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Rooney Wants Fergie To Sign Another Striker

Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he was less hopeful of securing a striker before the transfer window closes, however Dimitar Berbatov’s omission from Tottenham Hotspur’s squad today suggests maybe we have something to look forward to.

Wayne Rooney, who has for the most part, taken the burden on his own shoulders of us not having an out-and-out striker in the squad since Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s departure, is hoping that the deal goes through.

“There would be an extra burden if we did not sign another striker,” said Rooney. “Carlos likes to drop behind a main striker, which is probably his best position, so maybe I would have to stay up a bit more. I would have no problem with that. But hopefully we can bring another forward in to strengthen the team. It would allow us to spread the matches out and make changes for certain games. But if that forward does not come in, I am sure we can deal with it.”



  1. natiaa says:

    rooney is right isn’t he?

  2. Francenal says:

    Manucho anyone? Sir Matt Busby would have taken one look at Campbell and Welbeck and decided they could fight it out for the 4th striker position.

  3. Gapi says:

    He’s right.

  4. RedDevil says:

    I agree with Wayne. We need another stiker!

  5. Mad about Utd says:

    Yeh you are right Wayne and i think Berbatov signed for United but Fergi doesn`t want to say now. We all know we need another because if Wayne or Carlos are injured someone needs to take their place. Fergi did a big mistake because he sold Chris Eagles an important player for the team.

  6. Tom F says:

    I cannot begin to imagine that we will not sign another player this transfer window.

    Everyone knows that we would do very well with a striker, though we don’t need one as much as everyone is crying out. Yes, to a certain extent but generally, after what we won last year we actually have more forwards in our squad this year. So we are actually in a better position. Despite the fact that Ronny is injured.

    We have had to face Chelsea (hmm) and Liverpool (hmmhmm) with out him, so Berbatov would be a great addition and one I fully expect, I cannot get my head around the idea of us signing nobody. Campbell has played fairly well and really needs games, Tevez looked very sharp in pre-season and there is still the best to come from Rooney…

    So let’s get excited!

  7. Francenal says:

    Its not like we have signed nobody though….Manucho is a new signing, Petrucci (ok youth team), Campbell and Welbeck both promoted, Gibson and Evans promoted, The Da Silva twins and Possebon…..


    I count EIGHT new first team players, 3 of which are STRIKERS!

    Buy Berbatov, as class as he is, and you can expect to see welbecks progress stagnate and Campbell move onto Hull. Its got nothing to do with them not being good enough.

    Come on, we dont need to do this guys.

  8. daredevil says:

    he is absolutely right
    Ferguson should buy a striker whoever he is.
    I hope we get huntelaar and berbatov

  9. denton davey says:

    Since last spring, I’ve been a fan of Benzema – that goal he scored from the middle of five defenders was a moment that was beyond skill, it was footballing genius. He had a crappy Euro but, then, the whole French team was stifled by their idiotic manager. Benzema is still young and would no doubt benefit from playing with better players. He’s well worth the immense transfer fee that has been rumoured. BUT, if Karim Benzema is a reach-too-far then Dimitar Berbatov would be a fine alternative; however, I really don’t see how SAF will accommodate with first-choice options being Ronaldo, Rooney, and Tevez when all are healthy and in form. It seems to me that Berbatov will be a non-essential signing not just because he likes to drop off into the hole – just like Rooney and Tevez – but also because he has no doubt peaked at 28. So, I see his signing as “insurance” and something of an “alternative” but hardly a major difference-maker. 25 million quid is a lot of money to pay for “insurance” and an “alternative”. On the other hand, if he is added to the first-team squad and has an impact similar to Carlos Tevez in terms of last-minute, winning/tying goals then it would be money well spent. This is already a championship team and it just need tweaking, not an overhaul. So, in response to the question, this has been a long-winded way of saying that I’m not desperate but that I am hoping that Wayne, Carlos, and CR7 can avoid long-term injuries.

  10. Drew Vader says:

    Well said Dave, I agree 100% with everything you said. Hows about we hold onto to the cash and then try and convince Benzema (or Aguerro) to come over next year?

  11. denton davey says:

    Aguero is small – and short. He’s very talented and would be useful IF/WHEN Ronaldo goes to pursue his dream with the fascists. But, Aguero is too similar to Rooney/Tevez for my liking. I’d pay more for a different player of similar quality – Karim Benzema. And, I wouldn’t be averse to holding out for Benzema – even if it means signing no one this August/January.

  12. matty says:

    To assume that chris eagles was an ‘important player’ and fergie made a ‘big mistake’ in selling him, is absolute bullshit. He had potential in the pre-season tour in the u.s.a a few years ago, ‘the next david beckham’, and that was it.
    In regards to Campbell he’s shown raw talent but that has to be nurtured, and he can’t be thrown into first team football. We need someone with the strength and experience to take us forward.
    Although fergie’s said that he’s happy with our present squad (ie if we don’t sign anyone) it’s important we don’t become stale after doing the double.
    Don’t get me wrong I think the da silva twins and possebon look quality but these guys aren’t in the same category as the ‘kids’ of the 90’s, in the sense that there’s not that unity between them.
    Fuck knows whats going on with berbatov or how he might contribute, but the Newcastle game shows we are vulnerable at the moment. At the end of the day this is fucking Kevin keegan’s team.
    I don’t who it will be with the way fergie plays transfers but it has to be someone, and someone of calibre.

  13. Tumusiime Francis says:

    Francenal, how good is Welbeck? I just want to know.

  14. azza says:

    manucho has got his work permit now, he jus recoverin from his broken foot, roovez berba and manucho, luks quite formidable as a front 4!!!


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