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Rooney: United fans are fantastic

Something strange happened during United’s home defeat against Liverpool. With around twenty minutes left to play, and United trailing 2-0, the Stretford End starting singing “20 times, 20 times, Man United. 20 times, 20 times, I say. 20 times, 20 times, Man United, playing football the Matt Busby way.”

The Stretford End were on their feet and this started to spread. The Sir Alex Ferguson stand joined in, block by block getting to their feet. The East Stand did the same. Even some of the South stand!

And the singing went on, and on, and on. The same song was sung over and over. Whilst this behaviour is nothing new on the road, it’s not something that happens at home, certainly not when we’re getting outplayed by our hated rivals.

Real Madrid last season after the ridiculous red card and Barcelona in the semi-final in 2008 are two games in recent years that stand out. It was entirely different circumstances on Sunday.

Wayne Rooney has praised the fans for their support, which didn’t even pause when Liverpool scored a third, when the final whistle was blown, or when the players had left the pitch.

“I thought the fans were magnificent,” said Rooney. “Towards the end, they were fantastic for us. Us, as a team in the dressing room, we really appreciate that. They were fantastic. The support they gave us was really great. Under such difficult circumstances, it was probably the best it’s been. They stuck behind us until the last minute and, as we were walking off the pitch, they were right behind us. As a group of players, we really appreciate that.”

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  1. shaan says:

    @Gary. I have reached my point here. I can not take any defeat even if it means 1 nil. Give me the performance of old.

    It’s really embarrassing that I get excited with little one – twos.

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Fletch, Klopp may well be unattainable, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t inquire if we’re considering our options. I’m 100% sure Klopp would at least seriously consider it. He’ll probably never be offered the United job again if he turned it down once. There is Blanc also he I think should be on the radar and even Garcia at Roma. Jurgen Klopp is my personal choice though.

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Shaan, well our memorable moments of the league campaign have been a 4-1 win away at Swansea and a 3-0 win away to West Brom to avenge our home defeat to them which was until Saturday their single only away victory all season. And some people on here are trying to point to positives? Fuck me. Give it a rest.

  4. AntiScouser says:


    Most of us agree that Moyes’ time is up. The situation has been overanalyzed and we shouldn’t dwell on it anymore. We should, however, discuss the following issues:

    (1) What will (if anything) instigate our Board to make the right decision?
    (2) Should SAF swallow his pride, deflate his ego and admit he’s made a mistake?
    (3) What are the pros and cons of possible repacements?

    I know people have been discussing point 3 for some time now, but I’d love to read some systematic observations on the managerial records of our realistic targets.

  5. mjcRED says:

    trevor Knightsmith:

    At this point I’d take Gerry Francis’ mullet. I reckon it would know its way around a tactics board far more than the current comedy caper regime.

    Flippin’ heck, if you didn’t laugh you’d cry a thousand rivers….

  6. Fletch™ says:

    Blanc could be on a list b/c of his United history and France, but he’d be way down the list.
    Garcia? You’re havin a laugh. Not a chance.

  7. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Fletch, why is Garcia is so laughable? Did wonders in France with Lille and has competent transformed Roma’s performances since his arrival. His reputation is growing rapidly. Remember when Arsenal appointed Wenger who had managed Monaco and was at the time managing in Japan, I may have only been a kid but I remember a lot of people questioning that! I’d take Garcia than the current bloke at the helm with his inept coaching staff all day long.

  8. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Our fans could do us a favour by chanting “moyes out”. He’s on a mission to kill our beloved club. He must be sacked. Where’s wayne on this site?. You are a fucking clown supporting Moyes. U hate this club and love moyes, that’s how it appears

  9. trevor knightsmith says:


    I agree , but in his defence , Moyes had vowed to get us into Europe, even if he has to write the song himself !

  10. Fletch™ says:


    Just my view. And no disrespect meant in any way.

    Some reasons:
    No understanding of England, english players. This will be key b/c of the academy and the league.
    I can almost guarantee you that we won’t be bringing in a Villas-Boas type of manager.
    Now with Moyes failure, there will be a premium on tried and true league AND CL success.
    One league title in france is not going to cut it. My opinion.

