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Rooney: This is one of my worst days in football

Wayne Rooney has reflected on today’s defeat against Liverpool and has singled it out as one of his worst moments on the pitch.

“It’s one of the worst days I’ve ever had in football,” Rooney told MUTV. “It’s hard to take. You have to give Liverpool credit – they played well – but it’s difficult to take. Nobody wants to lose, especially in this way, in your own stadium. It’s not nice. To go behind by one penalty was hard to take. We had a game plan for the second half, which went out the window when they got the second penalty so early on. It made it an uphill battle to come back. I thought after that we had a couple of chances where I thought, if we got one, we could have gone for a second and maybe we could have done it. Obviously it didn’t happen, though. Then, to concede a third penalty, even though they missed, was a big blow to us. We were then chasing the game with 10 men. That made it difficult for us and they kept the ball well to see the game out. I haven’t seen the penalties back again but from where I was standing on the pitch I don’t think we can argue with them.”

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  1. tallestreD says:

    Boys/Men enough of the insults. This won’t help any of us. I too am behind Moyes in hope rather than anything else. But I too, I’m beginning to lose faith and hope, as there seem to be no progression. No style is revealing. Well if he is still here, I’ll support him but next season from the get go, I’ll be om his arse.

  2. m09538061 says:

    Lancashire Senior Cup:
    Full Time.
    Manchester United u21s 1.
    Bolton Wanderers u21s 1.
    Went to penalties.
    Manchester United u21s lost 5-4 on penalties.

  3. Fletch™ says:

    ManUtd U21 ELIMINATED by Bolton on PENALTIES in the Lancashire Senior Cup

    MUFC U21 1 1 O 1 1 ( 4)
    Bolton 1 1 1 1 1 ( 5)

    Led the tie until giving away a sloppy free kick.
    Gutted for the lads.

    Sort of sums our season all round.

    Nice to see Tom Thorpe back at CB back from ligament injury.

  4. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    samuel – this is probably a bigger collapse within a space of 7 months, than liverpool in 1991, much much worse. I find the club never learnt when replacing busby, its the exact same pattern, we replace sir matt with wilf mcguinness. no offence to wilf, but it was not the standard of united, and Moyes has been the same thing. Too ridged, and I will always say this, he should be doing more with the players he has got. There have been collapses, fall from grace, but this is at such an extreme, it goes beyond just the players. And if it was just the players, what is the point in having managers?

  5. Efe Elvis Omoregie says:

    moyes is confused n dnt no wat tu do

  6. Jorge Curioso II says:

    There was nothing — absolutely nothing — in Moyes’ CV that would indicate that he was capable of managing a world-class club like United. The only thing we had was Fergie’s recommendation. Moyes would never had even been remotely considered a candidate, were it not for the Fergie connection.

    Ferguson is the greatest manager ever, IMHO, and United have much to be grateful for.

    That said, he’s done his reputation and the club a lot of damage with this horrible selection of a successor, a process in which he should not have even been involved.

  7. Fletch™ says:


    No one at the club who remembers the mistakes post Busby. Edwards Jr is sidelined and not listened too, and probably wouldn’t speak against Fergie.

    Biggest problem for Moyes was the failure to strengthen in the summer.
    Situation might have been salvageable in January window,
    But after Olympiacos and now Liverpool, you just sense there is no direction or conviction.

    Players don’t seem to have any belief.
    Talk around that even Giggs will pack in at end of season. What is he doing there anyway.

    If managed well, with solid investments in MF and CB, this season would have been acceptable.
    Now the Glazers have a HUGE job on their hands and no one with any idea how to build a top organization.

  8. Jorge Curioso II says:

    @Fletch, excellent point. Gill and Fergie “gone”, it’s dark days at Old Trafford. Once Fergie announced, Gill should have postponed his own retirement by a year in order to help the transition. He then also could have asserted his managerial preference more strongly.

  9. Martin Thomas says:

    Some are saying that under Moyes United will become a long ball team like Wimbledon… That would be heartbreaking…

    That tosspot who was on MOTD2 was talking shite. Danny Mills (who he?) claimed that United could wait for a decade for another league title. It’s to be expected from the BBC and all the other media riff raff: They can’t wait to put the boot in and write United off… I remember a similar and hysterical backlash after the Cantona incident at Selhurst in 95 (especially that twat, Lineker!). Fans – true supporters – airing their views on the situation is one thing. But all these has beens,never weres and general all-round media whore spunkbubbles voicing their ‘expert opinions’ on United, and pretending to be sincere and concerned at our current state can fuck off! There are those who have accused United supporters of having a ‘siege mentality’. Siege mentality?! We should go one better. We should build a fucking moat, and put alligators in it! We are the Red Army! Fuck them all!

    Robbie “couldn’t make it at United” Savage can fuck right off too!

  10. tallestreD says:

    I think comparing the era of Rooney/Ronaldo/Tevez/Berba to this era of Rooney/VP/Mata/Welbeck/Hernandes isn’t a fair comparison.

    We can all see that we can’t play counter-attack with our current squad as there’s no natural speed in it.

    Samuel…are you saying its Moyes fault now Kagawa isn’t doing well?

