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Rooney: United Medals > World Cup

Wayne Rooney has his priorities straight.

“With all the trophies I’ve won so far, it’s involved so much hard work from myself and my team-mates, so I’d never give them away for anything,” said Rooney. “But to win a World Cup would be an unbelievable feeling.”

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  1. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    slovenia and algeria rob

  2. ¡No Pasarán! (Altrincham, Greater Manchester) says:

    i don’t think i’d cheer if John Terry or the scouse starfish scores, but i still will support England (especially Roo) and hope they go all the way, even though they’d need a shitload of luck to achieve that aim……

  3. ¡No Pasarán! (Altrincham, Greater Manchester) says:

    besides, this whole England vs United thing is so old-hat. It’s a boring cliche and i’m sick of hearing it.

  4. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    suppose he has to retire some day:(

  5. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    though it could be media bollocks

  6. cav says:

    1. Drew Vader- USA 2-0 Spain. Go eat a dick.

    2. All of you bitching about england’s fans- if you don’t like being alongside disrespectful fucks, then you should know that there are United fans that sing about Hillsborough, abuse opposing players, and act generally cuntish. Are you still supporting the club?

  7. theboogeyman says:

    Don’t ignore Algeria guys, they beat Egypt to get here and Egypt are a quality team.

  8. The Kenyan Redvill says:

    Off topic please! I like this. Giggis greatest ever?

  9. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    cav what about fa screwing us time after time. united fan’s don’t sing about hillsborough, if your refering to the murderer chant thats in reference to heysel, and yes usa did beat spain, burley beat united does that mean they could win the champions league,

  10. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    oh and it was only this year liverpool fans sung at the everton fans 2-0 to the murderers as if they’re proud, imagine what thats like to hear for the relitives

  11. sam the kenyan red says:

    supprise everybody is writting off the likes of u.s.a slovenia and algeria!
    so you all think it will be a walk in the park for ingerland ?? am pretty sure they might as well struggle to go past the group stages the yanks with the likes of clint dempsey, tim howard who got a good experience of english football are gonna give them a good spanking they deserve and ooh if my memory serves me right they even struggled to beat slovenia in a friendly !!
    and i also don’t think they will cope with the speed of the algerians……….but again they say its general cappelo in charge only time will tell…..

  12. King Eric says:

    Ulster Red – Born in Harrogate and live near York actually pal. You seem to like to bait people on here. My opinion is I don’t like Colin Murray, never have. I don’t know him but from what I have seen of him he is a creepy little tosser. Used to lick all the “rock stars” arses on Radio one and just seems a know it all little shit. I may well be wrong, he may be a decent bloke.

    For what it is worth I fucking hate Leeds Utd. I have grown up with Scum fans. They are the most bitter, ungracious, racist moronic set of fans you are likely to meet.

  13. King Eric says:

    By the way what has me being from Leeds got to do with Colin Murray?

  14. franktank1 says:

    They asked Beckham the same question last World Cup, “Would you rather win the World Cup or the Champion League?”. Stupid fucking question, he was the England captain, of course he’d rather win it. Moronic journalists trying to turn the public against players…and they wonder why they buckle under the fucking pressure every 4 years.

    My prediction: Rooney to have a blinder but be let down by Fat boy Lampard passing sideways for the whole campaign, Stevie Me doing fuck all, Tiny Tears showing up England by being his usual prick self and all 3 missing penalties in the shoot-out against Portugal in the quarter finals. Who’ll eventually lose to Brazil anyway.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnderson-son-son :)

  15. King Eric says:

    Was amusing seeing all the little Ingerlunders watching the draw excitedly chanting “Easy, Easy”. Just can’t see why they can be that passionate about the National team. They just don’t fill me with that passion, not remotely.

    Costas – The treatment and abuse of Phil Nev was a disgrace.

  16. Drew Vader says:

    Cav — lol one game huh?

    How about, El Salvador 2 – 2 usa

    Costa Rica 3 – 1 usa

    or my personal favorite, Trinidad and Tobago 2 – 1 usa

    I’m guessing you are a fellow yank, but dude, seriously, if you think the national team is good then I honestly feel sorry for you. Frankie fucking Hidjunk plays for the team, thats all the evidence I need….

  17. The Kenyan Redvill says:

    @sam the kenyan red. I totaly agree with you sam.dn’t anderate the likes of slovenia, algeria and usa, they can upset anyone.

  18. Costas says:

    @King Eric: It wasn’t like Phil Neville fielded that second string side against Romania anyway. But hey, at least no one from United got blamed for the 2002 World Cup exit. Seaman made sure of that.:P Although for a moment i was afraid that they were going to blame Scholesy for gifting the ball away just before Rivaldo equalised.

    One not being too passionate about their national team isn’t something that only happens in England. Before Euro 2004, most Greek fans put their clubs ahead of their country. The situation changed slightly after we won the trophy, but not too much. Personally, i am not so passionate for the Greek national team as i am for United. When Ronaldo scored against Greece in 2004 i cheered only to have a room full of people look at me with weird looks!

  19. Costas says:

    Regarding the game today, it can get tricky. West Ham gave us a goiod run for our money in February and we needed Ryan’s special goal to beat them. I hope we won much more comfortably today. The good news is that our defense is starting to regain some stability. Lets hope Brown and Vida remain fit for the long haul because i can’t see when Evans, Rio and O’Shea will be back.

