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Rooney: It Would Be Sweet To Get 100th Goal Against Everton

“Remember the name, Wayne Rooney!” the commentator said, after watching a 16-year-old Rooney score a superb goal against Arsenal whilst playing for Everton. This was the goal that ended their 30-match unbeaten run, whilst also making him the youngest scorer in Premiership history. He was making his 10th appearance for Everton, after scoring a brace against Wrexham in the League Cup two weeks previously.

After scoring a total of 17 goals for Everton, he joined Manchester United, and aged just 22-years-old, has 99 club goals to his name.

It is rather fitting that he has the opportunity to score his 100th goal against his former club, with United travelling to Everton this weekend.

“I am doing well at the minute and hopefully that continues,” Rooney said. “I am really enjoying my football. I am enjoying the way the team is playing. It is always nice for any player to score 100 goals. If I can do that back at Everton, where I started, it would be really pleasing. If I do score at Everton, whether it was my first or my 100th, it would be really sweet.”

Rooney scored against Everton the season before last, during the match that felt as if it had won us the title. At one point during the day, Chelsea were leading against Bolton whilst United were 2-0 down at Goodison Park. However, courtesy of goals from Phil Neville and John O’Shea, it was all set up for Rooney to bag our 3rd, turning defeat in to victory. He celebrated in front of the home fans before kissing our badge in front of the away support. That shut them up. The match was wrapped up by Chris Eagles in the final minutes, seeing us end the day 4-2 winners.

Whilst I’ve spoken to Everton fans who still feel a great deal of fondness for Rooney, the general feeling is of total hatred, which I can’t get my head around. “Die die, Rooney Rooney, die!” chant their fans when the teams face each other. What did they expect? For him to stay at Everton forever?

The treatment he receives at Goodison Park will only spur him on to score his 100th goal against them, although I do wonder, will he reveal a shirt that reads “Once a blue, always a red” this time around……?

Given Rooney’s form, do you think he’ll score his 100th goal against Everton at the weekend?

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  1. Yo^man says:

    I think so bcos rooney is in greatest form of his life


    yeah evertons hatred to rooney has somewhat blaffled me too, i mean he wanted to move onto bigger and better things – which he has done, i dont think he would have developed into the player he is not or have the trophy cab he has now (league cup, 2 titles and a UCL). when beckham left i was depressed but had he ever returned to OT to play against us i wouldnt have chanted “die beckham die!”

  3. blue gav says:

    We don’t hate him at Everton. Personally I’m proud that a scouser and a blue has done well for himself. I really hope that he fulfills his ambitions with UTD. yes I hear the monority sing songs of hatred and it’s out of order. But they are just a monority of fans which every club has and the rest of wish they didn’t turn up.

    Saying that I hope he has a howler at Goodison this weekend!

  4. Big Dunc says:

    While I dont think “die Rooney die” is acceptable,I do think he deserves all the stick he get`s.Lets not forget we are on about the same Rooney who wore a t-shirt with the words once a blue always a blue under his football shirt,and showed the world it when celebrating a goal,and we all know he was havin a pop at Franny Jeffers who left under similar circumstances,as if to say “I would never do that”.
    And lets face it….has he developed that much since he left,in my opinion not much considering when he was at Goodison he was being talked about as the next best player in the world.Ithink you will find there is countless players ahead of him on that score.
    So Rooney even if you do score on Saturday,you will still be hated for the way you walked out on the club after your scum of a agent thought about his cut out the transfer and filled your tiny brain cell with stories of grandeur.
    Once a blue always a blue…….even his family have eaten the forbidden fruit.

  5. Scott the Red says:

    Big Dunc – how old was he when he did that? 15? 16? Surely you can’t use his boyhood love of a club against him in such malicious way.

  6. Red-Manc says:

    you know how scousers are even though its normally the red type (livershite) full of self pity and want the attention on them. A world class player wanted to go to a world class team, what did they expect? he’s obviously gonna get stick and fair enough but ‘die rooney’ is to far and there making a fuss over nothing, like all scousers do.

  7. Sam says:

    Will get his 100th goal at the weekend would love to see him netting his 100th united goal against chelsea in january but we might have to wait til later in the season for that. but the form he’s in at the moment….

  8. evertom says:

    He’s a c*nt, for leaving in the manner he did.
    But, I still have a signed shirt in a cupboard that no one knows about….
    Great player though.
    Rooney, when you’ve finished milking the money out of the mancs, ring uncle Bill apologise again to Moysey and will find a place in the side for you.

