Following Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat against Sunderland, Wayne Rooney has conceded that we didn’t play well enough and chances of qualifying for next season’s Champions League are slim.

We didn’t create enough chances, we weren’t aggressive enough and it has cost us not defending set pieces so it’s a disappointing result. We didn’t play well today, we know that, we didn’t win enough second balls and all that coming together has cost us and it is not good enough.

It will be difficult to qualify for the Champions League and the top four now, we know that, so it’s a sad day in terms of losing three points and we have to somehow move on. You don’t know how this Premier League works right now, but we know it will be difficult to finish in the top four and [winning] the Europa League might be the best chance [of qualifying for the Champions League], but that is a long way away. It’s a competition we didn’t necessarily want to be in, but we are and we want to win it. Every game is a big game for us and we have to start again on Thursday.