  20. Macheda is GOD says:

    you gotta love him

  21. cav says:

    vwgy15- there are united fans that sing about Hillsborough, too. let’s not let the red-tinted glasses get a little too thick. every club has shitty fans, United included.

    Drew Vader- for T&T, 9 of those players aren’t in our starting 11 at this point. for costa rica, it was 5. we ended up topping the group anyway and we were up 2-0 against brazil before shitting the bed. admittedly, we’ve had some luck, but to say we’re “TERRIBLE” is ignorant.

  22. Fze123 says:

    Utd > Progressing Further In The CL > Winning No.19> The Kids Knocking The Bitters Out of the CC > The Kids Winning The League Cup > Winning the FA Cup > Beating The Shit Out Of Leeds In Jan > The Bitters Failing to Win A Trophy > Possible Relegation Of The Dippers > England > FA AKA The Fucking Arseholes > And The ABUs

  23. Roasty Belfast red says:

    @ulster red. Colin murray is a first class knob. Scouse loving cunt. At least he can enjoy his thursday Nites on channel 5 a bit more now. Fuckin bell end! I cheer ireland on everytime and was a bit Pissed over that cheating Bastard henry but i can tell you i was more annoyed wit the rentboys goal the other week against us. If it was a choice between an irish world cup win or united 4 in a row it’s a no brainer. United>anything

  24. Bob Koh says:

    John Terry to fcukup against USA allowing Landon to equalize & Rooooney to save England at the death – 2-1 to England…And oh, Terry cried on Capello’s shoulder to say sorry, but was pushed away! The kind of England match I LUV to watch!

  25. Greek-South African girl says:

    At Costa. I was also like that when Greece played Portugal in the final. I was in Cyprus and i was watching the match at my uncle’s. When Ronaldo started crying, I was crying with him because i felt so bad for him as a United fan. . I don’t want England to have any success unless the majority of the starting eleven is United players which also includes Becks, and there is no terry, lampard and gerrard, which is never going to happen

  26. curtis says:

    I’m not from england but i just despise the idea of cheering lumpard and the likes… i just choose to watch teams with united players in it and hope they do well… for me though i’d happily accept ingerland winning the wc (very unlikely) but only if ROONEY wins the golden boot and it ensures him the ballon D’or next year that will be great
    But knowing ingerland even if that happened (ROONEY being top scorer, player of the tournament and eventually winning the wc and ballon D’or) they’d big up how ‘BRAVE’ terry was and how fantastic lumpard passed the ball arounf and that the chelsea boys carried the team on their own… SO i say FUCK it rather win the treble with Rooney being ‘OUR’ main man that should be good enough

  27. Costas says:

    @Greek-South African girl:

    Hi! Nice to see a fellow Greek over here. I was talking about that game in the group stages when Ronaldo made it 2-1 to Greece. I thought, “what the hell? Greece will win anyway, why shouldn’t i celebrate Ronnie’s goal”? My best mate told me in a humorous tone “if Portugal equalise we will all chase you”!

    In the final, i did have mixed emotions but i sided more with Greece. But like you i felt so bad for Ronaldo. It was a big blow for him. He was already their best player even though he was 19 at the time.

  28. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Christmas time
    love Man United
    fell let down by Mark Hughes
    Love Rooney scoring
    then this is for you

  29. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Macheda is GOD
    hey mate you’ve been gone a while

  30. Muggaz says:

    to be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if USA finished top of that group – the Aussies got a bloody tough fraw and we will do well to finish second, and hopefully come against USA or England… I hope and pray!

  31. Ashish says:

    I don’t know how you reached the conclusion that United medals matter more to him than the world cup when Rooney didn’t say anything of that sort !

  32. willierednut says:

    I can understand why some united fans dont support england, the abuse our players have got down the years has been disgraceful but not surprising considering our success jealous cunts.
    @ulster red
    colin murray is a dickhead mate every time he interveiwed oasis he was stuck up their backside he’s a complete arselicker

  33. rooneyisclass says:

    Vidic will get ya,dont talk to me like Im some prick,of course I Know rooney,owen etc didnt come through the ranks at utd,I`ve been goin utd before you were even born,what I meant was some of englands greatest players have also been some of utds greatest players.
    I have no problem with utd fans not giving a shit about england,but to support another team that are playing england,especially when it has utd players in it is a joke!

  34. ulster red says:

    king eric
    you are from leeds but that doesnt mean your a cunt, colin murray is a dipper (which i diskike) but hes a decent guy out of football..i like to have a bit of craic here but some people that post just lick each others arses no matter what they say, i dont like it, no one can have their opinion unless its the same as a few posters on here without getting slated, i have no problem against yourself or anyone else on this great site but i will always speak my mind regardless if people dont agree with it.
    roasty belfast red
    i couldnt care what you think about united > ireland mate and thats not me being anything but a united fan and a northern ireland fan

  35. King Eric says:

    ulster red – Fair enough mate. Hope you don’t think I “lick arse”.

  36. ulster red says:

    king eric
    i wasnt implying you mate, i read your posts read with intrest, you talk alot of sense 99% of the time, im just defending my corner and opinion, at the end of the day its night mate!! and tonight we are only 2 points behind chelsea, its a great day for us my friend :)

  37. King Eric says:

    ulster red – Cheers pal. Cheeky sod. Only 99% of the time? Good night mate.

  38. Ulster Red says:

    king eric
    thats what i like, good banter! good night/morning :)


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