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Rooney: United fans have been brilliant

Wayne Rooney has sung the praises of Manchester United fans for treating him so well despite his summer of silence, following his desire to join title rivals Chelsea.

“The reception I got when I was substituted was amazing and meant a lot so I want to thank the fans for that,” he said. “The Manchester United fans have been brilliant since the start of the season, their support home and away is always top drawer and means a lot to the team. The best way to repay the fans is with good team performances. I’m happy to be in a position where I get the opportunity to score goals – and long may that continue.”

Rooney tends to go through runs of good goal scoring form, and once he starts, it difficult to stop him. He also has a great record of scoring against City. So let’s hope he’ll be on the scoresheet again this weekend.

“My main focus now is preparing as well as possible for the game against City at the weekend,” he added. “We all know they are a strong outfit and have made some good signings over the summer so we will definitely need to be at our best come Sunday.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Lot has been said about this interview, and the ITV man clearly tried to wind Rooney up a bit. But overall I thought Rooney did a fantastic job, saying he is very please to be playing and happy to focus on football.

    Possibly missed an opportunity to bury a hatchet or too, but overall a very positive Wayne Rooney.
    As was also the case on the pitch. 2 goals, a nice assist, and only the 4th to ever get 200 goals. A very good day for Rooney and seemed happy to share the love with the fans.

    “THE FANS HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC” he said. Clearly there is work to be done. Hopefully little by little we get back on point. Rooney was top dog on the pitch and long may it continue.

    Would love there to be less from his agent on him trying to get a new contract or whatever.

    Head down, play football. If the goals and trophies come, all the better!

  2. Dave Mack says:

    Rooney’s handling things the right way. Not been drawn re a clear fall out with Fergi (he can never win that one) and letting his football do the talking.

    Looks sharper than he’s looked for years. Long may it continue. I’ll be chanting his name as long as he wears our shirt.

  3. Hans says:

    Surprisingly, Rooney is getting far, far better reception than he deserves. I hate disloyal player. He may score week in week out, but I will only respect the jersey that he wears.

    At the moment, he is playing more for himself than for the team. Luckily last night his selfishness, unlike the Chelsea match, did not cost us.

    The minute we can get a genuine World Class striker, I would get rid of him. If he is not happy enough at United to say so publicly, he should not be there.

  4. Rotegzy says:

    Whatever the club did over the summer to keep this guy is well commendable. From desperately wanting to leave to aspiring to score more goals for United is truly a 180 degree turn around.

  5. thecaseace says:

    Dunno why I am bothering to respond to someone like Hans but it’s worth considering you are moaning like fuck about a player who could one day be Manchester United’s all-time top goalscorer. Just bear that in mind. Wah wah wah the jersey. Remember Denis Law actually fucking PLAYED FOR CITY. Let’s all slag him off for a bit now eh?

    I don’t know Wayne Rooner but from what I can tell, the guy is a bit thick, spoilt, very arrogant but deeply insecure. Dropping him or playing him out of position is a huge public embarrassment and he might deal with it by trying to get out of the situation.

    I would be more worried if he hadn’t had a look around to see what was available, because it would mean he was losing his arrogance.

    Fucking Cantona, eh? No loyalty to the club just left when he fancied it.

    Anyway whatever.

  6. Dave Mack says:

    Hans … it’s all in your mind, you fool. Go see a doctor.

    (Can’t understand “fans” hating one of our players. Thankfully very few of these actually go to OT.)

  7. FusilliJerry says:

    Hans – was Rooney selfish every time he played out of his proper position to compensate for the club’s inability to sign midfielders ?

    Rooney IS definitely looking to have a go himself a bit more this season – and I bet that’s the instruction Moyes has given him.

    Honestly, asking goal scorers to try and score goals – whatever next ?

  8. Hans says:


    Dennis Law, Brian Kidd, Andy Cole, Peter Schmeichel they all played for Shitty as well, but none of them held United to ransom or questioned its ambition.

    He may become our top scorer, but the nothing will wash away stains he put up on himself as a United player. Remember, he asked not once but twice for a transfer !!!!!

    United is greater than any player!

