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Rooney Wasn’t Charged? Why Not??

Who would have thought kissing a badge on a football shirt would create so much media attention? Wayne Rooney has seen pictures of himself all over the tabloids over the past few days, all with United’s crest in his grip, his mouth pressed up against it, and a cheeky glint in his eyes.

After being booked for pulling out of a challenge with Mikel Arteta, the Everton fans were extremely excitable. “You fat bastard!” they chanted, jeering and shouting at their former boy wonder.

So, how did Rooney respond? Put his head down and ignore it? Or did he opt for a more fiery, hot-headed approach by sticking his fingers up at them or hurling abuse? Neither. He kissed the badge of his new club and held his finger in air as number one.

Reports suggested that Rooney was going to be up for a FA charge for inciting the ground, similar to the punishment handed to Gary Neville after celebrating Rio’s last minute winner.

What depressing stage are we in football that a player could be punished for kissing a badge on a shirt? There was no charging or shouting like Neville (not that I agree Gary should have been fined), rather just a simple gesture. Players kiss the badge of their club on a weekly basis, sadly, so why should Rooney doing it be treated any differently? The fact that the FA thought twice about punishing our player is ridiculous to me.

If Everton fans are so wild, that witnessing a kiss of the United badge incites them to such an alarming level, then surely the FA need to take a long hard look at them. Don’t forget, scores of them were arrested when Rooney first returned to Goodison Park, highlighting what effect he has on them.

I enjoy the interaction between player and fan though, and I think it’s important we don’t rule these elements out of the game. Soon, there will be no difference between watching the games at home on the television or at the grounds, and this is something the FA would be encouraging by punishing players for doing what Rooney did.

The FA have confirmed that the case won’t be investigated further, stating the reason that referee Alan Wiley dealt with it at the time, by having a word, meant no further study of the footage was needed. So, does this mean if Wiley hadn’t spoken to Rooney, he’d be up on an FA charge now? Is there where we’ve got to and where do we draw the line? Where is the distinction between inciting the crowd and celebrating a goal or showing allegiance to you team?

The downward spiral of football continues…

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  1. james f says:

    Rooney=United legend
    Rooney>The FA
    Rooney>Alan Wiley

  2. Stephen says:

    The FA realise that Rooney is a major component for England and do not want to upset him in my view, because usually the love to fine United players.

  3. Mathhew Lee says:

    Rooney was put under tremendous pressure by the unruly everton fans who hurl abuse and show him all kinds of dirty fingering language . Rooney has to repond to all the abuse hurled at him and he did so by kissing MU’s badge – anything abusive there ??? in reponse to all the abuses hurled at him….

  4. Markus Revolver says:

    There probably scared of Wayne with his new thug look lol.

  5. RedMist says:

    Why don’t The FA ever feel compelled to release similar statements of non-action when the likes of Lampard, Terry and Gerrard etc kiss their respective badges on an almost weekly basis?
    Dusty old coffin dodgers with nothing better to do with their time than ride the anti-United bandwagon. Again.

  6. Ste says:

    An Everton player kissed his badge in that game, maybe Fellaini, and nothing was said.

    What a load of nonsense

  7. Harry says:

    If you look at all the incidents down the years involving United and the scum from down the east lancs road it is all one way traffic. Was it Roy Carroll got hit by a mobile phone(cut and bleeding) thrown from everton fans, the woman the Gary Neville hit with a ball paralysing her and her entire extended family. The dipper that Ronaldo jumped into the crowd to stamp on his arm. The agry Nev kisssing the badge compliant. All formal compliants made to the police. The liverpool fans attacking and trying to overturn Gary Nevs car, the attack on Smudger ambulance tossing to sh*t onto United fans at same game. The teargassing and attack on the United coach before a game at anfield on boxing day. And I am sure you have all seen the United Fan from the 70s with a dart in his head curtiosity of the Kop. The people of Liverpool no matter what team they support are the lowest of the low

  8. Tevratov says:

    Purely brought about by media hacks writing shit in deadbeat rags and idiot ex-liverpool pundits on match of the day saying shit to stir up a shit storm. The media is shit.

  9. smith says:

    …are u united fan or not? Rooney do nothing wrong to derserve those abuse..


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