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Rooney Makes FA Reject City’s Kompany Appeal

Vincent Kompany was rightly sent off for a two footed challenge on Nani at the weekend in a game that saw Manchester City knocked out of the FA Cup.

Nani got out of the way of the challenge, saving himself from getting hurt, and Wayne Rooney complained to referee Chris Foy.

After the game, Roberto Mancini claimed that the challenge was “300%” not a red card and accused Rooney of influencing the ref. It was interesting that he chose to criticise, given just days before he motioned to the referee that he should send off Martin Skrtel in City’s game against Liverpool.

“Rooney told him his decision,” he said. “We will do an appeal and I am sure that we will win.”

It appears as though it is not just referees who Rooney can tell what to do, but the FA as well, seeing as though they have today rejected City’s appeal against the red card. It’s a strange one. With so much influence at the FA, you would think Rooney would have done something about that ridiculous ban he received for swearing last season, which saw him miss out on the FA Cup semi-final defeat against City.

Maybe the FA just know the rules of the game: A player is guilty of serious foul play if he uses excessive force against an opponent when challenging for the ball. Any player who lunges at an opponent when challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs with excessive force and endangering the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.

The laws of the game support Rooney’s outrage at the challenge, just as the meetings the players have with referees ahead of each season do too.

“I clearly pointed out, and a few other players did as well, that it was a two-footed tackle,” Rooney said. “It was down to the ref to send him off. As professional footballers, when you leave the ground and go in two-footed we’ve now been told by the referees it’s a red card. Refs come and see us before the season starts. I felt Kompany had done that.”

Sir Alex Ferguson spoke in defence of Rooney, insisting the player had done no wrong.

“I have no concerns about the behaviour in that respect because to my mind it was a reckless challenge and Nani is a very lucky boy because he didn’t get a bad injury,” he said. “I have no complaints about Wayne, I don’t think it was unacceptable what he did. I think it was a natural reaction to a bad challenge from an opponent.”

A reaction more interesting than Rooney’s was Kompany’s, who didn’t question the decision at all. All players who get sent off for nothing ten minutes in to their derby, defending the only trophy their club has won in 35 years, walk off the field without even the slightest of complaint to the referee, don’t they?

As this is his second red card of the season, City’s captain will be missing for four games.

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  1. Dave Malaysia says:

    @smartalex: yo dude, me thinks Meg Ryan brought @Cedars back in. I thot i saw that lebanese kebab somewhere!

    Now for @MG: Hello Mrs.G, CAN MG come to play? We will have him home for dinner,promise,cross my heart and hope to die! pLeaasse?

  2. dazbomber says:

    Mikekelly12- Poke him in the eye.,

  3. smartalex says:

    Dave Malaysia – He ran through the forum, chasing Samantha Mumba, with Meg Ryan hot on his heels! He was shouting ‘United! United!’

    I think he wants a Club sandwich.

  4. Dave Malaysia says:

    I would like to see Kuzs released this month, restart his career elsewhere.

    He has serve us as best as he can, for that I am grateful.

    Need to let him restart his career elsewhere now,be fair.

    If Gibson is not first team material then let him go now,this month. No shortage of takers.

    Like the deals for Pogba and Morrision completed soon.

    Like to see Chica ,have some better run of luck in his 2nd year with us in terms of health and get back to his best.

    Like to see Rooney carry that fire onwards in every game now.

    Love to see us turn the corner now in terms of health,get eveyone back to full fitness. Good rest periods now between games before it gets hectic again.

    Like to see a brilliant signing this month,new signing.

    @smartalex: waiit a blinking minute! he is cheating on meg with mumba? damm that bastard,hope they like mayo on thier sandwich.

  5. Supasub says:

    Jones’s “handball” clearly hit his leg first then hit his already outstretched arm making it ball to hand/undeliberate. Nothing more to see here let’s move on.

  6. smartalex says:

    Dimitar Berbatov’s goalscoring return to action in December has earned him United’s Player of the Month award.

    Well done Dimitar Berbatov! We want to see more of you, and feel your frustration.
    Thank you for holding your head high and being all you are for the team.