  9. Mr C says:

    The reality is Wayne now needs United more than United needs him. This much will be obvious to Wayne and, more importantly, his agent given the lack of serious interest in securing Rooney’s services from other clubs after his latest stunt. Wayne’s a good if somewhat overrated player who has effectively priced himself out of the market. As such Wayne has no option at present but to keep his head down and get on with his game at United.

    Any comparison with Denis Law playing for City is silly. Denis loves the club and is a red, through and through. Wayne is a Ingerlund player who uses United as his marketing platform. As a matter of principle the thought of Rooney getting Sir Bobby Charlton’s scoring record pretty much fills me disgust.

  10. King Eric says:

    Ha ” Honestly, asking goal scorers to try score goals. Whatever next? ” Quality.

  11. Squeaky says:

    @Hans – I agree about snapping up another top striker like RVP if one becomes available.

    We aren’t a two bit club we are Manchester United. If our top striker & talisman isn’t passionate about our club, our manager, and the fans, then he doesn’t deserve to be at such a special club. It should be a privilege to put on the shirt, not a contractual obligation, or just a job.

    RVP is a better striker than Rooney, and he could’ve earned more money at City and probably Chelsea, but he came straight to United. Just listen to how he talks about our club, and the manager and the fans.

    He sounds like a little boy in a sweet shop at times, but Rooney doesn’t give off the same vibes AT ALL, and its not hating on your own player to say that. Its common sense to point it out.

    I still hope he ends the season with a golden boot mind you, and I celebrate every time he scores. But im not kidding myself that he 100% wants to be here like RVP does. And thats a laugh considering RVP is the better player, so if we could sign another class striker like him I wouldn’t miss Rooney at all.

  12. King Eric says:

    Therein lies the problem. Proven strikers that have delivered at the very top level, season in, season out like Rooney, don’t grow on trees.

  13. Squeaky says:

    @King Eric – Thats what our multi-million scouting network is for. Rooney was nothing but potential when we signed him. Also, we already have a proven striker that has delivered at the highest level – he’s sitting on our bench collecting dust. I’m happy with the teams Moyes selects, and im delighted whenever Rooney scores, but I’d rather see Hernandez starting matches because not only is he good enough to win Golden Boot, he could walk into Madrid, Barca, Chelsea you name it.

    Im not saying get rid of Rooney if it weakens us. Course not. Keep him here as long as its in our best interests. But once it stops being in our interests, I for one won’t miss him. I’ll have fond memories, but I won’t miss him. Not after what he’s done but thats just me. Can’t see him staying here much longer anyway, 2 more seasons max. No harm done. Not everybody is loyal.

  14. gazzer says:

    I don’t know. Not only does he score a lot of goals and create for others, but he tries his hardest, even coming all the way back in defence. Show me Messi or Cristiano or Chicharito ever doing that. And he covered for Cristiano back when he was pretty much considered his equal. No complaints at all.

    Maybe he’ll never be as lovable as GaryNeville, Evra or Rafael, but what he does about his contract is not much different to what others have done.

    I’m happy to have him back, I’m happy that most fans are getting behind him, I’m happy that Moyes is doing all the right things with him, and I’m happy that he has said that he appreciates the fans and is getting his head down and working hard for the team.

    I also liked the way he put the journo in his place. Perhaps he’s not as thick as everyone thought…

  15. scholes says:

    what if mr rooney comes out and say that he cherishes playing for man utd and never intended to leave. he might have gone to SAF to have lucidity about his role in utd team and in heat of the moment roo would have said he is leaving

    roo missed the trick about not being open in interviews…..but wouldn’t it start a forest fire? i am sure his autobiography will sell

    beckham never stated he wanted to leave the club but his intentions were clear after that infamous february incident. i, for one, will always give rooney benefit of doubt till he publicly acknowledge about leaving

    i am also not against rooney on selection issue either. just contemplate you are a talent like nani, pogba etc and continuously a certain 40 years old has been played. RVP clearly said about inclusion of fellaini and resultant stability with initiation of forward passing regime. wasn’t it a dig at cleverly?

    but everything should have been kept inside the offices of SAF

  16. ian harris says:

    United have another brilliant prospect in James Wilson

  17. slayer says:

    Actually I would agree with scholes. As far as I know, never mess with SAF in any way. I think that most probable thing to happen is Rooney was not happy and had some discussion with SAF. The whole meeting turned sour and Rooney might have spoke something about leaving (which probably not his real intention but having too much temper in your heart made a person said stupidest thing). Well, SAF after losing the UCL and probably having decided to retire that year was not in a very fine mood planned to teach Rooney a lesson in public. Whether if it this or not, I think is just hypothetical.

