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Rooney: It was great ending Arsenal’s unbeaten records

Ahead of Sunday’s game against Arsenal, Wayne Rooney has reflected on the two goals he’s scored against the Gunners to end their unbeaten runs. The first was for Everton when he scored that wonder goal and the second was in 2004 when they had gone 49 games without losing.

“Arsenal do crop up quite often,” said Rooney. “It is a bit weird. I am sure they must be sick of the sight of me at times. That first goal for Everton does seem like a long time ago. It was obviously a special goal for me, plus they were 32 games unbeaten. And I will always remember the 2004 game. There had been a lot of hype around it because of what happened the year before with Ruud van Nistelrooy. That was as tense as I ever remember it before a game. Arsenal were a fantastic team and it was a great feeling to beat them 2-0 and end that record.”

Arsenal fans still cry about our victory over them in 2004. None of them mention the penalty we weren’t awarded that day though. Funny that.

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  1. Tommy says:

    @Eric eric

    Nightmare saturday night/sunday morning stuck in euston station waiting for the early morning train, Their was loads of reds in that train station and then they decided to close it at about 4am and said it wouldent opeb until 6.30am the bastards and it started raining lol

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    King Eric – I disagree. Class, technique and quality comes first, you cannot mould talent but you can build work rate, barca put quality first and then work on others. I don’t underestimate work-ethic, it is essential but it will only take you far if that’s all you have, you need a mixture of both class and graft, you need to find a balance but ultimately, match winners make the difference and if a team is filled with too many runners, they have less chance of getting anywhere further, that’s just my view.

  3. slim says:

    King Eric

    I’m good mate. keeping my head down and all. Your boy must be a man now.
    Re Valencia, i’ve said it here many times. I actually prefer Nani type player but these days we seem to get more from Tony. I’d prefer a wizard type player offering the ammo from the wings but Nani hasn’t been able to convince the manager. Simply put he has to do more. Not saying he should begin running around but whatever his skill set is made up of, he needs to amp it up big time. The traits are there but he’s not convinced any one so far. Can’t remember the last time a player was booed at OT, and that shows frustrations is not some knee jerk reaction

  4. King Eric says:

    Tommy – Yeah it was lashing it down when our coach left Wembley to take us to a nearby Travelodge thing. I held my hands up that night to Barca, I hate the cunts as folk on here will testify but what a performance. Their fans were just chanting “Barca” and it speeded up and slowed down to the rhythm of their game. Never seen owt like it that night, they were on fire.

    John – But here’s the thing, why didn’t Fergie trust Nani much but did so Valencia? Same with Moyes. The proof is in the pudding and rightly or wrongly to the Nani lovers , Tony simply put, is fancied more in games.

  5. King Eric says:

    samuel – Yeah fair point, I think it’s somewhere in the middle! You need both.

    Slim – Good thanks mate. He is 2 on Xmas Eve but a big lad! Proper little character. Thats just it slim. I cannot remember the last time a player was bood. Unacceptable but it happened.

  6. slim says:

    samuel – united WE stand

    Utterly and totally wrong- IMO)
    Work rate is up there with talent. Off the top of my head, look at a player like say ,Robinho. Massively talented but lazy as fuck, hence his not so glittering career.
    Lets look at the top squads in Europe. Barcelona, place heavy emphasis on winning the ball. That is large part of their game plan. They don’t win the ball the way they do and have done in the past and i can tell you they wouldn’t be as good as we know them to be today. Add Dortmund to that as well. Their work rate is very important and i remember Klopp sounding off about making sure his team covers more miles than the opposition.
    Its because you can’t mold and create talent that you have to make sure hard work is the watchword
    Bayern are the same. They have an ethos that places emphasis on work rate.
    Now i get your point about class and ability and all that stuff but if the side isn’t working hard , what you get is the Arsenal team from yesteryears. Its no wonder that this year they’ve covered ground a lot . Again let me reiterate, no one is saying the class isn’t needed just that you have to earn the right to play. And in todays modern game you need to work hard in order to do just that, winning the ball back, keeping the ball by moving it around quickly, playing on the counter etc. Work rate is much more important than you give it credit for

  7. Tommy says:


    100% spot on mate, look at pep 1st thing he did when he was manager was get rid of Ronaldiho, Etoo, Marquez, Ibrohimovic only lasted a year. You can also look closer to home take southampton no superstars yet their the hardest working team and one of the best in the league, great job poccettinos done

  8. WeAreUnited says:

    @tommy fair enough and bir respect for you, and don’t worry! people have come many time as ticket-holders and had no idea of nothing, you know! but no hard feelings!