  7. redbilly says:

    Collyhurst red- you a fellow Oldham boy

  8. smartalex says:

    Dave Malaysia – CedarsDouble does nothing by halves. He shares his load.

  9. redbilly says:

    epiphany01- It wasn’t a city shirt, he was using a city towel to dry his feet and backsideon post shower.

  10. smartalex says:

    ex Manutd .com

    ‘Berbatov averaged a goal every half an hour (32 minutes to be precise) during the festive month after firing in six of the Reds’ tally of 20. His hat-trick haul against Wigan Athletic on Boxing Day and brace in the New Year’s Eve defeat to Blackburn followed his 50th strike for the club, a cheeky backheel in the 5-0 win at Fulham.’

  11. Dave Malaysia says:

    @smartalex: Dont think Cedars wud like us talking of him like that. :lol:

    Where is @MG? Mrs.G is sure a hard person,not letting her man come out to play.

  12. James21 says:

    I can photoshop anyones face on a fan wearing Shitty shirt and make it look perfectly real. I just put Hitler in a Scouse shirt and it amazingly looked like Saurez. :D

  13. Dave Malaysia says:

    @James21: Try that at the Bolton game. :lol:

    U cud try Cedars face or MG face these words”Mrs G can MG come out to play’


  14. Dave Malaysia says:

    James21: Or u cud make and sell 6 thousand suarez t-shirts for that FA game.

  15. smartalex says:

    Dave Malaysia – CedarsDevil’s exploits are legendary, we are handing down the stories told by our ancestors, of a Red from a land protected by Cedars.

  16. dannysoya says:

    BREAKING NEWS: It is revealed that wayne rooney made a call to David Bernstein threatening him to uphold the red card. Mancini comes out with a statement 2 hours later declaring the decision a Kompany “witch hunt” and branding wayne rooney a liar. There will be a T- shirt campaign held for Kompany at the beginning of their carling cup semifinal against Liverpool first leg to show their support for their local hero.

  17. samcooke says:

    danger is measured by risk, not outcome!

    Therefore, if you are committing to a challenge with both feet of your ground, you are not in control of your body weight. If you are not in control of your body weight you are a danger to your opponent.

    i’m surprised he didn’t get an extra game for a frivolous appeal!

    Anyone wanna tear their hair out at stupidity of people in the media, listen to Alan Green on 606 from sunday evening. True meaning of an imbecile

  18. eric the king says:

    Mikekelly & utd4life…

    If you think that’s bad you should see the shit they were putting up about evra the other day.
    Some knob who plausible for Uruguay was gobbing off saying how evra was gonna get it in a friendly with France n they were coming out with the break his legs shit etc….
    Unfortunately I find these stories on a site called newsnow in the utd section & always get intrigued by the saucy headlines.
    For some reason though they get all upset & go into denials when you point out a few home truths to em. And to think its city who officially get classed as liars.

  19. bobkoh says:

    Does an unsuccessful appeal not add one more game to the 4?

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Scott is twittering that we will be granted 6,000 tickets for FA Cup 4th round at Anfield!

    Outstanding if true. Think this would be our full allocation and much better than we got last trip up.

    Comeon U Reds!

  21. LoneStarRed says:

    Well in spite of the appeal being denied, in their mind Kompany can still play during their next four games. and really this just confirms the FA bias against City. :)

    I am 300% sure that WoMancini and City are in for even more rough patches as the fixture list winds back up. This is crunch time and this City squad has not weathered a close title race since…..EVER.
    With Scholesy back in the dressing room , he and Giggs be a steadying influence.

    Had the FA not gone out of their way to ensure Rooney’s absence in the Cup clash last year City would NOT have been have able to win that game. They know it . We know it.

    @Fletch. You are absolutely correct about teams being very physical with us early and often to take our players out of matches. Newcastle was another example. Every time I see Kevin Davies , I want to kick his face in. Maybe his wife can defend him on twitter and tell me “he didn’t mean it”.

  22. Red Nation says:

    check out this video;

    Nani and Young doing flashy skills and kick ups in a joga bonito face off and Sir Alex boots the ball away from them….hilarious

    Must Watch !