  9. Jarty says:

    I would never wish death or even serious injury on Rooney and don’t agree with this type of abuse on any player but he doesn’t do himself any favours with the badge kissing stunt . And has he really developed that much since joining Utd ? It’s took 4 years for him to look remotely like the player he was as a 17 yr old at Everton and the same length of time to regain his 2004 England form . I’m not alone in this thought , I read many articles last season from Utd ‘ fans ‘ advocating dropping him , selling him and questioning Sir Alex’s wisdom in paying £27m for him but of course this is when Ronaldo was the darling .
    Incidentaly , when Real Madrid were proclaiming themselves as a bigger club than Utd and Ronaldo wold be better off going there , how many of your fans accepted this pragmatically ? Face it , If you support Man utd Everton or Accrington Stanley you all think that ” your ” team is the greatest in the world . So I can’t understand how utd fans are mystified ‘cos us blues were so miffed when the best player we’ve had since Dixie Dean was ‘ stolen ‘ from us

  10. Blue says:

    You lot make me laugh. I remember the stick you gave Ronaldo in the summer, I remember people threatening to ‘do him’ (I have mates in your little city). Oh, and please remember on Saturday when you sing your usual purile bile-filled songs about Hillsborough that its GOODISON and not ANFIELD.
    I don;t hate Rooney, it was good business for Everton and kept the club afloat when they needed it. However how can you lot see someone who loved Everton (and you KNOW he did ) kiss your badge like he means it? But that would be typical of you two faced Mancunians. No brains to understand the word hypocrisy? You don’t see Phil Neville- to his credit – kiss his Everton shirt. Because he’s not an Everton fan. You cannot change your football club. If you do you are worthless. You can play for a club, win as much as you can with a club (after all its his job) but to say ‘I’m now a Man Utd Fan’ is wrong.

    It’s got nothing to do with attention seeking – your hatred makes you blind to the facts as usual. Just like the Reds across the park. Your arrogance rivals theirs (without the success to back it up) and for that reason you come across as know-nothings. I’ve got nothing against Manchester as a whole – just the sort of moron’s posting on here; the one’s who would never change their club alligence but find it acceptable for someone else to.

  11. divedivedive says:

    When in merseyside he usually scores with a granny.

  12. Scott the Red says:

    Blue – I’m glad you mentioned Phil Neville actually. There’s a big difference here. United fans don’t sing songs about Phil dying (to the contrary, we still sing his name at Old Trafford), so he has no reason to try and piss United fans off or feel the need to connect with a new club after being disowned by his boyhood club. What do you expect Rooney to do? Your fans have treated him like total shite, all because he wanted to better his career. Do you expect him to still love you after the shit you sing about him? He’s no mug and I find it remarkable you expect him to behave any differently than he does, after how you’ve behaved since he left your club as a kid.

  13. Blue says:

    Scott – you completely ignored all the questions (as I expected). You find it acceptable to change allegiences but you lot criticised Ronaldo for wanting to play for Real? Would that be the same Real he adored as a young boy?Once again hypocrisy and proving your lack of understanding.
    I don’t condone the ‘die’ chants – its as moronic as it gets frankly. But equally Rooney should have the sense not to inflame things further – or in your blindness do you not see that some of his comments have caused a part of this trouble (not least his libeless and untruthful (so he fits right in with your lot)comments about David Moyes and his disregard for Bill Kenwright who did him no wrong)? We’re no mugs either and if you find it OK to libel someone then that’s your view. He’s been proved a liar and a fool (albeit a great player) and is a sad little whinger. I don’t want him not to do his best for Utd but he should not be so nieve as to expect his transfer – where HE said ‘I’m not going anywhere’ – and then left coupled to his treatment of our manager ; the same guy who made his career (like it or not Wayne do you think you’d be playing for Utd if Moyes hadn’g given you your debut?)- to upset people who care about Everton? Now who’s being ‘remarkable’??????

    Get your facts straight before you open your mouth lad – but I would ‘nt expect that of people who sing Hillsborough songs at Goodison……..

  14. Scott the Red says:

    Blue – You’re talking to the wrong guy about Ronaldo, as I’ve said time and again I understand his desire to go to Real Madrid. I wrote about it back in August (Click here). My problem with Ronaldo was that he dragged it out for so long, failing to commit one way or another, not that he wanted to go to Real Madrid. So, point the finger elsewhere if you’re going to label people hypocrites who lack understanding.

    Rooney kisses our badge when we play you to piss you off, after years of hurling abuse at him because he wanted to better his career. You claimed to love him, but if you did, you’d have patted him on the back and wished him luck (the same way we have done with Nicky Butt, Phil Neville and the like, who are all applauded and sung for when they return to Old Trafford. Even bloody Jonathan Greening got a cheer when we played WBA this weekend! lol). The more sensible Everton fans realised they were never going to cling on to him and were happy to see such a quality player emerge from their youth system. Sir Alex Ferguson came knocking and said he wanted to sign him. Should Rooney have done a Shearer? Whilst it’s admirable to sacrifice success for the sake of your boyhood club, no player deserves to get chastised because they want to play at the highest level and win the biggest trophies on offer.

    Your fans sing about him dying, and whether you find that moronic or not, it doesn’t change that it happens. Rooney is entitled to do whatever he wants in retaliation to that.

