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Rooney Set To Play – Is It Worth The Risk?

Yesterday, Sir Alex Ferguson struggled to definitely rule Wayne Rooney out of playing a part in tonight’s game against Bayern Munich, despite the fact the striker was supposed to be out of action for a further two weeks.

Reports in today’s press have revealed that after the cameras left the training ground yesterday, Rooney took part in an 11-a-side practice match at Carrington, showing no signs of injury.

He also took part in a full work out as well as a bike ride around the sports complex with the youth team squad.

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  1. willierednut says:

    Trevor – If he came through this practice match unscathed, then he could be at least on the bench.

  2. Fze123 says:

    No. Rest him. The League is the priority. We need him to be fit for the remaining league games. It would be nice if he got injured today and is ruled out for the WC though. I fucking hate Capello and the Wembley pitch. He first got injured because of them.

    Maybe, if Carrick starts and wears the same boots he wore against Roma in 07 then he will make up for Rooney’s absence. We need to be at our best today; not even an average performance will do.

  3. Brio the Red says:

    @RED SAM~ long time no see mate, where u hiding mate? @COSTAS~ it isn’t about desperation man. I reckon it’s Wayne putting the pressure on our old man. I think he feels his presence in the pitch or on the bench will motivate the other players & spur them on. Even ze Germans will be knocked off by his presence. Mind he’s competing with Messi for Ballon’d Or. I endorse his participation, albeit to grudgingly. It’s now or never!

  4. rubito says:

    What about 4-4-2
    Da Silva Ferdinand Vidic Evra
    Valencia Carrick Park Nani
    Berbatov Giggs

    Subs : Rooney (If he´s fit-ish)
    Neville (I expect he´ll play)


  5. TheRadLegion says:

    No need to play him. There’s always another Champions League next season. Beside the chance to win and move to the next round is always there for United to grab even without Rooney. Munich is a strong team there’s no doubt about that, but they have been struggling in the league. They were humbled by a weaker team where Robben, Ribery and Schweinsteiger were all playing.

    We will win this. And there’s no need to risk Rooney for this.

  6. utdforever says:

    If he really did play in that 11-a-side practice match and had no reaction then I say definately put him on subs bench.. even if he doesn’t play it will give the boys a big lift. I hope to God that Gibson doesn’t start as someone mentioned earlier, no way he’s ready. My team for tonight:

    Neville Rio Vidic Patty
    Carrick Fletch Scholes
    Valencia Nani
    Bulgarian Prince

    Hopefully this night will go down as one of the great nights in the history of our club! Come on you reds!!

  7. rubito says:

    Oops what a prat I am. I forgot Fletcher (very large prat at that).
    Park drops to the bench and Fletch alongside Carrick, obviously.

  8. dullaghan says:

    Simple, if fit play him, if not fit don’t, its not complicated, and if he’s borderline fit throw him on the bench. I’m sure a man of SAF experience can figure it out.

    And please don’t start neville, limit it to one of scholes or giggs and give both nani an macheda (if rooney out) a chance from the start. Play 4-4-2 and play attacking football.

  9. keith_mac says:

    RISK HIM……this is our season….if we lose we wont carry any momentum in the league, which we desperately need….don’t care bout world cup…united 1st ….England 2nd

  10. Wakey says:


    Sure Gibson has a great shot but a great shot doesn’t make a player. No other part of his game stands out and his positioning is so bad at this level atm that the games just pass him by. His passing and his tackling also hardly stand out as strong areas of his game.

    Its why I think he will be shipped out on loan to a prem club next season, with the squad limits I think his opertunities will be very limited next season and what he needs at 22 is games if he has any chance of putting a solid game around his shot. With a run of games at prem level I’m sure his positiong issues will start to be sorted and that should help his tackling and passing side of the game.

  11. willierednut says:

    Get yous in the mood for tonight lads.

  12. RED KNIGHTS says:

    Someone plz tell, what hapend 2 diouf?

  13. Wakey says:

    On Rooney I doubt he is fit to start but based on what we have been hearing I think the Bench may be possible. If he is fit enough to play a part then he should be on the Bench.

    I wouldn’t play Berba uptop by himself, he needs support so I would go for Macheda and him uptop, especially if Rooney is fit enough for the Bench

  14. Wakey says:

    He has a slight injury

  15. Passe_Mouraille says:

    lol @ Bulgarian Prince

  16. Costas says:


    We’ve watched the same video today, lol. I wonder why eveyone keeps thinking about this game. :D


    I wouldn’t disagree with Gibson going on loan to be honest. He should have gone past that phase by now and began to establish himself as a first team option. But, and as it happened to a few others from that game, he fell off the radar after we lost to Leeds.

    If Ando and Hargo report back fit for pre season, I would say send him on loan until January.

  17. willierednut says:

    Costas – It’s probaly because when our backs against the wall we come out fighting saying that i’ll settle for 1 nil, if thats what it’s to be.

