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Rooney: United, Chelsea and Arsenal All Above Liverpool

Liverpool beat United at Anfield a couple of weeks ago for the first time since 2001. We’re not big on records, we’ll never go a season unbeaten and we won’t go years without losing at Old Trafford, but the fact that Liverpool couldn’t even beat us on their home turf was something I enjoyed.

So, that’s gone now, but it doesn’t make Liverpool any more worthy title contenders. City, West Ham and Bolton got a result against United last season, but they didn’t leave others quaking in their boots, even though they beat the team that went on to win the league and European Cup.

The league was won last season with the lowest points total since 2003, yet Liverpool still finishing in 4th, some 11 points behind United, 9 points behind 2nd placed Chelsea, and 7 points behind 3rd placed Arsenal. Rooney, ahead of the Merseyside derby, has said he doesn’t expect Liverpool to finish any higher this season.

“It will be hard for Liverpool to challenge the top three,” Rooney said. “Third will be an improvement for them. But I still think it will be ourselves, Chelsea and Arsenal.”

Do you think 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th will be the same as last season?

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  1. Spike says:

    As a Gooner, I found Rooney’s comments not only spot on, but effin hilarious too!

    Of course United and the Chavs are seen as the main 2 for the title, but Arsenal will challenge again and, if by some miracle, they dont have loads of injuries…. who knows?

    The bollocks after the scousers beat your lot the other week was unbelievable. You’d have thought they’d actually won the league! As much as I don’t fancy the idea of United or the chavs winning the league again, the thought of those deluded scousers winning it, or even coming close turns my stomach!

  2. nagraj says:

    well said spike, and as a fan of the football the gooners play, I hope you finish above the chavs and the bin dippers and win a trophy (lets say the carling cup, shall we?)

  3. Spike says:

    Haha! I think we need to have something to polish at the end of the season!

  4. RedDevil says:

    1st: Manchester United
    2nd: Chelsea
    3rd: Arsenal
    4th: City(sorry to say, but true if they buy some awsome players in January)

  5. Gunner77 says:

    Who knows, Liverpool certainly haven’t been the best side to watch over the past few years but they have the squad to finish in the top four. It’s looked like they have made the CL more of a priority than the league in last few years given Rafas team selections. Are they as good Utd or Chelsea? I don’t think so. However bear in mind that Rooney is Everton and is clearly just having a dig at Liverpool

  6. nick e says:

    Rooney has suddenly become my favourite utd player (if my only utd player):) He can see that the pool are nowhere near as accomplished as the mighty arse and utd, and way behind chelsea in consistency………..maybe in 2020 they will be able to challenge again!!

  7. FailsworthDevil says:

    The only thing the scousers are gonna win, is the race to the job centre..

    I hate and despise everything about the scouse… cannot stand there cock attitude… the way that they all have the same hair cuts… the way they sounds like they got a greeny stuck in there throat..the way that they are just so diluded… just like citeh fans…

    Fuck em.. thats enough on the scouse… no fuck it…. i hate em lol

    With regards to Arsenal… i will admit … i cannot stick them… i cant stick any other team apart from Utd.. thats just me though… but you gotta admit … Arsene Wenger gets em playing really good football, that is sommat none of us can deny… and he looks like he has got some good young gunners coming through… as we have at united…

    Funny how you dont see Chelski developing the youth….mmmmm… makes ya wonder as well… now Roman aint the rich kid in town… will he spit his dummy out and sell up… if so… the same thing will happen to the rent boys as what happened to the Leeds Scum… lets hope so anyway

    My prediction for top 4 is..

    Scouse (spit)

  8. dickson says:

    Scott, don’t you mean, “the fact that Liverpool can’t even beat us on THEIR own turf?” was something you enjoy? >=)

  9. Roy Keane says:

    No doubt Rooney can’t get over the defeat against Liverpool, what else can he do than come up with a cheap comment like that. And again it proved how important Ronaldo is for Utd. It is far easy for him to earn a penalty anytime he wants, and all credits to the referee, who doesn’t have enough balls to go with the correct decision.

    And you talk about how Liverpool can’t compete with likes of Utd, Chelski. true. They generally end up with a BIG gap from top 2. I’ll tell you why. Liverpool were robbed off 2 points against Stoke(disallowed Gerrard goal) and yesterday (ManU got 2 extra points with that dubious penalty, elase it would be a draw). That’s 4 points Liverpool are robbed of the top spot already but still they lead Utd. That is how, and if you still can’t see you are are one of those Utd fans who is not ready to call a spade a spade and are saying 2 + 2 = 5.

  10. Tom F says:

    If we are talking about the usual top four, I would like this to happen:


    However, I actually think this will happen (baring in mind I am obviously going to say United are going to remain Champions…)


    I can see Arsenal being a little inconsistent, unlike the other teams in the top four, they rarely win when playing badly. The others can grind out results and are stronger in more departments. Shame, because their passing football is excellent!

    We did well yesterday and I can see us getting back to our title winning best. Onwards and Upwards… starting in Denmark!

  11. Scott the Red says:

    God, you’re not half a whiney bunch of mugs, you scousers.

    I was reading that, and all I could hear was waaaa waaaaa waaaaa.

    Get a grip, Roy.

  12. Tom F says:


  13. FailsworthDevil says:

    Scousers have the time to whinge… thats what its like when ya on the dole lol

  14. suhayl says:

    failsworth..brilliantly put as always…and roy keane…you muppet…when you were calculating ur points…you should have mentioned your daylight robberies and smash and grabs v villa, boro and sunderland. NOT to mention the luckiest annihilation you received yet scraped through…namely liege in the clge.

    Fuckin lucky bastards…you’re a shite team just bloody accept it…shite.

    It had to take the worst performance by a utd team in a decade + 2 xmas gifts…for you to scrape just about scrape past us.

    Shite team


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