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Rooney: I’m Glad I Didn’t Get England Stick Like Other United Players

Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher all missed their penalties in the last World Cup quarter finals against Portugal. Owen Hargreaves was the only man to find the back of the net.

The game had finished 0-0 after extra time, with Wayne Rooney getting sent off for an incident involving Ricardo Carvalho.

But who did this country blame for England’s exist? Cristiano Ronaldo of course!

The obsession this country has with Manchester United and its players reached a whole new level with Ronaldo, who became the focal point for all football related issues in this country. Whether in the press, on Match of the Day or the live commentry on Sky Sports, it didn’t even matter if Ronaldo was playing or not, he was always talked about.

Just like the United players before him, he was singled out for costing England’s chances of progression. The fact they had been shit all tournament and three of the four penalty takers missed was completely forgotten. So what exactly had Ronaldo done? He was one of five Portugal players who complained to the referee and after Rooney’s sending off he winked, so obviously he was more accountable for England’s failure than any of the England players!

“I was happy I didn’t get the stick Becks got and even Phil Neville did at Euro 2000,” Rooney said today. “I didn’t really get any stick. Ronaldo took a lot of it and I’m pleased with that.”

When England failed to qualify for Euro 2008 after losing to Croatia, it was pleasing to see that not a single United player was in the squad. It was the first time in years that England had played without even a United player on the bench and it lead to them not even getting a place at the European Championships. Embarrassing.

Before that, Portugal had knocked England out of the last two tournaments and so Rooney wouldn’t mind seeing them miss the next World Cup. Given Argentina’s problems in qualifying too, we could potential have a World Cup without the world’s two best players!

“It would be nice to see Portugal not there because they have knocked us out of the last two tournaments,” he said. “Obviously when we didn’t qualify for Euro 2008, we got a lot of stick. You have banter with your team-mates. But it’s important not to go too far because it is an important issue and, to be honest, I am not too bothered whether they are there or not.”

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  1. Suprah says:

    The only way I would EVER accept Eng-er-lund winning the World Cup next year is when United players win it for them. Rooney, Carrick, Hargreaves, Rio et al. I would want to proudly say aloud “Manchester United has won the World Cup for England” when July 2010 comes rolling.

    Otherwise, fuck off England.

  2. SULLY says:

    You can stick your fucking Ingurland up your arse. Sideways. United > Ingurland

  3. Jig says:

    Was madness alright.

    Regardless of the penalties, it was incredible they all blamed Ronaldo for Rooney stamping on Carvalho’s nuts! it was about as obvious a sending off I’ve ever seen – Q Sky News & the red-tops running snail-speed footage trying to justify the stamp.

    Bizarre what people are prepared to lap-up.

  4. MUFC the Religion says:

    Good picture that.

    Now what if you photoshopped it into Michael Owen at Anfield.

    Aahhh happy thoughts.

  5. wazza (Bezi) says:

    @Suprah : same here. i wish Terry getting injured in the semis and Rio to be the captain in the final and win the WC

  6. Stephen says:

    Wazza and Suprah I am English and want England to win, the squad will contain Wes, Rio, Wazza and Carrick at least with Welbeck, Hargo and Owen good outside bets.


    I think that Ingerland did’nt deserve to qualify for Euro 2008 as they were piss poor.Do any of you think that Hargo will make the England squad,as I think Barry would’nt be fit enough to lick Hargo’s boots

  8. Suprah says:

    Stephen..I can easily say that most people on this blog ARE English in the first place ;) its not about the United players that make the England squad, its about those United players WINNING the World Cup for England. The way the media and opposing fans and ABUs have treated United players in Eng-er-lund colours has been atrocious for more than 10 years now.

    Rooney to win the Golden Ball as best player in World Cup and win it for England. Michael Owen to score the winner, and Carrick to have both assists ^_^

  9. Stephen says:

    I agree mate, but Ashley Cole and Fat Frank have suffered the same abuse of late, most England supporters are fans of lower league clubs so jump on the who the media are against band wagon.
    The abuse Beckham got when he was dismissed was disgraceful, the press whipped up a frenzy which got out of control and was nothing less than pathetic, due to his success on and off the field this sums up the English metality with regards tot the media build them up and knock them down.

