There is one positive thing about getting old whatever happens the old guy never get’s blamed for the violence he’s always the victim,this is a huge advantage most kids nowadays are just pussies,the girlfriends have more balls

  3. wayne barker says:

    Another thing I’ve learned young kids are just stupid, old doesn’t rate with them,they have no respect and no idea,these are my fav plays

  4. wayne barker says:

    In all my years of being on ROM there’s always going to be stupid cunts.NBI has been a lying sack of shit since day 1 and promised me a visit,thats all I want NBI in person

  5. Tommy says:


    So the manager gets a player signed who you dont like and suddenly its the assistant managers doing, What evidence do you have that the manager didnt want hi/? Thats right none, the evidence that he did want him is the 3 year contract, if you think it was handed to him on the assistant managers say so then youre very deluded

  6. warrored says:

    I don’t get the negativity over Valencia. He seems ideal in a 532 formation or as an emergency RB. He only has one year left on his contract so could leave on a free. If he doesn’t work out LVG can sell him and at least we’d get something for him.

    If LVG didn’t see something in him he’d be on the OUT list he gave to Woody.

    So let’s give our new manager a bit of respect eh?

  7. warrored says:

    Also don’t forget about loyalty…..AV sacked his agent for touting him all over the place 3 years ago.

  8. warrored says:

    The whole England campaign was dis-jointed and ripped apart because Liverpool had one decent season in years.

    That meant Hodgsons blueprint was torn up in order to shoe horn in as many dipper players as possible. They called it playing ‘The Liverpool Way’?? Lolol WTF is it exactly? Going gung ho and fuck defending? That might work against Norwich but certainly not at the top level unless your front four are Ronaldo Messi Suarez and RVP.

    Sterling was hyped up to be the next George Best, when in reality he’s a good prospect with loads to learn. The media narrative was all about him, his pace etc. The reality is, that his contributions in 2 games amounted to a 3rd minute shot that was wide, a great pass to Rooney and a cross to Welbeck. Other than that he dribbled into cul de sacs and lost possession. Given time and experience he can become a great player but will he have the temperament and patience or ability to learn? He was MOTM but didn’t create a solitary assist or anything close to one.

    You see the Liverpool Way only works because of Suarez. Teams fear him and he drags defenders in numbers with him leaving space for the others.

    England said they are using kids to build for the future. Great, but why start in a WC finals?

    1 year ago there was a Euro U21 finals. Wilshere OXO Jones Smalling Henderson Sterling Sturridge all qualified for it but only Henderson played in it. Surely it would have been more beneficial for going forward to have them all learning together in an actual tournament playing against their contemporaries who they may face for years to come?

    Spain took DDG Isco Thiago Moreno Carvajal Bartra Muniesa Koke
    Muniain Morata, the cornerstone of their new squad going forward. We took fucking Henderson.

    LVG instructed his U21 coach to take any of his senior players that qualified to give them tournament experience. He took 7. Depay Blind Indi Wynaldum Fer Clasie and deVrij. 5 of those 7 have had a good tournament so far. LVG understands how to develop kids. His record is impeccable.

    An interesting quote by LVG on the FIFA website was along the lines of ‘A young player can be more experienced than a player who has been to 2 World Cups because the young player will follow my instructions whereas I learn nothing from a player who has done things wrong 100 times’.

    Maybe when LVG hangs up his boots at OT, The FA might give him a call.

  9. redninja says:

    what do you expect when hendason is picked ahead of wilsire

  10. Tommy says:


    Good points mate, agree with them all, Roy Hodgeson chose to take all of those players that qualified for the U21s to Brazil to play in a friendly rather than be used in Sturat Pearce U21s for the championships in Israel, baffling really when Del Bosque left some of his squad that would of been in it for the confederations cup so they could have proper tournament experience in the U21s last summer, Off topic, are Salford going to give Wire a game this afternoon mate, probably not but come on you red devills lol.


    A mate of mine who is a lot more passtionate about the national team than I am said., “hendason ahead of wilsire, and we wounder why we lose” Spot on

  11. warrored says:

    @Tommy…haha theres been a few shocks lately so you never know, but am pleased that The Wire seem to be getting it together lately even without Westwood. Some of the young new kids are playing really well. We’ve lost a few big players so didn’t expect much this season.

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Hodgson was right to start Henderson ahead of Wilshere. Henderson had by far the better of the season out of the two and Wilshere had played next to no football for months through injury.

    Did anyone watch Wilshere when he came on against Italy? Wilshere gave it away every time he got the ball. On one occasion, under no pressure in his own half, he played a 15 square pass about 10 yards behind Johnson and the ball flew out for a throw in. He was dreadful in the 20 minutes he came on.

    Why Jack Wilshere has such a reputation as he does is pretty bewildering. He’s achieved very little in his career so far and gone backwards as a player. Too much money, too much hype too soon for him like a host of young English talent. He needs to take a look at himself and be more professional. I’ve heard a few disturbing rumours about him as he comes from around my area.