    @KingEric, hi mate, are you being serious or joking? but to be honest Nani is not tht arorgant when you think about it and compare to ronaldo.

    anyway, I really do get the hard-working thing, but I also prefer more Nani/Ribery/Sanchez kind of players with flair, BUt my all time United player is David Beckham and he was no showman ( I mean on the pitch, apart from his hair). But I cal lBS when peoiple slag Nani too much.

    the truth is and I mean this truth not that dude commening is that Nani with Januzaj and Rooney were our best players, NO Nani did no play great but well enough compares to the rest of the team,
    Now we are slowly gelling together and Nani put the wrong foot on that stoke game and got him deservely dropped and Valencia is taking his place at the moment (hats off for that)

    but to make it simple, before the stoke game, Nani was on everyones first team sheet (at leats here and in many forums) after that game, Nani became again the victim of double-standards! this being said, when Valencia plays well it’s him, when he’s bad it’s Nani coming in!

    I see it as a positive thing cause we have options and thank God now we also have Januzaj and kagawa (slowly) but after all it’s ManUtd #1 and then the players. so I just hope we get the best out of all players!

    just cut the BS (all of you) and know that Nani is a great player who came here as a boy 19 and he came to life when he developed his mental-strenght which is sometimes his weakness, not his talent!

    anyway, this is now too much! see ya ! peace.

  9. Proverb says:

    This discussion can go on forever and we most likely will never reach a definite point whereby to clear up any doubts, regarding whom to rely on without fan boys of either player moaning.

    Imo nani is ahead in terms of skills cutting edge, and he’s a goal threat too more so than tony V who imo is quite conservative at times.
    But tony V at the other hand is a very reliable lad, who works his socks off for the good of the team, he doesn’t sulk, he’s also proving to be even more reliable now that he has added in some to his game. Nani will get you all the assists in the world when in mood, which is plausible, but won’t guarantee you consistency in every game, he keeps on spitting those glimpses around but unable to put it together more consistently.
    He has quality, yeah fans see what he can do when fired up, but can he do that on consistent basis No! Hence why the frustration from fans. A professional should be able to do simple passes, at 27 you decision making be improving, not the opposite of that.

  10. slim says:


    Exactly. When in the mood. Thing is tomorrow, we could do with any sort of assurances and quite frankly based on form Tony V pips Nani. Besides who’s to say Nani won’t have some sort of impact anyway. I reckon Tony V starts ahead Nani but i’m sure he’ll be on the bench.

  11. rick says:

    Ggmu,,, i wish Rooney gonna rock tmrw,,
    my selection
    . ddg
    smalling vidic Evans evra
    Valencia Carrick cleverly nani
    . kagawa
    . Rooney

  12. wayne says:

    I’ve just come to the conclusion that Nani fans live in a alternate Universe,wouldn’t mind catching one of those games to be honest.Down the rabbit hole anyone

  13. WeAreUnited says:

    @wayne mate

    spare us! because you are also delusional with the other wingers, maybe you can come with us to the rabbit hole and we live a happy great life together?

  14. denton davey says:

    Slim @ 16:28: “I actually prefer Nani type player but these days we seem to get more from Tony.”

    What you get from AV25 is work-rate, physicality and predictability – not much END PRODUCT. I’m just scratching my head to try and remember the last time AV25 put in a cross that led directly (or indirectly) to a goal.

    When was the last time that AV25 had a goal – not a tap-in ? The other day @ Sociedad he had a perfect set-up on the far-side of the goal but took so long to get the ball under control and then, after two/three touches he hit it wide of the target.

    If you think that Valencia offers much more than ThreeLungPark then you’re watching a different game. AND, much as I respect King Eric’s opinions (and disagree with some of them), his enthusiasm for AV25 is OTT.

    Furthermore, let me go back to the shit-kicking v. Barcelona in the CL Final @ Wembley. Pep had sussed what both Park and Valencia could do – and couldn’t do so they were both useless. In contrast, SAF was in a snit with Dimmy and didn’t bring on Nani until the 67th (or 75th) minute, when it was already 3-1 and the result was no longer in doubt. SAF got it very, very wrong by not making use of the skill-alternatives (in place of the EverReadyBunnies) and was out-manoeuvred by Pep’s superior scouting. Both Park and Valencia are “serviceable players” but neither could cope with being swarmed – in contrast, high-skill guys like Dimmy (there, I said it) and Nani might not be “reliable” but they are better able to cope with a high-pressure swarming.