  10. mara says:

    I think all this doesnt matter. I think that England has a great players, and finally i would like to see you guys do something big in the world cup. You have a great manager, player, results…Capello is worth of every penny.
    And about getting cards for makeing yourself nervous, I wouldn t let that guy ever play for his country. You have to think about all team when you are angry. They are professionals and they have get use to it. They play in big clubs under big pressure, so they have no excuse.

  11. ajopaul says:

    No matter what I would love to see England lift the cup next year. Yes United lead me to England. but dont mind seeing the bests of gerrard lampard along with rooney and rios..

  12. JD says:

    @Hargos hair

    Isn’t it a case of too late for Hargreaves? Assuming he makes a full recovery and starts playing in our matches the turn of the season our qualifying stages are over. He might get in on some friendly matches but unless his training ground work is superb or Barry gets an injury, Capello will think it’s better to stick with that he’s seen work over the course of the whole campaign.

    He might have a chance if he’s resurgent and hit’s the first 11 in some crunch matches by January onwards, then starts featuring in the q/finals and beyond in the CL and plays brilliantly. Imagine him putting in his performance on the right wing vs Chelsea in Moscow, how we didn’t score more.. oh wait Tevez.

    Quite amusing situation with England, 12+ months ago I imagined a starting 11 with Foster dominating the GK crisis, midfielders Carrick who was playing pretty well at the time with Hargo behind, Wes Brown who for me was Englands best right back by a fair bit, better to defend first than attack mr Johnson! Rio&Rooney a must but unfortunately to England everyone got injured. Not a qualification chance in hell.

  13. willierednut says:

    Ive seen this in various papers today, reopening that incident between wazza and ronny in the world cup in 06. I suppose the rags will twist rooneys words making out he hates ronny wen all he said was he didn’t care if portugal didn’t make it to the world cup.

  14. PALGOLAK says:

    If you examine the Rooney sending-off incident in detail (which I have) you can plainly see that Rooney didn’t receive the red card because of his actions during play.

    It was only after he pushed Ronaldo, who was frantically miming a “card display” to the ref, that Rooney was carded.

    So yes, it *was* because of that piece of shit Ronaldo that Rooney received the card.

  15. Scott the Red says:

    PALGOLAK – So Ronaldo made Rooney push him? Get a grip. Ronaldo was one of several people telling the ref to do something, Rooney made a choice to push him. It’s pathetic to put the blame on Ronaldo’s shoulders.

  16. Stephen says:

    Ronaldo was hardly an innocent in that instance he should not have got involved in something which had nothing to do with him, and Rooney was a team mate maybe he should have taken that into account also.

  17. ZD Casuals says:

    @ Pagolak & Stephen:

    Being teammates at United doesn’t matter. They’re playing for different teams and both want to win.

    Players surround the ref and mime “card displays” all the time. You could say that Ronaldo and the other players shouldn’t have done it, but you could also say Rooney shouldn’t have committed the foul and then reacted to the miming by pushing Ronaldo away.

    Whatever Ronaldo did, it’s important to note, as Scott has pointed out: it finished a scoreless draw and three England players failed to score their penalty shots. Did Ronaldo’s “red card antics” also cause them to miss their penalties?

    An almost similar situation was Beckham vs Argentina. He was sent off, but again, England failed to win on penalties.

    In both cases, England supporters overlooked the fact that the penalty takers failed to convert their chances and instead blamed an individual player for the failure of the entire team. I wonder what the reaction would have been had England won those matches…

    They can obviously play well enough with a man down, so maybe England should worry less about sending offs and concentrate on putting away those penalties.

  18. Stephen says:

    ZD, I know what you are saying but a sending off changes the philosophy of the side with the numerical disadvantage, they tend to retreat and become less attacking which would genuinely mean that they would take penalties rather than run the risk of loosing the game outright, especially with Sven-Göran Eriksson in charge!
    Also Ronaldo was Rooney mate, so really he was out of order in that sense the incident had nothing to do with him and he got involved to get a friend and a club mate dismissed, but that sums up Ronaldo really disloyal.

  19. AJK says:

    @ Stephen
    I would like you to imagine that Rooney was in Ron’s shoes. Do you still think that if Ron had stepped on Terry’s nuts that Rooney should have been obligated to stay out of it because Ron and him were club mates and friends. I think not.
    Rooney made a rash challenge and what followed after was him showing his frustration. We are just glad now that the boy has become a man and has matured. We are almost guaranteed that he wouldn’t do such in a United game.


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