  13. Tommy says:


    Come on mate, spill the beans on the rumours, you cant leave us all (Well me at least wondering) about the rumours, Henderson didnt have a good season, the whole team was carried by suarez, Henderson is fucking useless, he should of been no where near the squad let alone the starting 11, me and you are better than henderson lol


    22 6 down, another useless fucking performance, youre guys are on a roll at the moment tho mate

  14. OpikBidin says:

    Formation 433




  15. OpikBidin says:

    Role of Players in Attack
    Jagielka and Cahill go to the flanks with Jones dropping deep, becoming the 3rd CB.
    Johnson and Baines pushing up high
    Rooney and Milner guard the midfield
    Sterling keeps width from the right wing
    Welbeck cuts inside and become the no.10
    Sturridge as the striker up top and moves towards the left channel.

    With this, England have width provided by 3 players : Sterling, Baines and Johnson, but also have bodies in the middle provided by Welbeck, Rooney and Milner.
    Sterling and Johnson keeps width on the right flank, and must always look at the opportunity to double up the left side of Costa Rica.
    Baines keeping width on the left flank and just be brave to attack freely, because Milner is there to protect him.
    Sturridge is the striker, and always look to drift from central positions to the left side, so his teammates can have a go.

  16. OpikBidin says:

    Jagielka and Cahill are CBs and keep the defensive line.
    Jones is a DM and libero, and be the 1st person to chase-close down a player threatening defence(Joel Campbell or Bryan Ruiz)
    Rooney, Milner and Welbeck must win the midfield.
    Rooney being the AM, look the opportunity to pass to the right flank, pass it to Welbeck, or shoot from distance, but he should never be in the penalty box in open play.
    Milner is the CM, retaining possession, recycling passes and be cautious.
    Welbeck is the no.10 as well as the 2nd striker. playing between midfield and off Sturridge, becoming the linkman of midfield and attack, and also overload the box.


    Role of Players in Defence
    Jagielka and Cahill make the defence line
    Johnson and Sterling defend the Right flank , with Johnson defending more inside
    Baines and Milner defend the left flank, with Milner defending more inside
    Jones-Rooney form a block in front of Jagielka-Cahill
    Sturridge and Welbeck form the first block and lead defending and pressing. They must also cut possible backward balls.
    This defensive shape must be maintained when England is being pressed. Don’t ever make a straight line in the box again.

  17. OpikBidin says:

    In transition from defence to attack.

    The ball must be thrown into the centre first, which is filled by 4 players: Jones, Milner, Rooney, and Welbeck (these 4 forming a diamond)
    Welbeck cut inside(from LW) or drop deep (from striker) to the no.10 position
    Milner goes from left side to the middle, to the centre of the pitch and be the CM, NOT running down the flank

    Rooney forms a link between Welbeck-Milner and other players, searching for openings to pass to his teammates and be passed by his teammates
    Sterling, Johnson and Baines provide width and run down the flanks
    Sturridge starts from from central, and looks which is more dangerous, going down the middle or drift left so his teammates can use the space left behind.
    In transition from Attack to Defense.
    Shape of the defence system must be immediately maintained.
    Sturridge press the backline(Costa rica CBs)
    Welbeck presses the Costa Rica’s deepest midfielder
    Sterling-Johnson go back to defend the Right flank
    Milner drifts left and Baines go back to defend the left flank.
    Rooney and Jones immediately form a 2-man block in front of the CBs

  18. ashtheking says:

    Yes î also do t understand the fuss behind Henderson. Average to good at best. A shit gerrard is equal to Henderson. I would have played Barkley. My perfect midfield would have been carrick-gerrard and Barkley in a 3 man midfield. Carrick is perfect in shielding the defense and gerrard should have given a free role with Barkley also supporting gerrard. In attack Rooney-sturidge -sterling. A perfect 4-3-3. But hodson being a fool did everything wrong

  19. OpikBidin says:

    Main Game Plan
    Overload the right flank with Johnson-Sterling combining with a hollywood pass from Rooney.
    From this, either cross it to Welbeck-Sturridge in the penalty area-cutback to Rooney in the middle to shoot from distance
    Work on more combinations with Welbeck-Rooney through the middle because Costa Rica’s defence has been stretched.

    After 30 minutes, There should be a change so England can vary their play.

    Welbeck to striker position, and moves by vertically, dropping deep or searching a throughpass
    Sturridge to LW, keeping width and crosses, and also catching the wasteful crosses from the right flank
    Sterling become the no.10, but is positioned a bit as a LW
    Milner to the right, and protects the Right flank but play down the middle as Johnson frequently goes up and down.
    Rooney to the left side of midfield, and combines more with Sterling
    otherwise, the other are the same

    Formation 433




  20. OpikBidin says:

    After 60 minutes, There should be a change so England can vary their play. time for subs
    Play similar like the first gameplan, but sub players:

    Sterling-lambert(if Sterling provide “technical” width, Lambert provide “physical width”, all goalkicks and longpasses must mainly target Lambert at the Right flank, as he can mainly win it and let other players play into the space left behind by Costa Rica players)
    Rooney-Barkley(same role, as the AM)
    Baines-Shaw (same role, as the LB)


    Against Packed defence
    If the normal methods won’t work and crossings shooting from distance are always cleared, use the libero.

