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Rooney: Leverkusen defender wondered how Giggs still plays

Ryan Giggs turning 40-years-old today amidst reports that the club is prepared to offer him yet another contract extension.

Wayne Rooney was full of praise for Giggs following our 5-0 thrashing of Bayern Leverkusen and claims that one of their defenders was amazed by Giggs’ ability to play at this level at his age.

“Ryan was fantastic,” said Rooney.” He’s done it for years and I’ve run out of things to say about him. During the game, actually, their centre-half was asking, ‘How is he still playing at that age? It’s great to see, his ­composure on the ball is fantastic. I don’t know how he’s still doing it. I certainly won’t be playing at that age, that’s for sure!”

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  1. @man_stevoo says:

    simple answer is he takes good care of himself ….#Legend

  2. jyland92 says:

    Giggs still tearing teams apart at 40! #legend

  3. Axeman says:

    Happy Birthday to the legend!

  4. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Happy birthday giggsy, what a player.

  5. MCubicle says:

    Happy birthday to the age-defying legend.

  6. DreadedRed says:

    Ryan Giggs IS fantastic!

    Rooney is right, he certainly will not be playing top flight footie at forty.

  7. IbroBawa says:

    Rooney won’t be playing at that age because he doesn’t take care of himself as well as Giggs did over the years. Happy Birthday to the Legend

  8. wayne barker says:

    It’s an achievement that will never be repeated,his age amount of games played at the same club just amazing.Shows what eating right,yoga and quitting booze can do for a person.Giggs is also a great asset on the training ground and in the dressing room for all the new players and young lads coming through.Giggs a true Utd legend and enigma

  9. Eric Nesh says:

    happy bday Sir Ryan Giggs…Absolute Legend of Legends.

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    A very HAPPY birthday to the greatest premier league player of all time. RYAN GIGGS. Been a pleasure to have you in this team for so long. they don’t make em like Giggsy anymore.

  11. wayne barker says:

    Can’t see Giggs playing Sunday 2 games in a week bit to much.Think Utd need to go after Spurs early we all know AVB is a negative cunt and if Utd can get a early goal the Spurs fans going to turn.Even when Spurs were winning this season a lot of fans weren’t happy now tons are on his case.So I hope Moyes picks an attacking line up and goes for it

  12. Tommy says:

    Happy birthday Giggsy 40 years young, complete legend, the amount of appearences for 1 club will never be repeated!

  13. Marko Maric says:

    If we dont buy Reus, then we are not normal. He is next Ribery

  14. Tommy says:


    “If we dont buy Reus, then we are not normal”

    haha ok mate, if we dont buy 1 player when many other clubs with bigger £££s to offer will be interested in him, Either way he wont be leaving in january!

  15. wayne barker says:

    The rumor is Reus release Claus is 35 euros but Dortmund is his home club and I think Dortmund want to offer him a new contract to take the clause out,hes already said not interested in leaving

  16. Jesper Olsen says:

    My overriding memory of Giggs was his goal against Spurs at the lane…..He had just broken into the first team and scored a wonderful goal. The ball broke loose midway in their half and he was onto it like a flash, pushed the ball threw the defenders legs ran around him, pushed it pass the keeper and lashed it home……….It had me off my seat and with the reputation that was spoken off him I thought, we’ve a genius on our hands here!!!! What he has done since then will not be repeated……..”As they say if Ryan Giggs lost half of his league ,medals he’d still have more than Gerrard and Lampard”

  17. Tommy says:


    I read from the german press being critical of the english press jumping the gun somewhat, they say the clause does not come into effect until 2015 and Dortmund will offer him a conmtract and have the clause removed!

  18. wayne barker says:

    Just how dogshit is that German league fuck me Utd manhandled Leverkusen both games,really does show what a fucking farce Bayern playing in that league is.I understand most players play for money but isn’t there any professional pride and sense of achievement left.These fucking lobsided leagues just do my head in you’d think from a players perspective,players like Ronnie would want competition surely it must get boring playing shit teams every week

  19. wayne barker says:

    Tommy yeah mate he’s become the new flavor of the month so the hype is in overdrive just before the transfer window.You know the way it works though mate papers or websites create stories for readership then later on another article about how Utd missed out on another target.Look at that Thiago circus went on for months and to this day some still say Utd missed out on him but the club never even put a bid in

  20. Tommy says:


    Exactly it dont take a genius to work out Dortmund wont be selling one of their best plays in january, the only players that move at this stage of season are young lads not at clubs in europe or players that are not well known like a Vidic when we signed him!

  21. wayne barker says:

    Tommy Moyes confirming today what you’ve been saying he won’t panic buy and only make a move if the right player becomes available.I read yesterday Alonso on a free but can’t see that happening either but apparently he wants a new challenge and his letting his contract run down

  22. Tommy says:


    I would take Alonso on a free at the end of ther season qualityu player with loads of experience

  23. zibbie says:

    Giggs, Thanks

  24. zibbie says:

    Well only one shot taken, as I read this , I wondered how many cheep shots Rooney would get. Only one Smart Alex…. ;-)

  25. zibbie says:

    @Wayne so right. Dembele ect. Ones MUFC missed out on…

    Then ones like Tiago never in for….

    Moyes made gourmet meals with a fish @ chip budget.
    Now, his board for possible recruits has anyone in the world, no $ issues.

    His, his not SAF who has retired. Staff for transfers – scouting in place. Ready for business.

  26. yugo44 says:

    Hapi birthday,Giggs.please no more contract extension

  27. LoneStarRed7 says:

    Happy Birthday Giggs. Amazing performance against Bayer Leverkusen. Come on you REDS!!!!

  28. LoneStarRed7 says:

    Agree with Zibbie on the shocking state of affairs and the lack of a smooth turnover form SAF to Moyes. i lay that ay David Gill’s and SAF’s feet.


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