  23. LoneStarRed says:

    @Fletch re the Demba Ba link to us. It is in EVERY agent’s and player’s interest to be link to
    ManUtd. It can serve to drive up the asking price and cause genuinely interested teams to hasten their negotiations. Standard operating procedures there to link a player with a very big club.

  24. CedarsDevil says:

    Justice of the highest order, fuck off you bitter cunts.


    Hi pal, if I do make the trip I will spend a couple of days in London for sure, would be great to meet up.


    Already gave you my advice re the bitter on the Cantona thread.

  25. eric the king says:

    Think the allocation not officially been announced. Their council has said we can have full allocation as didn’t block aisle as last game & reduction taken away. However, I’d b amazed if they really did give us 6k

  26. Gandalf says:

    @red nation – that link ain’t working for me pal – some bandwidth exceeded apparently!

    on the kompany appeal rejection – wonder why he didn’t qualify for frivolous appeal! too bad, two of his games are wasted in carling cup… oh well!

  27. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Can anyone explain why they are referring to us as ‘rags’ on that Citeh forum? Is there any story to back this up, or is it just some term the bitters came up with to try and put us down? I noticed they also started to call Old Trafford ‘the swamp’ after we labelled their council house, Wastelands. Pathetic. FOREVER IN OUR SHADOW

  28. MarkoWire says:

    The decision made by the ref was 100% correct with no help from any players including Rooney. You have to praise Nani coz he jumped out of the way and made no complaints or got involved. If Nani stud his ground it could have been a career ending tackle for him. Full credit to the ref for spotting it and dealing with it that way he did. Kompany might think twice in the future when he tackles players. City fans and all anti-scum are looking for someone to blame and Rooney is the escape goat for them. It really pisses me off that United got no credit for there victory over city. Remember City have been unbeaten all season at wastelands and that first half performance was awesome by United. The second wasn’t the greatest but at the end of the day it was a vicory and we can put the past results behind us now and knuckle down with the premiership.

  29. StatesideAussie says:

    United have had 48 injuries up the half-way point of the PL season, including several lengthy injuries for key players and a couple that have been season-ending. Shitty had 15, all relatively minor. By all accounts, United’s owners are prepared to give SAF money in this transfer window, but SAF says he won’t spend it. In contrast, The Scarf has immediately (and publicly) called for his bosses to release yet more funds for him to spend. SAF says transfer purchases are a long-term solution, but injuries are always short-term, and that gives you a problem when people come back from injury. Mancini doesn’t give a fuck about that. SAF says January purchases rarely help anywayn because they take too long to bed in. Mancini doesn’t give a hoot about that. And SAF says the players he wants aren’t available at this time anyway. He refuses to compromise his principles, and this club’s standards, by splashing money on players who aren’t up to those standards, won’t be much help, and will soon become redundant when our injured players return. Mancini doesn’t give a hoot about that either.

    Enough said, really.

  30. James21 says:

    Phil Jones’
    Hi mate
    They call us Rags because when Old Trafford was bombed during WW2 it destroyed everything. We played our games at Maine Rd and they supplied us with their 3rd kit that was Red and Black.
    The saying is ‘They’re only fit to wear our Rags’
    I’ve never seen any story confirming this so weather true or not I’m not sure. Its become more widely used over the past four seasons and alot of Shitty fans won’t tell you this info. A mate of mine told me and said its quite an old name for us, probably going back to the 70s.

  31. James21 says:

    Phil Jones’
    Old Trafford was built on marshland. The swamp comes from that.
    If you want to know. Wastelands is exactly what it was until it was developed, full of old derelict factories and buildings. Its a proper council job as well. :D

  32. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Thanks for the info James21 :)

  33. YorYor says:

    So Rooney is actually Swamp Thing and not Shrek? Fine with me really…

  34. Robbo says:


    Just tell your mate to look at the replay of incident again and imagine what would have happened if Nani put his foot down in front of the ball instead of jumping out of the way.

  35. lordrt says:

    May be someone should ask mankini to reproduce that in training, and see if his player does not get out of the way whether he would still be standing on the pitch… definite red card and no way the ref was influenced whatsoever


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