    Not going to be Mourinho either, but that is for completely different reasons. ;)

  11. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I put Garcia’s name out there as someone to look at. It’s unlikely yes but I just threw his name into the hat. When the retirement of Fergie was announced on the same day as the imminent appointment of Moyes I too though “are you having a laugh” a plodder of a manger who played football that was unpleasant on the eye.

  12. mjcRED says:

    With regards to Klopp, I just think that the time is right, as it would appear that the whole of Germany seems intent on keeping Bayern at the pinnacle of the domestic game. The league there now has become a one-sided farce that would even put the SPL in the shade.

    The time is perfect for a move to these shores and rise to the challenge of (like it or not) Liverpool under Rodgers and other clubs.

    These guys are all playing technicolor football, while the dross and ambition of our current manager is serving up the equivalent of watching betamax on an old rickety black and white tv.

    Another thing I’m sick of hearing is players, managers being unattainable. Is it more or do I only ever hear this sentiment being directed at United. No other club on an (alleged) top level parallel with our club seems to restricted by this. They go out and invariably get their target without the dithering and bartering with how we seem to go about our off-field business. This small time inferiority complex has spread from the board to the fans now, and all the while we’re constantly told that we’re the biggest club in the world with six trillion shirt sales and corporate partnerships! Something doesn’t stack up?

    For too long we’ve been acting like a small time club with an inferiority complex. Now with Moyes at the helm, you can add a small time manager to that list.

  13. The_red_devils says:

    I don’t agree that klopp won’t go outside germany, he is still very young, can’t see him manage in germany forever. Infact i think he would love to challenge himself in a new league at a big club.

  14. Redfrog says:

    @Gary. I’m happy that you are mentioning Rudy Garcia. He is a bloody good young coach. He did wonders with Lille, winning a domestic double and is doing wonders with Roma. He is know for his attacking style of football.
    My first choice would be Klopp as you, but if we look at young, ambitious and attacking minded coach then he will be second on my list, ahead of Blanc who is not far away from him IMO. But Garcia is proving how good he is by doing a great job in a different league then, his former one. he is showing that he is not afraid by challenges and that he is tactically astute by doing well in what is knows in the most tactical league in Europe. He is a fine guy as well. I will be just as happy with Blanc too but I think Garcia, from what I’ve seen buy his work at Lille, is more in a manager mold.

  15. sayyidhashim says:

    Let’s analyse the season shall we…

    Preseason- struggled to beat 3rd rate teams
    Community Shield-just about beat Wigan
    Swansea (4-1) -were very lucky that RVP saved us
    Chelsea (0-0)-showed us too much respect
    Liverpool (0-1) showed no fight. PLaying GIggs on the right?
    Palace (2-0) struggled again to beat them
    Leverkusen (4-2) played very well
    City (1-4) pathetic performance
    WBA (1-2) first home defeat and alarm bells should have been ringing
    Southampton (1-1) Bringing on SMalling for Rooney!!
    Stoke (3-2) very fortunate but showed some fight
    Arsenal (1-0) closed the gap to 5 points
    Cardiff (2-2) this was the turning point for me. Were on a good run and were improving but then Moyes said he would have taken a point before the game. This was the game which turned the whole season IMO
    Leverkusen (5-0) best game so what does Moyes do? Change the lineup vs Spurs!
    Spurs (2-2)
    Everton (0-1) Pathetic
    NEwcaslte (0-1) Humiliating

    And can go on and on…but he’s had enough time now and he should be axed in the summer

  16. Fletch™ says:

    If he would move, Klopp would be interesting. Bit concerned that he doesn’t fit the corporate mould united need. Not as bad as Mourinho ofcourse.
    Klopp also hasn’t been successfull in enough environments.

    If Moyes gets sack, the club is going to be looking for really big guys.
    the van Gaal’s, Ancellotti’s, Heynckes. Men who have been successful in several places, won leagues, won champions leagues. Because of the focus on english youth, men like Moyes get a shout because they know the league and have developed youth hear. I don’t think lads like Garcia would get a sniff.
    Never won a CL as player or manager. Moyes ended that experiment. Just sayin.

