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Rooney: Maybe Ron Brags To Boss But I Don’t

When a player emerges as a Premier League top talent when just 16-years-old, there is going to be the weight of expectation upon their shoulders. If that player then goes on to sign for Manchester United for a fee with the potential of rising to £30 million when their 18-years-old, the pressure of fulfilling the potential must be immense.

This is Wayne Rooney’s life, and whilst I imagine he’d never complain about it, it will have lumbered him with unnecessary pressure. Despite improving every season whilst at United, and being loved by our fans, he receives a hard time in the media about never fulfilling his potential.

Whilst Rooney is slogging his guts out for the team, Cristiano Ronaldo waltzes is, stealing the limelight. Last season, his goals tally was absolutely incredible and nothing should take away from that. However, with only two players in the Premiership assisting more goals than Rooney, I’m sure Ronaldo would be more than happy to acknowledge his brilliant season wouldn’t be possible without Wayne’s efforts.

Rooney has today claimed that despite their close friendship, there is no banter between Ronaldo and himself over the amount of goals scored.

“I don’t think I will ever lose my determination,” said Rooney. “It is something I have always had. If we are not winning I get frustrated. I don’t like losing. If you are telling me that is wrong I won’t believe you. I am a team player. Everyone is saying I should score more goals. But we won the league and Champions League last season – if that happens again I would be delighted. I certainly don’t have any banter with Cristiano (Ronaldo) about who scores the most goals. Maybe he has a chat with the manager about it but I don’t.”

Will Rooney score more than Ronaldo this season?



  1. Gazzaro says:

    Whatever Rooney’ve said, the signing of Berbatov, if it’s happen will be great. However, as time is running out, if Tottenham doesn’t want to let him go, we should immediately look elsewhere before the transfer deadline is closed.

    Let’s face the fact that Rooney’s form, judge in fairness, is no longer a top class striker. Rooney seem doesn’t know what he has to do most on the pitch which is scoring goals for the team. His scoring rate is too low, especially considering that he nearly guarantee the first team start for every match. It seems to me like Wayne Rooney today is interesting to drop back and made some terrible tackles, which usually end up with yellow cards. Last season we won the title mainly because of the terrific form and 42 goals from Cristiano Ronaldo. Without the Portugese winger, if Rooney continue to play like that, we will never ever won anything.

    United have 7-8 days to try to complete the deal of Berbatov. But if there is any sign showing that it’s not going to happen, the Red Devils should immediately
    turn their attention and look elsewhere. Thierry Henry is another good option. Even though he’s already cup-tied for UCL, but the signing of this terrific French captain will benefit United a lot in English Premire League. Henry, at 31, is still very quick, skillful, and can always score goals against the big teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, which I’m sure he will also score against his old club Arsenal. In addition, as Ronaldo used to say that Henry is one of his favourite players, so, apart from benefit on the pitch, signing Henry will possibly make Ronaldo stay with us longer.

    Without the signing of new top class striker, Wayne Rooney, with his current form, will definitely upset all Manchester supporters.

  2. Mic says:

    I love Rooney, he’s our Gerrard/Lampard i.e. he’s appreciated by his own fans alot and the proper football fans respect him but the bitters hate him, but that’s about where the comparison ends though, whoever thought Rooney at 16 would be scoring 30 goals a season in the future were idiots, it’s his team play potential and his creativity that got us to spend £30 million on him, we knew he’d never be a Ruud but Ruud would’ve had a harder time at United had we not signed Rooney, the lad brings the best out of all our players and is the only England player bar Neville that puts so much commitment for his country but all in vein as England fans are an expectant bunch.

  3. steve says:

    Message to Gazzaro:

    How many times did you actually watch united last season or previous seasons?

    From what you’ve written it gives me the impression that you didn’t watch that many!

    I never usually post on any website, but from a couple of articles I’ve read I’ve noticed complete and utter tripe coming from your posts.

    Rooney over the last 2-3 seasons has almost scored 1 goal every 2 games in all competitions and has a very high assist record, and he’s only 22.

    Certainly Ronaldo was amazing last season with 42 goals; but for sure without Rooney on the field Ronney would not have gotten anywhere near that total. It says something that when Rooney doesn’t play for United we usually lose, even if Ronney is on the field!!

    On the England side, he has been played as a lone striker far too many times.

  4. Tom F says:

    Now now Wazza!

    Well, if Berbatov does sign I’d expect him to score more goals than any other United player due to the fact that you’d expect him playing furthest forward to be granted most opportunities.

    Ronaldo will return to taking set pieces when he comes back so that’s at least 10 goals there.

    Well, I hope Rooney continues to do what he has been doing since his debut. Like you say, his assists prove he’s not all about self glory and we all know that although Ronny is the best player in the world he’s all about himself. He celebrates an assist like it’s a goal he has scored and you can see the arrogance in his face but Wayne will never be like that. Nor will Tevez, though Berbatov may!

    One thing about Rooney is I’d like to see him gaining more fitness to deal with his ‘honest’ and ‘team minded’ way of playing.

  5. NorwegianDevil says:


    Could you please stop mentioning Henry as a possible signing for us. I would loath the day that man walked out the tunnel at Old Trafford in a United shirt. He is to old, to injury prone, and has lost a yard of pace. And his affiliation with Le arse on top of that makes him one of the last persons I would want to see at United. Thankfully this is also a move that is very unlikly to happend.