  18. suhayl says:

    GIBSON TO START?????????????????????????? one trick pony…who just tries to shoot from wherever whenever……..we must be scraping the barrel.

    Wazza on bench..he can walk, run and trained a little…ok not fit to start…..a physical and psychological weapon to have on the bench. What if we need to change the game and need a goal going into the last 15????? is richie de laet or gibson going to do that for us off the bench.

    Sacrifice the negativity…sacrifice the cautiouness…look where the fuck its got us in the past week…go with courage, go with bravery…..and if we get beat….we can atleast say we left it all out there.

    Cos there’s no second chance….its now or never do or die

  19. MG says:

    And again:

    The shirt is a symbol of defiance;

    We defy those that do not believe

    It is up to us – to raise our team again once more – pick them up when they are down and let everyone know that after all is said and done

    This club will never die

  20. Costas says:

    That’s it. Plus, it’s ot often that we go into a second leg behind on aggregate. This is the 5th time it’s happened in 15 years. And we’ve only overcome the deficit once. Against Roma.

  21. suhayl says:

    I want to win the title more than the clge…and would happily sacrifice it, but after saturday the destiny of the title is not in our hands. IF it was, id say dont risk rooney…save him for rovers, shitty et al.

    But we’re hanging by a thread in 2 competitions…both could be over for us.

    Hence we have to go for it….speculate to accumulate…risk..gamble.

    Hence we cannot have any excuses…as to why we were mundane, turgid, rigid, predictable, didnt show up etc etc etc etc.

    Cos Bayern aint no mugs….with gomez klose and sweinstieger back and robben too…they will have some firepower..more than us i would say. And i have a feeling they will score…cant see us keeping them out for the full 90. Hence we’ll need to win by 2 goals. Its a daunting task, but atleast with wazza on the bench we can be closer to achieving it

    Time to put it on the line…prem is not in our hands anymore……clge is just.

    Lets have no regrets or recriminations

  22. willierednut says:

    We hadn’t beat Milan over two legs, we’ve done that, now to sort the Germans out. I think saf will spring a surprise tonight, wether it’ll be Rooney on the bench, or a different formation.

  23. suhayl says:

    The omens are against…how costly will that last ditch goal be?

    We ve only twice in our history won after losing a first leg.

    Fergies never won bayern over 2 legs

    Bayern away goal and its goodnight vienna

    Its all stacked up against us…..but with my sleepless nights, having not eaten for a few days now, the nerves, the anger, the rage, the toilet runs etc etc etc…..i hope and i pray and have that belief somewhere down there…that i hope our boys do us proud.

    If we get beaten by a better team then ok fair enough
    If the ref makes a shocking decision….we cant do owt about it.

    BUT just want our lads to leave every ounce of blood sweat and energy out their on the ot turf tonight…just leave it out there. And win or lose…we’ll be proud of you

  24. Brio the Red says:

    @suhayl~ i concur. Well said. It’s now or never. Let’s seize Wayne’s overzealous desire to play with both arms. He’s clearly one in a million: you get the impression that he’s the one pushing for this opportunity. That’s what great players do. He’s clearly cut out for Man United. He believes in himself & knows his huge potential. I’m one guy who believes for a fact whenever Wayne plays, he must score. There’s always a goal in somewhere in his belly. Even if he plays blindfolded, Wazaa will always score atleast a goal within 90 mins. Fear not; for Fergie has said so. ALL HAIL ROONEY!!! ALL HAIL ROONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. suhayl says:

    nerves are kicking in bigtime…brother and family have all set off to go to OT….

    they’d better not ring me or text me from OT…..i’ll be bloody nervous pacing around the bog…….

    game on sky+ record….incase the nerves get the better off me and i cannot watch the game as usual.

    happens to me every season…the last few months and games i just cannot go through…become a bloody zombie…


    but remember whatever happens……

    WE’LL KEEP THE RED FLAG FLYING HIGH….COS MAN UTD WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. theboogeyman says:

    Nerves building up for me. Anyone else feel the same?

  27. Brio the Red says:

    MG~ The shirt is a symbol of defiance. We defy those who do not BELIEVE. I’m over confident. Very very confident. Fergie has said we WILL progress. We WILL progress.

  28. theboogeyman says:

    “BUT just want our lads to leave every ounce of blood sweat and energy out their on the ot turf tonight…just leave it out there. And win or lose…we’ll be proud of you”

    Spot on mate.


  29. Callum says:

    rest him. we badly need him for city and the league is the priority this year.

  30. Brio the Red says:

    @GUYS~ Cut out all tension. Dont allow nerves to get the better of you. We are Man United. That name used to mean something to you guys. We are Man United. And our coach is Sir Alex, not Van Gaal!! BELIEVE!!!

  31. n0bber says:

    Play him if he’s fit, bench if 50% if not rest the guy…If the last two games are anything to go by its down to the support and delivery to whoever is up front not who is up front for us tonight.