  11. slim says:

    quality rant Martin. can’t stand Mills and i get him over here a lot on Football Today program

  12. Martin Thomas says:

    I also hate all these bastards who voices their drivel and then say “As an ex-Manchester United player…”

    Pricks like Garth “gobshite” Crooks and Robbie Savage… Did fuck all in a red shirt, but think they are experts on everything that goes on at Old Trafford. I remember Crooks coming over all pompous and sanctimonious when King Eric decked Simmons: Crooks was condemning Cantona, and stating that “as an ex-United player” he was horified with Eric and what he did. The gobshite only played for us a few times on loan, and he was crap! Even Alan Brazil has more claim to being an ex-red than Crooks!

    I also remember Mr. Holier than thou Crooks attacking Graham Souness (in front of the Royal Box) during a Spurs vs Liverpool Charity Shield… The hypocritical cunt…

  13. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Perhaps the biggest indictment of Moyes is that the team captain has signed with another team before the season is even two-thirds over. Has this ever happened before?

  14. Jose says:

    @tallestred would you mind telling me how many times moyes has played kagawa in his preffered attacking midfield position..mind you we had both rvp and rooney injured for more than a month.
    How ineffective mata has been since his arrival should be the indicator for you at how badly moyes has mis managed kagawa.
    At the moment mata is only playing because of what he cost.not for his telling contribution on the pitch.

  15. Martin Thomas says:

    Willie Morgan was captain at the start of the Division 2 campaign in 74/75. Morgan, however, left near the end of the season: when he fell out with Tommy Docherty and Willie was replaced by Stevie Coppell in the team. Of course Roy Keane was still captain when he left in late 2005: after the infamous MUTV critique….

  16. Trafford_Lord says:

    Wayne, Question for you….

    If the game had gone belly up by 55 mins as you have said. Why did it take Moyes 75 mins to make his first substitutions? Oh and may I remind you that the only shot on goal by our team had happened in the 44th minute.

    I just want to know your opinion….not really interested in this tiring debate about who is for Moyes staying and who is for him going.

    Because quite frankly there is already a mountain of evidence, factual evidence, to suggest David Moyes is a mediocre manager who got a big break when United selected him to replace SAF.

  17. tallestreD says:


    And would you also say how many times SAF did too? And as I can recall, Samuel was on about how a good always find a way to make an impact but now he’s taking it out on Moyes.

  18. Fletch™ says:

    Morning reds.
    New day new rumors.

    ESPN rumor mill churning. saying Louis van Gaal would be interested in United

    Now that would be a tidy rumor if it weren’t a bit convenient as van Gaal needs a job after the WC

    But that said van Gaal was tops of my wish list last summer.
    Checks all the boxes and only 63yo, so potentially has 5+ years to set things going post fergie.

    Don’t really want to read too much into it. But it is a tasty rumor if there is any truth to it.

  19. Jorge Curioso II says:

    @tallestreD says: And would you also say how many times SAF did too?

    SAF had a title-winning team. He wasn’t scrambling to figure out how to put a moderately competent performance together. Kagawa’s lack of involvement (he was also injured) was much less of an issue than it is for Moyes with these performances.

  20. Jose says:

    @tallestred fergie played kags for at leats five times in the no 10 position…everton home,norwich second half.spurs home just a few examples.
    Kagawa hasnt started a single game for moyes from an attacking mid position.all season.
    When you have ashley young,valencia .cleverly and giggs getting more game time than kagawa,then you know the manager is shit at judging players abilities.
    Imo kagawa is even a better no 10 than mata.he has shown it everytime he has been shifted there during short spells in games.
    I would go as far as saying if we have any hope of overcoming the greeks ,kagawa playing centrally is a must..persit with rvp and rooney upfront and we can kiss goodbye to our ucl hopes.itll be another case of only two shots on target fora whole ninety mins

  21. Fletch™ says:

    Rafael’s erratic play explained. :twisted:

    Congratulations to Rafael and Karla da Silva on the birth of their latest child.

  22. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    I’ve seen lots of comments here, some opinions are good , some are stupid..I mean very stupid for still supporting a clown called Moyes..I’ve said it a million times; that man has nothing to offer to a big club like ours. He’s a mid_table coach and would never have been considered for the job if not for SAF’s connectin. The mistake though has been made, but should be corrected before its too late. I don’t see us winning anything in the next 10yrs under a hopeless moyes. The board should act fast and sack him,I wonder why he still has a job uptill now. Even fans of other clubs are laughing @ our stupid board for still retaining such a miserable person as a manager.he has no CV to het such a top job.his stupid tactics have made united so predictable and hopeless to watch.SAF is a legend, but he messed up when he recommended this clown to us.

  23. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Shite moyes should get the sack.he’s punishing us the fans who are watching his miserable football tactics..always benching kags

  24. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Wayne barker is shite and a clown. I am matty, pls don’t waste your time on this fag. That’s how he goes about insulting united fans. He doesn’t sound like a united fan, he must be a moyes fan.everyone here knows Moyes’ time is up. I’m surprised that these muppet boardmembers are still keeping so he could get us relegated. Clueless mid-table coach, I’ve been praying and fasting wishing God grants me my wish…’Moyes sacked’.

  25. Martin Thomas says:

    Somebody told me that Big Phil Scholari would consider the United job after the World Cup. But I think it’s bollocks…

  26. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Keep praying, Paschal! Be just like that widow in the unjust judge parable!


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