    Give the ball back to Jones who will then carry it forward

    The other players provide Jones passing options, either for a wall pass-one-two or a throughpass and are always moving.

    It is up to Jones to pass, or just carry on the ball.

  21. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, I think it was well documented in the press about Jack’s cocaine habits. I’ve heard of quite a few people who are in the know that he was definitely on it while out crocked for Arsenal for a year. He was also caught smoking last year on my night out. I don’t think I’m being harsh when I say that is totally unprofessional for a young bloke of his stature.

    I don’t wish misfortune on Wilshere, I actually hope he can start turning the corner and progressing into the player he had the potential to be when he first broke onto the scene. I feel though that injuries and a lack of desire and hunger have derailed him though. It’s up to him to prove the doubters wrong.

  22. John says:

    Rio Ferdinand is really doing well in his role as a pundit than I thought. Credit to him. Also Sven Goran Eriksson made a good point re Hodgson and neoptism.

    And…….Maradona’s dig at FIFA is actually a good point.

    Finally, Varmaleen is injured yet again! Unfortunate for him as it may forces united to reconsider!!

    PS: reports in Canada says that a mad man aged 75 from Calgary ,an immigrant Eskimo, somehow broke out of his mental hospital, got access to internet and nearly killed hundreds of RoM followers due to his irritating comments. :)

  23. Tommy says:


    Too be honest mate, I think Roy has a duty to the squad now England are confirmed out, he should play all those who have trained for aa month or more and had very little action, they deserve to play in dead rubber, del Bosque will play all those who havnt seen any action and so should Roy, the time to prepare for euro 2016 is after the world cup. My team would be something like this


    Milner Jones Smalling Shaw

    Wilsure Barckley Lampard

    Chamberlain Lambert Lallana

    It may not get anything from the game but what does it matter, it would be a thanks for the players efforts, you know Spain will be doing that and so should we.


    I can very much believe that Jack is on Coke, modern footballer, too much too soon, money goes to a players head, more often than not it ends in tears.


    Sven is the last man who can insult anybody,he ruined a generation of England players by playing the best player England and United have ever had and played him as a left winger, utterley pathetic

  24. Tommy says:

    Anyone else totally unimpressed with Belgium, the easiest group and they are playing pathetic football, if they were in a different group they would struggle to get out of it on these performances, Lukaku has been extremly poor, I expected more from him especially as he is in my dream team lol

  25. warrored says:

    @Gary….I heard somethIng similar about

  26. warrored says:

    @Gary haha fuck knows a ghost pressed enter!! Anyway yeah I heard similar about Wilshere. There is a stat going around about footballers on social drugs who have tested positive but nobody hears about it in the belief rehab will be the cure. What a shame they couldn’t apply similar restraint with Rio.

    Saw a pic the other day of Ravel with a can of vodka mix on a table and him smoking a big Cuban cigar with the look of i dont give a fuck on his face on twitter I think. You can bet there’s a shit load of White stuff on his cistern ala being down the dog and duck with his dodgy mates in Wythenshawe.

    @Tommy you tried mate. Were getting it together.

  27. OpikBidin says:


    Playing lampard, Lallana and lambert isn’t for the future. And that formation is just the typical, “play the players just because they haven’t play” mentality

    You have to play to win, play with a direction, not just giving chances. Why play with the old players, why play with no DM, why play Milner out of position if we have Johnson and we can play Milner at the wing or in the middle.

  28. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Warrored, yea I’m sure there’s a few of them on it. A lot of them are as thick as two planks and given someone huge amounts of money with no brains is asking for it. To be fair his was a couple of years ago when I heard about Wilshere’s drug habits, I’m guessing he’s wised up a bit now, or at least I’d like to think so for his careers sake.

    Ravel Morrison is a proper waster. It’s a bloody shame for him and for football that he seems determined to destroy his own career. Maybe one day in Ravel’s case he will grow up? By then it will be too late though.

  29. Tommy says:


    Its a meaningless game, Costa Rica are going to top the group and England are out, so it is only right thaat those who have grafted in tough conditions in training get to play, Spain will do the same, it will be a new 11 for them against Australia so I see no harm in roy giving game time to those who have not played in the WC, and too be quite frank they cant do any worse than the so called 1st choice side

  30. Tommy says:

    Brad Friedal comparing Ronaldo with hagi and thats why he is a goalkeeper lol

  31. The One says:

    Ingurland will always remain crap if they continue in this vein :

  32. The One says:

    ….when the blooming obvious is staring them in the face!! Why oh why hasn’t anybody got the balls to question gerard’s contribution??? :(


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