  32. trevor says:


    I do agree with what your saying but only partialy, Some players really just polish off their skills by playing games. At united they struggle to get a good run in the team unless they are truly exceptional.

    On comparison, Anderson has had more first team oppertunity. In reflection is this not due to the normal Presure that comes of every manager when they make a 17 million purchase! Fergie would have been crucified playing gibson more and rotating him with anderson!

    I just think some of our fans need to be a little patient! Give the lad a chance, going out on loan would certainly do him alot of good but a few writing off his chances saying he is not good enough are a joke! Football is all about opinions but some selective individuals are all doom and gloom, These Fans only notice the Rooneys, Ronaldos and Messi of the world!

  33. MUFC E236 says:

    Footage on sky sports news of Rooney arriving at Old Trafford. If he was going to be sitting in the stands would he be there so early? Doubtful. He must be on the bench at least

  34. suhayl says:

    gibson… a steady eddy at best..get over it……

    he may mature and get a tad better..but he’s going to a poor mans carrick…and we ve got enough of that thankyou very much….

    time for some bravery creativity..some risky flair in that midfield…and the lion of fletcher..the beast.

    We always had that……keano the mauler…scholsey the genuis…we need it again.

    And theres been no gloom and doom on here today…all fans hoping praying beleiving……

    Anyway fuck that for now…onto today…c’mon lads…get stuck in and do us proud

  35. suhayl says:

    lets all stick together lads………….we need it today

    and please no stupid

  36. Jocke says:

    Anyone know if he’s in the squad?

  37. suhayl says:

    costas where the hell are you……………… fuckin nervous to fuck as usual…lol

    its time for you to get confident..and lift my spirits

  38. redyank@work says:

    lads i just turned on bbc, and those fucks are reporting that rooney is starting! massive lift. C’MON YOU REDS!!!!

  39. Danillaço says:

    People writing Gibson off are clearly forgetting of how Fletcherinho were and the stick he got not only from fans but players too. Remember Keano?
    So, give him time and chance to go and prove himself. Hell of a shot, and can always improve his game.

    Today we could really go with 4-4-2:


    Subs: PIG, Evans, Gibson, Scholes, Giggs, Park, Rooney

    Let’s do this!!

  40. Jocke says:

    Cant wait………………….. CMON YOU REDS!!!!!

  41. Edwins right glove says:

    Rooney starts……..


  42. unitedgizmo says:




  43. Brio the Red says:

    BIG UP to you all United fans. You who made the conscious decision to support The Greatest Club in World Football. History is beckoning to ye all: Ye who believe that we always surmount the insurmountable! ! The truth is i’ve just had a really humongous meal of whole-fillet-fish with roasted potatoes. You see i’m a superstitous guy & i rarely eat fish unless there’s a special auspicious occasion on the cards. In this case the spectacular occasion before us lads is the rare opportunity to rise from the ashes of being written off by our detractors & re-write history. This is the same club whose entire team got involved in a terrible air-crush & the players who survived that crush went on to play in more matches afterwards(Sir Charlton) & defy the cynists & set records. Let our lads redeem their image, the image of the club & the fans’ image. They should fight. It’s going to be a war! It’s going to be feisty! It’s going to be intense! Tackles are going to fly in! Shirts gonna get pulled! Cards will be brandished! We won’t give up! We’re going to fight for the SHIRT. Lads need to demand respect from their opponents. Bayern wont push us around. We wont be whimps. We are at Theatre of Dreams. We will do our utmost to secure our advancement. Both Sweat & blood will be poured! We will win or atleast go down TRYING! We wont be pushovers! We refuse to be pushovers. Rooney or no Rooney we remain Manchester United: The Pride Of The World! THE SHIRT IS A SYMBOL OF DEFIANCE. WE DEFY THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  44. Brio the Red says:

    If only i could get into Old Trafford. The amount of noise i could make. Down here in Kenya the atmosphere is palpable. Jeez! My entire body is full of goose bumbs. I don’t know why but i have a hunch that if we pass this hurdle then we could go on to lift the treble this season; with Wayne lifting the Ballon’dOr.

  45. ChaosRed says:

    I will go to old trafford myself and shoot carrick, thats how pissed off i am with him.
    No one ever gets on his back with piss poor peformances since coming here

  46. Fred says:

    ChaosRed, some people rightly criticised Carrick after the first leg but they were shouted down by the “you’re not allowed to criticise any United player” brigade.

  47. Fred says:

    Looks like Fergie was proved right in “risking” Rooney though. Speaks volumes about his confidence in our other striker though, doesn’t it?

  48. AbbeyC says:

    In what sense was Ferguson proved right? Rooney was highly immobile after being fouled and contributed nothing afterwards and very little that another player could not have done (including the lay off for Gibson).

    Below is a small analysis of Arsenal’s injuries (which may cheer some here) and how they came about: I argue that it is very rarely worth risking a player:


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