    My view is that “CORPORATION” United will be the leader of the NEXT manager decision.
    The list of suitable managers will be very small. My view.

  17. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Fletch, the fact fans forums and even the papers are already running with potential replacements shows Moyes is on borrowed time for me. Klopp would be my first choice without question. He’s charismatic, he’s a winner, he oozes confidence, he plays attacking football first and fore most who ever the opposition. Moyes looks a broken man in interviews and anything thinking a miracle turnaround is possible are living in a fantasy world. We’re just delaying the inevitable.

  18. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    @Gary, Shaan and Fletch

    Sorry were it not for a lack of time I would address you individually. I’ll just talk of a common subject you all brought up.

    I have to agree with gary here. At one stage I assumed his job security was a matter of fact. In my life time I don’t believe I have ever seen a manager walk into a job with THIS much job security. The mere fact that we’re debating whether or not he’ll still be here is evidence that he has done all he can to sabotage what he was given.

    Guys looking at it logically, how ever little the glazers know about football trusting David moyes to go out and spend 200m of ur money after your form has worsened with a 75m investment is plain stupidity. I stand to be corrected as I’m no expert with the NFL but I understand the Glazers longest serving manager is one who won the playoffs in his first season. Subsequent seasons were not as successful but they stayed with him based on what they had seen him do. He was also not backed financially and didn’t get the players he wanted which is the polar opposite of Moyes. Last year having failed to improve on a bad season the year before the glazers swiftly dismissed their head coach.

    I sincerely doubt fergies opinion is worth 275m. Also if he was asked WHY moyes should be given time what could possibly say other than “because I too was given time”? The idiocy there is similar to usain bolt saying we should give tyson gay time to break his record. There is more likelihood than it will NEVER happen.

    The most important thing to note is that the glazers sacked their head coach not because they had a bad season but because there was no improvement. how does a manager take nearly 30 games before he can tell u what his best 11 is? Un-fucking-believable.

  19. Fletch™ says:

    Gary, I hear you mate.

    My bet is the list will look like

    1 van Gaal (63yo) top b/c of availability otherwise Ancelotti.
    2 Ancelotti (54yo)
    3 (Heynckes, Capello, Hiddink) all likely too old >67yo

    7 Klopp.

    Based on success in large number of formats and character of the man.

  20. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Well, Van Gall seems to be the name that the press keeping touting as the possible successor. It makes you think someone must have got wind that someone within in the club has maybe enquired about Van Gall. I would personally like a younger manager who still has a long career in management ahead of them. I don’t doubt Van Gall’s qualities as a manager, but I would rather a younger manager in the job with fresh ideas. We shall find out soon enough what happens regarding our managers future. If we produce another shocking performance let alone result this Wednesday I don’t see how he can survive until the summer.

  21. The_red_devils says:

    Ancelloti-great coach but getting him may depend on how madrid finish the season, if they don’t win anything, they might sack him and he become available but i feel he will still be there next season.

    Heynckes-just retired, will be hard to convice him to come back.

    Capello-shouldn’t be an option

    van gaal and hiddink-good options but may be bit olds

    klopp- young and proven, my favorite

  22. sayyidhashim says:

    If Klopp cannot come until 2018, then van Gaal for 4 years would be next best option

    He should attract top names, and has won numerous titles and would earn players respect

    Moyes is a disgrace to the club. He had the opportunity to play attacking football, but has decided on pathetic rigid formations and pass but dont move or run tactics.

  23. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    Klopp is everyones favourite but availability is a massive concern. Van Gaal would be a walk in. Yes he might be old but he’s exactly the kind of manager you want n need to steady the ship.

  24. ashtheking says:

    I am Matty

    You are a lying idiot here. I don’t have problem when people have different opinion, there are many who present their points pretty well aka Gary, Samuel, Shaan etc but you on other hand are a lying scumbag. I have seen your attitude, whenever someone even gruesome to say something good about moyes your blood boils and you become hysteric. Ok you may not like moyes, I don’t have problem with that but if have never seen you say one good thing about Our club. Every time negative.