    However, I do agree that it should be kept indoor. The in-door fire is not to be taken out of doors; out-door fire is not to be brought within doors. Our club matter should be settled within the club and having seen media causing a lot of unnecessary tension and problems thoughout the whole windows transfer might have caused more trouble for Moyes & the fans and probably affected some transfer .

  18. muDembare says:

    I believe Rooney insisted on saying he never said he wanted to leave,I take his word. SAF can explain everything better,however being selfish is unlike Rooney. Those incidents against Palace and Leverkusen give rise to questions

  19. DreadedRed says:

    Indoor, outdoor, there’s no smoke without fire and the grass is always greener.
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  20. greenhoff77 says:

    Wayne Rooney has sung the praises of Manchester United fans for treating him so well despite his summer of silence, following his “DESIRE” to join title rivals Chelsea.

    the piece puzzles me a little if he was “SILENT” then how did anybody find out about his “DESIRE” to join Chelski.

    if the transfer window was to be still open would Rooney still be at United?……i dont think so.

    His goals i am thankfull for, his DESIRE to want to leave (not once, but twice) leads me to belive he is a twat or his agent is a twat but either way for now hes our twat.

    so until he decides which club will pay him the most i shall continue to appreciate his goals and his workrate. but i still think hes a twat.

  21. bbqbod says:

    I’ve admired Rooney since that day he scored for Everton vs Arsenal. Then when United signed him -well that was a great signing. Rooney has been my favourite player ever since. I really do not give a fig in hell what has been said by him or the press or if he ‘loves’ the shirt or not. I just think he’s a great footballer and I want him at United. Old fashioned concepts of loyalty – are well….old fashioned. Players are mercenary now. Football is that way. Live with it. Rooney is a truly great player. Under Moyes – I think he will shine in the way everyone expected him to at this age. I think Fergie was the problem for Rooney. Not Manchester United.
    Hope he stays and does beat Charltons record. Still peeved with all the haters – who basically were sharpening their knives for Rooney. You don’t know the man. You don’t know what goes on at OT. and you should NEVER believe what you read in the papers. Rooney is elite. How could you wish him gone. Maybe you would rather have United struggling mid table but with players that ‘LOVE’ the shirt? Peace and out x

  22. tony says:

    never a legend just a scouse bastard. ronaldo fuck you and all.turned there back on united.not like king eric .that is a legend ooooooh aaaaaaaaah cantona.

  23. Dela says:

    Tony, grow up, seriously, they aren’t your girlfriends betraying you, they are professional footballers who have their own lives to lead. They don’t take a blood oath to anyone. Ronaldo’s dream was to play for Madrid and he had, he’ll always be a United legend for everythig he brought to Old Trafford when we had him.

  24. greenhoff77 says:

    @dela well said.. your right there not our girlfreinds, but some fans feel passionate the way tony does.

    when Schmeichel and said “im retiring” i was happy that he hadd gone out at the top and the top was

    united at the pinnicle of europe. then however long it was he signed for lisbon (still okay glad to see the great dane back) then he signed for villa (still okay but a bit pissed off with him …then he signed for the bitters and that was it…..i wont ever forget the great times we had at united and in that respect hell always be in my greatest united team

    but when he went to villa and city he bad mouthed united and thats why i cant forgive him.

    by all means if a player such as rooney wants to leave then at least have the balls to say …i want to leave this club has served its purpose but i feel like i want to move on. but as you do dont start to slag the club off.

    Owen Hargreaves went to the bitters and slagged United off for ruining his training.

    if the players dont want to play for the shirt, the club, the fans ..then go im sure united will survive.


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