    Furthermore your criticism of Rooney leads me to believe that you haven’t watched a lot of United games this season, or you just lack the understanding to appreciate his contribution. I would make the bold statment that anyone with a bare minimum of footballing knowledge would see that Rooney is a very important player for us.
    Yes, he dosen’t score as many goals as I would like, but I never expected him to either. He is not a natural goalscorer, never has been, nor will he ever be one. We did not buy him for his goalscoring ability, rather we bought him to operate as a second striker. To link up play between our midfield and the point man. I think that most people would agree that he plays that role to perfection. His assists last season is a very good indication of that.

    And last but not least. Rooney was absent in 4 out of 5 of the matches we lost last season. In the 5th. it was 1-1 when he left the field, and we conceded later on. Speaks for itself don’t it?

    I would rather loose 10 Ronaldo’s before I loose Rooney! Hi is without a doubt our most influental player. Maybe besides Rio.

  6. stretford end massive says:

    I’m sure if Wazza scored 42 goals in a season he’d be bragging too.

  7. Tongko says:

    As a United fan, I love Rooney, but I agree with you, GAZZARO….

    Rooney must improve on his performance. He should be better than his previous form. United pay a lot money and expect alot from him. However, his scoring rate is still not good enough.

    Come on, Rooney, you can improve….

  8. manuniteddevils says:

    & Gazzaro

    I have to agree with what NorwegianDevil and Steve have said.
    Yes, Rooney might not score as many goals as most of us would like but he isn’t an out and out striker, both Rooney and Tevez work extremly hard for United and it is mainly them that give Ronaldo the amount of chances that he has.

    I also don’t want Henry to come to United, he was an Arsenal player and I could never forget that. I also think that he is still a class player but he is past his best and if he is so great then why did Wenger let him go?

    Man United Devils

  9. NUTTY says:

    To Gazzaro :

    I’ve watched more than 40 games of the Reds last season, and totally agree with you.

    Rooney, maybe he’s trying too much. Maybe he’s put too many efforts into the game. That’s why he always get booked unnecessarily.

    With the absence of Ronaldo, I think Rooney should stay up front to score more goals for us. Football is a game that judge by goals, not by contribution or by number of yards you have covered. So, if Rooney improve on scoring rate, we will be happy.

  10. azza says:

    he dusnt finish enuf chances, 1 on 1 especially, and his long range game has gone sumwer, wos wochin his debut season 4 us agen the other day, he played without fear ran past people, he dusnt seem to do that anymore, however wen he plays we win, so i cudnt care less!!!

  11. Georgie says:

    No one can disagree that the scoring rate of Rooney is going backward…

    After moving from Everton, I can remember that on his first game in UCL, Rooney scored a hat-triack…. After that, it’s seems like our super Rooney is more enjoy playing as a free-player who can moving around rather than playing as a striker.

    It would be fine if there are other players who can score goals for us consistency like Ronaldo did last season. But with the current squad (so many injuries) if Rooney who play as a striker don’t score, who will????

    So…. TOTALLY AGREE with you GAZZARO…. We should bring in one more world class striker, and Rooney MUST PERFORM BETTER!!!!

  12. PeeJay says:

    Apparently out of the five matches we lost last year Rooney played in 1, scoring the equalizing goal and being substituted before we lost.

  13. OBBO says:

    I love Rooney, but will love more if he perform better!!!!

    AGREE with you, Gazzaro,… we should bring in at least 1 more world-class striker. YES, apart from Berbatov, Henry is a great option but I don’t think that it will happen.

    For NorwegianDevil and Steve, I’ve watched ManU played last season for nearly every match. Agree that Rooney’s put so many energy into the game. Has lots of contribution. Created many assists. However, to be a great striker, Rooney must be better than that.

    I don’t think that Sir Alex Ferguson or even Fabio Capello is happy with Rooney scoring rate. If you are happy with your present, there will be no room for improvement. SO, Gazzaro maybe right. Rooney should perform better and score more goals to become a United legend….

  14. Turmoil says:

    Having watched all United game last season, I have to say that Rooney’s form last season (2007-2008) is well below par.

    If Rooney continue to improve, he will definitely be one of the best striker in the world. Sadly enough to say that, Unfortunately, at the moment he is not.

  15. Her_Su_Shi says:

    What Rooney said is a little bit have no responsibility. Come on Rooney, you play as a striker, and if someone want you to score more goals, you should listen to them, not just keep saying that I DON’T CARE, I WON’T BELIEVE YOU…. If you play as a striker and not carry the pressure or duty to score goals, who will take this responsibility?????

    In modern football game goals can come from many positions, of course, but the main duty to score goals will no doubt must belong to the striker. I don’t think that with this kind of form, Rooney can be considered even as one of the best in Europe….

    I don’t think that Sir Alex Ferguson or Fabil Capello are happy enough with this kind of his form. So, GAZZARO, you’re right, I’m beginning tothink that Rooney is not a world-class striker.

  16. James bicknell says:

    The £25m Everton received for him is seeming better business by the day. Its a shame he doesn’t play how he used to at Everton and during his first season at United. He used to take whole teams on by himself. Having said that he has never been a top goal scorer and probably never will be. He has much more to his game than the majority of strikers do. I think he should maybe just switch permanently to a central attacking midfielder who sits just behind the 2 front strikers, it would take the pressure of scoring goals of him and would allow him to be as involved in games as he likes to be.

  17. john terry's penalty says:

    oi oi

  18. donibrasco says:

    roonry should perform like a 30 mil player.if that is his comfort zone,am sorry for him.what is being a team player?if ronaldo is not scoring and assisting,he supplies the second last ball.he starts our runs,keeps defenders from attacking…so much more.
    rooney doesnt make can check their stats for portugal and england.
    who would you rather have scott?


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