    That memory brings us back to tomorrow’s match and the illogical reasons for choosing AV25 over Nani or KagawaBunga or AdnanJ. Tomorrow’s match might be crucial to not lose but it will be a game-down if UTD only get a draw and a disaster if TheLads get beaten. I’d rather see UTD go down fighting rather than playing-it-safe – with AV25, what you get is playing-it-safe.

    ps for those who want to pigeon-hole me as a BerbaHater, go back through the archives and you’ll find that I was appalled with SAF’s decision not to put Dimmy on the bench – remember, he chose LittleMikey instead. An appallingly-bad choice, the more so because in the CL you get 7 (not 5) guys on the bench. I wrote at the time – and I still believe – that Dimmy Sent-to-Coventry after he missed those two sitters in the first quarter-hour against ManShitty in the FACup semi-final @ Wembley. It wasn’t the last time that TheWilyOldFootieKnight was just plain wrong ! Watching Aaron Ramsey cavort in the strip of TheArse will bring back unhappy memories tomorrow; same goes for Gareth Bale, who he also scouted heavily and didn’t sign. Both of these guys are Welsh, both idolize Ryan Giggs, but both went elsewhere for about ten million quid – about two-thirds of the do$h he splurged on AshleyBloodyYoung. But, I digress……..

  15. martin the nairobian says:

    Valencia is a pathetic winger.Not a single top european team would come for him if he was available on a free transfer.
    Let’s get to basics.what’s a wingers primary job?
    Imo its to cross the ball leading to assists.he should also contribute among the goals.
    Cometh valencia in the 2012/13 season.
    Four assists and 2 goals in 28 games.its kind of stupid defend a winger with such crap stats.Do people defend him since defensively he offers more than say nani??
    He is a one dimensional predictable workhouse with no end product.every epl team rejoices seeing valencia selected ahead of nani.they got their work cut out nicely.let him run run run with the ball.stop near the byline then pass to the RB.or run run run to the byline ,try to put a cross in,doesn’t even get past the first defender.if this isn’t infuriating for the likes of king eric and co then you kinda have a soft spot for underwhelming football.

  16. Tommy says:

    @denton davey

    “If you think that Valencia offers much more than ThreeLungPark” Take a look at the disciplined job park did on a world class player you might know him he took the piss out of england in the euros, Pirlo!! (Not many players would except the role he did that night simply outstanding) How disrespectful, he also chipped in with vital goals, I also remember him for PSV running rings round arguably the best defense of all time!

    @martin the nairobian

    Ok he had a bad season last season but remember when Rooney took all the plaudits for scoring a lot of goals a few years ago? Most where because Valencia put them on a plate for him, hes far better than Nani and more reliable, if he gets anywhere near his best then hes worth having in the team a lot more!

  17. Tommy says:

    If Ramierez was wearing a united top his dive would of got a mention on prime ministers question time, just saying!

  18. uzzy.mufc says:

    Hpe nani starts he plays wel against ars.anal

  19. uzzy.mufc says:

    Hpe nani starts he plays wel against ars.anal

  20. martin the nairobian says:

    @tommy valid point that.
    He was sensational I got to agree.
    Sadly for us we are stuck in the hope he’ll regain that form.its been a full season gone still no signs of improvement.
    Even torres was worldclass at liverpool.unplayable at about him now and all you’ll get is a laugh on your face.valencia has been found out.every defender knows what to expect from him.he aint got the skills to alter his game to succeed against fullbacks like before.we are fighting a losing battle with valencia.the best he can be for us is a back up RB to rafael.

  21. Axeman says:

    Don’t understand why people feel the need to bash one winger to justify their preference for the other.
    I’m a fan of Nani but can see that he often has shit days and that Valencia has a lot to offer.

    If I was the manager, I would sit Nani down and tell him he’s starting the next 5 games regardless of how he performs. He needs that confidence and belief from people around him. If he plays shit, sub him at half time. But he needs to know that he won’t be discarded for 10 games if he plays badly in 1.

  22. In David We Trust says:

    denton davey – I agree with that point, for me valencia should be converted into a RB, as I feel is wide play days are behind him, as he feels like a fullback playing on the right


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