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VIDEO: Rooney Is England’s Saviour Again… Whilst Evans Gets His First For NI

Following a week of slatings in the press and the England manager Fabio Capello calling him a ‘crazy man’, Wayne Rooney went on to score two goals in England’s 4-0 victory over Slovakia.

Rooney was named Man of the Match before even scoring his second, which turned out to be the last kick of the game.

Allowed to roam free, Rooney was a constant threat to the opposition, playing through superb balls which highlighted perfectly his great vision.

It was a defence splitting pass from Rooney to Stevie Me which saw Emile Heskey score the opener, before our Wayne scored the second and fourth goals for his country.

The same fans who will chant “You fat bastard!” when they come to Old Trafford were chanting his name throughout the game, with Rooney showing them just how much they’ll need him when the next World Cup swings around.

Well played Wayne!

In other news, Ben Foster made his second appearance for England, Michael Carrick came on as a sub and played the ball in to Frank Lampard for his goal, whilst Rio didn’t play due to an injury picked up in training.

Jonny Evans scored in Northern Ireland’s 3-2 win over Poland.

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    United > england

    Well done though Rooney, showing them he’s the savior of this pathetic english football team the pre maddonna 11. nice to see the ABU ‘barmy army’ singing his name aswell ;)

    Republik of Mancunia!

  2. RED_ARMY says:

    Rooney was magic….he’s gonna be missed against villa ….

  3. costas says:

    Well played Wayne.I would like to believe that SAF will have the same calm influence on him that CApello has.

  4. Androo says:

    What a footballer!!! I honestly never idolised anyone more than I do Rooney. A Man Uts asset and a national star as well. Lovely.

  5. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    what ya think of tiny tears robbing timmy from south parks goal and it been disallowed because he was offside

    Terry stealing????

    i blame the parents

  6. Androo says:

    Link to Roo’s superb second goal. Love ‘im!

  7. Scott the Red says:

    Ha ha ha ha. Blame the parents. I love it.

  8. costas says:

    What matters is that he didn’t steal the Ch.League back in May.

  9. Adopted Scouser 10 says:

    Where was skirtel when Wazza scored?

  10. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    all we need now is a john oshea hattrick while berba puts his feet up and takes a break

    then its the tevez show

  11. Kings says:

    So much for Skrtel taming Rooney. Fucking bin dipper cunt.

  12. corea says:

    when will Roon start to score this goals for ManU ???
    Cmon! We all love you so much. Just learn to fly. We need you, Wazza!

  13. 9jmac says:

    To summarise

    Rooney will be missed against villa

    Rooney has and always will be an unbelievable player

    Internationals are shite

    United > England

    p.s John Terry is a shite cunt

  14. Didsbury_King says:

    I couldn’t care less what Rooney or any player does on international duty

    They can score hat tricks or own goals as far as I care. I don’t.

    Look at Tevez. He was brilliant for Argentina in their last international match, he came back for us and did sweet all.

    What I care about is doing that for United and lets be honest Slovakia?! LOL

    It will be the same old story with England. Knocked out in the quarter finals of the world cup and it will be everybody else’s fault

  15. edwin says:

    How long is Rio out for?

  16. Scott the Red says:

    Didsbury – correction. Not everybody else’s fault, but a Manchester United player’s fault!

  17. shepsii says:

    As I said in other thread. England duty brings him back to form. But let’s all hate England because that’s what we do.

  18. costas says:

    I also said in another thread that maybe Capello is having a calmer influence on him than Sir Alex.By the way guys,Quieroz didn’t win yet again.

  19. King Eric says:

    Ain’t seen the game but gonna watch highlights now to see Wayne. And to think the ABU cunts on 5live last night were calling for him to be dropped in favour of Saint Stevie. Funny as fuck to see the muppets chanting his name. Well done Rooney lad you show them how to play.

    United > Ingurland.

  20. costas says:

    Tevez just scored.At some point i would like to know why we call England Ingurland.

  21. King Eric says:

    Costas – Have you heard the England fans chant ? In- Gur- lund, In- gur-lund, In-gur-lund…………………………….

  22. Colbert says:

    Well played Rooney. It also pleases me to see Beckham doing well regardless of whether it’s for England or whoever. It rams the taunts down the throats of the ABU cunts who have disliked him ever since he was at United.

  23. costas says:

    Can’t say that i have King Eric.But from what i can understand,it’s our way of mocking them?Since i found you here,let me say that it was a good weekend for many of our lads.Apart from Rio(back and groin complaint dear lord) everyone else is fit and our should-be attacking duo has scored 3 goals.Oh and i have a weird feeling that we will be seeing Quieroz back pretty soon.

  24. Scott the Red says:

    Costas –

    And Rio is supposed to be back for their qualifier.

  25. costas says:

    Thanx Scott.No shortage in chants i see!I know that there are no worrying reports for Rio at the moment.It’s just that these are 2 areas where he has had problems in the past.I wish there was a way he was rested this week.

  26. Tom F says:

    I bet there were a good few Chelsea and Liverpool fans at Wembley cheering Rooney on!

    He’ll be their fat bastad next week though.



  27. King Eric says:

    Off topic – What a cunt. I see Piers Morgan in the Mail has done an article about how the “empire” that is United is starting to crumble after the two defeats and “unrest” in the squad. Fuck off you twat.

  28. Bob Koh says:

    I’ve always loved Rooney since the day he scored the cracker against Arsenal whilst still with Everton. I have a replica jersey on the wall besides the TV on which I watched the weekly PL games. Rooney!!!!!


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