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Rooney: I’m not bothered by critics

Wayne Rooney was played out of position on the left for England’s 2-2 draw with Ecuador yesterday, but still managed to score a goal.

Several people in the media have claimed that Rooney shouldn’t be guaranteed a starting place but the player insists he isn’t bothered what people have to say.

“I am not really interested,” he told reporters. “A lot of people have their opinions but I listen to the people around me and in the coaching set-up. I don’t listen to people outside of the set-up really so anyone, [including] journalists, can say what they want. I have got no interest in listening to them. I enjoy playing for my country – whether it is left wing, right wing, midfield or up front. I am always proud to play for England and that won’t change, no matter where I am on the pitch. It is down to the manager to pick where he plays me and I am happy to play anywhere.”

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  1. Tommy says:

    Rooney will play for England no matter what, I cant believe some people are saying he should be left out for Lambert lol, I heard David James mention that and had to chuckle to myself. I am not Rooneys biggest fan and want him sold but to hear him say he will play anywhere that the manager asks him to play in comparison to Welbecks threat to leave if he plays on the left lol, ridiculous really, you play were the manager deems you fit to play, end of!

  2. united till i die says:

    Roy needs to with Rooney the same as Capello did when he first took over and order him to stay up top as the main striker. On form Rooney is a great finisher when the chances come along but when he drops deep it creates a total unbalance in the side. He must curb his desire to go looking for the ball. Let the midfielders do the work that way he’s not accountable when they create fuck all over 90mins.

  3. wayne barker says:

    Sturridge will be the main striker,Rooney will be #10

  4. Moseley Scholes says:

    Sturridge is yet to prove that he can lead the line against the best. People are of the opinion that Rooney is a #10… I (personally) don’t share that. It’s only his indiscipline that prevents him from being one of the best #9′s in the world.

  5. wayne barker says:

    Proven or not Sturridge will be starting up top against Italy that’s a gimmie,barring injuries the starting line up is almost done,?? Over the RB otherwise back 4 is picked
    Gerrard and Henderson,Rooney #10 and Sturridge up top are in stone

  6. trevor knightsmith says:


    Don’t forget Lambert is now world class now that the dippers have signed him !

  7. Tommy says:

    @trevor knightsmith

    Weve not signed anyone yet, could be worse though mate, we could of signed fucking Lambert lol

  8. trevor knightsmith says:


    I just hope there’s some “behind the scenes” stuff going on , but I won’t hold my breath.

    Would like to see a few unloaded though, such as cleverly, Fellaini, and Anderson . Much as I want to see them in action I hope LVG isn’t putting too much emphasis on our youngsters, as good as they appear to be .

    Think Lambert was only bought for cover for the dippers hopefully short foray into Europe ..

  9. Tommy says:

    @trevor knightsmith

    I think Woodenhead must be working on some deals surely behind the scenes, On the players leaving, we all think some players should go but I cant see anyone going until at least the tour, same with any new manager, playersd in bad form or players out of favor start with a clean slate, so the manager will want to have a look at all the players unfortunatly

  10. Tommy says:


    Dont think England will use a “10″, I think theyll play 4 3 3 with Rooney, Welbeck and Sturrige leading the line

  11. wayne barker says:

    Tommy i just think Rooney will be in a deeper role than Sturridge,he’s just a player that likes to drop deep even when he was leading the line for Utd last year he was still dropping back,he can’t help it.Be interesting to see that first line up.Roy likes Welbeck so expect to see him on the left and Milner on the right with Gerrard and Henderson.

  12. Tommy says:


    If he goes negative Milner will play but he should be playing Lallana and id expect him too, it will be the team that started in the first friendly against Peru that will start against Italy I think

  13. wayne barker says:

    Tommy i’m thinking with the RB position being dodgy he’ll have Milner in there as protection,Milner had a good year for City and showed up in most of their big games.Roy is a pretty cautious man so think he’ll go for the work rate and defensive qualities of Milner

  14. AfghanRed says:

    Though following ROM all along, I decided after a couple of years that I should partake more… so im posting :) I think Roy will and should go with Milner but bring Lallana on when legs are tired. A crafty little player he is, so I would hate for him to join Loserpool.

    I am, like all you Red Devils, certainly looking forward to LVG’s plans for us, knowing we always come back tough!

  15. Tommy says:

    @Afgan red

    I think England might as well pack their bags if Milner plays to be honest, that sends out such a negative vibe, have a go at these teams in the group, Italy are terribly slow and Uraguay have a couple of good individuals and a decent defence which is dirty and will try every trick to win but are more than winable and Costa Rica should be beaten so in my opinion its far from a group of death, have a go and theyll qualify, if their negative they wont

  16. wayne barker says:

    Tommy think you’re being a bit unfair on Milner mate,he had a good season for City,if Lallana starts could be on the left instead of Danny.A lot of pundits now talking about Sterling starting so who knows.

  17. Tommy says:


    I dont think im being overly critical, I have nothing against Milner but i think it sends out the message of negativity against sides that are beatable, in Italys case they cant buy a win at the moment, go after them rather than sitting back would be my mantra, If youre playing Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina etc fair enough play Milner against a side you will see very little of the ball but against sides you can outplay go after them rather than sitting back and letting the inevitable happen, just my opinion

  18. Tommy says:


    I do think whoever starts tonight will be the side who takes to the field for that first match barring injuries


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