    I will tell why you are a liar, you say moyes ignored Barkley , seriously! He was the one gave Barkley his debut when he was just 17. Barkley would have featured this season irrespective of any manager. Playing a. 20 year old is different from playing. a 18 year old kid. You don’t even know the meaning of ignore and you come here and spread lie every time. Always interpreting what other say and always spreading lies.

    I can bet if we appoint van gaal you will come with another name like “I am st Matt” and bash van gaal and even say moyes was always better. You don’t come here and call other liars when you are the biggest. I never come here and blindly support moyes. If you look at my comment in this thread then you can know that I a myself critical of moyes. But I don’t spread lies to tarnish someone’s image like you always do. So stop addressing me and keep your pathetic life and lies with you.

  25. ashtheking says:

    Even tries to say something good*

  26. Matthew Fairclough says:

    The #MoyesOut movement is growing. If you think that the club deserve better management and better coaching staff to get us out of the mess Moyes has put us in then please SIGN this petition and SHARE IT with everyone you can. Cheers

  27. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ ashtheking – you are kind of pathetic and delusional aren’t you? If you think Everton’s football is at the same level as last year well that says everything about your football ability. Everton are playing very attractive attacking football and Martinez is not afraid to lose, they are still in the run of things and cups and are closer to the top of table than last year despite teams strengthening and them losing Fellani and Baines being injured for a chunk of season.

    As for them having better players, who do you think had the brains to get in those better players? Martinez quickly strengthened the team despite losing Fellani, Moyes bought 2 players who were playing as No 10′s and is making one a right winger and the other some kind of MF player. Says it all really. Martinez knows how to strengthen and improve and inspire a team, Moyes doesn’t.

  28. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ ashtheking is just shit stirring. No one is so stupid as to actually think Moyes is the right man for United.

  29. Martin Thomas says:

    Why the fuck did Moyes bring the Everton backroom staff with him?! Rumour around OT (and Manchester in general) is that Steve Round is a prize bellend… Not only that, Round apparently was a card carrying ABU before he came here with Moyes…

    I like Phil Nev. But he doesn’t have the chops to be a Man United coach (not yet anyway). Meulensteen had a great rapport with the players and got the best out of them. So what does Moyes do? He gets shut of him!

  30. Martin Thomas says:

    I wonder if Fergie now regrets not trying to lure Pep here, before he took the Bayern job?!

  31. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    One recurring fact we’ve heard from multiple sources about Moyes is that he has an unparalleled work ethic.

    So when given champions, a 6 year contract, financial backing and a tried and tested backroom staff he’s done what exactly?

    For me knowledge his work ethic confirms he is far from fit to take the club forward. With pressure mounting this man is stretched to his limits and increased effort has not been evident on the pitch.

    I’m tired of hearing the bullshit that taking over SAF is the hardest job in fitness. United hired this man with lowered expectations in anticipation of transition, they awarded him a 6 year contract which should have served to calm the nerves and he was given financial backing.

    Pre season-fires coaching staff +signs just 1 last minute player

    Mid season-changes 1st 11 695632156 times but persists with ineffective tactics

    End of season-turning over every last rock for an excuse that absolves him from his hubris.

    His first action was to get rid of successful coaching staff. Call me an idiot but is this not a statement that implies he’s assuming FULL responsibility for what transpires? How many times has he acknowledged this?

    I’ll say this once, giving moyes “time” will not be to the benefit of the club. It will be for him to uncover more innovative excuses for seasons to come.

  32. Jorge Curioso II says:

    “Klopp is everyones favourite”

    Not true at all. There are a number of us more than concerned about his lack of history, lack of international club experience, and rather idiosyncratic (some would say, “crazy”) nature. Personally, I’m far from convinced.

  33. Chris says:

    @Fletch: Wishful thinking about Woodward getting the push I’m afraid, no way will the club get shot of him when he is bringing so much sponsorship in but that just goes to show where priorities lie nowadays.


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