  15. DarkDevil says:

    I think the reason that Everton fans hate Rooney so much is because Rooney is Everton’s version of Beckham. One of the things that makes me a Rooney fan is how passionately he loves United. When he’s on the field, whether he scores or not, he plays for the shirt. Everton fans hate the fact that Rooney was their golden boy before he became our golden boy and also the fact that since he’s been with us, he’s got quite a good scoring record against them.

    Though I think Everton fans should be grateful he didn’t join Liverpool instead.

  16. evertom says:

    Any football fan worth his salt realises why Rooney went to united.
    He knew he was a great player, Everton knew he was a great player and Sir Alex obviously knew (hence the £30M)
    I cannot blame him for wanting to ‘better’ his career, but dont kid yourself that he is a united fan. I bet he still looks at the everton score at half time (not that its good news at the moment).
    If Arsenal were the ‘in form’ side at the time, he would have gone there instead and he would be kissing their badge to try to retaliate to the ‘MINORITY’ of fans who sing shite about him.
    Bill Kenright has since said that Rooney rang him in tears saying that he wanted to go, so I dont buy into the ‘Everton sold him out’ stance or that his agent ‘forced’ him to go. He was still a kid and the pull of more money than his family could have dreamed of and the chance to play for united and win trophys was too much.
    You must remember that he is essentially a thick scouser, if you put in a shell suit and on a BMX back in croxteth he would still not look out of place. So when he comes out with comments or actions that are badly advised, you always have to put the ‘thick scouser’ element into the equation before you take it seriously.
    Also, Everton have benefitted tremendously from it. Overnight we stopped being the Rooney show and the other 10 players had a chance to stake their claim, we finished 4th the year after he left! I would even go as far as to say that he was not the most important player for us at that time, the unsung Lee Carsley, was far more important. (just look at the state the defence is in now without him – I bet no one thought we would ever need him so much when he was first dragged in from Coventry)
    Sir Alex has been the making of the man, not the player. I dont think anybody shaped him as a player, not Moysey, not Everton youth, it’s raw talent and it can’t be taught.
    I love the fact that he came from Everton and I love the fact that he is still an evertonian, I have previously said that he is a c*nt for the way that he left everton, but that is my only critisism.
    I guess I secretly wish for him to return one day for the club that he loved (loves?) but a general ‘tip of the cap’ towards Everton occasionaly may do him the world of good.
    I have never heard Tim Howard or Gary Neville talk in a derogitry way about Man Utd, there is simply ‘no need’ for it. Mind you they only left cos they couldn’t get a game???
    United are a great side and have won everything recently and yes, i am a blue manc when they play the shite, but draw a graph over history (128 years) and achievements and we are still a great club, to not recognise this shows ignorance and no education.
    An example of this: Chelsea supporters!

  17. evertom says:

    Ed: Sorry, Phil Neville not Gary Neville, I was getting ahead of myself.
    That’s next season…

  18. JIM says:

    i think the onlt difference with rooney is hes scoring more goals

    he has always been one of if not the best player in the world

  19. ManchesterMonkey says:

    great discussion lads

  20. Anant says:

    evertom – that has to be by far the most sensible comment i’ve seen an outsider post on this site. congratulations .
    i , generally stand by rooney at all times and support him through thick and thin . hell , i was a rooney fan from the day he killed off arsenal with that fabulous debut strike . however , i do agree with everton fans when they say rooney was out of order kissing our badge in front of them. it was great fun to watch it when it happened(still is now , i have the season review) , but in retrospect it showed massive disrespect to his boyhood club . can you imagine becks kissing milan’s badge in front of stretford end ?! agreed , some retard evertonians might have got his blood boiling with those chants but he should have been mature enough to understand they were a minority .

    1 point i cant get my head around however is when everton fans start posting shit like – it took him 4 yrs to reach the level he had when he was playing for us ! seriously , that has to be the ‘thick scouser’ mentality evertom was referring to . he was a prodigious talent when he played for them while he is a cultured , world class footballer with us today . end of . who knows how good he would have been had he stayed there ? he has just followed a normal developmental graph and is still progressing . your rants make no sense whatsoever!

    ….looking forward to his 100th goal at goodison….

  21. Jarty says:

    Anant , I’m not a ‘ thick scouser ‘ , I’m commenting on what I ‘ve seen and know , I’ve seen Rooney play since he was an 8 year old playing for the Copplehouse kids team , Colin Harvey , the youth team coach at Everton when Rooney was developing his abilities has always said he’s an out and out striker and goalscorer . It’s taken until this season for Ferguson to use him in that role and look how he’s been doing ! . oh yes .. Cultured professional ? don’t make me laugh , A cultured professional is somebody like Michael Owen , Bobby Charlton or Gary Linekar , MEN with dignity who have conducted their life and played their sport with true professionalism , not a snotnosed kid who’s vocabulary is limited to words that begin with F or Errrr ., Of course he would have progressed naturally if he’d have stayed , just a lot quicker than your ” development graph ” he’d have been given the freedom on the pitch he needs to see him at his best !…. As regards his 100th goal …. Awfully sorry but Phil Jagielka had him in his pocket , thats the real reason for his ignonimous substitution .


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